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3Contents Welcome from the EFPA President 4 Welcome from the TPA President 5 Welcome from the Congress President 6 Welcome from the Scientific Committee 7 Committees 8 EFPA 9 Exhibitors 10 Exhibitor map 11 Congress Information 12, 13 Social Events 14 Committee Meetings 15 Important Information for Presenters 16 Pre-Congress Workshops 18, 19 Scientific Programme Information 20, 22 Keynote Lectures 23, 25 State of the Art Lectures 26, 28 Tuesday at a Glance 35, 36 Tuesday 38, 99 Wednesday at a Glance 101, 102 Wednesday 103, 162 Thursday at a Glance 165, 166 Thursday 167, 221 Friday at a Glance 223, 224 Friday 225, 242 Index Reviewers 243 Index Authors 244, , 291 Military Museum 292 3

4Dear Colleagues and Friends, On behalf of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA) I heartily welcome you to the XII European Congress of Psychology (ECP2011), taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, on July 4-8, I am very pleased to see that so many psychologists from Europe as well as other parts of the world are attending this conference and are contributing to the scientific programme. For psychology as a growing discipline and profession, it is particularly encouraging to see the names of many psychologists from the region as well as countries from remote continents in the Congress programme. From the start, in 1989, European Congress of Psychology has been the place to meet European psychologists and learn about advances in theory and research as well as educational and professional developments in Europe. But as this very programme shows, the Congress is also a global meeting place, where students, scholars and professionals from all parts of the world share knowledge and experiences. I note with pride and satisfaction that this XII Congress has contributors from over seventy countries and a programme that covers all areas of contemporary psychology! This XII Congress is unique because of its venue. You will agree with me that Istanbul is an excellent place to gather, not only because of its location at the junction of great cultures and its rich history, but also because as a city it symbolizes a diversity of traditions and aspirations, hospitality and friendship, and the value of collaboration for human development. The Congress is also special because it coincides with EFPA s 30th anniversary. Founded in 1981, to promote co-operation within European psychology and to increase the influence of psychologists in Europe, EFPA has grown into a body that truly represents European psychology in the realms of education, science and profession. EFPA s members are Psychological Associations of 35 European countries with over individual members. EFPA is delighted that it can celebrate its birthday in the presence of so many colleagues from all over the world. On behalf of EFPA I thank the Turkish Psychological Association for organizing the Congress and for providing an environment that promotes collegial exchange and collaboration, and makes all of us feel at home. I also thank the co-sponsors IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology) and IUPsyS (International Union of Psychological Science) for their support in making this Congress a success. Prof. Dr. Robert A. Roe President of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations Grasmarkt 105/18 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium 4 FINAL PROGRAM

5Dear Colleagues, I am delighted to join the European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA) in welcoming you to Istanbul and the XII European Congress on Psychology (ECP 2011). Since its inception, the EFPA has advanced our understanding of human behavior by promoting dialogue, research, critical evaluation, education, sharing of diverse experiences and promoting opportunities for collaboration, generating new ideas, insights and paradigms. We expect nothing less during ECP As we advance in this new century and millennium, our challenges remain as they always will both old and new. Classical models and techniques need be applied to new contexts. New areas of psychology are growing and find overlap with other field in the human sciences. So too, our world is changing. The fact that over 70 countries are represented at ECP 2011 demonstrates a growing interest in how research and practice in one context or culture can benefit research and practice in another. But this broad representation shows us that while there is a sincere desire to benefit from our differences, there is also something more at stake. In a world where communication and interaction is growing beyond what was thought possible just a short time ago, what is at stake is an urgent need. In this world of rapid change, psychology must rise to the challenge of playing its part to ensure that that the human consequences of rapid change are clearly understood and openly evaluated In selecting Istanbul as host city for ECP 2011, EFPA has chosen an ideal location. As one of the great cross roads of the world, the best of Istanbul s tradition coincides with the spirit of the EFPA and of ECP 2011 exchanging ideas, blending of cultures, and great hospitality. I urge you to take some time to explore some of Istanbul s historic treasures. Timeless architecture, superb art, great religions, extensive commerce all have deep roots here. Take some time to visit at least a few of Istanbul s treasures; Ayasofia, the Blue Mosque, the centuries old jewel and porcelain collections at Topkapi, the Grand Bazaar, the Museum of Islamic Civilizations, the Istanbul Archeological Museum, the Mosaic Museum to list only a few. You ll not only go away with a deeper sense of the heart of this city, but a deeper sense of the roots of civilizations that over time have left their mark on our world. The Turkish Psychological Association is proud to have played its part in organizing ECP Let me repeat. Welcome to Istanbul. Dr. Nedret Öztan President, Turkish Psychological Association 5

6Dear Colleagues, As the president of the Organizing Committee for the XII European Congress of Psychology (ECP 2011), I would like to welcome you all in enchanting Istanbul. It is our pleasure and pride to see that this congress is unique in many ways. Different from former congresses, ECP 2011 is held for full four days, which gives our participants more opportunity to learn from scholars from all over the world. ECP 2011 also stands out with the number of presentations in the scientific program as well as the number of participants. During these four days, the presentations will be held in 17 different rooms, starting from in the morning till in the evening. With 36 invited speakers, more than 800 oral presentations and 1700 poster presentations, ECP 2011 received a record level attendance in terms of excellent scientific work. We are proud that ECP 2011 has around 3000 participants from over 70 countries all around the world. The main venue of the congress, the Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre (), is situated in the heart of the city featuring a total of 21 meeting rooms with capacities ranging from 60 to 600 as well as an auditorium with a capacity of 2000 participants. Despite these outstanding facilities of, the enormous participation to ECP 2011 exceeded the limit of and we needed to have the Military Museum (next to ) as a second venue. This congress, ECP 2011, is a product of three years of hard work. We have no doubt of the quality of ECP 2011 when we look at the list of the participants and the quality of the scientific work submitted. In this respect, I would like to thank the members of the Organizing Committee, the Scientific Committee, and Organizing Secretariat Topkon, who have worked for and promoted this congress for years and made this big scale congress possible. We will try our best to host you in the most comfortable way and hopefully you will have a memorable experience in the imperial city of Istanbul. A big warm welcome to all of you to the ECP 2011 in Istanbul! Prof. Dr. Canan Ergin Organizing Committee Chair 6 FINAL PROGRAM

7Dear Colleagues and Friends, As Co-Chairs of the ECP 2011 Scientific Committee, we are delighted to welcome you to Istanbul and to the 12th European Congress of Psychology. This is the first time that the European Congress of Psychology is meeting in Turkey, at Europe s South-East Corner - - symbolizing the reaching out of European psychology. The venue, the inter-continental city of Istanbul, further enhances the expansion symbolism. Having a European psychology congress in this city provides added meaning and congruence to its theme, Understanding and Embracing Diversity. This is an important theme for the future of Europe and of EFPA. In fact, it is a global theme, with borders of countries, regions, even continents becoming blurred and a global human society emerging in the 21st century. Participation of psychologists from over 70 countries in this congress bears witness to this reality. Psychology must rise up to the expectations and responsibilities involved in this process of globalization. This congress will provide us the opportunity to face challenges and exchange ideas regarding human phenomena which require better understanding and human issues which require better measures and practices for their solutions. Our congress is very promising toward this end with its strikingly rich content. To share some of its distinctive features, we have 17 Key-note presentations, 16 State of the Art presentations, many Invited Symposia and other symposia, and many Round Table Discussions. We have received about 3000 paper and poster submissions from 66 countries and have used a blind review process for their evaluation. All the members of the Scientific Committee worked very hard for bringing together a very full program; we greatly appreciate their commitment and conscientiousness. An even greater appreciation goes to all of you, distinguished participants, for contributing to this ECP 2011 with your best scientific/professional competence. We sincerely hope that you will find the conference intellectually stimulating as well as highly enjoyable. We wish you a memorable time in Istanbul. Scientific Committee Co-Chairs Prof. Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı Koç University Turkish Academy of Sciences Prof. Nebi Sümer Middle East Technical University 7

8Local Organizing Committee Chair Canan Ergin, Bahcesehir University Co-Chair Yeşim Korkut, Bahcesehir University Members Dilek Şirvanlı Özen, Okan University Tarcan Kumkale, Koc University Secretary General Serap Keleş, Bahcesehir University Coordinator Gonca Soygüt, Hacettepe University Core Scientific Committee Chair Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı, Koç University Co-Chair Nebi Sümer, Middle East Technical University SC Secretary Emre Özgen, Bılkent University Members Banu Cangöz, Hacettepe University H. Canan Sümer, Middle East Technical University Elif Barışkın, Hacettepe University Melike Sayıl, Hacettepe University Gonca Soygüt, Hacettepe University Organizers of Special Tracks/Days Test and Testing Track Organizers: Prof. Dave Bartham & Prof. H. Canan Sümer Ethics Track: Psychology Ethics around the World: Challenges and Opportunities Organizer: Assoc.Prof.Yeşim Korkut Teaching and Learning in Psychology - Europlat Organizers: Prof.Annie Trapp & Prof.Nebi Sümer Italian Day Vito Tummino Russian Day Boris B Velichkovsky Scientific Committee An-Magritt Aanonsen Norway Angel Barrasa Spain Dave Bartram UK Manuel Berdullas Spain Dorthe Berntsen Denmark Ayşecan Boduroğlu Bogazici University Klaus Boehnke Germany Svend Brinkman Denmark Valerie Camos France Gian Vittorio Caprara Italy Hamit Coşkun Abant Izzet Baysal University of Economics Carsten K.W. De Dreu The Netherlands Plamen Dimitrov Bulgaria Miriam Erez Israel Mehmet Eskin Adnan Menderes University Güler Fişek Bogazici Univeristy Nigel Foreman UK James Georgas Greece Alexander Grob Switzerland Sami Gülgöz Koc University Diane Halpern USA Andrzej Sekowski Poland Marinus Van Ijzendoorn The Netherlands Remo Job Italy A. Nuray Karancı Middle East Technical University Heidi Keller Germany Ayhan Koç Bogazici University Aylin Kuntay Koc University Ingrid Lunt UK Olcay İmamoğlu Middle East Technical University Gökhan Malkoç Doğuş University Biran Mertan Eastern Mediterranean University José Muñiz Spain Serra Müderrisoğlu Bogazici University Bruce Overmier USA Robert A. Roe EFPA President Shalom Schwartz Israel Peter Smith UK Rainer K. Silbereisen Germany Diane Sunar Istanbul Bilgi University Carmen Tabernero Spain Vladimir Taksic Crotia Tuomo Tikkanen Finland Annie Trapp UK Roal Ulrichsen Denmark Michaela Wänke Switzerland Fons Van De Vijver The Netherlands Ayşe Yalın Ankara University Vincent Yzerbyt Belgium 8 FINAL PROGRAM

9The European Federation of Psychologists Associations EFPA The congress is organized under the auspices of EFPA. The European Congress of Psychology (ECP) is held every second year followed by the EFPA General Assembly. The next congress, ECP 2013, will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. EFPA is the leading Federation of National Psychology Associations. It provides a forum for European cooperation in a wide range of fields of academic training, psychology practice and research. There are 35 member associations of EFPA representing about 300,000 psychologists. The member organizations of EFPA are concerned with promoting and improving psychology as a profession and as a discipline, particularly, though not exclusively, in applied settings and with emphasis on the training and research associated with such practice. The psychologists in the member associations include practitioners as well as academic and research psychologists. The Federation has as one of its goals the integration of practice with research and the promotion of an integrated discipline of psychology. ROBERT A. ROE - President ROBERTAS POVILAITIS - Vice President and Secretary General AN-MAGRITT AANONSEN Vice President and Treasurer HRVOJE GLIGORA EC member ROGER LECUYER EC member VERONIKA POLISENSKA - EC member BERNARD CARUANA - EC member 9

10Exhibitors American Psychological Association CNOP (National Board of Italian Psychologists) ECP 2013 EFPA EFPSA & IAAP-SD EUROPLAT Giuntios Hogrefe IUPsyS - ICP 2012 ITC 2012 Wiley-Blackwell Noldus Information Technology Pearson Portuguese Order of Psychologists Schuhfried SensoMotoric Taylor& Francis TPA - Turkish Psychological Associatıon Turkish Assosiation for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ZPID Exhibition Dates and Hours Tuesday July 05, h 16.45h Wednesday July 06, h 16.45h Thursday July 07, h 16.45h Friday July 08, h 16.45h 10 FINAL PROGRAM

11EXHIBITOR MAP 16 American Psychological Association 10 CNOP 20 ECP EFPA 4 EFPSA & IAAP-SD 21 EUROPLAT 18, 19 Giuntios 8 Hogrefe 6 ICP ITC Noldus Information Technology 7 Pearson 14, 15 Portuguese Order of Psychologists 17 Schuhfried 12 SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH 25 Taylor& Francis Group 23 Turkish Assosiation for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 24 TPA - Turkish Psychological Associatıon 1, 2, 3 Wiley-Blackwell 11 ZPID 11

12Congress Information Congress Venue Lütfi Kırdar Convention & Exhibition Centre () is located in the heart of city s business, cultural and commercial districts. houses 21 meeting rooms, including 2000 arm-chair auditorium, equipped with latest technology for compliance with total convention and production requirements. Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre () Harbiye Istanbul Turkey Phone: Military Museum and Cultural Center The museum, which is located in the Harbiye district of Istanbul, tells the visitors much about both the Ottoman and Republic times, with its architecture and collection. Harbiye takes its name from the service buildings of the Military Museum, as they were used as Military Academy in the last periods of the Ottoman Empire. The founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk graduated from this academy. Harbiye Military Museum and Culture site is in two minutes walking distance to Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Centre. Harbiye Military Museum and Culture Harbiye- Şişli / İSTANBUL Phone: Registration and Information Desk Registration and Information Desk for the ECP 2011 will be at the Ground Floor of during the following hours; July 4, 2011 Monday July 5, 2011 Tuesday July 6, 2011 Wednesday July 7, 2011 Thursday July 8, 2011 Friday FINAL PROGRAM

13Lunch Catering is not included in the registration fee. Cash bars will be available in the foyers during the congress. There are also various restaurants near the congress venue. Language The official language of congress is English. Wireless Internet Connection Wireless internet connection will be provided by the Organization. Banking and Exchange Facilities Currency is the Turkish Lira. Foreign money can be changed by banks during working days ( Monday - Friday) as well as hotels, exchange offices. Exchange rates are set daily by the Central Bank. All major credit cards are accepted in most of the hotels, restaurants and shops. Automated bank machines are available at many points throughout the city and the airport. Currency The Turkish currency is Turkish Lira. The exchange rate for Turkish Lira as of June 2011 is; EUR 1= TRL 2,26 Climate and Clothing In July the daytime temperatures are in the range of celsius. Non-Smoking Policy The congress venue is a non-smoking area. Restaurants and Turkish Cuisine There is a wide choice of restaurants in Istanbul offering a broad spectrum ranging from excellent national cuisine to first class international dishes. Traditional Turkish cuisine is famous for its many specialties prepared with fresh vegetables. There are lots of quality restaurants as well as fast-food shops in the vicinity of the hotels reserved for this meeting. Shopping One of the most enjoyable parts of a trip to Turkey is shopping for the rich variety of Turkish crafts. Istanbul is a shopping paradise with its Covered Bazaar as well as the modern malls. Telephones Pay phones and credit card phones are available at the meeting venue as well as in the city. Electricity The electrical power supply in Turkey is 220 volts. Time Turkey is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Tipping Although service charge is included in most restaurants, leaving a tip at one's own discretion is appreciated. 13

14Social Events July 4th, Monday :00 Opening Ceremony 19:00 20:00 Welcome Reception at the Congress Centre July 7th, Thursday GALA DINNER: TOPKAPI PALACE KARAKOL RESTAURANT Surrounded by Saint Irene and the Imperial Walls of Topkapi Palace, Karakol Restaurant has a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere at one of the most favourite venues of Istanbul. When you are enjoying the combination of Ottoman and Byzantine history, Karakol Restaurant s delicious Ottoman and Turkish cuisine will accompany you during the night. It s a night to connect with colleagues from around the globe and get taste of Understanding & Embracing Diversity at this lively dinner accompanied with local artists performances. The "Exterior Guard Post" building located in the 1st Yard of Topkapi Palace and the Imperial Walls, which were built by Mehmed II, the Conqueror, in the 15th century, is situated between Saint Irene and the Imperial Walls. The front yard of the premises faces the 1st Yard of the Palace. The backyard of the guard post embraces the ruins of Saint Samson Hospital and old people's home, which had been built during the Byzantine era, and the excavation works of which started in Date / Time: July 07, 2011 / Location: Topkapı Palace / Karakol Restaurant Dressing Code: Formal / Smart Casual Transportation: Shuttle service will be provided from the Congress Venue at Fee: 110 EUR per person (four course dinner, unlimited local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and live music performance.) Gala tickets can be provided from Social Events desk starting 5th July until 6th July, 12: FINAL PROGRAM

15Committee Meetings Time Hall 05 July, Tuesday EFPA SC Tests and Testing 18:00 Sultan 3 06 July, Wednesday SC Disaster and Crisis 16:45 Dolmabahçe A 08 July, Friday EFPA Scientific Affairs 16:45 Sultan 2 N.E.P.E.S. Annual Network Meeting 08:30 Sultan 3 SC Traffic Psychology Sultan 2 15

16Important Information for Presenters Meeting halls will be equipped with PC and Projector. Invited speakers and oral abstract presenters must report to the Speakers' Ready Room at least four hours prior to their presentation in order to check and deposit their presentation. Speakers Ready Room will both be available in and Military Museum. Presenters should report their presentations according to the venue their presentation will take place. All computers in the halls are Windows compatible and MAC based power point presentations are not accepted. Poster and Hybrid Poster Presentations Poster presentations will take place in Haliç Hall. Poster presentations will run for 120 minutes. No electrical power will be available for posters. When to hang your poster: Mount your poster on the designated board during the 30 minutes immediately preceding the start of the scheduled poster session. Your poster must be removed promptly at the end of the session, so that the poster for the next session can be hung on the poster board. Please take your poster and any additional items with you when you leave the poster area. The poster will be attached to a wall-system (Binder for this purpose will be provided) Your poster must be complete and ready to hang on the poster board when you arrive for your poster session. ECP 2011 does not provide reproduction or graphic facilities at the meeting. Hybrid poster session is a dynamic forum among presenters, a facilitator, and the audience. The purpose is to encourage discussion and sharing of multiple perspectives. In the first part of the session, similar to traditional poster sessions, audience members views posters, interacting with the authors. In the second part of the session, each poster presenter gives a 2-3 minute oral presentation. In the third part facilitator leads the audience and authors in an informal discussion of the posters and the broader topical area. 16 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS


18Pre-Congress Workshops WORKSHOP 1 Cultural Psychology: Understanding Mind in Culture in a Diverse World? Workshop Presenter: Aydın Bal Half Day Workshop (3 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 08:30-12:00 Hall: HALL 2 (MARMARA) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 100 WORKSHOP 2 Using Student Response Systems ("clickers") in the Teaching of Psychology Workshop Presenter: Douglas Bernstein Two Hours Workshop Time: July 4th Monday, 13:00-15:30 Hall: HALL 2 (MARMARA) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 100 WORKSHOP 3 Predicting and Changing Behavior: The Cognitive Orientation Approach Workshop Presenter: Kreitler Shulamith Half Day Workshop (3 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 13:00-16:30 Hall: HALL 4 (DOLMABAHÇE B) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 100 WORKSHOP 4 Too Much Stuff: Understanding and Treating Hoarding Disorder Workshop Presenter: Steketee Gail Half Day Workshop (3 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 13:00-16:30 Hall: HALL 8 (TOPKAPI B) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 25 Maximum Number of Participants: 100 WORKSHOP 5 How to Develop Supervisors Competencies. The Norwegian Supervisor Program Workshop Presenter: Aina Holmén, Mona Duckert and Bjarte Kyte Half Day Workshop (3 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 13:00-16:30 Hall: HALL 3 (DOLMABAHÇE A) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 60 WORKSHOP 7 Mediation and Moderation Analysis. Workshop Presenter: Changiz Mohiyeddini Full Day Workshop (6 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 08:30-16:30 Hall: HALL 4 (DOLMABAHÇE B) Fee: 100 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 25 WORKSHOP 8 Managing Diversity in Small Groups Workshop Presenter: Norbert Strak Full Day Workshop (6 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 08:30-16:30 Hall: HALL 9 (SULTAN 2) Fee: 100 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 16 Minimum number of participants required for a workshop to be held is 10. If there are less than 10 people interested in a workshop, that workshop will not be offered. Such cancellations are fully refunded. 18 FINAL PROGRAM

19INVITED WORKSHOP 1 Training Teams to Enhance Innovation and Overcome Obstacles to Innovation Workshop Presenter: Miriam Erez / Co-Presenter: Iris Arbel Half Day Workshop (3 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 13:00-16:00 Hall: HALL 5 (DOLMABAHÇE C) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 50 INVITED WORKSHOP 3 Using Sociometric Software to Analyze Groups in Organizations and Schools Workshop Presenter: Angel Barrasa Half Day Workshop (3 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 08:30-12:00 Hall: HALL 11 (LEVENT 3) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 15 INVITED WORKSHOP 4 How I Stop Sensing? Workshop Presenter: Ceylan Daş Half Day Workshop (3 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 08:30-12:00 Hall: HALL 5 (DOLMABAHÇE C) Fee: 50 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 15 INVITED WORKSHOP 5 Being an Ethical and Culturally Competent Supervisor When Cultures Differ? Workshop Presenter: Jean Pettifor & Carol Fallender Full Day Workshop (6 hours) Time: July 4th Monday, 08:30-16:30 Hall: HALL 6 (GALATA) Fee: 100 Euro Minimum Number of Participants: 10 Maximum Number of Participants: 25 19

20Scientific Program Information Individual oral presentations must report on the empirical findings of a theoretically driven research project, which can include critically evaluating the empirical findings of others in the form of a meta-analysis or critical review. It is expected from the presenters to allocate time equally between a theoretically driven introduction, methodology and results, and discussion/conclusion. (15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion). Poster Presentations Posters are an alternative format for individual, free-standing research presentations. Poster sessions facilitate informal discussions between presenters and their audience, providing a more intimate forum for exchange of information than do regular oral presentations. Successful posters are visually engaging, informative, and easy to understand. In addition to a title/author label and abstract, most successful posters provide brief statements of introduction, method, subjects, procedure, results and conclusions. Final conclusions or summary should leave observers focused on a concise statement of the most important findings. Poster presentations will run for 120 minutes. Hybrid Posters A hybrid poster session, which includes eight to ten posters with a common theme, is a dynamic forum among presenters, a facilitator, and the audience. The purpose is to encourage discussion and sharing of multiple perspectives. In the first part of the session, similar to traditional poster sessions, audience members views posters, interacting with the authors. In the second part of the session, each poster presenter gives a 2-3 minute oral presentation. In the third part facilitator leads the audience and authors in an informal discussion of the posters and the broader topical area. Following this discussion, the posters are displayed until the end of the session. Hybrid poster presentation session last for 120 minutes. Symposium Symposia are organized and submitted by a chair with an integrative statement and summary of the submitted presentations. Each symposium consists of four-five thematically linked presentations. Symposiums are 90 minute sessions. Round Table Discussion In this session type one or two experts on a topic serve as hosts. Although the expert(s) may wish to make a short presentation to begin the session, a significant portion of time should be devoted to answering questions from the audience and promoting discussion. Audience of this session type are attendees who seek help with problems they are currently facing, or would like to learn about the latest developments in an area and/or to develop contacts with people who have similar interests. Raund Table sessions last for 60 minutes. TRACKS Europlat (The European Network for Psychology Learning and Teaching): Teaching and Learning in Psychology Track Organizers: Annie Trapp & Nebi Sümer Contact: This track invites participants to consider issues relating to the teaching and learning of psychology. Papers, panels, posters, symposia and workshops will focus on important and challenging issues in psychology education including research on how we learn, teaching specific areas of psychology, assessment methods, curricular reform, innovative teaching methods, student employability, continuing professional development for psychology educators and support communities such as EUROPLAT. 20 FINAL PROGRAM

21Keywords: Research related to teaching and learning psychology Curricular reform and innovation within psychology education Student issues in psychology education Ethics Track Organizer: Yeşim Korkut Contact: The aim of the "ethics track" during ECP Istanbul 2011 is to provide participants a chance to follow various presentations in a frame that will take place each day in the same place and time. This frame will enable attendees to follow specific ethics-related discussions that will be presented in a well-organized and coherent fashion. Ideally, presentations in the ethics track will build upon one another and suggest possibilities for future collaboration. The main goals are to: Examine the development and revision of ethics codes in various nations and cultures; Compare and contrast models of ethical decision-making; Explore how ethics is taught in psychology training programs throughout the world; Consider ethical aspects of specific practice areas such as supervision tele-health, neuroethics; Address the responsible conduct of research, and in particular the role of review boards, for psychological research conducted by psychologists from other countries; Examine special ethical challenges and opportunities of indigenous peoples; Explore the ethical aspects of psychologists responding to humanitarian disasters in all areas of the world; and Examine region-specific issues that arise in diverse areas such as North America, the EFPA countries and the Balkans, South and Central America, and Asia and Australia. ethical practice of psychology in all nations and cultures. Keywords: Ethical Code Development Cross-cultural practice and ethical issues Teaching ethics and ethical decision-making Indigenous approaches to ethics Universalising ethical codes of practice Test and Testing Track Organizers: Dave Bartram & H. Canan Sümer Contact: Testing touches everyone at some time in their life - it may be for work, for school, for health or for leisure related reasons. Without doubt it is through tests and testing that psychology has its most widespread impact on people's lives. Following the success of the Tests and Testing stream at the 2009 EFPA Congress, the International Test Commission and EFPA's Standing Committee on Tests and Testing are again working together to promote a separate strand of papers, symposia and other events on the theme of Tests and Testing for the Istanbul Congress in Keywords: Test use standards and qualification Evaluating test quality Advances in measurement techniques Testing applications This track is designed so that both participants and attendees will gain a greater appreciation for the 21

22The program is organized by day, timeslot, venue and meeting room. Poster sessions are placed at the end of each day s program. Please note that Poster and Hybrid Poster sessions will take place in Halic Hall. The different venues are highlighted in different colours: (Lutfi Kirdar Congress & Exhibition Centre) MILITARY MUSEUM Presentation formats are stated in following colors; Keynote/ State of the Art Invited Symposium Symposium Paper Session Poster Session Russian/Italian day Europlat Sessions Ethics Track Sessions Test and Testing Track Sessions 22 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

23KEYNOTE LECTURES July 4th, Monday OPENING LECTURE Does Europe need psychologists? Robert A. Roe Chair: Nedret Öztan Auditorium July 5th, Tuesday KEYNOTE Autonomous-Related Self: Recent Research and Applications Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı Chair: Ayşe Yalın KEYNOTE The Evolution of Ethics in Psychology: Going International and Global Janel Gauthier Chair: Yeşim Korkut Auditorium Dolmabahçe B July 5th, Tuesday KEYNOTE Globalization and Human Development: People and Contexts Rainer K. Silbereisen Chair: Gonca Soygüt KEYNOTE Mental Imagery: from flashbacks to flashforwards Emily Holmes / Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award Winner Chair: Gonca Soygüt Auditorium Dolmabahçe B July 5th, Tuesday KEYNOTE The Secret Power of Time to Influence Personal Decisions and National Destinies Philip G. Zimbardo Chair: Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı Auditorium KEYNOTE Sport psychology in Europe: Challenges and perspectives for psychologists Paul Wylleman Chair: Tarcan Kumkale Marmara KEYNOTE LECTURES 23

24July 6th, Wednesday KEYNOTE Free Will as the Expensive Control of Human Action Roy F. Baumeister Chair: Nebi Sümer KEYNOTE Arne Öhman (Wilhelm Wundt - William James Award Winner) Chair: Emre Özgen Auditorium Dolmabahçe B July 6th, Wednesday KEYNOTE Unconscious Social Cognition Mahzarin R. Banaji Chair: Sami Gülgöz Auditorium July 6th, Wednesday KEYNOTE A Thriving Psychology: Challenges and Complexities Melba J. T. Vasquez Chair: Nedret Öztan Auditorium July 7th, Thursday Auditorium KEYNOTE Psychosocial Functioning from Childhood Through Young Adulthood in Community and Medical Samples Koen Luyckx - Comenius Award Winner Chair: Melike Sayıl July 7th, Thursday KEYNOTE Socially Grounded Embodiment Gün R. Şemin Chair: Diane Sunar Auditorium Dolmabahçe B KEYNOTE Susceptible Subjects? Genetic Differential Susceptibility to the Environment in Children and Adults Marinus Van Ijzendoorn - Aristotle Award Winner Chair: Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı 24 FINAL PROGRAM KEYNOTE LECTURES

25July 7th, Thursday Auditorium KEYNOTE Attachment Variability across Genders, Cultures, and Ecological Conditions: Can Romantic Insecurity Sometimes be Adaptive? David Schmitt Chair: Nebi Sümer KEYNOTE Research on Cyberbullying: Challenges and Opportunities Peter K. Smith Chair: Serap Keleş Marmara July 8th, Friday Auditorium KEYNOTE Is cognitive-behaviour Therapy Really Evidence-based: Does CBT Work Because of the Presumed Underlying Theoretical Mechanisms? Paul Emmelkamp Chair: Diane Sunar July 8th, Friday Auditorium KEYNOTE Beyond Trauma to Transitions: The Longer-term Functioning of Youth Immersed in Political Conflict Brian Barber Chair: Melike Sayıl KEYNOTE Colour Vision; Past, Present and Future Semir Zeki Chair: Emre Özgen Dolmabahçe A KEYNOTE LECTURES 25

