Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (2023)

The advantages of the CV in the European format called CV Europass have quickly become democratized.

Indeed, the latter is free, carried out online, saved in the cloud and easy to do. Some features such as the translation of all titles into all EU languages ​​are also very practical…

Many people are full of praise for the Europass CV.

In this guide:

  • How to make a successful Europass CV.
  • A Europass CV template to see an example of the end result before getting started.
  • More design CV templates for those who want to really stand out.
  • Various CV writing tips to get the most out of Europass.

Save hours of work and make a resume like this.Select a CV template, fill it out and customize every detail. Fast and effective. Choose one of 21resume templatesand make your resume online.

Make your resume online

Use this resume templateMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (1)

What users think of ResumeLab:

I had a first interview yesterday and the HR manager started the discussion by complimenting me on my CV.
LouisI love the variety of designs and styles. Well done, keep it up!
DylanMy previous CV was really mediocre, despite the time spent trying to make something out of it in Word. With this app, I can edit and move everything easily.

Make your resume online

Other lists of resume templates are waiting for you in the following guides:

  • Modern Resume Templates
  • Free Resume Templates
  • Word Resume Templates

5 CV templates to choose before the Europass CV

Before you start, we suggest you take a look at these CV templates made using our online CV creator. We think you could benefit greatly from it, as it offers superior features to the Europass CV, such as:

  • Many more CV templates (21 versus 3 for Europass), with dozens of color variations for each. What distinguishes you.
  • Total customization of the organization of your CV. You can add, remove and move headings as much as you want, where the Europass CV is particularly static.
  • Two-column CV templates, which allow you to save a lot of space if you have a lot to say, because you can quickly exceed a page otherwise.
  • 21 cover letter templates matching CVs, for a personalized and unique application.
  • The possibility of adding content pre-written by HR experts, whether for the CV or the letter. A very pleasant time saver when you have to go through the applications.
  • Unlimited cloud backup and the ability to duplicate any CV or letter.
  • The translation of all titles and certain elements into many languages ​​of the world, beyond the EU. And many more benefits…

1. Cascade

Use this templateMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (2)

2. Cubic

Use this templateMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (3)

3. Concept

Use this templateMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (4)

4. Primo

Use this templateMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (5)

5. Muse

Use this templateMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (6)

Still want to try the Europass CV? Here is our guide!

How to make a Europass CV

Europa's online application will guide you through most of the steps. However, here are our tips for making each section of your Europass CV a success, from creating it to uploading it.

Let's start by seeing what it looks like in the end, so that you don't waste your time and risk being disappointed when you get to the end of the process!

3 examples of Europass CVs created online on Europa

Europass CV template 1

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (7)

Europass CV template 2

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (8)

Europass CV template 3

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (9)

Here are the three available Europass CV templates. None of them are editable in terms ofresume layout, as much on the colors as on the font or the size of the elements.

This is particularly why the third is found to be very empty compared to the others, because nothing can be changed manually and the application has decided that putting the skills would not fit on this page...

You can only personalize the text, which is still the basis of a resume, however! If you are totally new to this exercise, we strongly recommend our guide to learnhow to make a resume.

ResumeLab's resume builder does more than just look like a resume. Use content pre-written by experts and adapted to your application to boost your chances of success. Descriptions of missions or studies, lists of skills and more. Try ouronline resume builderright now.


CREATE YOUR CV HEREMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (10)

Add a few shades of color, a font that suits you, and highlight your best features. Prove that you are the ideal candidate. Use ouronline resume designer.

Here is now our tutorial to make your Europass CV online.

1. Create an account on Europa

This is an optional step, but highly recommended. If you do not create an account, you will not be able to save your documents, and therefore lose all the advantages of the Europass CV…

Visit the siteEuropato begin. Click on the button dedicated to the creation of a CV and create an account. If it's already done, log in.

2. Fill in personal information

Europass offers several languages ​​for the document, which will automatically translate the titles and subtitles. Once the language has been selected, you can fill in your details.

