Europass CV [create a free European CV + examples] (2023)

Europass has changed a lot recently. The site has changed its name, and the free European CV builder has also been completely redesigned.

In particular, it is now possible to modify the appearance of your CV, which was one of the biggest problems with the Europass CV before. This does not come without its share of problems…

In this guide, we will see how to make the most of the site to make your Europass CV for free, but also talk about its shortcomings.

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Europass CVs are designed for young people, so they are very suitable for these CVs:

  • resume without experience
  • high school student CV
  • student CV
  • summer job resume
  • CV stage
  • CV stage 3e
  • work-study resume
  • CV master
  • waiter/waitress resume
  • animator resume
  • CV baby-sitting

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How to make a Europass CV?

Europass CV [create a free European CV + examples] (3)

Here is one of the three Europass CV templates available. This one is the best of them, as it is on two columns, which saves space. Meet on thesite d’Europassto create your own and try out the three Europass CV templates.

1. What is the Europass CV?

The European Union allows everyone to make application documents free of charge. The Europass CV and the Europass motivation letter are 100% free on thesite d’Europass.

But that's not all. The platform also allows you to post your CV online and find job offers that match your experience, studies and professional skills.

You don't even need to create an account to use the Europass CV creation service. On the other hand, creating an account is the only way to:

  • Change the document language (default to English).
  • Save your document to modify it later.
  • Use the autofill function once your Europass profile has been created.

We therefore strongly advise you to create an account and fill it in carefully so that everything you enter there is then automatically added to the Europass CV.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Europass CV?

Let's go through the features of the Europass CV builder to find out what are its advantages, but also its disadvantages.

The strengths of a Europass CV

  • The language of the document can be modified at will (this only translates the titles of the headings).
  • It is possible to save your documents and modify them at will.
  • The three models are visually rather successful and very airy.
  • The headings have many additional options (for example, expiry date of a certificate).
  • The layout is automatic, you will not have to organize anything by hand.
  • You can change the order of its sections with a single click.
  • Some fields have a practical filling function (the name of the profession, for example).
  • Many headings are available for addition.
  • The Europass cover letter has a similar visual style.

The weak points of a Europass CV

  • The headings and elements are excessively spaced, which makes it almost impossible to fit your CV into one page,a huge weak point.
  • It is not possible to modify the name of the headings.
  • Appearance is fixed, cannot change text format or template colors.
  • One cannot add a description to his studies, a very surprising omission.
  • Some information is impossible to remove (for example the gender of the person, totally useless information on a CV, etc.).
  • The description of the languages ​​takes up a lot of space, while it brings nothing to the recruiter.
  • Only the PDF format is available for download.

If we look quickly, we notice that the Europass CV has about as many qualities as defects. It all depends on what you are looking for.

If you wantmake a basic resume quickly, the Europass CV may be just right for you. The application is indeed practical and making your CV on it is fluid.

If you wantstand out and make a more advanced CV, forget the Europass CV. The latter is too limited in its visual and textual options. Its biggest weakness is that it isalmost impossible to have a resume that will be a single page.

A captivating CV line will immediately convince the recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the job. Save time by using our pre-written, customizable catchphrases in ouronline resume builder.

Create a resumeEuropass CV [create a free European CV + examples] (4)

3. How to fill gaps in the Europass CV?

Summing up, the problems with the Europass CV are:

  1. A layout leaving something to be desired.
  2. Models that are visually limited and not customizable.
  3. A lack of customization for some elements.
  4. The Language Skills section takes up way too much space.

For this last point, there is a relatively simple solution… Do not put the “Language skills” section, but click on “Add a section”, then “Other”. Name this section “Languages” and add the languages ​​and a description of their level (A1hasC2,beginnerhasadvanceorcourant).Here is how to describe hislanguage level on CV.

For the other points, there is no solution for the Europass CV, due to the limitations of the application.

On the other hand, you can use another software, like ourLiveCareer resume builder. The latter allows you to modify all the textual elements (titles included), offers 12modern resume templatesas well as a complete customization tool for theresume layout(marges,police, line thickness,colors, etc.).

Note that, as always, it is not the habit that makes the monk. An employer will focus mainly on the substance. Multiply your chances by learninghow to make a resumewithout fail ! Even if you think you know how to do it already, it's worth a look. In particular to know well how to talk about yourCV skills, and your bestprofessional skills.

Finally, note that even if you make a CV in a foreign language and Europass provides you with the names of the sections in the desired language, the application will not help you with the content of the CV. You'll have to write that yourself, and maybe these guides can help you then:

  • Resume in english
  • resume in spanish
  • Swiss CV
  • Canadian resume

Notreonline resume builderprepares the Experience section for you. Browse the list of examples tailored to your profile and add the most relevant elements to your CV in one click. This is the most effective way to make a professional resume effortlessly.

CREATE A CV ONLINEEuropass CV [create a free European CV + examples] (5)

4. Tips for a successful Europass CV

Here are some additional tips for a successful Europass CV easily.

  • Add a photo, it personalizes and humanizes your document, which will be easier to remember.
  • Do not put your date of birth, gender or nationality; this information is useless, in addition to being private (except nationality if you are applying abroad).
  • Pay particular attention to the paragraphCV hanger, which will be read first.
  • Edit your CV with each application to target specific keywords and tasks for each job posting.

In order to leave you in the best conditions for a successful application, we would like to let you know that you can also write a letter on the Europass application. Then all you have to do is create a document, and you can use our guides for the writing itself:

  • How to write a cover letter?
  • Student cover letter
  • Internship cover letter
  • Masters cover letter
  • business school cover letter
  • Summer job cover letter
  • Motivation letter in English
  • Cover letter in Spanish

Your cover letter will write itself if you use the online cover letter maker from LiveCareer. Choose a professional template, answer a few simple questions, and the software will generate a professional letter in moments.

Write my cover letterEuropass CV [create a free European CV + examples] (6)

You are now ready to make a professional Europass CV.

If you still have doubts about the sections or the template of your Europass CV, read our dozens of guides dedicated to preparing CVs and cover letters for all kinds of professions and backgrounds.


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