26STATE OF THE ART LECTURES July 5th, Tuesday STATE OF THE ART Human Creativity: From Neurobiology to Social Influence Carsten K.W. De Dreu Chair: Diane Sunar Marmara July 5th, Tuesday STATE OF THE ART Cross-Cultural Approaches in Leadership: Universals & Culture-Specifics Zeynep Aycan Chair: Gökhan Malkoç STATE OF THE ART Psychology Education: Fit for Purpose? Annie Trapp Chair: Nebi Sümer Marmara Dolmabahçe C July 6th, Wednesday STATE OF THE ART Ageing well into the Future: What Psychology Has to Offer (and to do)? Hans Werner Wahl Chair: Banu Cangöz Marmara Galata STATE OF THE ART A Look at Childhood: Findings from Parental Acceptance-Rejection Theory Studies in Turkey Azmi Varan Chair: Gonca Soygüt July 6th, Wednesday STATE OF THE ART Personnel Selection: Top Five Scientific Findings to Transform Practice Deniz Öneş Chair: Serap Keleş Marmara Galata STATE OF THE ART Family Values, Roles, Networks and Emotional Bonds: How Different or Similar are they across Cultures? James Georgas Chair: Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı 26 FINAL PROGRAM STATE OF THE ART LECTURES

27July 6th, Wednesday STATE OF THE ART The Related-and-Individuated Self-Way to Well-Being E. Olcay İmamoğlu Chair: Güler Okman Fişek STATE OF THE ART Colour Perception and Language Emre Özgen Chair: Gökhan Malkoç Marmara Galata July 7th, Thursday STATE OF THE ART Immigrant Families in Europe Uncovering Factors Promoting Resilience Birgit Leyendecker Chair: Biran Mertan STATE OF THE ART Group Creativity and Team Innovation: Is There a Match? Paul Paulus Chair: Hamit Coşkun Marmara Galata July 7th, Thursday STATE OF THE ART Attachment Theory: Why it is Important, and Why It is Insufficient Norbert Bischof Chair: Ayşe Yalın STATE OF THE ART Psychosocial Interventions in the Aftermath of Disasters A. Nuray Karancı Chair: Elif Barışkın Marmara Galata July 7th, Thursday STATE OF THE ART Involuntary Autobiographical Memories: A basic Mode of Remembering Dorthe Berntsen Chair: Sami Gülgöz Galata STATE OF THE ART LECTURES 27

28July 8th, Friday STATE OF THE ART Making Meaning Out of Negative Experiences by Self-Distancing Özlem Ayduk Chair: Tarcan Kumkale Marmara July 8th, Friday STATE OF THE ART Early Separation and Loss of Parents: Vulnerability and Resilience Across Generations Avi Sagi Schwartz Chair: Elif Barışkın Marmara 28 FINAL PROGRAM STATE OF THE ART LECTURES

29July 4th, Monday


31July 4th, Monday Auditorium Opening Ceremony OPENING LECTURE Does Europe Need Psychologists? Robert A. Roe Chair: Nedret Öztan Cultural Show Opening Reception ORAL PRESENTATIONS 31

32We would like to thank The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey for their support to XII th European Congress of Psychology ECP 2011

33July 5th, Tuesday


35July 5th, Tuesday

36July 5th, Tuesday

37July 5th, Tuesday KEYNOTE Autonomous-Related Self: Recent Research and Applications Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı Chair: Ayşe Yalın STATE OF THE ART Human Creativity: From Neurobiology to Social Influence Carsten K.W. De Dreu Chair: Diane Sunar Auditorium Marmara Dolmabahçe A ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION 6 International Test Commission Guidelines for Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests (2nd Edition) Ronald K. Hambleton, David Bartram, Jacques Gregoire, José Muñiz, Fons Van De Vijver KEYNOTE The Evolution of Ethics in Psychology: Going International and Global Janel Gauthier Chair: Yeşim Korkut Dolmabahçe B Dolmabahçe C Europlat 1 Improving Teaching Quality: How Teaching Quality Can Benefit From Instructors Self-Evaluations Sebastian Stehle, Birgit Spinath Psychology Students Evaluation of a Research Community in the UK Patricia Roberts, Candan Ertubey, Mcmurray Isabella, Robertson Ian Are baccalaureate graduates ready for the workplace (a U.S. Perspective) Paul Hettich Willingness to Use, and Attitudes Toward, Recycled Water: Their Structure and Relationships Jennifer Boldero, Richard Bell, Geoffry Binder Explaining Individual Transport Behaviour in Different Shopping Situations Sebastian Seebauer, Angelika Kufleitner Be Sustainable Through Negotiating Identities and Exchanging Externalities Paola Spadaro, Gianvito D Aprile, Beatrice Ligorio, Marta Traetta Galata Topkapı A What it Means to be Achievement Oriented for Javanese-Indonesian Families: Statistical Findings from Measurement Development Research on Family Climate Emi Zulaifah The Role of Family Function in the Coping Style and Self-Esteem Majid Baradaran The Role of Self-Efficacy and Family Performance in the University Students Adaptibility Majid Baradaran ORAL PRESENTATIONS 37

38July 5th, Tuesday Topkapı B Self Construction Throughout a Narration of Loss: Self Positioning and Self-Examination of People Who Experienced the Death of a First Degree Close Relative K. Oya Paker, Sevim Cesur Immortality of the Soul as an Intuitive Idea: Psychological Origins of Afterlife Beliefs Vera Pereira, Rodrigo de Sá-Saraiva, Luís Faísca The Post-Communist East and the West in Europe: Civilization Gap, Culture s Consequences and Country- Level Subjective Well-Being Pawel Boski Sultan 2 Positioning of School Psychologist: Someone Who Solves the Problem Danijela Petrovic, Vitomir Jovanovic Applications of Kelly s Personal Construct Theory to Vocational Guidance Anna Paszkowska Rogacz Power and Career Psychology Graham Stead, Terri Bakker Sultan 3 The Effect of Executive Function Training on Working Memory and Children Wechsler Acid Profile of Forth and Fifth Grade Students with Learning Disability Afsane Safe, Soltan Ali Kazemi, Siamak Samani Alexithymia and Its Relationship with Met Cognitive Beliefs in College Students Shina Zinali, Mahnaz Khosrojavid, Amir Golbandihaghighat Parents Socio-Emocional Perception in Adolescents with and Without High Abilities Rosario Bermejo, Carmen Fernandez, Lola Prieto, Mercedes Ferrando Levent 3 The Relationship Between Personality and Emotion Seeking, of Juveniles Criminal and Habitual Juveniles Girls in Tehran Somayeh Mohammadtabar Kasgari, Morteza Taheri Personality, Performance and the Quality of Life Achim Preuss, Katharina Lochner, Maike Wehrmaker Low Self Awareness is Associated to Reduced Ability to Take Other s Perspective in Individuals with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Umberto Bivona, Angela Riccio, Elisa Pizzonia, Valentina Delle Donne, Giovanni Augusto Carlesimo, Carlo Caltagirone, Rita Formisano, Alberto Costa MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Efficacy of Anger Management Training on Social Adjustment if Female Adolescents Sepideh Barghandan, Nima Ghaemi Khomami The Representation and Retrieval of Order Information in Impression Formation Rui S. Costa, Leonel Garcia Marques, Jeffrey Sherman Moderating Malleability: The Moderating Role of Source Monitoring in Stereotype Malleability Sofia Santos, Leonel Garcia Marques 38 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

39July 5th, Tuesday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Situational and Dispositional Variables as Predictors of Economic Opportunism Maria Sakalaki, Penelope Sotiriou The Narcissistic CompÖnents of Opportunistic Propensity Penelope Sotiriou Doing Research as a Political Activity : The Issue of Situated Research in Social Psychology Marina Everri MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A The Own-ethnicity Effect in Facial Recognition: Does it also Exist with Turks and Germans? Siegfried L. Sporer Self Regulation Focus, Authenticity, and Emotional Reactions to Related Independent Self Frustration Arzu Gül, Serap Arslan Akfırat, Ünsal Yetim Anger-Related Reactions to Insults: A Comparison between German Adolescents, Adolescents of Turkish Descent in Germany, and Turkish Adolescents Tanja Lischetzke, Michael Eid, Hacer Soysal, Martin Wertenbruch, Hacı Halil Uslucan, Birgit Röttger Rössler MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Investigating the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence, Perceived Organizational Justice and Organizational Outcomes Azadeh Askari, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani, Ali Nasery Mohammadabadi The Relationship Between Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Emotional Intelligence with Job Satisfaction Narges Fasihizadeh, Hossein Samavatian, Aboulghasem Nouri, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani The Relationship Between Marston Behavioral Model (DISC) and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in an industrial setting Narges Fasihizadeh, Aboulghasem Nouri, Hossein Samavatian, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Spherical Cube Structure of Personality Lexicon Arcady Putilov Intelligence and Rationality a Review of Research on Heuristics and Biases, and the Reintegration of the Concepts of Intelligence and Rationality Richard Alexander MILITARY MUSEUM EEG - Patterns of the Musical Creative Activity With Different Emotional Colouring Liudmila Dikaya Analysis of Scientific Imagination Process Hsiao Chi Ho, Yin-Yao Cheng, Chia-Chi Wang, Chih-Ling Cheng Sakarya D Imagination in Product Innovation: Level of Creativity and Differences in Conceptual Combination Ruey Yun Horng, Ching-Wen Wang, Kuen Meau Chen ORAL PRESENTATIONS 39

40July 5th, Tuesday Marmara Symposium 39 European Leadership Model: Myth, Necessity or Reality Convener: Anatoly Zankovsky Three Factor Leadership Model Anatoly Zankovsky Psychological Design of Leader s Activity Alexander Grachev Leader s Ethical Values and Sustainable Corporate Success Christiane Thiele Psychological Characteristics of Leadership on Different Levels of Organizational Hierarchy Tatyana Zankovskaya Dolmabahçe A Ethics Track Symposium 1 Ethics in Action: Documents, Decision making and Regulation Convener: Merry Bullock Discussant: Mihail Kritikos The Context and Definition of Ethical Decision Making Stephen Behnke Models of Ethical Decision Making for Psychologists Geoffrey Lindsay The History of Ethical Principles and Ethical Codes for Psychologists Carole Sinclair Ethical Standards Across Countries: Commonalities and Cultural Considerations Mark M. Leach Dolmabahçe B Test and Testing Track Symposium 1 The EFPA Test Review Model: Time for an Update? Convener: Dave Bartram The Dutch System for Test Quality and the EFPA Test Review Model: Can They Learn From Each Other? Arne Evers The German Test Review System Carmen Hagemeister Test Reviewing in Spain José Muñiz The EFPA Review Model as Basis for Certification of Tests in Norway Sverre L. Nielsen The Use of the EFPA Review Model in the UK Patricia Lindley Dolmabahçe C Europlat Invited Symposium 1 Teaching Research Methods in Psychology: Perspectives on the Undergraduate Level Convener: J. Frederico Marques Teaching Research Methods in Psychology: An Historical Perspective J. Frederico Marques 40 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

41July 5th, Tuesday Statistics and Methods in Psychology: Reasons for Educational Revisions Lillian Vederhus Teaching Research Methods in a French Psychology Curriculum Maria Pereira Da Costa Reflections upon Meeting Terrified Psychology Students, not at all Expecting Statistics Andrejs Ozolins Factors of Psychology Teaching According Positive Well-being in Classroom: The Case of Research Methods and Statistics Guna Svence Galata Russian Day Symposium 1 Health Psychology in Russia Convener: Larissa Tcvetkova Social and Psychological Determinants of Substance use Initiation and Experimenting among University Students Larissa Tcvetkova HIV Risk Behaviours and Prevention: Results of Longitudinal Studies in St.Petersburg, Russia Alla Shaboltas Stress-coping Studies in Modern Russia: Psychological, Social, and Cross-cultural Perspectives Tatiana Kryukova Rotational Work Organization in Russian Far North: A Psychological Analysis Natalya Simonova Stress Prevention in Call-center Operators. Valentina Barabanshchikova Topkapı A Symposium 16 Social Competence, Emotion, Behaviour, and Health Convener: M. Cristina Miyazaki Pro-social Behaviour: In Search of an Empirical Basis Angela Donato Oliva Styles of Attachment and Empathy as Moderators of Anger Eliane Falcone Burden, Stress and Depression in Liver Transplant Patients Caregivers M. Cristina Miyazaki University Students Spirituality: Do Communication Skills Make a Difference? Rute F. Meneses The Structure of Social Phobia through the Factorial Analysis of Self-Report Measures Rute F. Meneses Symposium 14 Emotional Development School Program (PEDE) Convener: Luis Manuel Lozano, Eduardo García Cueto Topkapı B Effect of School Program for Emotional Development (PEDE) on Academic Performance Adán Robles Effect of School Program for Emotional Development (PEDE) on Anxious and Depressive Symptoms Ignacio Pedrosa ORAL PRESENTATIONS 41

42July 5th, Tuesday Effect of Applying of the School Program for Emotional Development on the Perfectionism Levels and Parental Perception Javier Suárez The Differences between the Control Group and the Experimental Group in Academic Performance Luis Manuel Lozano Differences Based on the Applied Conditions of the Program Eduardo García Cueto Sultan 2 Invited Symposium 3 New Research on Social and Political Change: Cascades of Influence on Individuals Adaptation and Development Convener: Rainer K. Silbereisen Striving for status or striving to learn in uncertain times? Longitudinal associations between learning and status goals and work-related motivation during the transition from university to work Claudia M. Haase, Rainer K. Silbereisen Gender Differences in Motivational and Cognitive Abilities Lara Perez Felkner, Barbara Schneider Trajectories of Educational Expectations from Adolescence to Young Adulthood, Civic Engagement and Social Participation Katariina Salmela Aro, Lotta Tynkkynen A Transgenerational Model of Education Participation in Two Age Cohorts Ingrid Schoon, Kathryn Duckworth Changes in Control Strategies Predicted by Individual and Collective Demands of Social Change Martin J. Tomasik, Rainer K. Silbereisen Sultan 3 A Review of Assessment Methods and Their Effects on Educational Reformation Hassan Yaghoubi, Rahim Yousefi Natural Science as an Occupational Option for Adolescents: Does Learning and Teaching Make a Difference? Päivi H. Taskinen Aptitude Testing In Junior School Students, Using Multiple Intelligences, Wechsler Test (Wısc-R) and Emotional Intelligence Zahra Mojahedi, Mahnaz Akhavan Tafti Inducing Students to Use Markers Feedback: Improvement in Academic Performance Rosemary Snelgar, Tina Cartwright, Alan Porter Levent 3 On Depression, Anxiety and Mood Regulation Magdalena Nowicka Why Does Tai Chi Improves Well-being? The Effects of Perceived Task Difficulty on Outcome as Mediated by Perceived Effort and Enjoyment Carolina Gaitan Sierra, Michael Hyland 42 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

43July 5th, Tuesday The Relationship between Quality of Life ond Negative Affects ( stress, anxiety, depression ) as well as Intelligence in Senile of Tehran Ali Kasaiyan, Milad Abedi Ghelich Gheshlaghi, Marziye Khalilzade Poshtgul, Mohammad Ali Asgharimoghadam Body Image and Life Satisfaction of Visually Impaired Turkish Women Deniz Aydemir-Döke, Elif Emir, Gizem Sarıgül MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Western Australian Experience: Integrated Services to Promote Wellness and Respond to Health and Welfare Issues in Western Australia Police Wendy Doyle The Interaction of Manifest Anxiety and Gender on Children s Somatic Complaints across School Levels Laaya Bashash D-cycloserine Suppresses MPTP-induced Deficits of Behavioral and Neurological Functions Ying-Jui Ho Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review Artemisa Rocha Dores, Mónica Queirós Oliveira, António Marques, Liliana De Sousa, Alexandre Castro Caldas MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Narcissism and the Experience in a Relationship Niyal Cetin, Hans Werner Bierhoff Unmittigated Communion, Psychological Entitlement and Intimate Relationships Zeljka Kamenov, Aleksandra Huic, Ivana Jugovic, Carrie Bredow, Elizabeth Schoenfeld, Ted Huston Sex-Roles, Relational Maintenance Effort, and Relational Power Dudu Taslak, Derya Hasta Seeking Others When Distressed is associated with Healthy Diurnal Cortisol Patterns Bülent Turan, Sasha Gibbs, Laura Carstensen MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Mood Regulation from Individual Differences Perspective Magdalena Marszal-Wisniewska The Role of Adult Attachment Style and Emotion Regulation in Predicting Mindfulness in Non- Meditators Anna Trejnowska, Karen Goodall Low Emotional Intelligent as a Predictor of Tendency to Addiction Alireza Homayouni Individual Differences in Emotion Regulation and Framing Effects Renata Heilman, Andrei C. Miu, Mircea Miclea MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Emotional Exhaustion and In-Role and Extra-Role Performance: Mediating Role of Work Motivation Nasrin Arshadi ORAL PRESENTATIONS 43

44July 5th, Tuesday Stress Related Factors Among Workers with Hazardous Jobs: Turkish Dock Workers, Jean Sandblasting Workers, Factory Workers and Miners Fatma Yasin, Onur Sunal, Ayda Büyükşahin Sunal Stress, Burnout & Job Satisfaction of Air Traffic Controllers in Athens: A Comparative Research. Despina-Maria Kefalidou The Early Steps into Burnout The Dynamic Sequences of Behavior, (Dsb), a Tool for Detecting Early Stages of Burnout and Inner Withdrawal in Working Behaviour Paul Jimenez, Josefa Hasibeder, Bettina Seilinger MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Psychosocial Risk Evaluation: Observing Practices Isabela de Melo Mussi, Miguel A. Sahagún Padilla Risk Assessment: Developing a tool for the Analysis, Evaluation, and Re-design of Interactive Tasks in Administration Anja Köhler, Winfried Hacker, Anett Rambau Leadership Styles as Predictors of Followers Identification with the Work Group and Job Satisfaction Aslı Göncü, H. Canan Sümer Relationship between Situational Leadership and Personality Radvan Bahbouh, Eva Rozehnalová, Martin Konečný MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Symposium 11 Engaging in Diversity in Mental Health in Europe: Toward cultural diversity competencies Convener: Carla Moleiro Individual and Cultural Diversity Competencies for Mental Health Professionals Carla Moleiro Individual and Cultural Diversity Competencies: A Behavioural Analogue Measure for Mental Health Clinicians Jaclin Freire Psychological Well-Being in Brazilian and Cape Verdean Immigrants in Portugal: The Impact of Social Support as a Moderator of Acculturation Stress Sandra Roberto AMHC Portugal: Surveying Concepts and Primary Strategies of Action in Adolescent Mental Health Marta Gonçalves 44 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

45July 5th, Tuesday Auditorium Symposium 4 Traumatic Dissociation: Prevalence, Differential Diagnosis, and Treatment Outcome Convener: Vedat Şar Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Settings and in the Community: A Hidden Epidemic Vedat Şar Positive and Negative Symptoms of Dissociation in Complex Trauma Disorders Annemiek van Dijke The Unique Rorschach Profile of Severely Dissociative Patients: How They Differ From Other Disorders Bethany L. Brand Results of a Longitudinal Naturalistic Study of Treatment Outcome for Patients with Dissociative Disorders (TOP DD Study) Bethany L. Brand Marmara Invited Symposium 2 School Violence: Cross-Cultural Challenges in the Middle East Convener: Adnan Farah From School Violence to Changing Schools into Violence Prevention Agents for Societies Sezen Zeytinoğlu The Experience of Verbal and Physical Violence among Schoolchildren in Lebanon Salim M. Adib Lifelong Consequences of Exposure to Violence in Childhood Adib Essali Conflict Resolution and Violence Prevention: Using Moral Neuro-Linguistic Programming In schools in the UAE Grace Chami Sather The Ability of Some Psychological Variables in Predicting Violence Tendency among Jordanian University students Ahmad Alshraifin Dolmabahçe A Ethics Track Symposium 2 Teaching and Learning to be an Ethical and Competent Psychologist in a globalizing world Convener: Janel Gauthier Internationalizing the Professional Ethics Curriculum Janel Gauthier, Mark M. Leach Ethical Dilemmas, Cultural Differences, and Globalization: Teaching Vignettes and Other Exercises Jean Pettifor, Carol Falender Issues in Teaching Ethics in Australia Alfred Allan Diverse and New Ways of Teaching Ethics Yeşim Korkut Test and Testing Track Symposium 4 International Testing Practices Convener: José Muñiz Dolmabahçe B ORAL PRESENTATIONS 45

46July 5th, Tuesday Major Measurement Challenges in the Coming Years Ronald K. Hambleton International Strategies to Improve Tests and Testing José Muñiz Testing Practices and Attitude towards Tests and Testing: The Results of a Global Survey Arne Evers Attitudes towards Tests and Testing in Romania Dragos Iliescu Applying Research and Clinical Data in the Adaption Process of New Tests Jens Egeland Dolmabahçe C Europlat Invited Symposium 4 Technology Enhanced Learning in Psychology Convener: Joerg Zumbach Innovation in the Teaching of Psychology in Higher Education in the EU Peter Reddy Using a VLE for Simple Feedback Nick Lund On the Agreement of Human and Automatic Evaluations of Complex Students Texts Eva Seifried Problem-Based Learning in an Online-Class: Influence of Prior Knowledge and Different e-tutoring Strategies Joerg Zumbach Symposium 8 Reworking Vygotsky s Theory of Concepts Convener: Andrés Haye Microgenesis of Concepts: the Cultural Schemas of Thinking Andrés Haye Every Day and Scientific Concepts Developmental Paths Christian Sebastián So Far, so Close: Pseudo-concepts and the Fostering of Conceiving Development Antonia Larrain Galata Topkapı A Symposium 17 Determinants of Women s Health Across Life Span Convener: Filipa Pimenta The Evaluation of the Psychosocial Pathway of Breast Cancer: Structural Equation Models from the Diagnosis, Surgery and Treatments Ivone Patrão Sexual Health Difficulties in a Community Sample of Portuguese Women Ana Carvalheira How Breast Cancer Survivors Cope with Trauma: Posttraumatic Stress and Posttraumatic Growth in Relation with Cognitive Coping Strategies Inês Alvarez Tracking Pregnancy and Motherhood: Developmental Tasks and Adaptation Processes Joana Santos Rita 46 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

47July 5th, Tuesday Subjective Well-Being during Midlife: What Contributes to it? Filipa Pimenta Topkapı B Symposium 33 Development of Scales to Measure Undergraduate Students Disposition toward Lifelong Learning: A Rasch Measurement Approach Convener: Paichi Pat Shein, Ching-Lin Shih Development of a Scale to Measure Undergraduate Students Social Responsibility: A Rasch Measurement Approach Li-Ming Chen, Yin-Yao Cheng, Paichi Pat Shein, Chih-Wen Kuo Development of a Scale to Measure Undergraduate Students Social Responsibility: A Rasch Measurement Approach Chih-Ling Cheng, Yin-Yao Cheng, I-Yu Huang Development of a Scale to Measure Undergraduate Students Autonomous Learning: A Rasch Measurement Approach Yi-Jun Yan, Paichi Pat Shein, Yin-Yao Cheng Development of a Scale to Measure Undergraduate Students Communicative Interaction: A Rasch Measurement Approach Ying-Ling Kuo, Paichi Pat Shein, Yin-Yao Cheng Sultan 2 Symposium 6 Psychoquackery: Discredited Tests and Treatments in Psychology Convener: John Norcross Discredited Psychological Tests Barry Anton Discredited Psychological Treatments with Children Robert J. Resnick Discredited Psychological Treatments with Adults John C. Norcross Dept. of Counseling and Human Development Linda J. Campbell Sultan 3 Direct and Simultaneous Interaction of Cognitive Operations and Affective Monitoring Ekrem Düzen, Yudit Namer Country Image: What Do People Think About Ones Own and Other Countries Cross-Cultural Psychosemantic Research Olga Mitina, Victor Petrenko, Tatiana Menchuck Characteristics of Emotionally Modulated Cognitive Control in Healthy Adults and Remitted Bipolar Patients Tatjana Novak, Lilijana Šprah Age Differences in Cue-Based and Memory-Based Switching: An ERP Study Schapkin Sergei, Freude Gabriele ORAL PRESENTATIONS 47

48July 5th, Tuesday Levent 3 Tendencies towards Young Schema Domains among Turkish Adults regarding Gender, and Different Levels of Parental Education Bahar Köse, Tülin Gençöz Examining the Predictors of Children Anxiety based on their Early Maladaptive Schemas (EMSs) and the EMSs of their mother Zahra Ghamkharfard, Saba Nazemi Gharehbagh Dominant Schemas in Marital Dissatisfaction and Study Effectiveness of Schema-focused Intervention on Marital Satisfaction Enhancement in Iranian Couples Rahim Yousefi, Alireza Abedin, Abdolhakim Tirgari, Jalil Fathabadi, Hassan Yaghoubi Factors Associated with the Conduct Problems of Turkish Adolescents: Parental Acceptance- Rejection and Social Support Canan Büyükaşık Çolak, Tülin Gençöz MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Expression of Driving Anger by Turkish Taxi Drivers Mark Sullman Assessing Gender Differences in the Risk Factors for Driver Aggression Christine M. Wickens, Robert E. Mann, Gina Stoduto, Jennifer Butters, Anca Lalomiteanu, Reginald G. Smart Factors Affecting Driving Behaviour and Road Traffic Accidents Amongst Young Population in Greece Ilias Bisbinas, Alexandros Apostolakis, Zacharoula Karabouta, Vasileios Lampridis, Theodoros Panagopoulos, Elisavet Ioannidis Predicting Traffic Offences among New Learner Drivers Dorothy Begg MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Domestic Violence and Delinquency: Differences by Gender and Type of Crime Committed Patricia Martinez Lanz Investigation of the Relationship between Attachment Styles, Personality and Marital Adjustment Özlem Tolan, Baki Duy The Traps of Violence in Workplaces against Violence Paulina Quiñones Santelices, Leonor Maria Canteras Espinosa, Carmen Leontina Ojeda Ocampo Moré Adult Attachment, Unforgiveness, Rejection Sensitivity and Jealousy in Romantic Relationships Ebru Taysi MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A The Role of Ethno-profession in Building the Transnational Identity (The case of Romanian immigrants in Greece) Delia Stefenel, Monica Voudouri Savulescu, Ovidiu Palcu Psychological Interpretations of Identity and Culture: The Recovering Drug Addict Wally Karnilowicz 48 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

49July 5th, Tuesday Let s Talk About the White Privilege and Male Privilege in Cross-Cultural Adjustment Shu-Ping Lin, Hsui Lan Tien, Yi-Huei Huang Should I be Fat or Should I be thin? Body Image of Women Who Married To Bugese Men and Living in Jakarta Winarini Wilman Mansoer MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B The Effect of Work Stress, Coping Strategies, Resilience, and Mental Health on Job Satisfaction among Anesthetists at University Hospitals Hossein Shareh Work and Mental Health among Nurses in Turkey Louise Tourigny, Vishwanath V. Baba, Dilek Zamantili Nayir, Ayşe Akçelik, Xiaoyun Wang Investigating the Status of Disabled Veterans (of Iraq- Iran war) After Work State Fatemeh Zargar Effects of Perceived Sex Role and Nonverbal Sensitivity on Different Leadership Patterns Loredana Ivan, Dan Stanescu MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C The Roles of Organizational Communication and Personality Traits on Life Satisfaction Eylem Şimşek An Organizational Communication Perspective on the Psychology of Happy Individuals Eylem Şimşek A Worker-Oriented Job Analysis Procedure in a Manufacturing Organization Canan Coskan, H. Canan Sümer, Gülfer Aydoğan Communicational, Technopolitical and Regional Differences on Organizational Context: The Effect of Knowledge Sharing and Communication Effectiveness on Trust and Affective Commitment Tuna Uslu, Didem Rodoplu Şahin, Ergün Özgür, E. Meltem Çam MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Tripartite Model of Depression and Anxiety and its Association with Temperament and Character Mostafa Zarean, Parvaneh Mohammad Khani, Abbas Pourshahbaz A More Anxious World: Rising Trait Anxiety Across 40 years and 40 nations Rob Booth, Dinkar Sharma, Tirza Leader A Comparison in Coping Among four Anxiety Disorders Symptoms Ioanna Mete, Georgia Panayiotou, Maria Karekla Coping Processes of Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Caroline Bonnes ORAL PRESENTATIONS 49

50July 5th, Tuesday KEYNOTE Globalization and Human Development: People and Contexts Rainer K. Silbereisen Chair: Gonca Soygüt STATE OF THE ART Cross-Cultural Approaches in Leadership: Universals & Culture-Specifics Zeynep Aycan Chair: Gökhan Malkoç Auditorium Marmara Dolmabahçe A Separable Representations and Group Decision Making in the AHP Michele Bernasconi, Christine Choirat, Raffaello Seri A Discourse Analysis in Eastern Anatolian Fairy Tales: The Forbidden and Inevitable Process of Being a Woman Çağatay Çoker Evoked Fear by Use of Scientific Language in Advertisements: A Discourse Analytic Study Çağatay Çoker KEYNOTE Mental Imagery: From flashbacks to flashforwards Emily Holmes / Comenius Early Career Psychologist Award Winner Chair: Gonca Soygüt STATE OF THE ART Psychology Education: Fit for Purpose? Annie Trapp Chair: Nebi Sümer Dolmabahçe B Dolmabahçe C Galata Emotional Style and Internalising and Externalising Behaviour Problems in Adolescents Nazar Soomro, Jane Clarbour Pregnancy worries and neuroticism. Effects in nauseas, pain and psychological symptomatology Lilian Velasco, Cecilia Peñacoba, Javier Carmona, Dolores Marin The recognition of clear and complex facial expressions of emotion and some of its correlates Vanda Zammuner, Chiara Pasetto, Lucia Ronconi Construction of a test to assess the aggressiveness school in Colombia Manuel Vicente Rojas Castellanos, Aura Nidia Herrera Rojas Determining predictors of item difficulty in the assessment of scientific competence Sass Steffani Topkapı A 50 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