Please note that some data is not at all mandatory, or even obsolete. The Europass site continues to offer you to put your date of birth and your gender, among other things, but this has long since ceased to be put on a CV!

Be satisfied with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Cellphone
  • E-mail
  • Address

Like this:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (11)

3. List your professional experience on your Europass CV

The next step is most important, although studies and diplomas are normally more important for beginners. But Europass will not allow you to change the order of the sections, so the slightest summer job will come before your highest diploma...

Not very logical, but that's how it is! To properly describe your missions, here are our tips:

  • Always start with the most recent experience.
  • Use trade-specific terms, but not too many, so any recruiter can understand you.
  • List your missions from the most relevant to the least useful for the position in question.
  • Use action verbs to start each point.
  • Put the months with the years to give a real idea of ​​your progress and not to give the impression that you are hiding holes.
  • Use figures and examples if you have them available.
  • Leave aside very short experiences and those having no relation to the job sought, unless you have only that to put.

This is how it looks on the Europass CV builder:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (12)

Do not hesitate to pass your mouse over the information icons near the titles, this will allow you to obtain additional advice.

4. Put your diplomas on a Europass CV

For diplomas, which follow jobs, it's about the same thing.

However, there are several things you need to know to be successful:

  • Put the most recent degrees first.
  • Ignore old or unrelated degrees (or those not completed).
  • Add important information, such as mentions, favorite subjects or student projects...

To put more details, you have to check the “More details” box and then use the free text field, like this:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (13)

5. Add language and computer skills

The next step is called “Personal Skills” on Parcoursup. For the moment, it is about languages ​​and IT.

Unlike a normal CV, the Europass CV allows you to describe very precisely yourlanguage levels, via a level per area of ​​competence in the language. It's completely unnecessary and takes up a lot of space on the CV, but it's apparently the only way to level up.

For an employer, even a different level in writing, speaking, comprehension and expression is a very bad sign, because it means that a level level is not mastered. We therefore advise you to put the same level everywhere, like this:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (14)

6. Add a photo and sections to complete your Europass profile

After validating the following steps, you can add apicture of C5 here:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (15)

Then, at the very bottom of the page, you can click on “Add a section” to complete your profile withhobbies, othersresume skills, of thesoft skills, aCV hookand many other data that you consider relevant:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (16)

7. Transform le profile Europe into a CV Europass

Once your Europa profile is ready, you can go back to the top of the page and click on “Create your CV now”:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (17)

Then click on “Select Entire Profile”:

Make your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (18)

Finally, all you have to do is choose one of the 3 Europass CV models offered and decide whether or not to put the Europass logo (which does not add anything to your CV, and recruiters see so many Europass CVs that they know them well enough, even too much!).

Once saved and downloaded in PDF, you can send your Europass CV! Ours has largely exceeded the single page, which is very far from being optimal… Especially since the space is taken up by useless information (like for language levels or 7 skills which take up half a page). .

Our CV templates mentioned above are much more flexible and customizable, but the Europass CV is still a good application for creating your CV easily and for free!

And to finish with your application...

After having made your Europass CV or having chosen one of ourresume template, you're almost ready to move on to sending and waiting for an email or call for an interview!

Almost, because you still have to write a cover letter…

You can, again, opt for two solutions: make your cover letter on Europass, or use ourcover letter templatesmatched with CVs.

In both cases, we suggest you read our guide to learn how towrite a cover letter. The examples and tips in the guide will help you write every line!

Double your chances of success with a matching resume and cover letter. Use youronline cover letter makerto make your application unmissable.

Create a cover letter online

CREATE YOUR LETTER HEREMake your Europass CV for free online (guide + template) (19)

Do you want to test several styles? We have 21 models, and dozens of color combinations. One click is enough to switch from one design to another. Try all ourcover letter templates.

Still not sure how to make a Europass CV or which Europass CV template to choose? Leave us a comment, we will respond as soon as possible with professional advice.


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