51July 5th, Tuesday Using technology to innovate in Psychology Higher Education in a UK university: A case study Anna Campbell, Kate Reader Topkapı B Career Awareness of University Students in Turkey: A Study in The Context of Adult Attachment Styles İlkay Savcı, Müge Ersoy Kart, Ayşe G. Koyuncu, Cihan Serhat Kart The Role of Mother-Daughter Relationship in Career Self-efficacy of Taiwanese College Students Ching-Hua Mao, Tzu-Wei Fang, Ying-Chu Hsu The External Support Systems Required for Japanese Professional Athletes in Retirement Transition Ogawa Olivia Chisato Sultan 2 Career commitment, Personal Factors and Well-Being of Undergraduate Students Birute Pociute, Laima Bulotaite, Remigijus Bliumas Work and Family Integration: Turkish Immigrants in the United States Başak Kaçar Khamush, J. Bryan Conrad, Eric Wallace, Irina Bransteter, Sarah Michalos, Keelan Quinn, Kelly Martincin, Dilani Perera Diltz, Graham Stead, Donna Schultheiss Content Analysis of Journal Articles on Unemployment in Relation to Mental Health: Graham Stead, Keelan Quinn, Kelly Martincin, Linda Munka, Justin Perry, Li Ching-Lin Sultan 3 How Epi are Phenomena: Dennett, Robinson, Wegner, and Libet Bill Faw A Discussion on Salience, Proto-typicality and Unidirectionality in Metaphor and Metaphoric Processing: A Vygotskian Approach Habibollah Ghassemzadeh Fostering Representational Competence to Develop Students Conceptual Understanding in Ray Optics Rosa Hettmannsperger, Wolfgang Schnotz, Andreas Müller, Jochen Kuhn, Wieland Müller, Sibel Telli Levent 3 Feasibility of Chinese Parent Web-Consultation -- Culturally Sensitive Considerations Shu Chen Kao, Tzu-En Kang Adult attachment and quality of couples verbal and nonverbal communication based on observed couple interactions Mansoureh Sadat Sadeghi Familial Stressors as Risk Factors for Attachment Anxiety and Avoidance Nevin Solak, Nebi Sümer MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Functions of Emotional Reactivity, Emotionality, Emotional Control and Impulsivity in Patterns of Readiness for Interpersonal Aggression Marek Smulczyk ORAL PRESENTATIONS 51

52July 5th, Tuesday The Relationship between Attachment Styles and Sex Guilt among Iranian Women Negar Teimourpour, Nahaleh Moshtagh Bidokhti, Abbas Pourshahbaz Sex Differences in the Use of Indirect Aggression in Turkish Adults Hatem Öcel, Orhan Aydın MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Representations about Friend and Enemy at Different Life-Span Stages Labunskaya Vera Prosocial Behavior Towards Excluded Social Groups Carmen Tabernero, Esther Cuadrado, Elena Briones The Relationships among Parental and Partner Acceptance-Rejection, Interpersonal Problem Solving Behavior and Automatic Thoughts Associated with Depression Bahar Esin Ergin, Nil Adalı, Betül Öz MILITARY MUSEUM The Factors Predicting Depression of Expatriates in Turkey Olga S. Hünler Longitudinal Predictors of Acculturative Stress Esther Cuadrado, Carmen Tabernero, Elena Briones Processes of self-concept development among children and adolescents Ole_Michael Spaten Sakarya A MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B The Entrepreneurial Individual: A New Framework and Construct for Entrepreneurship Research and Practice Görkan Ahmetoğlu A Trait Complex Approach to Studying Individual Differences and STEM Vocational Criteria Yonca Toker, Phillip Ackerman The Relationship between Skillfulness and Risk-Taking Behavior: Does it depend on self-efficacy believes? Victor Rubio, Jose Manuel Hernandez, Maria Oliva Marquez, Ivan Sanchez, David Aguado MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Work interdependence and team effectiveness: The role of socio-affective ties and group development stage Marta Alves, Paulo Renato Lourenço, José Miguez How diversity and identity orientation shape learning behavior in work teams Vos Menno Agile Teamwork Effectiveness: How Agile Practices Lead to Project Success through Teamwork Mechanisms Chaehan So, Wolfgang Scholl 52 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

53July 5th, Tuesday MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D What is Private Family Information? What is Secret? How far does it reach? A Social Science Homework. Diana V. Jiménez Cervantes, Leonor Cantera, Adriano Beiras The Self Regulation of Newlyweds under the Chinese Multiple Selves Perspective Kuo Shih Hsien, Chang Szu Chia The Incarceration Effects on the Identities of Female Ex-Convicts: Memories of Experiences Lived in Seclusion System Ana Paula Moniz Freire ORAL PRESENTATIONS 53

54July 5th, Tuesday Auditorium Invited Symposium 16 Risk and Resilience among Children and Adolescents Convener: Ingrid Schoon Family Poverty, Family Instability, and Behavioural Adjustment among 5-Year Olds Ingrid Schoon The Comparison and Interdependence of Maternal and Paternal Influences on the Behavioral Adjustment and Resilience of Preschool Age Children in Biological Intact Families Eirini Flouri Young people growing up in workless households: The impact on aspirations and behaviours Kathryn Duckworth School burnout and engagement: Antecedents and consequences Katariina Salmela Aro Marmara Invited Symposium 11 Emotion Regulation: Biopsychosocial Perspective Convener: Ayda Tekok Kılıç Neurophysiological Correlates of Parenting Style Jim Stieben Effortful Control and Physical Aggressive Behavior in Infancy: The Moderating Role of Parental Coercive Behavior Ersilia Menesini Emotion Regulation in Overt and Relational Forms of Reactive Aggression: Differential relations with temperament Andrew Dane, Zopito Marini Emotional Expressions: Cultural Modulation of Biological Predispositions Heidi Keller Dolmabahçe A Symposium 22 Cyberbullying and Cybervictimization: Correlates and Prevention Convener: Dagmar Strohmeier Cybervictimization: Associations between Help-Seeking Behaviours and Emotional Symptoms in Austrian and Australian Preadolescents Petra Gradinger Cognitive, Emotional, Neuro-Physiological and Behavioral Responses to Cyberbullying: A Study on Young Adults by Using Multimedia Video Stimuli Simona C. S. Caravita Cyber Victimization and Traditional Victimization among Turkish Immigrant Youth Dagmar Strohmeier What Impact do Peer Support Schemes Have in Secondary Schools? Findings from Two Longitudinal Case Studies Alana James Dolmabahçe B Russian Day Symposium 1 Psychophysiology at Lomonosov Moscow State University: Theoretical Fundamentals and Experimental Approaches Convener: Alexander Chernorizov 54 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

55July 5th, Tuesday Vector Psychophysiology: Main Ideas and Experimental Verification Alexander Chernorizov Visual Evoked Potentials Verify Sokolovian Spherical Model of Brightness Discrimination Andrey Kiselnikov Memory and Size of Cingulate Gyrus Stanislav Kozlovskiy Effect of Intense Physical Activity on Time Perception and EEG Irina Polikanova Modified Method of Brain Activity Dipole Localization on Objects with Variable Form Categorization Task Elena Malyasova Dolmabahçe C Europlat Invited Symposium 2 Teaching Psychology in Teacher Education in Europe Convener: Birgit Spinath, Stefan Dutke Initiating Sustainable Learning in Future Teachers by Means of Answering Complex Questions Birgit Spinath Assessing Metacognitive Monitoring in Psychology Courses for Future Teachers Stephan Dutke, Johann Barenberg Using Interactive Cases in Student Teacher Lectures in Educational Psychology Joerg Zumbach Future Teachers as Action Researchers: An Effective Approach to Bridge the Gap between Theory and Practice Christine Bieri Buschor, Yuka Nakamura, Patricia Schuler Galata Symposium 5 Culture and Psychotherapy Convener: Zornitsa Kalibatseva Cultural Adaptation: Psychotherapy as an historical account of adaptations Guillermo Bernal A Review of Culturally Sensitive Treatments for Depression Zornitsa Kalibatseva Cultural Influences on Forgiveness Mark M. Leach Using the CER paradigm to examine the relative effectiveness of the Cultural Accommodation Model (CAM) of psychotherapy Frederick T. L. Leong Symposium 18 Individual Factors Correlated With Burnout Symptoms Sang Min Lee Relationship between socio-demographic factors and burnout symptoms Boram Kim Relationship between five wellness factors and burnout symptoms Ana Puig Relationship between three coping strategies and burnout symptoms Hyojung Shin Topkapı A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 55

56July 5th, Tuesday Relationship between five personality factors and burnout symptoms Min Young Lee Relationship between four perceived parental styles and burnout symptoms Boyoung Kim Russian Day Symposium 2 The function of consciousness: Experimental studies from Russia Convener: Viktor Allakhverdov Unconscious differentiation of correct and incorrect answers Viktor Allakhverdov The cognitive meaning of consciousness Andrey Agafonov Ignoring processes in performing memory tasks Valeria Gershkovich Awareness in performing detection and discrimination tasks Valeria Karpinskaya Unconscious semantic sensitivity and awareness effects Natalya Kudel kina Topkapı B Sultan 2 How adolescent immigrant s acculturation process is related to prejudice? Lessons learned from a Spanish study Ana María Ruiz Ruano García, María Soledad Navas Luque, Moshe Tatar European migration and prejudice against incomers Andy McKinlay, Chris McVittie Enhancing the imagined contact effect through elaborated imagery Shenel Husnu, Richard Crisp Effects of causal attributions on stereotype in outgroup favoritism condition: Is change the stereotype? Nader Hajloo Sultan 3 Creative profile and personality traits: Individual differences Mercedes Ferrando, Marta Sainz, Lola Prieto, Daniel Hernández Creativity as Action: Findings from five creative domains Vlad Petre Glaveanu, Todd Lubart Creative Potential in Children: A new approach to its measurement Todd Lubart, Maud Besançon, Baptiste Barbot Age Peculiarities of Creative Imagination Development Valery Makarevich Levent 3 Emotion expression and display. A mixed method study Anca Alba 56 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

57July 5th, Tuesday In the mood for risk? An experiment on moods and risk preferences Theresa Michl, Koellinger Philipp, Arnold Picot Hope of success or fear of failure: Investigating relations between self-leadership and the achievement motive Marco Furtner, Pierre Sachse Relationship between Sexual Function and Marital Adjustment in Married Women and their husbands Mahnaz Aliakbari Dehkordi MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The main factors that influence on university student s attitudes about religious believes Ragabali Allahyarahmadi The Role of Ideal-Actual Partner Discrepancy and Attachment Insecurity in Explaining Partner Regulation Ezgi Beşikci, Nebi Sümer Right-wing authoritarianism scale: adaptation and validation in Argentina using CFA Edgardo D. Etchezahar, Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco, Jorge A. Biglieri Challenging the discrepancy between general attitudes and specific behaviors with Campbell s paradigm Katarzyna Byrka, Florian Kaiser MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Toward More Authentic Self-Reports: An Experimental Manipulation Based on Self- Determination Theory Helen Lee Lin Can age-related stereotypes influence older adults memory performance and psychological well-being? Joanne Persson, Malcolm D. MacLeod, Barbara Dritschel, Clare Cassidy A Phenomenological Exploration of the Experience of Being a Street Beggar Christopher Stones, Wade Shaw Loss Anxiety: An Alternative Explanation for the Fundamental Fear of Human Beings Müjde Koca Atabey, Bengi Oner-Ozkan MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A From the attachment theory to boundary contact theory: Introduction of an experimental paradigm to evaluate the safety experience according to the Gestalt theor Antonio Narzisi, Rosy Muccio Human Motivation Model: A Meta-Ethnographical Study of Motivation Theories Bagus Riyono The History of Psychology: Meta-Transitive and Transspective Analysis Ilya Garber Seeing the Forest Despite the Trees: Toward a Unified Dual-Process Account of Human Cognition Shaw Ketels ORAL PRESENTATIONS 57

58July 5th, Tuesday MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Studying Abroad: Predictors of Participation in the Erasmus Program Vittoria Jacobone, Giuseppe Moro The Role of Self-Efficacy in the Organizational Culture - Training Transfer Relationship Maria Simosi Effect of Conceptual Skills Training of Shift Supervisors on Increasing their job satisfaction and performance in an Iranian Industrial Company Monir Zakerfard, Aboulghassem Nouri, Hossein Samavatian, Iraj Soltani Cultural Diversity in Organizations: Conceptualizing and Managing Diversity in Different Contexts Astrid Podsiadlowski MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Survey the Relationship between Attachment Style and General Self Efficacy with Homesickness among Iranian students Reza Soltani Shal, Hamidreza Aghamohammadiam Sharbaf, Ali Kimiaee Mediation Effect of Demographic Variable on the Relationship Between Self Regulation and Marital Satisfaction in Couples Parvin Mansuri, Mohamadreza Khodabakhsh Investigation and Analysis Attachment Style and Empathy among Nursing Student and Non- Nursing Mohamadreza Khodabakhsh, Parvin Mansuri Coping Strategies in Mexican Freshmen Jesùs Rafael Osorno Munguia, Herminia Beatriz Segura Celis Ochoa, Alma Gloria Vallejo Casarìn, Rosa Marìa Rojas Rivera, Jaqueline Herrera Villa, Raùl Alejandro Loya Gòmez MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Clinical Psychopathology, Personality Disorders, Defense Mechanisms and Social Support in Transe Sexual Patients in Treatment Phase Masoum Ahmadian, Touraj Shamshirinezam Relatives of the First-Episode Psychosis Patients: The Relation Between Caregiving Experience and Distress Over Time Ieva Povilaitiene, Danute Gailiene Borderline Personality Disorder: The attitude of mental health clinicians Hanife Güdücü, Anne Graham Specific Developmental Disorders are not specific Murray Dyck 58 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

59July 5th, Tuesday KEYNOTE The Secret Power of Time to Influence Personal Decisions and National Destinies Philip G. Zimbardo Chair: Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı KEYNOTE Sport psychology in Europe: Challenges and perspectives for psychologists Paul Wylleman Chair: Tarcan Kumkale Auditorium Marmara Dolmabahçe A Roundtable Discussion 4 Communities for Children: Ensuring Developmentally and Contextually Relevant Programs in Cultural Diasporas Heather Gridley, Colleen Turner, Zeynep Yesilyurt, Serdar M. Değirmencioğlu Roundtable Discussion 1 International Developments in Training for Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists Vas Dis Huibert, Elaine S LeVine Dolmabahçe B Dolmabahçe C Europlat Symposium 3 Psychology and Neuroscience: Do they need each other? Convener: Abdul H. Mohammed Learning by doing: Students Teaching Students Heather Schellinck How Should we Train Students for the Future of Psychology? Richard E. Brown Physiological Psychology Has a New Dress, is Dating Widely, and Soon Leaving Home Completely J. Bruce Overmier Galata Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Focused on the Trauma of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Eduin Cáceres Ortiz, Francisco Labrador Encinas A Dismantling Meta-Analysis of Cognitive Behavioural Interventions for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Ebru Salcioglu, Metin Başoğlu Attachment Dimensions as Moderators for the Effect of Oxytocin After Trauma Films Gizem Arıkan, Kathy Carnelley, Lusia Stopa, David Baldwin, Anke Karl Attitudes of Old People Towards ICT in Rural Senior Centers Antonio González, Paz Ramírez, Vicente Viadel Networked Artifacts for Knowledge Building Paola Spadaro, Alessia Rodi Topkapı A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 59

60July 5th, Tuesday Virtual Environments in the Teaching of Historical Chronology Nigel Foreman, Liliya Korallo, Stephen Boyd Davis, Magnus Moar, Ceri Sims Dynamics of the System of Capabilities under the Influence of Career Counselling Mary Ghislain, Costalat Founeau Anne Marie Evaluation of Professional Coach Trainings Drexler Arthur Resilient Kids: How do They Cope with Stressful Situations? Sung Yoon Park, Ji-Hee Lee, Mi Seo, Sang Min Lee Topkapı B Sultan 2 Social-Cognitive and Contextual Predictors of Undergraduates Approach towards their Initial Career Choice: a Study at Lithuanian Universities Ieva Urbanaviciute Self Developmental Motivation as a Cross Cultural Predictor for Change in Counselling Gudula Ritz Schulte, Olga Mitina Binge Drinking and the Effectiveness of Anti Binge Drinking Advertisements Sonja Jankovic, Paul Delfabbro, Vikki Knott Sultan 3 Divergent and Convergent Thinking: Different Countries, Different Ways of Thinking? Sara Ibérico Nogueira, Victória Ribeiro, Leonor Almeida Holotropic Breathwork can Occasion Mystical-Type Experiences in Different Context and Cultural Groups Iker Puente Effect of Subliminal Presentation on Remembrance Performance of Emotional Pictures and Neutral Words Zeynel Baran, Banu Cangöz Levent 3 Are Personality Traits of High Abilities Students Different from Their Non High Abilities Partners? Carmen Ferrandiz, Gloria Soto, Leandro Almeida, Marta Sainz Stability and Change of the 2 2 Achievement Goal Adoption in a Panel Sample Yu-Tzu Chiang, Sunny S. J. Lin Social Factors Affecting Emotional Display Rules: A Study of Turkish University Students Diane Sunar, Bilge Ataca, Hale Bolak Boratav MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Coping strategies in Iranian families: Coping and Severity of Behavioural Problems Asghar Dadkhah, Seyyed Davood Mohammadi Differences on Communication Patterns, Sexual Satisfaction and Relationship Satisfaction among Married Individuals with and without Children and Cohabiting Individuals Elçin Sakmar, Hürol Fışıloğlu 60 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

61July 5th, Tuesday The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Coping Styles with Marital Satisfaction and Marriage Adjustment Mahnaz Shahgholian, Afsaneh Abdollahi, Seyed Musa Kafee MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 The Effects of Situational Norms and Ego Depletion on Cheating Canan Coskan, Bengi Öner-Özkan Power Influences Perception of Social World: Abstraction from Concrete Facts of Salient Situation and Identity Releases from Contextual Restrictions in Presence of ones Own Power Egita Gritane, Ivars Austers Accuracy of Lie Recognition: Influence of Profession Experience Olesya Gulevich, Anna Stukalina MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Common Language for Description of Co-Evolution of Nature, Society, Person, and Scientific Psychology Ilya Garber When is Subject-Diversity Too Much: Deleuze/Guattari or Lacan? Bert Olivier The Interaction between Psychological Discourse and Values Anatoly Krichevets MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B World of Warcraft Gamers: Behavior Addiction and Consequences Roswith Roth, Ulrike Pichler Fibromyalgia: Antecedent Traumatic Life Events, Causal Attribution and Disability Barbara Gonzalez, Telmo Baptista, Jaime Branco, Ana Sousa Ferreira Psychosocial Needs and Quality of Life of Healthy Siblings of Pediatric Oncology Patients - a critical Research Review ŠÁrka Kárová, Kristína Tóthová, Silvie Loubalová, Tomáš Kepák, Marek Blatný, Marcela Bendová, Jaroslav Štěrba MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Transsexualism, Medical Protocols and Quality of Life: A Complicated Relationship Miguel Roselló Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Multiple Ecological Contexts Kimberly Belmonte, Tabitha Holmes, Nicole Giordano, Ruth Linder Gay and Bisexual Men: Factors Related to Culture, Religion, Attachment Style, Internalized Shame, and Internalized Homonegativity Jac Brown, Wah Yun Low, Raymond Tal MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Parents Insecure Attachment, Psychological Control and Their Preschool Child s Behaviour Problems Sandra Sebre, Inga Skreitule Pikše ORAL PRESENTATIONS 61

62July 5th, Tuesday Parenting Stress and Maternal Self-Efficacy in Housewife and Occupying Mothers with Young Children Karineh Tahmassian, Asieh Anari, Mahboubeh Fathabadi Parent Personality, Parental Attitudes, Child Temperament, and Parent-Child Interactions as Aetiological Factors in the Development of Child Psychopathology Rink Klaus 62 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

63July 5th, Tuesday Sultan 3 EFPA SC Tests and Testing (Meeting) ORAL PRESENTATIONS 63

64July 5th, Tuesday POSTER SESSION A HALIC Topic: Psychology and Law Functions of Social Psychologist in Treatment of Adolescents in the Criminal Process Aida Faizullina Prisoners` Belief in a Just World in the Context of Gender Peculiarities Margarita Nesterova, Alexey Ruzha Different Voices in the Construction on the Memory Off a Lost Child Ana Paula Moniz Freıre, Glaucia Regina Vianna, José Paulo De Morais Souza, Diana De Souza Pinto Young Offenders Recidivism in Spain: A Meta-analysis Elena Ortega Campos, Juan García García, Leticia De la Fuente Sánchez Social Production on Criminal Insane Category Francisco Ramos De Farias, Glaucia Regina Vianna, Maria de Fátima Scaffo Peer and Sibling Victimization in a Clinical Sample of Spanish Adolescents Georgina Guilera, Noemí Pereda, Judit Abad Stratefies Used in Committing the Crime of the Sexual Abuse of Minors Madalena Cunha Foreign Women in Portuguese Prisons: A Focus on Family Raquel Matos, Gabriela Salgueiro, Mariana Barbosa, Carla Machado Affection and Prison: a Qualitative Research on Convicts of Cavadonna penitentiary, Siracusa (Italy) Sofia Milazzo, Francesco Caltagirone, Barbara Zammitti Why do Certain Youths Join a Delinquent Group? An Intergroup Perspective Tomohiro Nakagawa Psychological Strengths, Posttraumatic Growth and the Successful Reıntegratıon of South African Ex- Offenders Into Socıety Tharina Guse, Daphne Hudson The Family Variables in Delinquency Onset Ricardo Barroso, Celina Manita, Pedro Nobre Life Trajectories of Foreign Women in Prison Raquel Matos, Mariana Barbosa, Gabriela Salgueiro, Carla Machado Burning Bridges, Burning Connections: Exploring the Relationship between Arson and Attachment in Fostered Adopted Forensic Adolescents Nadya Wynchank A Review of News Articles Published Between Containing Juvenile Perpetrators or Victims: A Retrospective Study Itır Tarı Cömert Shadows of Madness in the Crime Scenario Marcelo Augusto Da Silva, Diana De Souza Pinto, Sarah Abreu Rolí Torres, Francisco Ramos De Farias, José Mauro De Oliveira Braz, Lorraine Ferreira Da Silva Alexithymia and Forensic Behaviors Francisco Cardoso, Margarida Simões, Sara Correia Survey of Complaints Received by the Ethics Committee of Catalonia (Spain) in Relation to Forensic Psychologist s Mila Arch, Pilar Sole, Conchita Cartil, Victoria Lerroux, Nuria Calderer, Alba Perez 64 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

65July 5th, Tuesday Effectiveness of Anger Management Programs on an Imprisoned Adolescent Sample Özlem Özbay, Gülşen Erden SAMBA: Dance with the Addict Ceren Koç, Alper Aksoy, Aslı Basabak, Romina Yeroham, Mebrure Ismen A SAMBA Lesson: Not the Same Treatment for Every Addict Mebrure Ismen, Selçuk Kırımlı, Aslı Basabak, Gökçe Ergün, Birgul Haznedaroglu Determinants of Addiction Severity Sezin Oner, Kultegin Ogel, Selçuk Kırımlı, Bircan Karalar, Aslı Basabak Comparison of Rapists and Sexual Murderers of Adult Female Victims and Their Pathways to Offending Shannon Vettor, Anthony Beech, Jessica Woodhams Diagnostic Controversies Over Mental Illness in Understanding a Crime Marcelo Augusto Silva, Diana De Souza Pinto, Sarah Abreu Rolí Torres, Francisco Ramos Farias, José Mauro De Oliveira Braz, Lorraine Ferreira Da Silva Empirical Findings on a Portuguese Population of Mentally Ill Offenders Renata Oliveira, Rui Gonçalves A New Needs Assessment Tool for Substance Users in a Prison Population: Addiction Profile Index (BAPI) Kultegin Ogel, Sezin Oner, Bircan Karalar, Ceren Koç, Gülşah Karadayı, Romina Yeroham, Peren Turk Psychological Research of Legal Consciousness Davlet Duisenbekov How do Instructions and Need for Cognition Influence Mock Lay Judges Decision? Kayo Matsuo, Yuji Itoh Probative Value and Verdict Choice in Legal Decision Making Raluca Enescu Investigating Children s Rights during Separation from Parents Based on the Convention on the Rights of Child Sakine Khanalipour, Sahere Sokooti, Marjan Haghighatgoo The Psychological Aspects of Internet Sex Offending: Entering the world of Child Sex Offenders Deniz Aslan Topic: Sensory and Motor Processes Assessment of Children and Adults with ADHD Danica Vasiljević-Prodanović Studying Relationship between Brain Laterality (Left Brain, Whole Brain) and Genetic Physical Disability Mohammad Taghi Saidi Velashani, Hojjat Allah Farahani, Mehdi Pir Mohammadi Puor Fard, Sajjad Tavassoli Nonlinearity of Psychophysiological Research Mikhail Basimov, Boris Bespalov, Sergey Leonov Self-regulatory Processes during Loudness Discrimination Task Performance Svetlana Emelyanova, Aleksey Gusev Tuning of Visual Pathways Detecting Contrast Modulation Vitaly Babenko Correlation Analysis of Spectral EEG-features and the Factors of Trait Emotional Intelligence Henriett Nagy, Timea Magyaródi, Tamás Mózes, Atilla Oláh POSTER PRESENTATIONS 65

66July 5th, Tuesday Perceptual Actions of a Person Perceiving an Object with Variation Form Alexandr Vartanov, George Losik Color Metrics and Visual Space Curvature Irina Bocharova, Georgy Druzhinin Dependence of a Perceived Size of an Object on Their Location in the Visual Field Dzekeviciute Aldona, Svegzda Algimantas, Stanikunas Rytis, Vaitkevicius Henrikas Affection of Computerized Puzzle Games in Increase of High School Students Spatial Visualization in Iran ( ) Alireza Jafari The Fastest, the Earliest: the Locus of Processing of Rapid Forms of Motion Aftereffect Gianluca Campana, Andrea Pavan, Marcello Maniglia, Clara Casco The Role of Color and Luminance in the Detection of Shape Change Figures Seen Piotr Francuz, Piotr Szyjka Topic: Sports Psychology Subjective Perception Values of Five Dimensions Involved in the Scholar Sport Practice Luis Iturbide, Paula Elosua The Effect of Yoga Training on Stress and Self-esteem of Male University Students and its Relationship to Emotional Intelligence Hamid Dahghanfar, Mahvash Noorbakhsh, Mahdi Kohandel, Maryam Ali Cheshmeh Alaee Anxiety in Sport Climbers And Skiers Dina Joksimović, Miroslav Komlenić, Aleksandar Joksimović, Daniel Stanković Sensation Seeking in Sport Climbers and Skiers Dina Joksimović, Miroslav Komlenić, Daniel Stanković, Aleksandar Joksimović Examining the Augment Feedback Presentation Methods (after trials successful and unsuccessful) on Learning and Error-detection Capability in a Force Produce Tas Ali Heirani, Ali Abbaszadeh, Shirko Ahmadi A Study of Motivational Orientations among Different Ethnical Groups in Hong Kong Secondary School Children Eric Cheuk Kuen Tsang The Effect of Sport Participation on Self-esteem of Middle School Adolescents girl Mehrzad Farahati, Alireza Mahdavian The Relationship between Emotional Stress, Self-efficacy, Self-regulation and Mental Fatigue of College Athletes Yuan Jiang, Chongde Lin Effect of Motor Imagery and Relaxation on Karate Performance Rosaria Marino Psychophysiological States and Motivation in Elite Wrestler Lesia Korobeynikova Topic: Traffic Psychology Time Perspective as a Predictor of Self-reported Risky Driving Aleksandrs Kolesovs, Inese Muzikante 66 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

67July 5th, Tuesday Understanding Driving under the Influence of Alcohol of Portuguese Drivers Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour Cristina Pimentão, Ricardo García Mira Driving Anger in Taxi Drivers Duygu Kuzu, Mark Sullman The Traffic Accident a Mass-media Discourse Analysis Grigore Havarneanu The Reliability and Validity of the Romanian Multidimensional Traffic Locus of Control Scale Corneliu Havarneanu, Grigore Havarneanu Driving Behaviour and Road Traffic Accidents amongst Young Population in Greece Ilias Bisbinas, Alexandros Apostolakis, Zacharoula Karabouta, Vasileios Lampridis, Theodoros Panagopoulos, Elisavet Ioannidis Hofstede s Cultural Dimensions Predict Road Fatalities at Cultural Level Ivars Austers, Viesturs Renge, Lasma Zascerinska Aggressiveness Behavior in Everyday Driving Situations José Brites, Isabel Santos, Américo Baptista Complexity of Traffic Scenarios and Mental Effort in Car Driving Rainer Hoeger, Marco Wiethof, Thomas Rheker A Discourse Analysis of Public Road Traffic Safety Decisions in Norway Hans Brende Lind, Torbjørn Rundmo Topic: Europlat DMTpsych: Postgraduate Training for Research Data Management in the Psychological Sciences Richard Plant, Philip Quinlan, Will Reader, Andrew Thompson Teaching Educational Psychology Using Cooperative Learning: A Qualitative Study on a Teacher Training Program Paulo Jorge Santos A Scientific Journal on Psychology Teaching in Brazil: First Results Eduardo Cunha Challenges in Teaching and Studying Work and Organizational Psychology in Serbia in the Framework of the Bologna Process Ivana Petrovic, Marija Bogicevic, Maja Curic The Place of (electronically-supported) Reflective Learning in Psychology: the Student Point of View Alfredo Gaitan, Isabella McMurray, Pat Roberts, Averil Robertson, Annika Coughlin Assessment of the Current State of Psychology Education in Turkey Mine Misirlisoy, Nebi Sümer DMTpsych: Postgraduate Training for Research data Management in the Psychological Sciences Richard Plant, Philip Quinlan, Will Reader, Andrew Thompson Outcomes of Bologna Process Implementation in Slovakia: Reflection of University Teachers at Psychology Departments Peter Halama, Marián Špajdel Motivation for Tuition and Career Developmenti the Fielfd of Psychology of Students From Varna Free University Valeri Stoyanov, Galya Gercheva Nestorova, Daniela Karagyaurova, Rositsa Stoyanova POSTER PRESENTATIONS 67

68July 5th, Tuesday Accounting for the Regularities of the Expert s Knowledge Structure in Teaching Psychology to the College-level Students Eleonora Nosenko, Iryna Arshava, Inna Arshava Teaching Psychology in High School: what Students can Learn to Their Lives? Lineu Kohatsu The experience of Flow in Case of Teachers Annamaria Kadar, Agnes Bodoni Portugal, a Country of Psychologists? : Reassessing the Situation 4 Years Later Vitor Coelho, Patrícia Brás, Vanda Sousa Construction and Validation of Instructional Units for Basic Psychological Processes Learning Eduardo Peñalosa Castro, Sandra Castañeda Figueiras, Fernando Austria Corrales Problem Based Psychology Learning Ana Cristina Ferreira De Almeida Improving Self-reflective Skills of Graduate Students in Clinical Supervision Courses Connie McReynolds, Joseph Turpin Using Process-experiential Therapy Techniques for Developing Emotional Intelligence at First Year Undergraduate Psychology Students Geanina Cucu Ciuhan, Andreea Mihaescu Difficulties in the Implantation of a Curriculum Based in Competences and Abilities Anna Edith Bellico Da Costa Topic: Test and Testing Track Psychometric Properties of the Lithuanian Version of the Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire (Psdq): Criterion-Related Validity Roy Kern, Jolita Jonyniene An Application of the Generalized Partial Credit Model on Rating Scale Scorings Ssu-Kuang Chen, Sunny S. J. Lin, Fang-Ming Hwang Does Rorschach test Distinguish Iranian Schizophrenics from Patients with Bipolar Affective Disorders? Changiz Rahimi The Romanian CES-D Scale: a Promising Instrument for Clinical and Non-clinical Use Michael Stevens, Petru Madalin Constantinescu, Lavinia Uscatescu, Bogdan Cezar Ion, Andreea Butucescu Recording of a Normative Sample and Verifaction of the Quality of the Anxiety Screening for Kids (ASK) Nina Krueger Psychometric Properties of the Russian Version of the Self-Description Questionnaire-II (SDQ-II) Elena Levina, Natalia Ivanova, Oksana Jenenkova Development of an IAT of Risk Measure: Exploring its Reliability and Predictive Validity Javier Horcajo, Victor Rubio, Maria Oliva Marquez, Jose Manuel Hernandez, Miriam Rocha Anxiety in Childhood: Genderspecific Differences Depending on the Method of Recording Nina Krueger, Soeren Fiedler The Effect of the Spatial Positioning of Items on the Reliability of a Questionnaire Measuring Consumers Affect Azaria Beukes, Freddie Crous, Johann Schepers Identifying Differential Items Functioning in State Exams of Evaluation of Media Education Quality in Colombia. Martha Ligia Cuevas, Aura Nidia Herrera 68 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

69July 5th, Tuesday A Study of Quality of life, life Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence amang Students Naeme Ali Babaei, Batool Balooch Raven s Coloured Progressive Matrices among adults aged 55 to 84 years in Lithuania Dovile Butkiene, Dovile Vinkeviciute The Romanian CES-D Scale: A Promising Instrument for Clinical and Non-clinical use Michael Stevens, Petru Madalin Constantinescu, Lavinia Uscatescu, Bogdan Cezar Ion, Andreea Butucescu Post-Reinstatement Work Status of Employees who have taken Medical Leave due to Mental Health Disorders Yoko Sugimoto The Irrational Beliefs Inventory: Psychometric Properties and Cross-Validation of its Arabic Version Khalaf Mohaisen, Abdalla Hamid, Mohammad Adnan Alghorani Development and Validation of the Personnel Multiple Reasoning Test for the Selection of Blue-Collar Workers in the Manufacturing Sector H. Tuğba Erol Korkmaz, Ayda Eriş, Canan Coşkan, H. Canan Sümer, Belgin Ayvaşık, Nurhan Er, Mine Mısırlısoy, Nebi Sümer, Gülfer Aydoğan Topic: Ethics Track The Intercultural Effectiveness Training Paulien Linnenbank, Jan Pieter Van Oudenhoven Social Issues Family Issues an Investigation into the Effective Family Factors Contributing to Child Abuse Mansour Fathi POSTER PRESENTATIONS 69

70July 5th, Tuesday POSTER SESSION B HALIC Topic: Social Psychology Multifactors of Aggresivity and Aggressive Conflicts among Children and Youth in the Schools Štefan Matula, Alena Kopanyiova, Eva Smiková Analytic Map of Incidence of Aggressive Manifestations in Behavior of Pupils Alena Kopanyiova, Eva Smiková, Štefan Matula Attitudes, Knowledge and Degree of Acceptance of Violence among Students in Istanbul Oğuz Polat, Bilgehan Aksoy, Seda Gökçe Turan, Ayşe Çelikbilek, Dilara Çalışkan Explanatory Model of Aggressive Behavior in Adolescence. Differences Based on Gender and Course Maria Del Carmen López, Adolfo Sánchez, Maria Poveda Fernández Self-control Deficiency and Deviant Behaviors in Youth: A multiple Group Analysis Chao-Yang Cheng, Sunny S. J. Lin Risk and Protective Factors for Interpersonal Violence among Lithuanian Early Adolescents Gina Levickiene, Charles Romig Desensitization to Media Violence: Differences between Premeditated and Impulsive Aggression Christina Adamou, Kostas Fanti, Melina Nicole Kyranides, Marios Avraamides Effects of the Viennese Social Competence Training (ViSC) on teachers strategy use for tackling bullying Christoph Burger, Dagmar Strohmeier, Elisabeth Stefanek, Eva-Maria Schiller, Christiane Spiel Strategies and Management of Aggresivity among Children and Youth in the Schools Eva Smiková, Alena Kopanyiová, Štefan Matula Pragmatic Competence and Psychosocial Adaptation in Children in Protective Care Juan Manuel Moreno Manso, María Elena García Baamonde Sánchez, Macarena Blázquez Alonso, Eloísa Guerrero Barona Application of a Child Abuse Prevention Programme in an Educational Context Juan Manuel Moreno Manso, María Elena García Baamonde Sánchez, Macarena Blázquez Alonso, Eloísa Guerrero Barona Linguistic Development and School Adjustment in Children in Residential Care Juan Manuel Moreno Manso, María Elena García Baamonde Sánchez, Macarena Blázquez Alonso, Ángel Suárez Muñoz, María José Godoy Merino Psychological Abuse in Couples. Risk Factors among Young Couples María Elena García Baamonde Sánchez, Juan Manuel Moreno Manso, Macarena Blazquez Alonso, Ángel Suárez Muñoz, Guadalupe Lucas Millán, José Godoy Merino Dating Violence Prevention: A Pilot Evaluation of a School Program for Violence in Adolescent Dating Relationships Liria Fernández, Marina Julia Muñoz, Pilar González Bullying in Schools within a Rural Setting: Analysis of Bullying Behaviours and Prevalence Vitor Coelho, Vanda Sousa, Bárbara Soares A Psychosocial Approach to Sexual Violence : A case study José Soares Martins, Patrícia Santos Gomes Crime Stories Coverage: the Role of Individualisation and Emotions Abbiati Milena, Hammer Raphael Relationship with the Place of Living and the Development of Aggressive Behavior Filyra Vlastou, Farzaneh Pahlavan 70 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

71July 5th, Tuesday Leaving an Abusive Relationship as a Latin American Immigrant Women Roberta De Alencar Rodrigues, Carmen Leontina Ojeda Ocampo Moré, Leonor Maria Canteras Espinosa A Portrait of Women Shelters in Québec, Canada Maryse Rinfret Raynor, Normand Brodeur, Élisabeth Lesieux Educational Norms Transmitting Violence Legitimation Elena Ayllón Alonso, Icíar Fernández Villanueva, Florentino Moreno Martín Institutional Violence towards Immigrants: an Exploratory Study of Biographical Accounts Ana Barbeiro, Dario Spini The Role of School Culture in Predicting Bullying Tendencies and Coping with Bullying Nur Çayırdağ Title: Sexism and Violence against women diagnosis in adolescents. Eider Goiburu The Formation of the Ideas about Terrorism and Terrorist Threat as a Basic for Preventing and Combating Terrorism among Young People Alena Folomeeva Interrelation between Value Orientation and Social Attitudes of Deviant Adolescents The work is made within realization of Federal program having a particular purpose Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovation Russia Alex Oschepkov, Olga Efimova Transformations of the Representations of Enemy and Friend Alperovich Valeria Beliefs about Violence in Portuguese Adolescents Ana Sani, Madalena Oliveira, José Soares Martins Values and Personality Characteristics among Czech Adolescents Anna Chasáková Professional Mobility, Achievement and Leadership in Academic-Scientific Organizations Miriam Aparicio Attitudes and Knowledge of University Students About Psychologists and Psychiatrists Bilgehan Aksoy, Seda Gökçe Turan Relationship of Implicit and Explicit Attitudes on Smoking and Smoking Behavior Chihiro Kobayashi, Ayako Hazama, Kei Hirai Central or Peripheral in the Social Representation of the European Integration? A Centrality Check Mioara Cristea, Adrian Neculau Verbal Tense, Attitude and Past Experience to Predict Intention to Drink Excessively Dolores Muñoz, Pilar Carrera, Amparo Caballero Assessment of Health Professionals Attitude in Breastfeeding: A review of Instruments Rosa Lorente, Rosa Maria Bermejo, Dolores Hidalgo, Karima Valverde, Ana Isabel Rosa, C.I. Gómez Beliefs, Attitudes, Subjective Norms and Behavioral Intention Scales for support Breastfeeding in Health Care Professionals: A pilot study Rosa Bermejo, Dolores Hidalgo, Carmen Arellano, Ricardo García De León, Rafael Gomis, Antoni Oliver, Pedro Parra The Big Five Taxonomy. An Empirical Study Using Structural Equation Models on Argentinian Students Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco, Edgardo D. Etchezahar, Hugo A. Simkin, Gordon Shumway Self-assessment of the Appearance in Midlife Elena Belugina POSTER PRESENTATIONS 71

72July 5th, Tuesday Changes in the Image and in the Representation of Profession among University Students of Psychology during the Studies Emanuele Colombini, Dario Cantone, Martina Turini, Lisa Stefani, Francesco Erenini Christian (Orthodox) and Islamic Perceptions of World History Ilya Garber The Relation between Identity Styles and Social Satisfaction in Female University Students in Iran Reza Rostami, Elaheh Ebrahimi Rad, Fatemeh Taheri, Jamileh Zarei Personality Traits, Social Attitudes and Ethos of Conflict as Predictors of Party Affiliation in Serbia Janko Medjedovic, Boban Petrovic The Research of Coping-strategies and Ambiguity Tolerance as Indicators of Coping with a Hard Life Situation Jelena Shaplavskaya, Irina Plotka Undergraduate Students Planned Behaviors and their Moderators in the Determination of Entering Graduate School Jian-Hui Liu, Yuh-Yuh Li Should Economically Privileged Elderly Persons Support Underprivileged People in Japan? -- Attribution of Responsiblity and its Effect on the Attitude Toward the Redistribution of Wealth Kaori Karasawa, Kazuhisa Todayama Verification of the Moral Foundations Theory in Japan Koji Kosugi, Takashi Fujisawa, Hiroshi Shimizu Study of Citizens s Sense of Community in Blockhouse Neighbourhoods Ilona Kalva, Aljona Jakuba, Larisa Abelite Values and Creativity: An exploratory study with Portuguese workers Leonor Almeida, Sara Ibérico Nogueira, Adelaide Jesus, Maria Teresa Mimoso Predicting Spectators Behavior of Sport Event in World Grand Prix 2010 Lu Wan-Chen, Lin Shin-Huei, Chen Lung-Hung Becoming of Students Values in Learning Psychology: Technology and Experience Lyudmila Romanyuk Factors of Person s Values Becoming in Interactions Process Lyudmyla Romanyuk Voluntary and involuntary autobiographical memories Madoglou Anna An Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Exposure to Attributions on Attitude Change María Antonia Padilla Vargas, Jorge Armando Casillas Rodríguez Influences of Optimism-pessimism and Positive Orientations on the Sense of Happiness Masuo Koyasu, Kyoko Hashimoto Youth Attitudes toward Child Abuse Mehrnaz Yekta, Fatemeh Bagherian, Mohammad Ali Salehi Nejad Attitude Change towards Abortion: a Cognitive-Experiential Self-theory Approach Daniela Paiu, Mihaela Boza, Luminita Iacob Linking the Online and Offline Information Processing in Emotion Embodiment: Consequences for Attitude Change Mihaela Boza, Andrei Holman, Ana Maria Tepordei, Luminita Iacob Graphic Representations of Valuable Relations of the Person I-Others as the Object of Nonlinear Psychology Mikhail Basimov, Irina Nikolaeva 72 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

73July 5th, Tuesday Studying of the Personality Trust Crisis in the Context of Nonlinear Psychology Mikhail Basimov, Sergey Dostovalov Stress; Causing and Coping Strategies among Saudi and Bahraini Student Mohammed Jamalallail Values of the Family Violence Victims Dmitry Kashirsky, Natalia Sabelnikova Assessing Prejudice Toward Homosexuals Using the Lost Facebook Message Technique Tea Brezinscak, Ivana Buljan, Lana Horak, Nikolina Vodanovic Exploratory Study of the Portuguese Transcendental-Future Time Perspective Scale Victor E. C. Ortuño, Maria Paula Paixão, Isabel N. Janeiro Psychological Help in Ukraine: Current Needs and Barriers Vitaliy Voytenko, Marjana Mykolaychuk, Veronika Karpenko, Yulia Medynska Compliance and Cogitive Dissonance: Do Autonomy Oriented Individuals Comply with Externally Imposed Acts? Kyriaki Fousiani An Effort towards Understanding the Global Indian Mind Set Jyoti Verma Profession and Gender Differences in Affective and Cognitive Dimensions of the Reaction to the Online Communication Madalin Vanea A Preliminary Model Linking Right and Left-wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance and Political Ideology Edgardo D. Etchezahar, Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco How Social Values can be Linked with Other Social Variables as Authoritarianism, Social Dominance and Political Ideology? Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco, Edgardo D. Etchezahar, Ismael Quintanilla Pardo Social Representation of Gifted and Talented. The Influence of Contact Jean Louis Tavani, Franck Zenasni, Maria Pereira Da Costa Suicide Probability: a Study on Reasons for Living, Hoplessness and Loneliness Jamileh Zarei, Reza Rostami, Maryam Bidadian, Roghayeh Shafi Zade, Sara Sepasi, Atefeh Abdolmanafi Breaking the Rules to Rise to Power: How Norm-Violators Gain Power in the Eyes of OthersText Eftychia Stamkou, Gerben A. Van Kleef The Relationship between Self-regulation and Time Perspective in Adolescents in Care of Mazandaran County Marjan Haghighatgoo, Mohammad Ali Besharat, Azra Zebardast, Shahrbanoo Sobhani, Narges Kheiyrandish, Masoumeh Nozari First and Second Generation Italian Immigrants Attitudes Towards the Home and the Host Countries Francesca Ruscito, Warren Thorngate Just World Belief Scale: Adaptation And Validation In Argentina Using Cfa Alicia Viviana Barreiro Greek Parents Perceptions and Actions Regarding their Children s Social-emotional and Learning Difficulties Eirini Adamopoulou Ingroup Communion and Intergroup Discrimination: Effects of Consubstantial Assimilation in Intra and Intergroup Relations Ana Louceiro, Rodrigo Brito, Sven Waldzus, Cláudia Simão, Maciej Sekerdej, Thomas Schubert POSTER PRESENTATIONS 73

74July 5th, Tuesday The Effects of Perception of Being Different or Same with Group Size on the Creative Idea Performance in Electronic Brainstorming Groups Hamit Coşkun Individual and Group Based Resources in Predicting Well-Being: The Sample of Turkish Minority in Bulgaria Leman Korkmaz, Banu Cingöz Ulu Groups, Entitativity and Valence Marcos Pereira, José Luis Álvaro A Psycgological Study of Accident Prevention of Blood Transfusion Michio Yoshida Effects of Principles Guiding Behaviour on Spread of Rule-breaking Behaviours in the Classroom Takuhiko Deguchi Stereotype Threat s Negative Impacts on Performance and Related Health Stressors May Hinge Upon Perceived Test-evaluation Bias/Unfairness. Lloyd Ren Sloan, Grady Wilburn, Debbie Van Camp, Jamie Barden, Daniel Martin Model of Trust in Working Groups Andrey Sidorenkov, Irina Sidorenkova Intergroup Forgiveness in Dyad Russia - Germany: Long-Term Consequences after WWII Ilya Garber, Katja Hanke The double Discrimination of Children Adopted by Homosexual Couples: an Identity Dynamics Centered Approach Irene Gomes, Catita Luísa, José Albino Lima, Alexandra Serra, Rui Serôdio Direct and Indirect Intergroup Contact: Exploring the Effects on Male Sexual Classical and Modern Prejudice Jacopo Grisolaghi, Cristina Stefanile Social Movements and Production of Subjectivity: The Brazilian Landless Workers Movement in Perspective Jáder Leite, Magda Dimenstein, Ana Karenina Arraes, João Paulo Sales, José Andrade Costa Filho, Flávia Freire Why Secondary Students Hold Misconceptions about ICTs? A Study with a Sample of Spanish Adolescents Milagros Sáinz, Beatriz López, Julio Meneses Effect of Perceiving Multiple Identities on Rigid Thinking: Moderating Role of Uncertainty Müjde Peker, Richard J. Crisp, Robbie Sutton Effects of Intra-group Status on Desirability of in- and out-group Members Ryo Oomura, Mitsuhiro Ura Perceived Self and Collective Efficacy in Different Military Groups of Lithuania: the Comparison of Soldiers, Going to the Mission in Afghanistan, and Soldiers Serving in Volunteer Forces Vita Mikuličiūtė Predictors of Intergroup Attitudes in Postapartheid South Africa: The Effects of Intergroup Contact and the Experience of Contact Elirea Bornman Media, Creativity and Multiculturalism at the CCC-Mangueira/RJ Cibele Mariano Vaz de Macedo, Regina Gloria Nunes Andrade Differences between Men and Women with Different Attachment Style Regarding Their Attitudes towards Satisfying Desires with the Couple Adelaida Monteoliva, J. Miguel Ángel García Martínez, Antonia Calvo Salguero, Aguilar Luzón Del Carmen School Mediation: A Path to Conflict Management in Schools Ana Paula Monteiro 74 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

75July 5th, Tuesday Linking Attachment Styles to Forgiveness in Close Relationships: The Mediating Role of Responsibility Attributions Asiye Yildirim, Deniz Şahin Testing a Contingent Model of Mediation (I): Relationships Between Temporal Perspective and Dyadic Efficacy of the Mediation Process Carlos María Alcover Testing a Contingent Model of Mediation (II): Relationships between Symmetry/asymmetry of Power and the Level of Formality of the Mediation Process Carlos María Alcover Relationship Commitment and Emotional Intelligence Derya Hasta Marriage Types, Family Structure and Marital Satisfaction Elçin Gündoğdu Aktürk, Nebi Sümer Investigating the Creative Environment from the Perspective of Identity-verification Aleksejs Vorobjovs, EmīLs Kālis The Psychometric Properties of the Romantic Partner Conflict Scale in Turkey Fatma Can, Selim Hovardaoğlu The Effects of Interpersonal Tolerance on Individual Statuses within the Group of University Psychology Students Galina Kozhukhar, Igor Vagurin Attachment and Responses to Imposed Interpersonal Closeness Kathy Carnelley, Erica Hepper, Gizem Arıkan, Angela Rowe, Richard Gramzow The Close Relationship of Parentified Young Adult Females in Taiwan : A Hermeneutic Approach Tsung-Chain Huang, Yun-Ming Chang, Jia-Ru Li Important Role of Nonverbal Communication in Social Skills Training(1) Ikuo Daibo, Saki Matsuyama, Hitomi Yokoyama, Junichi Taniguchi, Yukiko Iso, Ken Fujiwara Important Role of Nonverbal Communication in Social Skills Training (2) Saki Matsuyama, Ikuo Daibo, Hitomi Yokoyama, Ken Fujiwara, Junichi Taniguchi, Yukiko Iso Causal Explanations for Infidelity of Latvian Residents with Different Degree of Emotional Attachment to a Partner Aleksejs Ruza Psychological Research about Human Social Responsibility Factors: An Iberoamerican Study in Colleges Juanjo Martín Noguera, Manuel Martí Vilar, Gonzalo Almerich Cervera, Daniel Marí Ripa The Effects of Perceptions of Self- and other-relational Mobility in Opposite-sex Relationships on Physical and Mental Health Junichi Taniguchi, Yuji Kanemasa Affective Inference between Opposite Affective States in Dyadic Conversation Ken Fujiwara, Ikuo Daibo The Influences of Self-esteem and Reassurance Seeking on Reaction of Porcupine Dilemma: Why are Only Low Self-esteems with Seeking Reassurance Excessively are Rejected? Koji Hasegawa Relationship between Spouses Religiosity and Marital Satisfaction Agne Griciene, Kristina Zardeckaite Matulaitiene Sexual Satisfaction and Some Aspects of Intimate Relatıonships Marijana Šunjić, Kristina Sesar POSTER PRESENTATIONS 75

76July 5th, Tuesday Studying the Correlation of Relationship Skills with Mental Health on Students of the University Of Isfahan, Iran Mahnoosh Amini The Role of Anxiety and Attachment to Peers in Susceptibility to Peer Pressure Martina Lotar, Marija Lebedina Manzoni Intimacy Inference Based on Observation of Interpersonal Communication Masanori Kimura Social Comparison Orientation moderates the partner s perceived future infidelity possibility Mert Teközel, Çağlar Solak Family in transition: Personal characteristics of spouses, family relations, social and economic living conditions Mikhail Chumakov Аttachment Representations and Representations of the Self and of the Partner in Young Men and Women Natalia Sabelnikova, Elena Popova Family Mediation in Portugal: Some Data from Quantitative Study Lopes Carla, Cunha Pedro Coping Strategies as Mediating Variables Between Stigma Perception and Emotional Well-Being in a Sample of People With VIH Pilar Sanjuán, Encarnación Nouvilas, Silván Del Prado, Antonio Bustillos, José Fuster Why does Relational Efficacy Enhance Relationship Quality in Same-sex Friendships? Insights from Intersubjective and Subjective Processes Ryosuke Asano, Toshikazu Yoshida The Manifest Impossibility of Relational Closeness without Communication: Application of the Social Penetration Theory to the Turkish Movie İki Dil Bir Bavul ( On the Way to School ) Serpil Aygün Cengiz Social Motivations of People Favoring not Favoring Dense Networks Toshihiko Soma A Social Network Approach to Reducing Loneliness Based on Relational Models Theory Tasuku Igarashi Dynamics of the Relations of the Person in the Course of Dance-expressional Training Vera Labunskaya, Tatiana Shkurko Psychologıcal Portrait of a Subject of Heavy Communication Vvedenskiy Igor, Labunskaya Vera, Vvedenskiy Igor What is Birthday for us? :Its Personal and Interpersonal Effects Yasuyuki Kawaura The Effects of Perceptions of Self- and other-relational Mobility in Opposite-sex Relationships on Aggression Yuji Kanemasa, Junichi Taniguchi What Makes Negative Communications become the Social Skills? Yukako Ishii Deep Roles are they real? A Model of Archetypal Interpersonal Fantasies Moxnes Paul Identity and Self-Relevance as Mediators of Retrieval-Induced Forgetting Alexander Ivor Griffiths, Malcolm D. MacLeod Socıo-Psychological Aspects of Time Perception and Evaluation of Different Generations Of Latvian Inhabitants Alona Korniseva 76 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

77July 5th, Tuesday Running Head: Social Power, Cognition, Motivation, and Structure Structure Moderates Social Power: Type of Incentive Matters to Emotions and Motivation Sibel Atasayı, Fiske Susan, Fiedler Klaus, Guinote Ana The Effects of İndividual Differences in Working Memory Capacity on Perspective-taking Ayano Yoshida Gender, Age and Children s Social Knowledge: the Case of Leadership in School Peer Groups Célia Soares The Processes of Impression Formation in Chinese people: Personal Contextual Thinking vs. Relational Contextual Thinking. Chien-Ru Sun, Wan-Jung Chen Blame Attribution and Information Processing Deniz Yılmaz Sarı Effects of Lying in The Workplace: Harmed Trust and Negative Emotions Flor Sánchez, Tatiana Suarez, Sofia Lizarazo Pre- and Post- Financial Crisis: Social Representations of Poverty in Spain and Italy. Francesca Bonechi Perspective taking VS Role playing: Finding a strategy to combat prejudice Hugo González González, José Luis Álvarez Castillo, Clara Chacón Muñoz, Gemma Fernández Caminero Binding Moral Foundations Mediate the Relation between Political İdeology and Moral Competence Trups-Kalne Ingrīda, Dimdiņš Ģirts The Research of Ethnic Attitudes with Unconscious Emotional Priming Measurement on the Different Stimulus Onset Asynchronies (SOA) Irina Plotka, Dmitry Igonin, Nina Blumenau, Marija Bambulyaka, Elena Ozola Content and Structure of Stereotypes of Old Age in the UK Joanne Persson, Malcolm D. MacLeod, Barbara Dritschel, Eric Bowman Occurrence of the Fundamental Attribution Error: Personal vs. Situational Attributions in a Business Setting Daphne Kalogeropoulou, Eleni Patinioti, Lisa Skalkos, Caitlin Stultz, R. Fotinatos Ventouratos To Like or to Elevate That s the Question: Valence and Spatial Content Norms of a Words Marilia Prada, Catarina Azevedo, Margarida Garrido, Ana Sofia Santos Aggressive Driving and İts Manifestations on the Roads Oksana Jenenkova, Aleksejs Ruza, Aleksejs Vorobjovs Bullyıng in the Universıty Context Ana Carolina Barros Silva How Psychological Students Represent Themselves Psychology? Schoenenberger Sandrine, Amin Azzam, Marchetti Elise The Effects of Gender and Type of Vignettes on Attitudes Towards Gays and Lesbians in Turkey Başak İnce, Cansu Torun, Ecem Gürkaş, Sezin Parman The Influence of Information on Personal Characteristics Evaluation and Making a Subsequent Decision about Acceptance for Employment Yulia Yusupova Identity Dynamic s and Individualization An Exploratory Approach of the Self and Professional Work Anne Marie Costalat Founeau, Gerardo Capano, Ghislain Mary The obligation to help friends can lead to negative feelings Daniela Karagyaurova POSTER PRESENTATIONS 77

78July 5th, Tuesday The Relationship between Negotiation and Mediation as Complementary Means to Pacifism Building - Data from a Portuguese Study about Some Mediators Skills Cunha Pedro, Lopes Carla As The Predictors of Social Skills: Authoritarianism, Cognitive Complexity, and Intolerance of Ambiguity Alev Bengül Çabuk, Derya Hasta Self-Talk and Academic Performance Flor Sánchez, Fernando Carvajal, Carolına Saggıomo Problem of Dangerous Behavior of Drivers and Characteristics of Subjects of Aggressive Driving Oksana Jenenkova, Elena Levina Cognitive Linkage between Trait İnformation about the Relational Self and Other Osamu Fukushima Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Expectancy Confirmation Leads to Changes in Self-perceptions with Regard to Cooperativeness-competitiveness Pınar Engin Fidancı, Duygu Coşkun, Burcu Oy Long-term Social Exclusion Numbs the Ability to Detect being Excluded Taishi Kawamoto, Mitsuhiro Ura The Difference between Experts and Public in Perception of Risk Yasunari Okabe, Kenichi Matsumura, Tatsuhiro Kamisato Variability = Contextual malleability? Evidence from Affective Priming Paradigm Marilia Prada, Teresa Garcia-Marques From the Norm of Internality Concerning Locus Control of to the Norm of Externality Concerning Locus of Distribution: Application in Professional Environment Bernard Gangloff, Coralie Duchon Soudan, Anne Marie Vonthron Media, Gender and Mental Homogenization. A Study in Argentine Graduates. Miriam Aparicio The Influence of the Smile in Social Interaction. Empirical Study with Portuguese Subjects Armindo Freitas Magalhães, Erico Castro Social Capital and Online Identity in Internet use Asako Miura, Akiko Orita Assessment of Social Support in Breastfeeding: A review Rosa Bermejo, Begoña Perez, Dolores Hidalgo Relation between Organizational Culture and Conflict Competency Elena Breus, Marina Esipova Communication about Soviet Political Oppression: Qualitative Study of Second Generation Ieva Starinskaitė, Evaldas Kazlauskas, Danutė Gailienė, Vėjūnė Domanskaitė Gota Effects of Subliminal Emotional Priming on Helping Behavior Inès Skandrani Marzouki, Yousri Marzouki Media İnfluence in the Genesis of Risk Perception in France and Norway. A Comparative study Torbjørn Rundmo, Angel Egido, Isabelle Roche Cerasi, Marianne Elvsaas Nordtømme, Maxime Pollet, Frédérique Lerbet Sereni, Dagfinn Moe Risk Perceptions, Personality Traits, and Use of Risk Information Sources Jinmin Wang The Influence of Communication Counterpart on Verbal Expressions Depicting Self and Others Joo Lee 78 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

79July 5th, Tuesday Psychological Research on Community Value among Residents Junzo Kato Effects of Background Music on Feelings and Utterances During Conversations Kazumi Ogawa The Way Parents Response to Compliments for Their Children s Achievement in a Confucian Society (Taiwan) Kuei Hsiang Han Personality Traits of Individuals Prone to Manipulations Liubov Ryumshina Consumers Cognitive and Affective Response Processes for Different Types of Commercials Masao Okano, Masami Okano Features of Self-determination of the Person in the Context of Socialization Nazira Sadikova Favors as a Deterrent of Inconsiderate Behavior: Effects of the Norm of Reciprocity and Empathy with the Victim Satoko Yuo, Toshikazu Yoshida Fundamental Mechanism of Performance Decrement under Evaluative Pressure: The Influence of Awareness of Failure and Self-conscious Emotions Saya Yamanaka, Toshikazu Yoshida Gendered Context of Emotional Intellect (EI) Presentations in Children of 5-6 Ages Vorontsov Dmitry Chameleon Effect: Imitation or Dialog? Wojciech Kulesza, Robert Majewski, Ilona Ambrożkiewicz, Dariusz Doilinski Transformatıon of Valuable Acceptance of an Image Influenced by Mass-Medıa Viktoria Boguslavskaya Investigation of the Relationship Between Attachment Styles, Personality and Marital Adjustment Özlem Tolan, Baki Duy The Regional, National and European Identity: Trás-os-Montes and The Others Luísa Catita, Irene Gomes, José Albino Lima, Alexandra Serra, Rui Serôdio POSTER PRESENTATIONS 79

80July 5th, Tuesday POSTER SESSION C HALIC Topic: Work and Organizational Psychology The effect of Leader s Mood on the mood of Group Members in self-managing Groups Afshin Salahian, Hamidreza Oreizi, Abolghasem Nouri Psychosocial and Workplace Determinants of Burnout in Hospital Nurses of Hamedan City, Iran Ahmad Heidari Pahlavian, Hossein Mahjub, Ali Ghalaiha The Level of Stress Tolerance and the Quality of Policemen`s Nerve System Aleksej Zavodilov Peculiarity of Adaptability at Employees with a Different Profile of Lateralization Ekaterina Polyanskaya, Irina Agadjanova The Experience of the Consultant as Container in a Group Relations Training Event with Specific Reference to the Robben Island Diversity Experience (RIDE) Madeleine Smit, Michelle May, Frans Cilliers The Influence of Social Comparison and Suspicion on Company Evaluation Özlem Yürekli, Zeynep Gürhan Canlı, Emine Aslı Mavi Individual Characteristics of Young Unemployed People who get a job Schmidt Matthias The fit between Person-organizational Values as a Predictor for Motivational Persistence. An Intercultural Analyze in Organizational Context Veronica Dorina Bayfidan, Ticu Constantin The Effect of Emotional Suppression on Mental Health among Japanese Industrial Workers Yoshie Yasuda, Atsuko Kanai, An Ethnography of Women s Work Yung Chang Lu, Jinky Leilanie Lu Work Conditions and Work-family Conflict Evaluate by Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire Alexandra Pereira, Carlos Silva, Vânia Amaral, Anabela Pereira, Jorge Silvério Psychological Predictors of Entrepreneurial Success Aneta Przepiorka Effects of Intra-group Status on Psychological Peculiarities of Professional (job) Adaptation among Young Kazakhs Elmira Kalymbetova The Role of the Cognitive Resources in the Motivational Process among Mexican Workers Manuel Gámez Guadix, Fabiola Itzel Villa George, Bernardo Moreno Jiménez Chief s Personality Features Marine Sahakyan System of Requırements to the Teacher s Profession the as an Object of Synergetrics Mikhail Basimov, Svetlana Ponomareva The Negotiational Role of the HRM Department in the Decision-Making Process: Findings of a Doctoral Thesis Ricardo Moreira, Pedro Cunha Locus of Control of Stress Sources and Burn-out Schoenenberger Sandrine, Gilibert Daniel, Banovic Ingrid Psychological Features of Circus Performers Activity Valentyna Podshyvalkina, Kapitolyna Dementieva 80 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

81July 5th, Tuesday Family-Work Role Conflict as Related to Psychosomatic Disorders and Life Satisfaction Among Married Female Teachers at Irbid First Directorate Rawya Zamari The Importance of Work Experience to Organizational Development: Matching the Opinions of 35 y.o. Professionals with the Opinions of 55 y.o. Professionals in Organization Fayruza Ismagilova Organizational Work Factors among Workers and Supervisors in Export Processing Zones which Support Global Markets Jinky Leilanie Lu Transformational and Transactional Leadership Skills Among Macedonian Managers and Entrepreneurs Emilija Stoimenova Canevska, Angelina Taneva Veshoska Evaluation of Leadership Effectiveness: Still Gender Biased? Aurelija Stelmokiene, Aukse Endriulaitiene Development of the CoaChing-Leadership Scale Eun-Hyun Cho, Jinkook Tak The Effects of Leader s Behavioral Integrity and Leader Legitimacy Perception on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Jihwa Shin, Jinkook Tak Fostering Relations of Mutual Trust: The LMX in Japanese Railway Company Kazuho Yamaura, Toshiyuki Kozaka, Yutaka Yoshida Relationship between Leadership Style and General Health in Managers at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, and its Effect on Job Satisfaction in Subordinate Kourosh Banihashemian, Mohammad Kazem Fakhri, Nikzad Ghanbari, Mahmood Sharafi Senior Managers and Safety: Characteristics that can Make a Difference? Laura Fruhen, Kathryn Mearns, Rhona Flin, Barry Kirwan Transformational (Self-)Leadership Model: Self-leadership and transformational leadership Marco Furtner, Urs Baldegger Relationships among Work Motivations, Leaderships, and Resilience of Japanese Nursery School Teachers Masuharu Shimizu, Reiko Uzuhashi, Toshiaki Mori Antecedents and Consequences of Work-Home Balance among Romanian Office Employees Muscalu Bratescu Ioana Cristina, Matsumoto Miyuki, Kanai Atsuko Is Leader-Member Exchange Differentiation Bad? LMX and Task İnterdependence Moderate the Effect of LMX-D on İndividual Outcomes Natsumi Iwama, Kiriko Sakata The Effects of Leader s Gender, Nature of Performance Feedback and Feedback Recipient s Gender on Feedback Reaction Kübra Yıkılmaz, Reyhan Bilgiç I Hope Someday You Can Join Us. Effects of Charismatic Leadership, Followers Submissiveness, Self- Esteem and Individual Differentiation on Turnover Intention in Multilevel Marketing Salina Lee, Warren C.K. Chiu, Kaylee Kong How do Bystanders Evaluate the Abusive Supervisors? The Application of Social Dominance Theory Yi-Hsi Hu, Tsung-Yu Wu Competition and Collaboration in Chilean Public Schools: an analysis of Professional Networks Luis Ahumada, Vicente Sisto, Verónica López POSTER PRESENTATIONS 81

82July 5th, Tuesday Examinning the Relationship between Values, Ethical Judgment and Performance in an Iranian Company Afshin Salahian, Hamidreza Oreizi Examining the Predictor Factors of Burnout in Isfahan Nurses Afshin Salahian, Hamidreza Oreizi, Abolghasem Nouri, Hasan Palahang The Relationships between Organizational Justice and Organizational Trust Mustafa Bayrakçı, Ahmet Akın Effect of Quality of Relationship in the use of Interpersonal Influence in Upward Influence Attempts Alexandre Santille, Gabriela Andrade da Silva, Andre Luiz Silva Samartini, Emma Otta Efficient and Effective Time and Stress Management among Macedonian Managers Angelina Taneva Veshoska, Emilija Stoimenova Canevska The International Network for the Study and the Research on Entrepreneurship and Leadership (INSREL) Antonio C. Tupinambá, Raquel Feitosa, Érico Zannon, Jean Carlos, Sylvia Ulisses Relationships of Followers Collectivism and Individualism Orientations with Social and Personal Attraction towards the Leader Aslı Göncü, H. Canan Sümer Big Five Personality Dimensions as Predictors of Emotional Labor Aslı Yalçın, Reyhan Bilgiç Relationships between Affective Commitment, Personal Resources, and Organizational Support in Mexican Employee s Emmanuel Martínez-Mejía, Carlos María Alcover In Search of the Key to Service Excellence - Separate or Joint İmpact of LMX and Service Climate on Employees Service Performance? Chi-Kwan Warren Chiu, Christina Wong Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: A Meta-Analysis Darius Chan, Tony Cheng Managing Coping Skills Strategies to decrease work avoidance in Mexican public middle school administrative Diana Ruiz, Maryone Cardona, Anel Gómez, Nubia Diego, Arely González Emotional Intelligence for Managerial Effectiveness in Businesses from the Perspective of Seven Rules of Rumi s Philosophy Didem Rodoplu Sahin, Gizem Rodoplu Investigating the Relationship among Effective and Cognitive Trust in Manager, Supervisor and Coworkers and Organizational Commitment in a Public Company Abolghasem Nouri, Hossein Samavatian, Hossein Molavi, Elham Pazhakh Optimal Work Experience: An Embodied Perspective Lungile Langa, Freddie Crous Prediction of Safety-Related Behavior among Turkish Nurses: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior Gülçin Haktanır, H. Canan Sümer, Türker Özkan Relation of Organizational Commitment and Personality Characteristics with Job Structure Consideration Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani, Hajar Barati Personality, Organizational Identification and Their Relationships with Performance of College Teachers Hong Jiang The Effects of Work Constraint and Support on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: Conscientiousness and Proactive Personality as Moderators Hsinpei Wu, Luo Lu 82 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

83July 5th, Tuesday The Spillover of Emotions from Work to Family : The Moderating Effects of Neuroticism and Extraversion Jaeyoon Chang, Jeesoo Yoo A study on the Relationships of Team Members Competitiveness, Team Commitment and Team Satisfaction: Focusing on Mediating Roles of Relationship Conflict Kyusan Kang, Jinkook Tak A Process Model of Workplace Well-being Amongst Call Centre Employees Joanne Wilson Organizational Changes in the Austrian Armed Forces Psychological phase-model, typical actors and survey results Kabas Christoph Approaches to Diversity Management in a Global Context: An Analysis of European and American MNCs Sustainability Reports Kiraz Öcal Studying the Correlation of Oral Skill with Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Staffs of Kashani Hospital in Isfahan, Iran Mahnoosh Amini, Aboulghassem Nouri The Moderating Effect of Social Support on the Relationship between Work-family Conflict and Job Performance: The case of nurses Mei Ling Wang, Tzu-Ming Lin, Li Jane Tsai Investigate the Relationship between Personality Characteristics with Counterproductive work behavior Mohammad Babamiri Emotional İntelligence and Job Performance Efficiency in Managers with Different Gender Olga Tikhomanritskaya Is Creativity Universal or Culture Specific? Culture, Personal Characteristics and Creative Ability Rikki Nouri, Cynthia Lee, Miriam Erez Management Conceptions and Employee Perceptions of Error Management Culture in Small Businesses Sebastian Fischer, Bjoern Seeger The Relationships between work Stressors and their Consequences among Chinese Workers: Self-efficacy as a Moderator Shu Fang Kao Individual Creativity and Innovation at Work: A Meta-Analysis Simon Werther, Ralph Woschée, Felix C. Brodbeck The Effect of Job-fit on Conflict Management: Mediation Effects of Work Skills & Moderation Effects of Job Type & Gender Tae Young Han Materialism, the Love of Money, and Consumer Optimism in Spain Thomas Li-Ping Tang, Roberto Luna Arocas, Ismael Quintanilla Pardo, Theresa Li-Na Tang Public Service Motivation and Job Satisfaction: Is the Love of Money a Moderator among Public Servants in China? Bang Cheng Liu, Thomas Li-Ping Tang The Bi-directional Enrichment of Work and Family: Antecedents, Consequence, and Moderators Ting-Ting Chang, Luo Lu The Moderating Effect of Power Distance in Perceived Organizational Justice (OJ) and the Relationship between Perceived OJ and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Yen-Yu Lin, Chyuan Sha, Mei Ling Wang, Wan-Yu Chen POSTER PRESENTATIONS 83

84July 5th, Tuesday Examining the Relationships among Positive Affectivity, Social Support and Work-family Enrichment Ying-Jung Yvonne Yeh, TK Vincent Kuo Workplace Bullying in Academe: Findings from Universities in the Czech Republic Katerina Zabrodska, Petr Kveton Investigating the Relationship between corporate culture and organizational commitment in Public and Private Sector Nurses Zeinab Darami, Abolghasem Nouri, Hossein Molavi Why Happier Workers are more Productive? The Mediating Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Chun-Yi Chou, Luo Lu Morphology of Organizational Vision Anna Kiseleva, Peter Vlasov Psychology of Entrepreneur in the Field of Taxation Yuriy Polishchuk Relation Among Leader-Member Exchange(LMX), and Percieved Organizational Suport(POS), with Organizational Health Abolghasem Nouri, Reyhaneh Dezhban Coping Mechanism of Women Workers: Socio-Psychological Perspective Jinky Leilanie Lu Coping Skills Training to Reduce Job Stress in Female Workers in a Mexican Chemical Industry Dulce Hanina Ayala Hernandez, Daniela Orozco Reyes, Aixa Lanett Powell Career Orientation and Research Performance in University Faculties: Moderating by Organization and Working Time Context Chun-Chi Yang, Hsiao Wen Liu, Ben Chang Shia Investigate the Relationship Between Organizational Justice and Personality Characteristics with Organizational Citizenship Behavior Mohammad Babamiri, Saleh Hadian, Usef Sabaqh Perceived Compensatıon Justice: the Weıght of Justıce Rules in Publıc and Private Sector Organizations Jurgita Lazauskaite Zabielske, Dalia Bagdziuniene Study of Diagnostic Possibilities of the Questionnaire Assessing the Features of Corporate Culture Elena Breus, Elena Elyafi The Impact of an Appreciative Corporate Culture on Individual Occupational Pride, Health and Work AbilityText Hinding Barbara, Spanowski Marion, Kastner Michael Classification of Concepts of Safety Culture Kenichi Hayase, Naoko Hasegawa, Takeshi Itoh, Tomoyuki Yamazaki, Ryo Misawa National and Hierarchical Position Differences in Organizational Culture Onboard Industrial and Cruise Ships Marta Lang, Øyvind Teige Heidenström, Torkel Soma, Torbjørn Rundmo Psychological Determinants and Characteristics of Young Workers Organizational Adaptation Lyudmila Zakharova, Elena Korobeynikova Diversity in the Workplace: A Normative Study Richard Andrulis, Bianca Zongrone The Sound of Organising: Music, the Implicit Dimension, and Organisational Self-Reflection Vossebrecher David Dependability of Job Performance Ratings Atilla Yelboğa 84 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

85July 5th, Tuesday Managers Evaluation System: the Case Study of the Italian Regional Public Sector Benedetta Bellò Career and Gender: Two Case Studies and its Comparison Clara Selva, Susana Pallarès, Miguel Angel Sahagun, Oscar Tresserra Innovation and Criativity - Scale of Attitudes to Creativity Florbela Nunes Relationship between Personality Characteristics with Job Stress and Job Performance in an Industrial Company Hajar Barati, Akram Barati The Effect of Positive Verbal Feedback on Task Performance Huriye Gürleyük, Önder Ersen, Reyhan Bilgiç Workplace Stressors among Scientific Researchers and their Relation to Self-reported Absenteeism and Presenteeism NatašA Sedlar, Tatjana Novak, Lilijana Šprah Impact of Employee Work Profile on Mental Health and Work Output Debjani Mukherjee Reducing Individual Work Distress in Professional Managers Through Stress Inoculation Mario Iván Cervantes Cano, Aixa Powell How can Management Style Affect Perceived Organizational Justice and Counterproductive Work Behaviors? Hossein Samavatian, Aboulghasem Nouri The Relationship of Conceptual Skills with Job Satisfaction and Job Performance among Supervisors in an Industrial Company in Isfahan- Iran Monir Zakerfard, Aboulghassem Nouri, Hossein Samavatian, Iraj Soltani Examining A Model for Personnel Selection in an Industrial Company Afshin Salahian, Hamidreza Oreizi, Abolghasem Nouri A Survey on the Use of Assessment Center Applications in Organizations in Turkey Atilla Yelboğa The Phenomenon of the Political Leader in the Transition Society Kamila Aliyeva Trust in Supervisor as Outcome of Organizational Justice and Leader-Member Exchange(LMX) Reyhaneh Dezhban, Abolghasem Nouri, Hossein Samavatian Change Adaptation in a Romanian Organization. The Influence of the Organizational Change on the Employees behaviour Oros Ioana Daniela Antecedents and Impacts of Productive ageing in Retired korean elderly Juil Rie Variables that Improve Group Thinking Quality in Leaderless Group Discussion Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani, Mahdieh Sadat Khoshouei Communication Set in Judgment of Managers Behavior in Assessment Center Mahdieh Sadat Khoshouei, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani Different Biodata for Different Outcomes Betül İçtenal, Reyhan Bilgiç, Berna Ok, Sinem Çalıdağ The Relative Importance of P-J fit, P-O Fit, and Guanxi in Chinese Managers Selection Decision Wan-Yu Chen, Mei Ling Wang, Yen-Yu Lin POSTER PRESENTATIONS 85

86July 5th, Tuesday Effects of Social Self-efficacy and its Sources on Career Decision-making of Japanese University Students Yuno Yokota, Masahiro Ishibashi, Atsuko Kanai The Number, Causes and Behaviour Rule about Selections of Secretary in Organizations Tzyy Jiun Lung Good Inside Barbara Scira, Laura Stallone Measurement Invariance in Mentoring Research: A Cross-cultural Examination across Taiwan and the U.S. Changya Hu, Ekin K. Pellegrini, Terri A. Scandura Interaction of Cognitive Ability with Two Educational Approaches in Reaction Training Evaluation and Post Education Performance in one Industrial Company Hajar Barati, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani Acquisition of Information among New Employees in Lithuania: The Role of the Mentor Irena Zukauskaite, Dalia Bagdziuniene Differential Profile in the Auto-perception of Socio-emotional and Personal Competences in Undergraduates Spanish Students of Economic and Health Areas M. Pilar Cantero Vicente, Juan Luis Castejón Costa Entrepreneurialism as Key Competence for Tomorrow s World of Work: Main Results from an İnterdisciplinary PhD Thesis on Entrepreneurial Development Martin Obschonka, Rainer K. Silbereisen, Eva Schmitt Rodermund The Influence of Career Development Program on Organizational Effectiveness and Employee s Career Satisfaction: Career Competency and Career Autonomy as mediate factors Tomoka Shirasawa, Atsuko Kanai Perspectives of Practicing Flexible Cognitive Strategies Mirosava Djurisic Bojanovic, Slavica Maksic Training Transfer Climate in Serbian Organizations Anetta Der Radivojevic Integrated Concept of Self-initiated Expatriation for the Highly-skilled: Its Personal and Organizational Predictors and Outcomes Lan Cao, Andreas Hirschi, Jürgen Deller The Role of Supervisor and Workgroup Commitment in Explaining the Relationship between Communicatıon with the Supervisor and Workgroup and Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intentions A. Başak Ok, Reyhan Bilgiç, H. Canan Sümer Person-job Fit Versus Person-Organization Fit as Predictors of Organizational Attraction in Iranian Companies Afshin Salahian, Hamidreza Oreizi, Abolghasem Nouri Lack of Fit Between Personal Preferences and Actual Job Characteristics, and its Associations with Work Attitudes and Life Satisfaction Hui-Yen Lin, Luo Lu, Ssu-Ke She Work Attitudes in Dıifferent Rewarding Systems Ana Simunic, Ljiljana Gregov, Iva Mikulic, Ana Sliskovic, Pavle Valerjev The Effects of Work Attachment Styles on Work-Family Harmony Text Baran Metin, Reyhan Bilgiç The Predictors of Managers Positive Attitudes toward their Organization Chikae Isobe, Junko Enami, Hiroya Orimo, Mitsuhiro Ura 86 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

87July 5th, Tuesday Relationship among Current and Ideal Organizational Climates with Organizational Commitment Types and Job Satisfaction to Propose a Model for the Cultural Recreational Organization of Isfahan Municipality Personnel Elaheh Ahmadi The Role of Conscientiousness in the Relation of Work Engagement with Job Characteristics: Confound, Moderator or İndependent Predictor? Abrie Malherbe, Gideon P. de Bruin Relationships between Various Person environment Fit Types and Employees Mental Health: A Longitudinal Study Jinkook Tak A Relation of Proactive Personality to Career Success: A Mediating Role of Protean Career Aeyoung Hwang, Jinkook Tak The Impact of Working Hours and Personal Preference on Well-being Luo Lu Relationships between the Five-Factor Model of Personality, Machiavellianism, Organisational Commitment and Job Satisfaction among Insurance Company Employees Malgorzata Turska Determinations of the Content of Teacher s Job Mehirban Abdoullayeva A relationships between Spirituality and Whistle-blowing among Nurses of Hospitals in Isfahan Narges Manjooghi, Abolghasem Nouri Development of Emotional Labor Scale for Hospitality industry : A Japanese investigation Sachiko Hoshino, Yoichiro Hayashi Gender Roles in the Occupational Setting Yung Chang Lu, Jinky Leilanie Lu Work Attitudes in the Czech Republic Lucie Gralton, Luděk Kolman Considering Safety Issues: How Personality Characteristics can Predict the Attitudes toward them? Hossein Samavatian, Sima Janatian The Examination of Relationship between Personality Characteristics and Organizational Commitment Sahar Jahanbakhsh Ganjeh, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani, Abbolghassem Nouri Readiness to Change and Job Satisfaction in a Case of lean Management Application Comparative Study Agnieszka Lipinska Grobelny Assessing Mobbing and Applying Cognitive Coping Strategies against Mobbing in Mexican Female Professors of Higher Education Aixa Lanett Powell Topic: Other Breaking Bad News: a Difficult Task for Health Professionals Ana Grilo, Luis Joyce Moniz, Ana Gomes Responding to Patients Emotions: Health Professionals Reactions to Sadness and Anger Ana Grilo, Luis Joyce Moniz, Ana Gomes A Study on Happiness amonge Different Family Typs Based on the Family Process and Content Model in Highschool Students in Shiraz Ata Torabi, Siamak Samani POSTER PRESENTATIONS 87

88July 5th, Tuesday Multiple Frames of a Profession: The Case of Psychology Applied to Work Dorron Aremband, Freddie Crous Validating the Positivity Projective Technique (PPT) Elsmie Meiring, Freddie Crous Identify of Family Caregiver Needs of Patients with Bipolar Disorder Fatemeh Cheraghi, Farshid Shamsaei Undergraduates Cheating in the Examinations: Is it the Self-deception? Fenglin Liao, Xiaobo Pu Coping Style and Self-image in Women with Breast Cancer, Involved in Self-help Groups Ilona Laukiene, Ruta Sargautyte Relationship between Emotional Intelligence with Creativity and General Health in Medical College Students at Sari Azad University Mohammad Kazem Fakhri, Bahram Mirzaiian, Kourosh Banihashemian Relationship between General Health and Self Esteem in College Students with Father and Martyr Father Kourosh Banihashemian, Mohammad Kazem Fakhri Investigation of Aged Abuse in Aged Women in Age Center (in Iran Jahrom) Razieh Etesami Pour, Kourosh Banihashemian Psychology and Production of Care in the Area of Social Welfare Magda Dimenstein, Ana Karenina Arraes, João Paulo Macêdo, Flávia Helena Freire, José Andrade Costa Filho, Jáder Leite A Study of Prevalence of Sexual Dysfunction and Assessment of Related Factors in Women Referring to Mother_Baby Clinics in Tehran Mandana Akbarimehr, Robabe Mazinani, Adis Keraskian Reasoning and Responses in Instruction Maria Mylona The Comparison of between Social Skills in 2 Groups of Children with ADHD and LD Mohammad Nikkhah Delshad, Mehdi Sahragard Students satisfaction with their student halls of residence. Mogenet Jean Luc, Rioux Liliane Ambiguity Tolerance in Students Entering Medical School (Shiraz-2006) Mohammad Jafar Bahredar, Ali Firozabadi Prevalence and Causes of Epilepsy in Ardabil Province Nader Hajloo Four Factors of Social Value Orientation Özgen Yalçın Antipsychiatry Reflections of a Person Diagnosed with Schizophrenia Pamela Vaccari, Marco Astete The Effects of Art Therapy on Self Esteem, Job-Stress and Burn Out Degrees Pınar Turanlı Residents Perception of School-community Partnership in Japan Reizo Koizumi Transference Phenomenon Saeed Lotfi Immigration and Mental Health Policy Sarah Michalos 88 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

89July 5th, Tuesday Global Warming Memory Testing Sevim Merve Yıldırım Strategies for Community Participation for School-Based Curriculum Development Natthaphong Chalatyaem, Pennee Narot, Theerachai Nethanomsak Transformation of Time Perspective in Extreme Situation Olga Kvassova An Investigation of the Relationship between Levels of Adjustment Process of Mothers with Mentally Disabled Children and the Degrees of Burnout and Perceived Social Support Sinem Coşkun, Banu Çengelci Parents and Mediation: Plan of Action to Improve Functional Styles of Families Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco, Marián Pérez-Marín, Elena Baixauli Gallego, Amparo Cotolí Crespo, Inmaculada Montoya Castilla, Milagros Molero Zafra, Gemma García Soriano, Maria Berenguer Pérez The Role of Equity Perception in Marital Quality Reza Khojasteh Mehr, Sahar Faramarzi, Gholamreza Rajabi Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Transgression-related Interpersonal motivations inventory Reza Khojasteh Mehr, Amin Koraei, Zabih Allah Abbaspour, Azimeh Takrimi The Comparison of Cohesion, Adaptability, Communication and Marital Satisfaction in High Forgiving and Low Forgiving Married Employees in Ahvaz Organizations Reza Khojasteh Mehr, Zabi Hollah Abbaspour, Gholamreza Rajabi Estimating the Economic Value of Counseling Services Using the Contingent Valuation method (CVM) Boram Kim, Areum Kim, Bo Young Choi Evaluation of Psychiatric Consultations in Yazd Shahid Sadughi Hospital Sara Yasini, Mojtaba Yasini, Fahimeh Malekafzali, Zahra Poormovahed POSTER PRESENTATIONS 89

90July 5th, Tuesday POSTER SESSION D HALIC Topic: Cognition Comparison of Teasdale s Schematic Mental Model and Bower s Association Network Theory in explanation of Depressive Thinking Abbas Keyvanloo Shahrestanaki Irritability and Delay Effects of Electric Shocks on Humans Alexandros Epifanis Volitional and Emotional CompÖnents of Self-regulation in Students Educational Activity Alexey Osnitskiy The Emotions about Science of Secondary Education Students of the Univeristy of Extremadura Ana Belén Borrachero Cortés, Maria Brígido Mero, Maria Luisa Bermejo García Positive Thoughts Coping Strategy as a Mediator Variable between Perfectionism and Anxiety in Student Population Bahram Mahmoodi Kahriz, Mohammad Karim Khodapanahi, Dehghani Mohsen, Vahid Nejati Is There Anger Superiority Effect in Asperger Syndrome? Belde Mutaf, Sonia Amado, Osman İyilikçi Gratitude Motivates Communal-oriented Relationships Cláudia Simão, Beate Seibt Understanding of Contents at Reading Manga Comics under Controlled Eye Movement Fumihiko Hashimoto EMOVAL: Automatic Evaluation of Texts Emotional Dimensions Using an Emotional Meta-norm Jhean Larose Sandra Are the Visual Perspectives in Autobiographical Memory, Related to Non-clinical Depression? Kyoko Tagami Gender Difference in Wisdom and General Health Mansooreh Nikoogoftar Cognitive Style and Psychological Distress Maria Padun Lie Detection in Participants of Screening With Different Types of Brain Inter-Hemispheric Functional Asymmetry Pavel Ermakov, Igor Dikiy The Influence of Mood on Actove Generatoon Task Renata Lopes, Filipe Castro, Maura Alves, Ederaldo Lopes Listening to Mozart does not Enhance Cognitive Performance: A Comparative Study with Bach, Albinoni and Traditional Turkish Music Simge Şişman, Aydan Aydın Relationship between Trait Anxiety and Attentional Bias for Emotional Faces Yi-Hsing Hsieh, Su-Chen Lin The effects of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on Obesity Narges Moosaviyan, Alireza Moradi, Farzad Shidfar, Bahram Mahmoodi Dysfunction Meta -cognitive Beliefs: Predictors of Positive / Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia Patients Abass Abolghasemi, Mahdi Poshtam, Mohammad Narimani, Reza Kazemi Formation of the Conservation Principle Understanding Through the Formation of Composition and Structure of Classification and Seriation Logical Operations Irina Pogozhina 90 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

91July 5th, Tuesday The Effect of Visual Deprivation on the Organization of Conceptual Knowledge: Testing the Grounded Cognition Hypothesis J. Frederico Marques Strategic Regulation of Grain Size in Memory Reporting in Schizophrenia Patients Elçin Akdogan, Elisabeth Bacon Relationship between the Resilience and Dietary Habits of Japanese Junior High School Students Mihoko Tominaga, Akiko Suzuki, Yoshiko Ikawa Decision Making and Materialism Deniz Atalay Ata, Sevtap Cinan Framing Effect and Perceptive Complexity In Gambling Francesco Saverio Marucci, Lucio Inguscio Do Older Adults Suffer from an Inhibitory Deficit in Memory? Julia Teale, Malcolm D. MacLeod Weigh the Anchor: Debiasing the Anchoring Heuristic in a Novel Information Integration Task Shaw Ketels, Alice Healy, Lyle Bourne Jr., Christopher Wickens, Carolyn Buck Gengler The Particularities of Evidences of Regulatory Experience of Personality in the Process of Dyadic Decision of Cognitive Tasks Viktor Kurunov Dual Processing and Decision Frames: The role of Intuitive Versus Rational Processing in Framing Effect Yoichiro Hayashi, Sasaki Hiroyuki, Nakagawa Tomohiro Technique of Consecutive Addition of Analyzers at Perceptıon of Subjects with Variable Forms Alexey Severin Connections between Fantasy, Proactive Interference and Perception of Meaningful Coincidences Christian Rominger, Elisabeth Weiss, Andreas Fink, Ilona Papousek The Impact of EMDR for Decreasing Deterministic Thinking among Couples Masoudeh Honarian, Jalal Younesi, Abdollah Shafiabadi, Gholamreza Nafissi Incorrect Response Activation for NoGo Stimuli in Task Switching: An Investigation of Lateralized Readiness Potential Kaoru Umebayashi, Tsunetaka Okita Attachment and Information Processing: Does Attachment Figure Facilitate Performance of the Cognitive Task? Yoshihiro Shima Actual and Formal Cognitive Complexity Georgy Druzhinin Factor Structure of the IST 2000R among Gifted Pupils Aida Šimelionienė Intecarıon as a Mean of Development of Seniour Adolescents Intelligence and Creativity Alena Lugovtsova Correlation Between Intelligence and Creativity Alena Lugovtsova Cognitive Flexibility and Emotional Intelligence Cristina Guerra, Adelinda Candeias, Rodrigues Fátima, Curião Guilhermina Estimation of Class Climate by the High Ability Secondary Schoolchildren Elena Shcheblanova, Svetlana Petrova Analysis of the Motivation Which Affect Creativity in Japanese Business Hiroya Hirakimoto, Rie Watada Types, Causes and Functions of Creative Crises Julia Babaeva, Yana Varvaricheva POSTER PRESENTATIONS 91

92July 5th, Tuesday Influence of Conditions of Testing Situation on Creativity Indexes Dynamics Julia Babaeva, Renata Trigulova The Study of Verbal and Nonverbal Elementary Schoolchildren Creative Thinking Natalia Shumakova Conceptual Combination and Creativity in Technology Ruey Yun Horng Studying Relationship Between Emotional Creativity and Tendency to Obsession and Compulsion Shahin Mohammadi, Hojjat Allah Farahani, Mehdi Pir Mohammadi Puor Fard, Hosein Aboozari, Sajjad Tavassoli Creativity Across Cultures: An exploratory Study with Imigrants in Portugal Sara Ibérico Nogueira, Leonor Almeida, Eunice Carriço Integration of Spatial Information Across Viewpoints Chrıstina Adamou, Marios Avraamides, Jonathan Kelly Perceptual Actions and Hand Patterns in Exploring an Object with Variations of Form Darya Parkhomenko Influence of Local Temperature in Computing Global Climate Change Information Dugas Emilie, Lammel Annamaria The Importance of the Perceptual Actions for School Pupils in Mastering School Knowledge Dmitry Reshenok Effects of Stereo and Non-stereo Presentation of 3D Objects on Their Mental Rotation Piotr Francuz External Thinking in Problem Solving Caroline Heinisch, Pierre Sachse Comparison of Cognitive Failure and Meta Cognition CompÖnents via Moderator Variable of Job Accident Rate Hajar Barati, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani Facilitation of Problem Solving through Presentation of Analogous Paradigms: A Relation with Time and Quality of Response Ioanna Sofia Spentza Problem Solving in Time Limitation: The Role of Individual Differences Julia Babaeva, Nataly Rotova Problem Based Learning and Critical Thinking Mahboobeh Seyedi The Effect of Product Involvement on the Importance Evaluation in Purchase Behavior Measured by the Conjoint Analysis Naohiro Obata, Tetsuo Takigawa Effects of Payoff and Player s Information on Repeated Trust Game: A Test of Indirect Reciprocity Che-Ming Yu, Ruey-Yun Horng, Pei-Hua Chen Rumination and Gender Difference in Depression (Response Style Approach) Zahra Yousef, Sima Janatian Cognitive Failures and Metacognitive Ability Akihiko Asamura, Koichi Kaketa, Takuya Miyazaki, Iwao Yoshino The Age Differences in the Style of Thinking Development Alla Belousova Relation between Deterministic Thinking and Desire for Marriage among Iranian Students 92 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

93July 5th, Tuesday Jalal Younesi, Zahra Fahimi Rad, Fazel Bahrami The Relationship Between Forgiveness and Deterministic Thinking Among Couples who Demand Divorce and Normal ones Jalal Younesi, Mehri Borooghani, Manoochehr Azkhosh, Behroz Dolatshahi Relationship between Deterministic Thinking and Hope in Life Among Students Homeira Rahanjam, Jalal Younesi, Mojgan Sepahmansoor Enhancing Complex Reasoning, Working Memory and Fluid Intelligence Lydia Hohaus Metacognitive States and Coping Styles within Gifted and Normal Students Mahnaz Esteki, Somayeh Moinmehr A Cross-cultural Assessment of the Relationship between Epistemic Metacognition and Critical Thinking Moises Kirk de Carvalho Filho, Miyoshi Isobe Comparing Irrational Believes in Left Brain People with Whole brain People Mehdi Pir Mohammadi Puor Fard, Hojjat Allah Farahani, Shahin Mohammadi, Hosein Aboozari, Sajjad Tavassoli The Effect of Teaching Reasoning and Its Relationship with Science Learning in Early Childhood in Terms of Gender Differences Wen-Ying Lin, Jenn-Wu Wang, Hui-Tzu Lin Topic: Cognitive Science and Intelligent Systems Constructing and Operating Play Therapy Consultation Website Shu Chen Kao, Chiun-Ruei Tsai Modeling Perceptual Similarity between Maqams with a Self-Organizing Map Trained on a Maqam Corpus Nart Bedin Atalay, Seyit Yore Topic: Human Development Project Positive Attitude : Promoting School Success through Social and Emotional Abilities Development. Preliminary Data from Elementary and Middle Ana Figueira, Vitor Coelho Sources of Social Support for Adolescent Girls whose Mothers are Suffering from Cancer Anja Köhler, Claudia Quaiser Pohl Evaluation of the Skills Promotion Intervention Program SCHuuuB-II for Fostering a Successful Schoolto-Work Transition Blumenthal Anja, Weichold Karina, Silbereisen Rainer K. Identity Status and Parent and Peer Attachment Relationships Antonia Lonigro, Laghi Fiorenzo, Baiocco Roberto, Di Pomponio Ileana, Pace Cecila Serena Gender Differences in The Mediator Role of Paternal Peer Approval on The Relationship between Paternal Psychological Control and Adolescents Internalization and Externalization Behaviors Arcan Tığrak, Yeliz Kındap, Melike Sayıl Perceived Economic Strain and Parent-adolescent Relationships: The Adolescent and Parents Perspective Aysun Ergül, Ayşen Güre Conduct Problems and Callous-unemotional Traits Predicting Anxiety Problems Chara A. Demetriou, Kostas Fanti The Relation between Interpersonal Trust Belief and Adolescents Loneliness: The Mediator Role of Child Disclosure POSTER PRESENTATIONS 93

94July 5th, Tuesday Deniz Kurt, Melike Sayıl Internet Use and Psychological Well-being in a Sample of Adolescents in the Canary Island Elena Conde The Relationship between Adolescent s Perception of Maternal Support and Peer Bullying/Victimization: Mediator Role of Perceived Paternal Support E. Helin Yaban, Melike Sayıl Filial Piety as a Mediator between Parent-Child Relationship and Autonomy among Adolescents in Taiwan Hui-Tzu Chang, Chao-Sheng Kuo, Yih-Lan Liu Patterns of Reactive and Proactive Aggression in Young Adolescents in Singapore Aaron Q.M. Chiang, Joyce S. Pang, Rebecca P. Ang, Dennis M.Y. Kom, Ser Hong Tan Self-efficacy, Self- esteem vs Social Competences of Polish Adolescents Marek Smulczyk, Artur Pokropek The Effect of Family Communication Patterns on Self Efficacy in Adolescents Mehrzad Farahati, Alireza Mahdavian Identity Status, Aptitudes and Decision-making Styles: An study in Italian Adolescents Monica Pellerone, Valeria Schimmenti Development of Work Values Among Japanese Students Naoko Niimi, Kenichi Maeda, Toshiaki Kato Relationship between Attachment Styles and Weight Concern in Adolescence Girls Sare Behzadi Pour, Shahla Pakdaman, Mahmoud Heidary Bullying between Male Juvenile Offenders:How do they Define and Perceive Bullying? Sevtap Yeşil, Zehra Uçanok The Interplay between the Self-believes and Coping Strategies in Social Vulnerable Adolescents Susana Nunez, Helga Loos, Silvia Koller Parenting Experiences and Similarities between the Adolescents Values and their Parents Values Susanna PAlini, Fiorenzo Laghi, Roberta De Sclavis Hope and Coping Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Psychosocial Well-Being Among South African Adolescents Tharina Guse, Jillian January The Relationships between Parental Rearing Style, Resilience, and Career Maturity of College Students Toshiaki Mori, Masuharu Shimizu, Rikako Kunimoto Resilience Among Abused and Neglected Youth[pm] Türkan Yılmaz Irmak, Şeyda Aksel Dynamics in Social Group Preference in Early Adolescence in the Social Fear Psycholinguistic Study Viktoriya Lemeshchuk Aged Quality of Life: Contexts and Diversıtıes Rosa Maria Lopes Martins, Carlos Albuquerque, Claudia Chaves, Ana Andrade, Lurdes Martins The Relation between Sexual Functioning and Psychopathology, Sexual Beliefs, and Information, Intimacy in Aging Teresa Cardoso, José Soares Martins Development of Teenagers with special Needs in Groups of Peers Supported by Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, Germany Inna Korepanova The Relationship between Maternal Parenting Styles and Maternal Maladaptive Schemas with Anxiety in Irainan Children Saba Nazemi Gharehbagh, Masuod Janbozorgi 94 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

95July 5th, Tuesday Personal Determinants of Coping Strategies in Cases of Fear With Children Of 9-10 Years Old Svetlana Gridneva The Mediating Role of Coping Strategies on the Relationship between Conscientiousness and Emotional Eating: a study on Chinese Adolescent Girls Wai Chan, Esther Lay Typology and Psychological Effects of Parent-Adolescent Interactions in Taiwan Yuh-Huey Jou An Assessment of the Relationships between Self-rumination, Self-reflection and Well Being Indices in Adolescents and Young Adults Zeynab Kazemi, Abbas Rahiminezhad, Somayeh Aghamohamadi, Hojjat A. Farahani The Relationship of the Dimensions of İdentity with Gender Differences and Educational Achievement Somayeh Aghamohamadi, Hojjat A. Farahani, Zeynab Kazemi, Abbas Rahiminezhad The Relationship between the Leisure Time and Social Network among Czech Adolescents Zuzana Sykorova, Mojmir Tyrlik Social Competence and Social Adjustment among Portuguese Adolescents Joana Do Carmo, Maria Da Luz Vale Dias An Investigatıon Identity Development From Early Adolescence to Young Adulthood Ümit Morsünbül Assertiveness Expectancies in Japanese Young Adults Interpersonal Conflicts Ayumi Suzuki Future Time Perspective and Psychological Well-Being in Young and Midlife Adults Burcu Demiray, Susan Bluck Mothers Nurturance Behavior Chie Ashida Timing of Parenthood and Generativity Development: An Examination of Age and Gender Effects Among Young and Middle Adults Eda Karacan The Positivity Effect Predicts Thriving 8 Years Later H sien Hayward A Study of the Stages of Nurses Careers from the Turnover Perspective Mei Ling Wang, Wan-Yu Chen, Yen-Yu Lin Age Changes of Religiousness of the Person Mikhail Chumakov Prenatal Representations in Pregnant Women with Different Attachment Patterns Natasa Hanak Enhancing Competencies in Adult Learning and Training in Portugal Nelson Lima Santos, Elisabete Vinha, Luísa Faria Menopausal Symptoms: Prevalence and Differences in a Community Sample of Pre-, peri- and Postmenopausal Women Filipa Pimenta A Study of the Effects of Dance as a Physical Activity on Memory Performance, Self Esteem and Life Quality of the the Elderly Pınar Uzakgören, Banu Çengelci The Effects of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & 6 Step Energy Balancing Module on Different Psychological Functions of Elderly People Nilhan Sezgin Age-Related Changes in the Modulation of Attention by Musical Emotions POSTER PRESENTATIONS 95

96July 5th, Tuesday Sandrine Vieillard, Anaïs Bravard Cognitive Stimulation Improves Self-esteem of Alzheimer Disease Patients Vilette Bruno, Fourmentin Marie Héléne, Guerrien Alain, Altintas Emin Cognitive Training in Older Office Employees Sergey Shapkin, Eugeny Shadlovskiy, Yury Kovalev Predicting Arithmetical Achievement from Finger Dexterity of Young Children Atsushi Asakawa, Shinichiro Sugimura Social Competence in Institution-reared Turkish Preschool Children: Relations with Language, Executive Function, and Theory of Mind Evren Etel, Bilge Yagmurlu The Role of Parasocial Relationship with Media Figures and Friendship in Childhood Fiorenzo Laghi, Roberto Baiocco, Sabine Pirchio Role of Temperamental Fearfulness and Exuberance and Maternal Warmth on Internalizing Behaviors of Turkish Preschoolers Hatice Melis Yavuz, Bilge Yagmurlu, Nazan Aksan, Feyza Çorapçı The Exploration of Relations among Self Concept, Perceived Social Support and Social Problem Solving Skills in Middle Childhood E. Helin Yaban, Meziyet Arı Pervasive Developmental Disorder and hyperactivity at six years old of the Very-Low-Birth-Weight Inmaculada Palazón, Pedro Muñoz, María González, Remedios García Young Children s Peer Interactive Experiences: The Impact of Peer Gender Jui Chih-Chin Can Young Children Benefit from Collaborative Problem Solving with Less Competent Partners? Kumiko Fujioka Support for Emotional Function in Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder: Focus on Role of Therapist Maki Nakamura The Role of Affective Tone in Discipline Transactions of Mothers and Their Preschoolers: Implications for Self-regulation Oya Kurum, Nazan Aksan Investigating the Effectiveness of a Training Program for Mothers in Reducing Children s Feeding Problems Shirin Zeinali, Mohammad Mazaheri, Karineh Tahmassian, Mansoureh Sadat Sadeghi Gifted Preschoolers: Parent and Teacher Views on Behaviour and Emotional Difficulties Sigita Girdzijauskiene The Difference between the Two Types of Memory: How University Students Recall their Personal Events from Early Childhood. Tomoyoshi Inoue, Yuko Yamana Measuring Social Competencies in Elementary School Children Mandy Grumm, Sascha Hein, Michael Fingerle Visual Scanning Behaviors of 8-month-old Infants Facing Expressive Faces Baudouin Jean Yves, Durand Karine, Monnot Jennifer, Soussignan Robert, Schaal Benoist Hemodynamic Changes in Infants Prefrontal Cortex When Viewing Maternal Facial Expressions: A Near- Infrared Spectroscopic Study Hiroko Yamamoto, Toru Yoshikawa, Hiroyuki Ito, Kenji Nomura, Kazuhiro Yasunaga, Hitoshi Kaneko The Role of Personalily Practice with Toys in the Communicative Development of Institutional-Reared Infants Kirilka Tagareva How Many Objects Amount to a Collection? An Eye Tracking Study of Infants and Adults Representation 96 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

97July 5th, Tuesday of Splitting Objects. Simone Schaub Infants Perception of the Visual Arts: The Content of the Painting Counts Wenke Möhring, Trix Cacchione Parental Expectations of Infant s Achievement in Cognitive Developmental Tasks at 9 Month - in Preterm Infants and Infants with Down Syndrome Eszter Hámori, Judit Szantner, Gyöngyi Mirk A Longitudinal Study of Mothers Sense of Competence Following Home Birth Versus Hospital Birth Diāna Zande, Sandra Sebre Face Expression Recognition From Early Adolescence to Late Adulthood Francesca Federico, Nicola Polizzotto Predictors of Career Orientation: 50-year Longitudinal Study Katarína Millová, Marek Blatný, Martin Jelínek The Interplay of Structural and Emotional Music Reception, Well-Being, and Self-Regulation in Adulthood Leipold Bernhard, Loepthien Tim Influences of Attentive-Analytical Listening on the Personal Goal Structure: Results of an Intervention Study Loepthien Tim, Leipold Bernhard The Czech Longitudinal Study of Optimal Development Vladimir Kebza, Miloslav Kodl, Vera Kernova The Qualitative Method for Analyzing and Describing Human Life: For Grasping the Process of Human Lifestyle Suffering Hardships Yuko Yasuda Social Psychology of Ageing and Lifespan Perspective: Critical ConsiderationsText Elisa Dulcey Ruiz Topic: Emotion and Motivation Emotional Expressivity and Loneliness Ahmet Akın Exercise and Mental Health: Motivation Matters Carolina Gaitan Sierra, Michael Hyland Masked Affective Stimuli and Mental Effort: Effects Due to Induced Affect? Ruta Lasauskaite, Nicolas Silvestrini, Guido H. E. Gendolla Acoustical Mood Induction - Development of New Stimulus Material (ECOS - Emotionally Contagious Sound Clips) Weber Bernhard, Papousek Ilona, Schulter Günter Proactive Coping, Cognitive Reappraisal, and Well-being: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach Yanhua Zhao The Survey of Quality of Life Related to the Health of Senile People in the Different Areas of Tehran Ali Kasaiyan, Milad Abedi Ghelich Gheshlaghi, Marziye Khalilzade Poshtgul, Mohammad Ali Asgharimoghadam Alexithymia and Affect Intensity Traits of Art Students: A Cross-cultural Comparison Marion Botella, Canan Muter Sengul Positive Affect and Negative Affect in Fibromyalgıa Lilian Velasco, Cecilia Peñacoba, Margarita Cigarán, Carmen Ecija POSTER PRESENTATIONS 97

98July 5th, Tuesday Emotion Regulation of the Families Having Disabled Individual Kader Deniz Sarlak Emotion Regulation Efficacy Mohiyeddini Changiy, Opacka-Juffry Jolanta, Lisa Wiesner Professional s Motivational Orientation Factors in Pursuing Continuing Professional Education (CPE) at Graduate and Professional Schools-The Case of Comparative CPE Motivational Orientation Factors for Japanese Government Officials Ayaka Noda Self-regulated or Intrinsically Motivated Self-leader: Investigating Relations between Self-leadership, Self-regulation, and Intrinsic Motivation Martin Vinzing, Marco Furtner, Pierre Sachse Is Emotion in the Brain of the Beholder or the Poser? Evrim Gülbetekin, Osman İyilikçi, Sonia Amado Frontal Cortical EEG Asymmetries are Associated with Trait Aggression and Reduced Behavioral Inhibition Carlos del Rio, Richard Bethlehem, Joris Van Oosterhout, Dennis Schutter, Dennis Hofman The Relationship between Sex Guilt, Age and Marital Duration with Sexual Desire among Iranian Women Negar Teimourpour, Nahaleh Moshtagh Bidokhti, Abbas Pourshahbaz The Effects of Gender and Relationship Status on Sex Drive Wim Waterink, Susan Van Hooren Some Psychological Characteristics of Adolescent Girls Attributing Themselves to Persons with Changed Sexual Orientation Elena Nikolaeva, Ekaterina Veterok Psychological Research of the Lawyer-students Legal Consciousness Motivational Sphere Aliya Boltayeva Anticipated Emotions and Personal Experience for Predicting Behavioral Intentions (BI) and Behavioral Expectations (BE) as Different Proximal Antecedents of Ris Amparo Caballero, Pilar Carrera, Dolores Muñoz, Luis Oceja A Face-in-the-crowd-effect with Inverted Schematic Faces Antonio A. Alvarez, Nuria Fernández The Cross-lagged Relations of College Students External and Intrinsic Motivation in Taiwan Yuh-Yuh Li, Jian-Hui Liu Psychological Structure of Ambition Oksana Barsukova Future-oriented Emotions on Prediction of Behavioral Intention and Behavioral Expectation Pilar Carrera, Amparo Caballero, Dolores Muñoz, Luis Oceja Variability of Situational Goal Orientations - Findings from a Pilot Study Bürger Kathrin Elementary School Science Instruction in Japanese Teacher Training Universities and the Understanding Process of University Students Takahiro Teramoto, Shigeki Kadoya, Hiroyoshi Kinoshita The Relations between Parenting Strategies and Infant Development Helene Gudi, Bettina Lamm, Heidi Keller Prevalence of daily stress in a sample of Spanish children Javier Fernandez Baena, Milagros Escobar, M. Victoria Trianes, Maria J. Blanca, Enrique F. Maldonado 98 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

99July 6th, Wednesday


101July 6th, Wednesday

102July 6th, Wednesday

103July 6th, Wednesday KEYNOTE Free Will as the Expensive Control of Human Action Roy F. Baumeister Chair: Nebi Sümer STATE OF THE ART Ageing well into the Future: What Psychology Has to Offer (and to do)? Hans Werner Wahl Chair: Banu Cangöz Ethics Track Roundtable Discussion 1 Virtue and Politics in Professional Ethics and Human Rights Jean Pettifor, Alfred Allan, Saths Cooper, Adnan Farah, José Maria Peiró KEYNOTE An eye for snakes: Snake detection breaks the rules of attention Arne Öhman (Wilhelm Wundt - William James Award Winner) Chair: Emre Özgen Auditorium Marmara Dolmabahçe A Dolmabahçe B Dolmabahçe C Motivation and Learning Strategies among Psychology and Architecture Students and Their Academic Achievement Orhideja Surbanovska, Biljana Blazevska Stoilkovska The Role of Metacognitive Orientation of Classroom Environment in Academic Self-Efficacy Reza Chalmeh, Mahboobeh Fouladchang Are pupils from primary school able to judge instructional quality? A first insight Lenske Gerlinde, Praetorius Anna, Helmke Andreas STATE OF THE ART A Look at Childhood: Findings from Parental Acceptance-Rejection Theory Studies in Turkey Azmi Varan Chair: Gonca Soygüt Galata Topkapı A Inclusive Counseling for Children with Special Educational Needs: A Model for Working within the School Context Elias Kourkoutas, Viviana Langher, Eva Fountoulaki Supporting Participation and Metacognitive Skills through Online Role Taking Nadia Sansone, Maria Beatrice Ligorio Inclusive Education: A Qualitative Leap? Not without Fully Engaged Educators Liberato Camilleri, Daniele Zucca, Elena Tanti Burlo ORAL PRESENTATIONS 103

104July 6th, Wednesday Topkapı B Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Well-Being and Professional Performance Astrid Schuetz, Nizielski Sophia, Hallum Suhair Pupils with Special Educational Needs: Segregation, Marginal Status and Inclusion Marian Dias Good Vibrations Effects of Playing the Drums on Violence Prevention and Social Integration among Secondary School Students (Results of the Second Project) Drexler Arthur, Woelfl Andreas, Uffelmann Peter Sultan 2 Daughters and Mothers Reasoning about Authority, Gender, and Fairness in Turkey Melike Acar Autonomous-Related Self: The Link between Parenting and Positive Youth Development in a Turkish Sample Gül Nalan Kaya, Çiğdem Kağitçibaşı, Diane Sunar Survival into very old age: Is affect affected? Oliver Schilling, Hans Werner Wahl Sultan 3 The Resilient Society? Future Security Threats and Coping Strategies Gerhold Lars Student Conceptions of Political and Institutional Trust: Is There a Cultural ExplanationText Kerry J Kennedy The Accessibility and Preparedness of Targets of Political Assassination Angela Scholes, Margaret Wilson Levent 3 Assessment of Dynamic Problem Solving Competency with Computer-Based Problems Samuel Greiff, Sascha Wüstenberg, Joachim Funke Dynamic Problem Solving Competency: More than Intelligence? Sascha Wüstenberg, Samuel Greiff, Joachim Funke Spoilt for Choice: The Role of Counterfactual Thinking in the Choice and Reversibility Paradoxes Rebecca Hafner MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Collective Action, Intergroup Contact and Mediating Role of Relative Deprivation and Group Power among Social Groups: The Turkish Context Elvan Melek Ertürk, Hüseyin Çakal, Miles Hewstone A Longitudinal Study of Perspective Taking and Trust as Mediators of Intergroup Contact and Collective Action in Romania Hüseyin Çakal, Sebastian Pintea, Miles Hewstone, Anthony Heath, Alina Rusu Disclosures of Domestic Violence Victims Georgiana Virginia Bonea 104 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

105July 6th, Wednesday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Death versus Dissonance: Increasing Self-Esteem as a Versatile Solution Lena Frischlich, Julia Kneer, Gary Bente Do Coping Strategies Protect Victims of Cyberbullying Against Depressive Feelings and Health Complaints? Catherine Bolman, Trijntje Völlink Cognitive Dissonance & Memory Load: The Effect of Personal Relevance on Dissonance Reduction and Memory Performance Diana Rieger, Julia Kneer, Gary Bente MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Retrograde Memory During and After Transient Global Amnesia Eugenia Marín, Jose Maria Ruiz Vargas Formation of Visual Object Representations in the Convergence-Divergence Zone Framework: An Empirical Study on the Effects of Discrete Feature Similarity and Repetition Frequency on Object Familiarity Selda Eren Kanat, Annette Hohenberger Implicit Memory and Aging Deniz Atalay Ata MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Developing a Testing and Assessment Center for Workers in the Manufacturing Sector H. Canan Sümer, Canan Coskan, Gülçer Aydın, Gülfer Aydoğan, Remzi Sulo, H. Belgin Ayvaşık, Nurhan Er, Buğra Koku, Mine Misirlisoy, Nebi Sümer, Ayda Eriş, H. Tuğba Erol Korkmaz, Volkan Seker, Buğra Özütemiz Effects of Systematically Varied Instructions in an Assessment Center Context on the Measurement of Personality Constructs Daniela Gundert, Frank Zinn Interpersonal Behavior: Advantages of Computer-based Group Assessment Frank Zinn, Viktor Oubaid, Daniela Gundert, Jenny Klein MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Childhood Abuse History: Emotion Regulation, Emotional Functioning, Interpersonal Styles and Psychological Well-Being Gülçim Bilim, Banu Yılmaz Psychoeducation: Lessons Learned from Natural Disasters in Turkey Nedret Öztan The Effects of Pre-Migration Traumatic Events and Post-Migration Stressors on Mental Health of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Duygu Cantekin ORAL PRESENTATIONS 105

106July 6th, Wednesday MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Social and Emotional Intelligence in Children with Special Educational Need institutionalized: Self and others perception Glória Franco, Adelinda Candeias Differences in Commitment and Preference Stability between Monetary and Nonmonetary Decisions Nina Bakosova 106 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

107July 6th, Wednesday Auditorium Invited Symposium 4 Children s Social-Emotional Development in Diverse Cultural Settings Convener: Bilge Yağmurlu Chinese and Korean Immigrant Children s Social-Emotional Development: The Role of Parenting and its Predictors Charissa S. L. Cheah Maternal Sensitivity Promotes Positive Child Development in Ethnic Minorities: Towards an Intercultural Family Stress Model Judi Mesman Tuning in to Kids: A Community Trial of an Emotion-Focused Prevention Program for Parents of Preschool Children Katherine R. Wilson Cool Little Kids Randomised Controlled Trial: Population-Level Early Prevention for Anxiety Disorders Jordana K Bayer Marmara Symposium 7 Emotional Skills and Competences Questionnaire (ESCQ): Cross-cultural Validation Convener: Vladimir Taksic The Relationship between Memory Performance and EI Assessed by J-ESCQ Hiroshi Toyota Emotional Competence and Satisfaction among Volunteers Luísa Faria, Nelson Lima Santos Emotional Intelligence Research in Argentina: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of Emotional Skills and Competence Questionnaire (ESCQ) Isabel María Mikulic Importance of Trait Emotional Intelligence for Different Domains of Life Satisfaction Andreja Avsec Differential Item Functioning Analyses of National and Cross-Cultural ESCQ Data Bo Molander Ethics Track Symposium 3 Ethics and Human Rights Convener: Saths Cooper Together in Serving Humankind in the 21st Century Janel Gauthier Human Rights and Professional Ethics for Psychologists Stephen Behnke Psychology and Ethics in ASEAN and SAARC countries Elizabeth Nair Psychological Conduct under Repression and Democracy Saths Cooper Dolmabahçe A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 107

108July 6th, Wednesday Dolmabahçe B Test and Testing Track Symposium 3 Validating Educational and Psychological Tests: Theory, Application, and Future Directions Convener: Stephen G. Sireci An Historical Perspective on Validity Theory and Test Validation Stephen G. Sireci Validity in Psychological Testing: Where We are and Where We Should Go Paula Elosua Using Technology to Reduce Construct-Irrelevant Variance David Foster Validity of the Turkish Pupil Monitoring System Giray Berberoğlu The Buros Center for Testing Approaches to Test Review Kurt F. Geisinger Dolmabahçe C Europlat Invited Symposium 5 Employability of Psychology Graduates in Europe Convener: Annie Trapp Employability of European Psychology Graduates in Post Bologna Education Ales Neusar, Jan Mareš, Stanislav Ježek Employability of Psychology Graduates in France, Turkey, Malta, and Poland Maria Pereira Da Costa, Nebi Sümer, Elena Tanti Burlo, Julita Wojciechowska, Emilia Soroko Factors of the Carrier Behaviour Among the Students and Graduates in Psychology in Bulgaria Sava Djonev, Nadia Koltcheva, Borislav Slavchov The Psychology Placement Year Peter Reddy, Elisabeth Moores A Web-Based Information Platform on Learning and Practicing Psychology Uli Frauenfelder, Sandra Berney Galata Primacy of Morality Over Competence in the Reaction to Group Deviants: The Effects of Group Membership and Threat to Social Identity Rui Serôdio, Marco Rego, Marta Silva, Paula Lopes The Research of a Guide in Developmental Age: Experiences of Modeling in the School Context Giuseppina Castriciano Cognitive Poignancy: The Coexistence of Positivity Enhancement Effect and Negativity Enhancement Effect in Memory among Older Adults Helene Fung, Xin Zhang, Derek Isaacowitz A Psycho-lexical Approach to the Structure of Romanian Population Values Romeo Zeno Cretu, Sylvia Burcas Italian Days Symposium 2 Psychology and Prevention Convener: Michele Liuzzi Topkapı A Primary Care Psychology Michele Liuzzi 108 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

109July 6th, Wednesday Relationships between Psychological Wellness and Physical Wellness in Primary Care Giancarlo Marenco Research project: Psychologists in pharmacy. Free psychology service promoted/patronized by the Psychologists Board of the Umbria region in collaboration with the Pharmacists board of the province of Perugia Immacolata Tomay Good Health and Good Teaching: Relationship between Teacher Health and Teaching Quality The Results of Research on Teacher Burnout Within the Schools of a Sardinia Town Maria Carmen Ghiani Inner Development: Ability to Access to Higher States of Consciousness Luciano Palladino Using mental imagery in Psychotherapy: Epistemological Perspectives Philippe Groisbois Topkapı B Symposium 31 New Perspectives in Psychological Assessment of Children and Family Convener: Africa Borges Neuropsychological Assessment in Children and Adolescents with Frontal Lobe Epilepsy through Use of the Cambridge Neuropsychological Testing Automated Battery (Cantab) Emilio Verche An Approach to the Knowledge of Future Professionals on Family Mediation Maryurena Lorenzo Assessment of Beck s Cognitive Triad in Children and its Relation to Depression and Academic Performance Blanca Pérez Sánchez Identification of Gifted Children in Schools Valadez Sierra Concerns of Couples about Divorce Natalia Herranz Sultan 2 Symposium 3 A Multisource Perspective for Rehabilitation of Schizophrenia Convener: A. Nuray Karancı Family Perspective: Needs and Burdens of Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia A. Nuray Karanci The Power of Forces within: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Treatment of Schizophrenia Muazzez Merve Yüksel Recovery in Schizophrenia: A Multi-Dimensional Approach Haldun Soygür What about the Patients: Views and Experiences Yasemin Şenyurt Sultan 3 The Relationship between Spritual Intelligence and Time Perspective in Students Azra Zebardast, Mohammad Ali Besharat, Marjan Haghighatgoo, Seyed Vali Allah Mousavi, Elahe Ranjbar, Shahrzad Shafaei ORAL PRESENTATIONS 109

110July 6th, Wednesday A Socio-Normative approach of the Future Time Perspective Construct Severin Guignard, Themis Apostolidis, Christophe Demarque Making Sense of Creativity: A Social Representations Study Vlad Petre Glaveanu The social Representation of Creativity: A Cross-Cultural Study Canan Muter Sengul, Jean Louis Tavani, Franck Zenasni, Dmitry Lyusin, Lisa Olsson, Todd Lubart Levent 3 Can we Think How Far Teachers are From the Concept of Creative Thinking? (Teachers Understanding and Promoting Creative Thinking amongst Pupils) Soudabeh Ershadi Manesh, Mahmood Mansoor Attention Deployment During Memorizing and Executing Complex Instructions - an Eye Movement Study Martin H. Fischer, Jens K. Apel, Gavin F. Revie, Angelo Cangelosi, Rob Ellis, Jeremy Goslin Intervention for Emotional Inteligence Development on High School students from Mayan Community Manuel Sosa Correa, Silvia Álvarez Cuevas, Adriana Vera Carrillo Does the Spider Always Win the Fight for Attention? Top-Down Modulation in Fear-Relevant Interference Joyce M. G. Vromen, Ottmar V. Lipp, Roger W. Remington MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Relationship between Extraversion, Neuroticism and Cognitive Failures: The Assessment of Metacognition as a Mediator Mahnaz Shahgholian, Parviz Azadfallah, Ali Fathi-Ashtiani Narcissism, Self-Esteem, and Aggression Arzu Aydın, Arzu Araz, Serap Arslan Akfırat, Serap Akgün Evaluation of Personality Traits in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Normal People Fakhrossadat Ghoreyshi Rad, Vahideh Poormohamad Rumination and Self-Reflection as Moderators of the Relationship Between Self-Compassion and Anxiety Ghazale Samaie, Hojjat Adnan Farahani MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Do we Simplify Others Personalities? Examining Implicit Simplicity in Dyadic Perceptions John Rauthmann Courage and Its Domains: From a Regulatory Focus Perspective Bilge Yalçındağ, Türker Özkan An introduction of Power Basis Theory: Empirical evidence in Taiwan I-Ching-Lee Knowing You, Knowing Me: A mother-daughter communication strategy Mary Katsikitis, Christian Jones, Melody Muscat MILITARY MUSEUM The Faith between the Consciousness and Subconscious Boris Bratus, Nataliya Inina Sakarya A 110 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

111July 6th, Wednesday The Phenomenology of the Despised Body Zelda Knight Psychological Factors and Principles of Innovational Behavior Eduard Galazhinskyi Current Status and Trends of Psychological Research Productivity: USA and Other Leading Countries John G. Adair, Cam Loi Huynh MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Mediating Roles of Job Satisfaction and Burnout in the Relationship between Negative Work Events and Employee Turnover Aslı Yalçın, Reyhan Bilgiç Negative Affectivity and Common Method Variance in Work-Related Stress Assessment: The Role of an Integrated Approach Nicola De Carlo, Alessandra Falco, Damiano Girardi, Laura Dal Corso, Stefano Bortolato Perceived Negative Changes in the Organizational Climate and Occupational Stressors as the Predictors of Distress in Nurses Miyuki Matsumoto, Atsuko Kanai MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Sprinters in the Course of a Marathon: Elite Child Athletes in Adolescence Jiri Mudrak, Pavel Slepicka Testing the Developmental Model: A qualitative analysis of former elite athletes\ career development Anke Reints, Paul Wylleman Academic Procrastination and Its Relationship to Self-esteem and Life Satisfaction Bahman Kord Tamini, Gholamreza Minakhany, Fahimeh Zare Behavioral Strategies for Russian Undergraduates in Selecting and Obtaining Additional Professional Qualifications Olga Fedotova MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Challenging and Justifying, Complying and Resisting: Power-in-interaction in Families Talk Marina Everri, Luisa Molinari Comparison of Arranged and Love Marriages on Attachment Figure Transference and Caregiving Elçin Gündoğdu Aktürk, Nebi Sümer Ask Yourself a Question to Get Motivated but Only If You are not Already Motivated İbrahim Senay, Dolores Albarracin Convergent and Divergent Validity of Two Measures of Implicit Self-Esteem Bojana Bodroža, Goran Opačić ORAL PRESENTATIONS 111

112July 6th, Wednesday Symposium 23 Time perspective: Developmental and Clinical Issues Convener: Philip G. Zimbardo Generational Trajectories in Time Perspective A. Sircova Time across Time: Study of Time Perspective Differences across Several Ages Groups Victor E. C. Ortuño Time Perspective and Tolerance for Ambiguity in Perfectionists Vera Yasnaya The Relationship between Time Perspective and Mental Health in Students Marjan Haghighatgoo Auditorium Marmara Invited Symposium 5 Insights on Parenting and Positive Adjustment Across Cultures: Multiethnic and Multimethod Perspectives Convener: Gustavo Carlo Insights on Parenting and Positive Adjustment across Cultures: Multiethnic and Multimethod Perspectives Lisa Crockett Insights on Parenting and Positive Adjustment across Cultures: Multiethnic and Multimethod Perspectives Maria V. Mestre Insights on Parenting and Positive Adjustment across Cultures: Multiethnic and Multimethod Perspectives Maria R. De Guzman Insights on Parenting and Positive Adjustment across Cultures: Multiethnic and Multimethod Perspectives Asiye Kumru Insights on Parenting and Positive Adjustment across Cultures: Multiethnic and Multimethod Perspectives Juh-Ling Shen Dolmabahçe A Ethics Track Undergraduate Psychology Student Satisfaction with Ethics Course: Pilot study using Problem Solving Approach Evaldas Kazlauskas, Birute Pociute A Critical Analysis of the College of Romanian Psychologists Deontology Code with respect to distressed or impaired psychologists Juan Martinez Developing and Implementing a Continuing Competence Program for Professional Psychologists: A Canadian Perspective Paul Jerry Limitations of Empirical Field Studies Arnold Groh Test and Testing Track Symposium 5 From Indigenous to Cross-Cultural Personality Assessment Convener: Fanny M. Cheung Dolmabahçe B The Combined Emic-etic Approach in Indigenous Personality Assessment Fanny M. Cheung Generalizability of the Cross-cultural Personality Assessment Inventory (CPAI) in a native Dutch and a Chinese Dutch student sample Marise Ph. Born 112 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

113July 6th, Wednesday The CPAI-2 as a Measure of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Wellbeing in Romania Dragos Iliescu Cross-cultural Comparison on the Personality Structure of the CPAI-A among American and Chinese adolescents Sarah L. Y. Wan A Cross-cultural Comparison of CPAI-A Correlates of Career Self-efficacy in American and Chinese Adolescents Frederick T. L. Leong Europlat Invited Symposium 3 Internationalisation in Psychology Convener: Caprice Lantz Internationalisation in Psychology Caprice Lantz Internationalization as a Mindset for Professional Psychology Training Programs Anthi Loutsiou Ladd Learning From Erasmus Exchange Programmes with Poland Jenny Mercer, Dan Heggs Developing cultural competence in a developing country: Psychology in Cambodia Cindy J. Lahar Symposium 12 New Ways with(in) Cultural Psychology Convener: Aydan Gülerce New Ways with(in) Cultural Psychology Tatsuya Sato New Ways with(in) Cultural Psychology Jack Martin New Ways with(in) Cultural Psychology Cor Baerveldt New Ways with(in) Cultural Psychology Aydan Gülerce Dolmabahçe C Galata Italian Days - Symposium 3 Treatments of Clinical Psychology in different contexts Convener: Vito Tummino Topkapı A Factors Associated with an Individuals Decision to Withdraw from Genetic Counseling: the Influence of Personality Traits Anita Caruso Efficacy of Relaxation Training Module for Health Care Professionals in Oncology? Andrea Maldifassi Gambling: A Case Claudia Burroni Exploration of the Emotive and Relational World in Combat Sports: an Analysis through Graphoanalysis and Reading of Emotions. Verify a Possible Strategy for the Rebalancing Process Giovanni Lodetti ORAL PRESENTATIONS 113

114July 6th, Wednesday Topkapı B Symposium 36 No Butterflies without Caterpillars: Why Developmental Questions are Critical to the Study of Social Psychology Convener: Sara Haga Discussant: Mahzarin R. Banaji White wealth: Children s explicit and implicit attitudes toward race and social status Anna Newheiser Big & Mighty: Preverbal Infants Mentally Represent Social Dominance Lotte Thomsen The Ontogeny of the Person Perception Dual Architecture Sara Haga Social Status Influences Children s Intergroup Attitudes: Evidence from a Novel Groups Paradigm Suzanne R. Horwitz Sultan 2 Guided Self-help on the Internet for Turkish Migrants in the Netherlands with Depression. Preliminary results from a Randomized Controlled Trial Burçin Ünlü Psychological Morbidity in Women Presenting with Vaginal Discharge in Pakistan Nashi Khan, Clare Flach, Rukhsana Kausar, Louise Howard The Evaluation of Individual Differences Observed in Emotional Life and Regulation Multidimensionally Kader Deniz Sarlak Externalization: Measurement and Cross-cultural Comparison Julius Kuhl, Olga Mitina, Veronika Sorokina, Eugenius Savotin Sultan 3 Symposium 1 Emotion and time perception Convener: Sylvie Droit-Volet Discussant: John Wearden What Time tells us about our Reactions to Emotional Faces? Lino Bueno Evaluative Conditioning Using Emotion-Provoking Stimuli John Wearden The Long-term Memory of Durations of Emotional Events Sylvie Droit-Volet The Effect of an Appetitive Intruded Event on Peak-interval Timing in Pigeons Bruce L. Brown Distortion in Time Perception by an Aversive Emotional Cue in Rats: Temporal Dynamic and Neural Structures Doyère Valérie Levent 3 Physiological Measurement of the Process of Perspective Shift in the Imagery of Test Anxiety A.Kadir Özer, Ekin Eremsoy, Gökhan Malkoç, Emel Kromer, Birgül Haznedaroğlu 114 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

115July 6th, Wednesday The Physiological Effects of the Process of Imagery Perspective Shift in High and Low Test Anxiety Ekin Eremsoy, Kadir Özer, Emel Kromer, Birgül Haznedaroglu Relation between Deterministic Thinking and Anxiety- Cultural Points Jalal Younesi, Mahdieh Tooyserkani Ravari, Mehrnoush Esbati Metacognitive profiles in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Fateme Moin Al-Ghorabaiee, Mahdi Fadaiee MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Comparing Different Types of Inter-group Contact in Cyprus Maria Ioannou A Test of the Direct and Extended Intergroup Contact Theory: the Mediating Role of Intergroup Anxiety, Ingroup Identity and Inclusion of the Other in the Self Jacopo Grisolaghi, Cristina Stefanile Evaluating Intergroup Contact in Integrated Schooling in Northern Ireland: A Direct Observational Approach Shelley McKeown, Ed Cairns, Maurice Stringer When Imagined Contact Leads to Intergroup Trust and Empathy: The Role of Self-disclosure in Imagined Intergroup Contact Dieta Kuchenbrandt, Friederike Eyssel MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 The Examination of the Personality Characteristics of Theater Players in the Framework of Five Factor Model and Construction of their Professional Profiles Arkun Tatar, Hasan Şahintürk, Gaye Saltukoğlu, Simon Telvi Role of the Big Five Personality Traits in Predicting College Students Achievement Motivation Hoseein Zare, Rajabali Mohammadzadeh Edmollaii The Relationship between Internet Dependency with Sensation Seeking and Five Big Factors of Personality in University Students Soudeh Rahmani, Masoud Gholamali Lavasani Self-assessment of Work-related Competencies: Does their Structural Pattern Reflect the Big Five? Dorothea Klinck MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Empowering Community Voices and Action in a Community Asset Mapping Project in a South African Rural Setting Anthony Naidoo Mapping Ideological Changes. Implications of Neoliberal Market Capitalism and Individualism on the Social Selves in Turkey and Norway Salman Türken Suicide Prevention in a Clinical Community Perspective. The Role of Colleagual Support and Supervision for Work Motivation and Burnout among Psychologists Working with Suicidal Adolescents Nicholas Carr Study of Causal Attributions, Stereotypes and Meta-stereotypes in Homeless People: A Qualitative Approach Carolina Marin, Sonia Panadero, Alejandro Iborra, Isabel Pascual, Jose Juan Vazquez ORAL PRESENTATIONS 115

116July 6th, Wednesday MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B The Moderator Role of Social Support on the Relationship between Job Stress and Intention to Leave Özlem Sertel Berk, İlknur Özalp Türetgen, Ece Yetişen National and Local Policies Disputing the Work Identities of the Chilean Teacher Workforce: Intrinsic or extrinsic motivation Luis Ahumada, Carmen Montecinos, Vicente Sisto The Compensatory Model of Motivation and Volition: Research Findings Regarding Flow, Motive Discrepancies, Depletion of Will-power, and the Undermining Effect Kehr Hugo, Rawolle Maika Employees Motivational Tendencies and Attributions as Predictors of Supervisor-Rated Task Performance Aslı Göncü, H. Canan Sümer MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Is it a Man s World? Looking for a Possible Gender Gap in the World of Silver Surfers Anna Felnhofer, Oswald D. Kothgassner, Birgit U. Stetina, Ilse Kryspin Exner The Interface of Personality Traits and Conceptual Metaphors Reza Khany, Mahmood Qarachollou An investigation of the Relationships between Self-compassion and Self-handicapping Ahmet Akin Acquisitive Versus Protective Self-presentation in Dark Personalities: Examining Relationships among the Dark Triad and Self-monitoring John Rauthmann MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Affective Reactions on Success and Failure the Moderating Effect of Implicit and Explicit Self-esteem Bojana Bodroža, Goran Opačić Self Identity and Social Network: The New Consumers Ego between Real and Virtual Life Massimo Bustreo, Laura Milani, Vincenzo Russo Psychophysiological Peculiarities of Sexual Dimorphism in Athletes Georgiy Korobeynikov, Lesia Korobeynikova Mental Imagery Training and SIQ Implementation in Russian Youth Sport Schools Aleksander Veraksa, Aleksandra Gorovaya 116 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

117July 6th, Wednesday KEYNOTE Unconscious Social Cognition Mahzarin R. Banaji Chair: Sami Gülgöz STATE OF THE ART Personnel Selection: Top Five Scientific Findings to Transform Practice Deniz Öneş Chair: Serap Keleş Auditorium Marmara Dolmabahçe A Self-Conscious Emotions in Turkish Cultural Context Duygu Dinçer, Cem Şafak Çukur Science Teaching and Argumentation: One-Sided v/s Dialectical Argumentation in Chilean Middle School Science Lessons Antonia Larrain, Paulina Freire Dolmabahçe B Test and Testing Track 1 Conceptual Development Assessment (CDA) of Pre-Education Students Çiğdem İş Güzel, Giray Berberoğlu, Ömer Ahmet Konak, Nedim Toker A Metric for the Difficulty Differential Procedure for Detecting Differential Item Functioning Angela Berrío Beltrán, Nidia Herrera Rojas, Juana Gómez Benito Dolmabahçe C The Development of Inventory for Assessing Teaching Performance of University Teachers Maryam Ghahremani, Asghar Jafari The MonteBaRo-Parent-Training: Effectiveness and differential effects Frederik A. Graf, Mandy Grumm, Sascha Hein, Michael Fingerle Chirden s voice in the schools quality assessment Esperança Ribeiro, Isabel Catarina Martins Galata STATE OF THE ART Family Values, Roles, Networks and Emotional Bonds: How Different or Similar are they across Cultures? James Georgas Chair: Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı Topkapı A The Relationship between Parental Expectations and Criticism and the Motivation and Anxiety of Secondary School Athletes Leon van Niekerk Sport Career as Regulator of Athletes Personal Development Galina Gorskaya ORAL PRESENTATIONS 117

118July 6th, Wednesday Motivational Determinants of Physical Activity in Czech Older Adults Jiri Mudrak, Pavel Slepicka Topkapı B Roundtable Discussion 8 Tuning in to Innovative Cultures Music as a Metaphor to Understand the Improvisational Field in Social Systems Wolfgang Stark, David Vossebrecher, Christopher Dell Sultan 2 Emotional Avoidance and its Relation to Reasons for Smoking in Adolescents Maria Karekla, Margarita Kapsou, Vasilia Aphrodite Ioannou, Andria Christodoulou, Irene Gregoriou Control or involvement? Authoritative parenting style and adolescent smoking and drinking Bettina Piko, Máté Ádám Balázs Victimization and Risky Health Behaviors of Young Adults in St-Petersburg, Russia Olga Bogolyubova, Lyubov Smykalo, Roman Skochilov, Galina Hrabrova Sultan 3 What Images do the Children have through Peace Education in Hiroshima? Masashi Urabe, Hitoshi Takahashi, Yohei Okibayashi, Atsuko Morikawa, Chiharu Sakamoto, Shinji Ishii Social Epidemics (Analytical Survey) Alexander Katkov Religious Ideological Rigidity and Political Attitude: Case Study of Moslem leader who Compatible or opposed democracy in Indonesia Tutut Chusniyah, Muhammad Iqbal Levent 3 Structure of Organ Donation Attitudes in Turkey: The Implications of a Data-mining Approach to Reasoned Action for the Design of Persuasive Communications Başar Demir, Tarcan Kumkale Investigating the Changes in the Attributions toward Epilepsy by the Passage of Time Nuran Aydemir, Çiğdem Özkara, Ann Jacoby The Development of Self-Regulation Skills to Nurses in the Clinical Setting and Its Relation to Patients Satisfaction Theano Kalavana, Constantinos Christodoulou MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Why Do Stably Satisfied Newlyweds Go On To Divorce? Justin Lavner, Thomas Bradbury Knowing Loved Ones Wishes: Attachment Security Predicts Caregivers Accuracy Bülent Turan, Laura Carstensen The Relationship between Sex Guilt, Age and Marital Duration with Marital Satisfaction in Iranian Women Negar Teimourpour, Nahaleh Moshtagh Bidokhti, Abbas Pourshahbaz 118 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

119July 6th, Wednesday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Self-Esteem, Resilience and other Psychological Characteristics of Mat Rempit (Dare Devil- Bikers in Malaysia Rozmi Ismail, Wan Sharazad Wan Sulaiman, Samsudin A. Rahim Psychological Assessment and Psychological Robustness: An exploration of how police officers cope with psychological outcomes of traumatic experiences Sajida Naz Efficacy of Anger Management Training Based on Cognitive Behavioral Approach on Happiness of Adolescence Sepideh Barghandan MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Too Hard, Too Easy or Just Right? Test-taking Motivation and Emotion as an Effect of Person-item-Fit Regine Asseburg, Andreas Frey Impact of Internet-information about the Rorschach and the MMPI-2 on Test Results Ellen Hartmann Time Structure Investigation: Self-Organization of Time Inventory Elena Mandrikova MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Leading Yourself before Leading Others: Linking Self-leadership to the Full Range Model of Leadership Marco Furtner, Urs Baldegger, John Rauthmann, Pierre Sachse Directive Leadership and Work Outcomes: A Mediated Moderated Model Salem Alabri, George Chen The Relationships between Psychological Predictors and Transformational Leadership in the Employees of an Oil Company in Iran Hossein Shokrkon MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C A Quantitative Analysis about the Prevalence of PTSD after the Chemical Attack in Halabja Frishta M-Hasan Working with Trauma: Secondary Traumatic Stress among Mental Health Workers in Turkey Ferhat Jak Icoz, Ayten Zara Working Memory and Narrative Function in Adolescents With and Without Traumatic Experiences Silvia Andreassi, Grazia Cappellucci, Marco Carboni, Daniela Gioffrè, Alessandra De Coro MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D The Decision Making OppÖnent Areas in the Frontal Lobe Yuri Shelepin, Nigel Foreman, Alexei Harauzov, Olga Vakhromeeva Discretionary Spending under Financial Constraints The Role of Self-Concept Clarity and Perceived Stress Gülen Sarial Abi, Zeynep Gürhan Canlı, Tarcan Kumkale, Yeosun Yoon Bitter Joy, Sweet Sadness? An Experiment on Moods and Overconfidence Philipp Koellinger, Theresa Michl ORAL PRESENTATIONS 119

120July 6th, Wednesday Auditorium Invited Symposium 6 Personality Structure and Correlates: New Developments and Applications Convener: Denis Bratko Further Insight into the Nature of Disintegration: Some Cognitive Correlates of Big Five +1 Serbia Goran Knežević The Fact is Facets Matter? Two Studies of Conscientiousness Richard D. Roberts Genetic Overlap between Personality and Life Satisfaction Denis Bratko Personality and Movie Preferences Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Human-Brand Personality Congruity: Effects on Consumption-Related Constructs and Measurement Issues Michael Bosnjak Marmara Symposium 43 Learning, Motivation and Teacher-student Interaction: The Impact of Student- and Teacher-Related Characteristics Convener: Katja Upadhyaya Self-concept of Math and Computer Ability and the Choice of ICT -related Studies in a Sample of Spanish Secondary Students: The Influence of Gender and Academic Tracks Milagros Sáinz In the Eye of the Beholder: Students and Teachers Perceptions of Students Self-regulated learning and Associations with Learning-related Outcomes Poldi Kuhl How Teachers Perceptions Impact Children s Interest in Math Across the Primary School Years? Katja Upadhyaya Teacher-reported Autonomy-support Predictors of Student Belonging and Affect Helen M. G. Watt Russian Day Symposium 5 Vygotsky s Cultural-historical Conception in Contemporary Russian Psychology Convener: Eduard Galazhinskiy Dolmabahçe A System-Anthropological Approach in Psychology: Cultural-Historical Foundation and Applied Opportunities Eduard Galazhinskiy Projection of System-Anthropological Ideas into Educational Practice Olga Bogdanova Cultural-Historical Theory and Modern Psychology Vitaly Klochko Three Levels of Psychological Thinking and Its Coexistence in the Professional Mentality of the Students Who Study Psychology as Major Discipline Tatiana Vaulina Research on Russian Political Communications Using Methods of Social and Political Psychology Tatyana Anisimova 120 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

121July 6th, Wednesday Dolmabahçe B Test and Testing Track Feedback as a Determinant of Fairness in Intercultural Online Assessment Achim Preuss, Katharina Lochner, Maike Wehrmaker Diversity and Impression Management in Personality Testing Achim Preuss, Katharina Lochner, Maike Wehrmaker A review of Psychological Test Use by Occupational Psychologists in the Republic of Croatia Krunoslav Matesic Adaptation Russian Version of the Scale of Machiavinellianism in Contemporary Uzbekistan Olga Mitina, Anatstasia Gorbunova Dolmabahçe C Europlat Symposium 2 Responding to Diversity: Exploring Accounts of Learning and TeaChing-From Non-Traditional and Minority Students in U.K. Psychology Departments Convener: Hazel Dewart Diversity in Higher Education: The non-traditional student of Psychology Paula Hixenbaugh Out in Psychology 1: Exploring Gay and Bisexual Men s Accounts Of their Educational experiences in Psychology Ian Hodegs Out in Psychology 2: Exploring Lesbian and Bisexual Women s Accounts Of their Educational experiences in Psychology Carol Pearson Psychology from the Standpoint of Ethnic Minority Students Sanjay Jobanputra Minority Students and Undergraduate Psychology: Mapping a Common Framework for the Minority Student Experience Corriene Reed Galata Symposium 13 The Social Construction of Turkish Masculinities Convener: Güler Okman Fişek The Role of Marriage and Relationship with Wife on the Construction of Masculinities Hale Bolak Boratav The Masculine Identity Hande Eslen Ziya Fatherhood Patterns in Turkey: A Comparison between 1st and 2nd Generation Fathers Büşra Yalçınöz The role of Maternal and Paternal Identifications in the Constructions of Masculine Self among Youth in Turkey Anıl Özge Üstünel Italian Day - Symposium 4 TEMAS (Tell-Me-A-Story) as a Multicultural Test and Narrative Treatment Modality Convener: Giuseppe Constantino Multicultural Standardization of TEMAS (Tell-Me-A-Story) in the USA Giuseppe Constantino Topkapı A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 121

122July 6th, Wednesday What Function does Anorexia play Within a Family? A Clinical Case Study Carolina Meucci Clinical Utility of TEMAS (Tell-Me-A-Story) with Sexually Abused Children Elsa B. Cardalda Multicultural Standardization of TEMAS (Tell-Me-A-Story) in Italy Erminia Costantino Culturally Comptetent, Evidence-Based Treatment for Post WTC Disaster Trauma in Latino Children Louis Primavera Topkapı B Symposium 15 Social and Emotional Learning in Portugal: Interventions from kindergarten to college Convener: Vitor Coelho Transition to School: Hearing Children s Voices Karla Correia Atitude Positiva : Impact of Five Years of Implementation of a Social and Emotional Learning Program on Elementary Student s Social and Emotional Skills Vitor Coelho The effects of Slowly but steadily Social and Emotional Learning program on elementary school children Raquel Raimundo Emotional Training Program for Lisbon Gifted Children Sara Bahia Atitude Positiva : The impact of a Social and Emotional Learning Program on Middle School Student s Social and Emotional Skills Vanda Sousa Sultan 2 Italian Day -Symposium 5 Shyness, Moral Reasoning and Self-Identity among Italians and Italian-Americans Convener: Bernardo J. Carducci What Shy Sicilian Students Do to Deal with Their Shyness: An Analysis and Evaluation of Self-Selected Coping Strategies Bernardo J. Carducci Personality Traits and Moral Reasoning in the Italian Context Giancarlo Tanucci The Relationship between Ethnic Identification and Self Acceptance in Third Generation Italian Americans Carmela Sansone Social and Professional Identity of Psychologists and Psychology Valeria La Via Representations of 2008 Electoral Campaign on Italian Citizens. First Results of an Empirical Survey Luigi Mauro Tristaino Sultan 3 Symposium 41 Temporary Agency Workers Attitudes and Well Being: The Relevance of Organizational Actions Convener: Maria José Chambel Temporary Agency Workers Attitudes and Well Being: The Relevance of Organizational Actions 1 Maria José Chambel Temporary Agency Workers Attitudes and Well Being: The Relevance of Organizational Actions 2 Alexandra Marques-Pinto 122 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

123July 6th, Wednesday Temporary Agency Workers Attitudes and Well Being: The Relevance of Organizational Actions 3 Carmen Tabernero Temporary Agency Workers Attitudes and Well Being: The Relevance of Organizational Actions 4 Luis Curral Levent 3 Dynamic Optimism as a Key Factor to Define the Successful Technological Entrepreneur Jorge López Puga A comparative Study on Self-esteem in Infertile Couples and Adoptive Couples Vajiheh Gharaei, Mozhdeh Mohammadzadeh Khordoo, Tahereh Alavi 4 Elements Personality Inventory: Relationship between Dominant Element and Professional occupation Dana Fajmonova, Radvan Bahbouh, Eva Rozehnalova, Matej Hochel The Contributions of Adult Attachment and Working Memory to Schizotypy Karen Goodall, Steven Darling, Myles Jay, Hutt Ailidh MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Some Correlates of Perceived Parental Acceptance and Control: Implications for Self-Construction and Psychological Functioning Selen İmamoğlu The effects of Parenting style and Attachment style on children s social-emotional adjustment Nicos Georgiou, Panicos Staurinidis, Stelios Georgiou Gendered Identity Projects for Migrant Families Rebecca Weber Equity and Infidelity in Young Adults Dating Relationships Panos Kordoutis MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Socio demographic and Psychological Predictors of Long Term Chronic Misuse and Use of Benzodiazepines in the General Population of Norwegian Adults: The HUNT St Trond Nordfjærn, Ottar Bjerkeset, Grete Bratberg, Michael Berk, Rolf Gråwe More Mindfulness less Alcohol? Evaluation of a German Version of the Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Program by Marlatt Wolfgang P. Beiglboeck, Maria Mayr, Sandra Waigmann, G. Alan Marlatt Debunking Psychological Differences in Online-games: Problematic Gaming Behavior and Clinical Psychological Aspects of Online-gaming Oswald D. Kothgassner, Birgit U. Stetina, Mario Lehenbauer, Anna Felnhofer, Ilse Kryspin Exner Psychopathology, Quality of Romantic Relationships and Personality as Predictors of Internet Addiction among Adolescent Avatar Players on the Internet Vasilis Stavropoulos, Efrosyni Motti Stefanidi MILITARY MUSEUM Cyberpsychology: An ethical oxymoron? Anna Felnhofer, Ilse Kryspin Exner Sakarya A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 123

124July 6th, Wednesday Quality Methods in Psychology and Problems of Their Choosing Valentyna Podshyvalkina Paired Comparisons as a Method for Assessing Lifestyle Preferences in Different Cultures Arnold Groh Comparative Appraisal of Motivational Objects as the Work Motivation Diagnostics Instrument Ekaterina Strizhova, Aleksey Gusev MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Relationship between Organizational Justice and Lmx aith Ocb: The Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment Reyhaneh Dezhban, Aboulghassem Nouri Investigating the Relationship among Organizational Justice and Effective and Cognitive Trust in Manager, Supervisor and Coworkers in a Public Company Elham Pazhakh, Hossein Samavatian, Hossein Molavi, Abolghasem Nouri What is a Justice Decision: Influence of an Organizational Culture? Olesya Gulevich, Ekaterina Morozova Relationships Between Employee Daily Justice Perceptions, Affective Reactions and Job Satisfaction H. Tuğba Erol Korkmaz, Pınar Bıçaksız, H. Canan Sümer MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C N400 Modulation by Categorical or Associative Interference Véronique Germain-Mondon, Laetitia Silvert, Marie Izaute Working Memory and Learning Profiles of Atypical and Typical Adult Learners Kartini Abd Ghani, Susan E. Gathercole Training and Transfer Effects of Intensive Testing of Working Memory and Student Achievement Gizem Hülür, Fidan Gasimova, Alexander Robitzsch, Oliver Wilhelm The Role of Interference in Moderating the Relationship between Working Memory Capacity and Cued- Recall Douglas L. Nelson, Ümit Akırmak MILITARY MUSEUM Europlat Meetings Sakarya D 124 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

125July 6th, Wednesday KEYNOTE A Thriving Psychology: Challenges and Complexities Melba J. T. Vasquez Chair: Nedret Öztan STATE OF THE ART The Related-and-Individuated Self-Way to Well-Being E. Olcay İmamoğlu Chair: Güler Okman Fişek SC Disaster and Crisis (Meeting) Auditorium Marmara Dolmabahçe A Dolmabahçe B Testing a New Version of the Emotional Stroop in Depression Recovery Mari Strand, Mike Oram, Åsa Hammar Risk Factors for Mild Cognitive Impairment Conversion into Dementia: Selectivity of Executive Functioning Deficits Marco Timpano Sportiello, Davide Cammisuli Happy and Angry Faces, Short Presentation Durations, and Intermediate Subgroups: Investigating the Dot Probe Task in More Detail Ulrich S. Tran, Elisabeth Lamplmayr-Kragl, Daniela M. Pfabigan Dolmabahçe C Europlat Constructivist Practices in Teaching and Learning in Psychology Wally Karnilowicz The toll of Transition for the Work and Organizational Psychology University Education in Serbia Ivana Petrovic, Marija Bogicevic, Maja Curic Employability of European Psychology Graduates in Post Bologna Education Aleš Neusar, Stanislav Ježek, Jan Mareš STATE OF THE ART Colour Perception and Language Emre Özgen Chair: Gökhan Malkoç Evaluation of Psychological Disorders of Iranian Women in Marital Rape Amir Samavati Pirouz, Marzieh Zakerfard Rethinking the Pathways into Crime of Female offenders Laura Caulfield Galata Topkapı A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 125

126July 6th, Wednesday The Estimation of Imputability in Light of Sentence 9163/2005 Serenella Spitale ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION 9 Academy-Industry Collaboration: Challenges and Payoffs H. Canan Sümer, Gülfer Aydoğan, Remzi Sulo Topkapı B Sultan 2 Being Autonomous and Feeling Well at the Workplace. The Role of Motivation and Personality in Workplace Affective Well- being Konstantinos Papachristopoulos Exploring Emotional Labour among Australian Community Nursing Leila Karimi, Sandra Leggat, Gerald Farrell, Lisa Donohue Measurement Model Misspecification in the Organizational Psychology Literature Leila Karimi Sultan 3 Drivers Cognitive and Psychomotor Abilities, Personality Traits, and Driving Safety Skills in Predicting Driving Violations and Traffic Accidents Victoria Perepyolkina, Viesturs Renge Risperidone Effects on Real Driving Performance Compared with the Effects of Alcohol Gian Marco Sardi, Pierangelo Sardi, Richard Freeman Do Individuals Drive as They Walk? Zümrüt Yıldırım, Türker Özkan, Timo Lajunen Levent 3 Autobiographical Memory Performance (Specificity of Episodic and Semantic Aspects) in Adults with PTSD Alireza Moradi, Ahmad Abedi Mental Imagery in Cerebral Palsy People Isabel Catarina Martins, Armando Oliveira, Michel Ange Amorim, Bert Steenbergen Mental Rotation of Bodily Shapes and Shepard-Metzler Cubes Mine Misirlisoy, H. Canan Sümer, Belgin Ayvaşık, Canan Coşkan, Nurhan Er, H. Tuğba Erol Korkmaz, Nebi Sümer MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Evaluation of Knowledge towards Narcotic Drugs among Students of Islamic Azad Universities Zone 4 in Iran Reza Javadian University Student Movement in Brazil Ana Carolina Barros Silva Knowledge and Cooperation as Dilemma Using the Example of the Prisoner s Dilemma Paradigm. Development of a Realistic Knowledge-sharing-dilemma Ramona Wank 126 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

127July 6th, Wednesday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 The Impact of Breast Cancer on the Couple and Family Relationships of Young Women Roslyn Corney Coping Strategies, Metacognition Beliefes and Mental Health among Students Masoud Gholamali Lavasani, Ghamar Zarrinkolah Investigation the Role of Personality Factors that Cause to Stress in University Students Alireza Homayouni MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Why are so Many Cultural Minority Students with Behavioral Disorders and Learning Disabilities in US Schools and What can Cultural Psychology do about that? Aydın Bal Interethnic Friendships and Interactions among Malaysian University Students Are Related to Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity Norzarina Mohd Zaharim, Intan Hashimah Mohd Hashim, Siamak Khodarahimi Words to Describe Family: Different Family Types Use Different Words Siamak Samani, Marziyeh Sadeghzadeh MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Aim: Introduction of a New Instrument, the Social Safety Index, to Measure Social Safety at Work Verschuren Cokkie The Mediation Effect of Employees Attitude towards Participation on the Relationship between Democratic Practices and Behavioral Orientations in Democratic Enterprises Christine Unterrainer, Armin Pircher Verdorfer, Wolfgang Georg Weber New Attitudes to Work and Work Values Anne Pignault, Liliane Rioux, Eric Pezet, Fanny Poujol MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Psychological Rehabilitation Program and Mental Disorder Asghar Dadkhah, Surender Kumar, Kenji Ishikura, Mehrnoush Esbati The Effects of Interventions of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (Istdp) in Tactical Defenses on the Increase of Couple s Satisfaction Jamshid Jarareh, Siavash Talepasand Cognitive Conflicts: a Neglected Topic in Clinical Cognitive Psychology? Guillem Feixas, Joan Miquel Soldevilla, Adrián Montesano MILITARY MUSEUM Europlat Meetings Sakarya D ORAL PRESENTATIONS 127

128July 6th, Wednesday Levent 3 TPD Ethics Committee Meeting 128 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

129July 6th, Wednesday POSTER SESSION E HALIC Topic: Political Psychology Features of the Modern Client of Psychological Consulting in Russia Maria Konovalova About Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Times of Globalization Alexander Yuriev Model of the Primary Psychotherapeutic Aid with the Use of TV and Radio Communication Vlada Titova Influence of External Socio-political Processes on Changes in Character of Working Efficiency of the Modern Person Inga Burikova Concept of Meaning of the life and viability in Distant Mass Psychological Consulting Maria Pushkina Relationship between Developmental Stages and Peace Image Shinji Ishii, Atsuko Morikawa, Yoichiro Nonaka, Chiharu Sakamoto Yohei Okibayashi, Masahi Urabe Development of Peace Image Scale Yohei Okibayashi, Atsuko Morikawa, Hitoshi Takahashi, Yoichiro Nonaka, Shinji Ishii Topic: History, Theory, Psychology as a Discipline Ninety Years of Psychological Research in Human Labor in Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic Daniel Heller Making Senses on The Children Narratives: A Methodological Framework Nadja Maria Vieira, Carine Rhodes Carine The Problem of Civilizational and National Identities in the Theory of the Cultural-Historical Types of N.Danilevsky Andranik Suleyanayan A history of Clinical Psychology in Japan: Continuity and Discontinuity in Clinical Psychology between Pre and Post World War II Jun Matsushima, Tatsuya Sato Theoretical and Methodological Factors of the Development of Social Psychology Natalya Drozdova The Methodological Problems of Experimental Psychological Research in Works of N.N. Lange Valentyna Podshyvalkina, Radion Svynarenko Pavlov on Complex Systems and Representation Carvalho Leonardo Lana de, Lopes Ederaldo José Routine Activities and Rational Choice towards an Integrated theory of Offender Profiling Shannon Vettor, Jessica Woodhams, Anthony Beech Social Representation Theory: A French (his)story Sylvain Delouvée, Jean Louis Tavani Personality Correlates of Breast Cancer Patients Kreitler Shulamith, Kreitler M.Michal POSTER PRESENTATIONS 129

130July 6th, Wednesday Representation of Psychological Cognition as the Series of Meta-System Transitions Ilya Garber Ontopsychology Communication as an Interdisciplinary Area of Scientific Knowledge Liubov Ryumshina The Theory of Self-Development as a Psychological Solution of the Problem of a Human Being Liberty Valentin Ageyev Creative Experiment as a Method of Abilitıes Limits Overcoming Valentin Ageyev The Action as a Human Psychology Category Valentin Ageyev, Anastassya Steblyanko The Problem of Personality and Professional Identity in Plato s Works Valery Makarevich Indications towards the Relativity of the Client and the Pshycotherapist Role Zeno Gozo, Alina Zamosteanu, Simona Catau The Work of Art in the Age of Magical Reproduction Sandra Plummer, Richard Freeman Topic: Community Psychology Attitudes toward Suicide Survivors, Views on Suicide, and Views on Death in University Students Akira Yamanaka Legal and Unlawful Adoptions: the Frontiers of Argentina Barbara Zammitti, Francesco Caltagirone, Sofia Milazzo Barriers to Seeking Professional Psychological Help in Eastern Europe: Scale Construction Gina Levickiene, Roger Tweed The Source of Legitimacy in Commons Management: Do people prefer a warm or a competent manager? Hiroshi Nonami, Guillermo Willis Being a Dad: Fathers Perceptions of Fatherhood in a UK Online Community Isabella McMurray, Kathryn Nethercott The Psychological Benefits of Volunteerism for Older People M. Carmen Hidalgo, M. Pilar Moreno, Jesús Quiñonero Relationship between Integrative Motivation and Community Identity Naoka Maemura, Junzo Kato, Takehiro Fujihara Effects of Motives, Volunteer Role Identity and Sense of Community on Sustained Volunteering Petek Akman, Falih Köksal Photo Elicited Narrative Approach as a new interview technique Takuya Okamoto, Masanori Ishimori, Junzo Kato Topic: Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Effects of Induced Helplessness on Error Processing An ERP Study Daniela M. Pfabigan, Diana Siedek, Birgit Derntl, Uta Sailer Age-Related Preferences toward Affective Stimuli in an Oddball Task: Positivity Preference in Older Adults Occurred in the Late Time Window Juan Li, Jing Yu, Yanan Niu Psychometric Intelligence and Individual Profile Asymmetry at Twins Elena Vorobyeva, Inna Budanova 130 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

131July 6th, Wednesday A Detailed Behavioral Analysis of Hebb-Williams Maze Performance for Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome and FMR1 Knockout Mice Lindsey MacLeod, Cary Kogan, Charles Collin, Claude Messier, Sylvain Chartier, Reno Gandhi Deconstructing the Familiality of Daily Life Variability in Negative and Positive Affect Nele Jacobs, Jim Van Os, Catherine Derom, Philippe Delespaul, Marieke Wichers The Genetic and Environmental Influences on Depressive Symptoms in Russian Adolescent Twins Sergey Malykh, Philipp Barsky, Alexandra Belova The Genetic and Environmental Influences on Individual Differences in Perceptions of Parent-child Relationships by Russian Adolescent Twins Philipp Barsky, Sergey Malykh, Elena Gindina, Marina Lobaskova The Nature of Individual Differences of Temperament in Russian Adolescents Sergey Malykh, Marina Lobaskova, Philipp Barsky, Gindina Elena Spectral Capacity EEG at Performance of Verbal Operatıons and Individual Profile Asymmetry of Twins Elena Vorobyeva, Pavel Ermakov The Study on Physiological Indexes of Exam Anxiety in Medical Students Nasrin Bali-Lashak, Abbas Mosoudzadeh, Sara Asadpour, Reza Alizadeh-Navaei, Masoumeh Ahmadian Visuo-spatial Attention in MPTP-induced Rat Model of Parkinson s Disease is Intact: A 5-arm Maze Study Wen-Nung Huang, Ming-Chou Ho, Ying-Jui Ho Relationship between Musical Structure and Psychophysiological Measurements Aslı Aslan, Kahraman Kıral Universal Neuronal Constants in Psychology Arthur Lebedev Vegetative and Brain Patterns of Deception Igor Dikiy Quantitative EEG Differences between Alzheimer Patients and Healthy Controls Giuseppe Castro, Daniel Lina Mancuso Why Are We Biased in What We See: Neural Basis for Preferences of Rotating Directions Jinhong Ding, Yang Jiang Theta Power Modulations During the Explicit Recognition of Unfamiliar 3D Objects Explored Haptically Manuel Sebastián, Soledad Ballesteros Landau Kleffner Syndrome : the Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS)on Expressive and Receptive Aspects of Language.A Single Case Study Giuliana Cardella, Maria Pia Pellerito Comparison The Personality Trait in Breast cancer Patients and Normal Hoda Khosravani Executive Function and Explicit Memory in Patients with Parkinson s Disease Laura Alonso, Pilar Martín, Juan Manuel Serrano, Fernando Carvajal, Sandra Rubio Executive Functions in Schizophrenia and Their Relatıonship with Functional Living Skills Ofelia Delgado, Antonieta Nieto, José Barroso, Daniel Ferreira, Josefa Ramos, Mercedes De la Varga Treatment Effects Related to EEG-biofeedback for Depression Disorder: Case of 36 Years Old Female with Histrionic Personality Pattern Parvaneh Hadadi A New Hope for Rehabilitation of Brain Damage: EEG Biofeedback Training is a Last Time for Many The Experience of an Iranian Neurotherapist with EEG-biofeedback Training Parvaneh Hadadi POSTER PRESENTATIONS 131

132July 6th, Wednesday The Effect of Depression on Quality of Life in Patients with Epilepsy Parvaneh Hadadi The Effect of SMR Training for Seizure Disorder Parvaneh Hadadi Effects of Sequential Saccades and Brain Regions on the Perisaccadic Localization Yu-Ju Chou Standardization of Rey Complex Figure test in Pakistan Najma Najam The Effectiveness of Computerised Testing of Executive Functions in Adult and Children Populations Candan Ertubey, Patricia Roberts, Kevin Teoh, Paul Cavendish, Ian S. Robertson Impact of a Holistic Neurorehabilitation Programme on Executive Functioning. An Exploratory Study in a Group of Patientes with Aquiered Brain Injury Ana Barbosa, Ana Borges, Sandra Guerreiro, Isabel Almeida, Bruno Peixoto The Effects of Body-Mind-Spirit Psychotherapy Added to Pharmacotherapy on Depression and Salivary Cortisol Responses Fei-Hsiu Hsiao, Guey Mei Jow, Yu-Ming Lai, Yu-Ting Chen, Tsung-Tsair Yang Topic: Attention and Perception The Microgenesis of Visual and Pictorial Objects Baingio Pinna, Maria Sinatra The Effect of Visual Spatial Attention on Dichotic Listening Performance Marián Špajdel, Igor Riečanský Distorted Memories for Changed Objects in the Change Detection Paradigm Osman İyilikçi, Sonia Amado The Purpose of This Research Analyzes and Examines Effective Elements Through Prediction Relationship between Addiction and Student Society Especially in Iran Sedighe Taraghijah, Mostafa Hamdieh Stuttering under Delayed Auditory Feedback: Rhythmic Interference is the Cause! Kai Kaspar, Hartmut Rübeling Touch Perception: School Rememberings Emotions Teresa Dezcallar, Mar Badia When Walls Hide Each Other: Extrapolation of Lines of Sight in Development Marcello Indino Relationship between Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory and Zuckerman s biological model of personality Estaún Santiago, Sotoca Cristina, Mate Judit, Muro Anna, Gomà Montserrat Subjective Time Duration and Time Density Georgy Druzhinin Beliefs Influence Perception: The Case of Time Perception Lamotte Mathilde, Izaute Marie, Sylvie Droit-Volet The Effect of Embodying an Other Person s Movement on Time Perception. Muriel Fanget, Sylvie Droit-Volet Visual Perception, Psychomotoric Tempo and Attention Ability of Children Denisa Denglerová 132 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

133July 6th, Wednesday The Repetition of Fear Provoking Images and its Effects on Reaction Time to Semantically Associated Words Eleana Vlahos Benton Visual Retention V Test: The Changes Up To Maturation Sait Uluç, İsmail Volkan Gülüm, Manolya Çalışır, Sevginar Vatan Perceptual load and Attentional focus effects on a visual search task Maria Koushiou, Kleanthis Neokleous, Marios Avraamides Rey s Complex Figure Evaluation Regarding an Ideal Figure Cristobal Eduardo Maciel Carbajal, Rosalba Orozco Villaseñor, Maria Elena Rodriguez Perez The Effect of Sleep Restriction on Visual Search and Change Detection Siavash Talepasand The Least Action Principle and Usability Investigations Evgenii Shelepin, Nigel Foreman, Yuri Shelepin Colour Categorisation is not Lateralised to the left Hemisphere Emre Özgen, Fatma Bıyık, Ömer Faruk Gülban Training Induces Categorical Perception Effects in Low-level Colour Discrimination Emre Özgen, Fatma Bıyık Topic: Animal Behavior Response-produced Pain as an Animal Model of Self Control with a Noxious Stimulus Cristiano Santos, Hugo Reyes, Alejandro Macías Vocal Plasticity by Operant Conditioning in a Social Rodent, Degu (Octodon Degu). Naoko Tokimoto, Kazuo Okanoya Effects of Estrogen on Pain-induced Behavioral Responses in Ovariectomized Rats Valeri Nikolov, Miroslava Petkova The Role of Hippocampus in Social Rodent Octodon Degus: Social and Spatial Recognition Tomoko Uekita, Kazuo Okanoya POSTER PRESENTATIONS 133

134July 6th, Wednesday POSTER SESSION F HALIC Topic: Clinical Psychology Depression and Anxiety in Russian Speaking Immigrants Living in Australia Alla Demutska, Litza Kiropoulos, Kathryn Gilson The Functions of Facial Expressions of Negative Emotions and Psychic Disorder Astrid Bock, Doris Peham, Cord Benecke A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Logo Therapy and Multimodal Therapy on the Improvement of Mental Health of the Addicts Batool Ahadi, Tavakkol Mousazadeh Domains of Disgust Elicitors Bonifacio Sandin, Paloma Chorot, Rosa M. Valiente, Miguel A. Santed, Margarita Olmedo, Daniel Campagne The Disgust Domains Scale [Escala de Manifestaciones del Asco, EMA]: A new self-report measure of disgust Rosa M. Valiente, Bonifacio Sandín, Paloma Chorot, Miguel A. Santed, Daniel Campagne, Margarita Olmedo Disgust Predicts Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Symptoms above and Beyond Anxiety Sensitivity and Negative Affectivity Paloma Chorot, Bonifacio Sandín, Miguel A. Santed, Rosa M. Valiente, Margarita Olmedo, Daniel Campagne A Case Study of a Depression Patient Participating in Redecision Group Counseling Chuan-Feng Chang, Yu-Mei Su, Shu Hua Yu, Hung Chang Pai, Wei-Ting Chen, Yung-Hsin Huang, Ting-Wun Lin Metacognitive and Emotional Dysregulation Predictors of Worry: An Interactive Effect Diego Gomez-Baya The Correlation between Rorschach Method and BSS Dragana Djuric Jocic, Nevena Pavlicic Psychological Comorbidity in Patients with Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures Gulcan Akcalan, Mine Özmen, Selen Talasman Psychometric Properties and Factor Structure of the Postpartum Bonding Questionnaire in a General Population Sample Hitoshi Kaneko, Hiroko Yamamoto, Shuji Honjo Relationships Between Abuse in Childhood, Coping Stress Strategies and Psychological Adjustment Kristina Sesar, NatašA Šimić, Marijana Barišić Evaluation of General Health in Women with Husband s Substance Dependency Disorder Maryam Salehyan, Iman Allah Bigdeli, Kianoosh Hashemian The Effect of Negative Life Events, Hopelessness, and Depression Level on Suicide Intention in Pure M.D.D and MDD with Comorbid of Anxiety Disorders (GAD, OCD, Panic Attack) Touraj Shamshirinezam, Masoumeh Ahmadian Experiences of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis from Group Counseling Mina Mazaheri, Nasrin Fanian Experiential Avoidance and Anxiety Sensitivity in Patients with Panic Disorders and Normal Controls Carmen Berrocal, Olivia Bernini, Valentina Cutrupi, Monica Romoli, Fiammetta Cosci Mental Well-being of Graduate Students Selda Koydemir, Duygu Yumurtacı 134 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

135July 6th, Wednesday Validation of the Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences - 42 (CAPE - 42) in English university students Psychological Recovery Styles from Psychosis The Relationship of Metacognitive Beliefs and Thought Control Strategies with Trait Anxiety Shahram Mohammadkhani The Relationship of Metacognitive Beliefs and Thought Control Strategies with Trait Anxiety Shahram Mohammadkhani s and Thought Control Strategies with Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms in Nonclinical Population Shahram Mohammadkhani, Maryam Farjad Specific Association between Dysfunctional Attitudes and Negative Bias of Facial Emotion Perception in Depressed College Students Yu-Lien Huang, Yi-Jen Su, Sue-Huei Chen Study of Test of Language Competence in Schizophrenics & Normals Aysha Sheraz, Najma Najam Alev Yalçınkaya The Unifying Role of Ruminative Processes in Behavioral Dysregulation: A Test of the Emotional Cascade Model Ezgi Tuna, Özlem Bozo Prenatal Depression as a Determinant of Postnatal Depression Kausar Ansari, Urooj Sadiq stage Renal Disease: Comparison with Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus Tavakkol Mousazadeh, Roya MotavAli Image, Memory, Desire and Death Francisco Ramos De Farias Diagnosis Comorbidity in Hoarding Disorder Randy Frost, Gail Steketee, David Tolin Suicide Probability Among University Students Psychological Well-being of Violence Victim Women: An Investigation in Terms of Personality and Perceived Social Support Işıl Karaboğa, Banu Yılmaz Suicide Probability: An Investigation in Terms of Attachment Style, Interpersonal Relationship Styles, and Self-Concept Ayşegül Batıgün, Banu Yılmaz Emotional Intel ligence as Determinant of Marital Adjustment in Couples Zaeema Riaz, Khawer Bilal Baig Preliminary Results about the Effects of Attachment Styles, Acculturation, and Life Satisfaction on Psychological Symptoms of Turkish Immigrant Women in Germany

136July 6th, Wednesday Investigating Depressive Personality Traits in Clinical and Non-clinical Samples Rachel E. Maddux, Lars Gunnar Lundh Metacognitive Anxiety, Immediate and Delayed Judgment Of Learning: Finding Underlying Mechanisms of Anxiety in Wells s Theory Amin Asadollahpour Kargar, Zahra Bahadori, Reza Dadgar, Ladan Fata Domestic Violence During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period: Is Paternal Postnatal Depression a Silent Risk Factor? Victoria Comerchero Parenting Styles as Mediators of the Effects of Parental Psychopathology on Antisocial Behavior in Outpatient Children and Adolescents Juan Vera, Roser Granero, Lourdes Ezpeleta Premeditated and Impulsive Aggression: Connections to Media Violence Exposure Melina Nicole Kyranides, Kostas Fanti, Christina Adamou, Marios Avraamides Balkan Epidemiological Study on Child Abuse and Neglect (BECAN): Pilot study in Serbia Natasa Hanak, Lazar Tenjovic, Mirjana Beara, Ana Vlajkovic, Veronika Ispanovic Radojkovic Psychometric Characteristics of Reasons for Living Questionnaire For adolescents (RFL A) in a Sample of 9-12 Grade Schoolchildren Aistė Pranckevičienė, Loreta Gustainienė, Ingrida Pročkytė Defense Styles in Internalizing and Externalizing Disorders Mohammad Ali Salehi Nejad, Mohammad Karim Khodapanahi, Mehrnaz Yekta, Fatemeh Hamzvi Abedi, Bahram Mahmudizadeh Scientific Productivity in Childhood Epilepsy Quality of Life Assessment Over the Last Two Decades Ana Andres, Amalia Gordóvil-Merino Parental Acceptance-Rejection, Self-esteem and Psychological Adjustment: The Effects of Learning Disabilities Aylin Ilden Koçkar Psychological Adjustment of Mothers Whose Children are Diagnosed with Learning Disabilities or Diabetes Aylin Ilden Koçkar Is the after School Program Suitable to any Child? Case Presentations Cornelia Eugenia Munteanu Family Sysystems of Children with ADHD and Anxiety Disorder: A Comperative Studyfamily Sysystems of Children with ADHD and Anxiety Disorder: A Comperative Study Derya Gülterler, Aslı Soyer, Romina Kuyumcuoglu, Z. Bengi Semerci Temperament and Family Relations in the Onset of Adolescents Depressive Feelings Ugo Pace, Chiara Laudani, Giovanni Guzzo, Valeria Schimmenti Asperger s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism: Similarities and Differences Melda Akçakın, Gülşen Erden, Efser Kerimoğlu Maternal Childhood Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence and Child Psychopathology: The Mediator Role of Mothers Mental Health Jenniffer Miranda, Nuria de la Osa, Roser Granero, Lourdes Ezpeleta Eysenck s Personality Dimensions, Arousal and Coping Strategies in Bullying Situation NatašA Šimić, Kristina Sesar, Marijana Barišić Abuse of Children Living in the İnstitutions, Trauma Symptoms, and Resilience Laura Pirsko 136 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

137July 6th, Wednesday Latent Growth Models of the Trajectory of Depressive Symptoms and Cognitive Distortions During High School Transition Marcotte Diane Assessing Temperamental Characteristic of Preschool Children for Early Intervention of ADHD, ODD, CD and LD. Mustafa Yatağan, Aylin Ilden Koçkar Maternal Depression, Attachment Disorders and Psychopatology in Childhood. A Clinical Study Nicoletta Ragonese, Adriano Schimmenti, Cettina Crisafi Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors in Preschool Children: Family risk factors in a sample of Portuguese children Pedro Dias, Sónia Santos, Vânia Sousa Lima, Alexandra Carneiro, Bárbara César Machado, Patrícia Ferreira The Relationships among Perceived Situational Control, Perceived Emotional Control and Children s Experience of Somatic Complaints Vahideh Karimirad Preschool Children at Risk for ADHD, ODD, and CD and Their Emotion Regulation Abilities Yesim Uzumcuoglu, Aylin İlden Koçkar Preventing School Refusal: Applying Mental Health Consultation to Increase Parental Self Efficacy: An Integrative Model Victoria Comerchero A New Approach of Neuropsychological Syndromes : A Therapeutic Programm Zellal Nacira, Tribeche Rabea Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An Exploration of Working Memory and Executive Functioning Lindsy Nicholson, Todd Adamowich, Kevin Rawlings, Ulla Woodard, Ayda Tekok-Kilic Executive Function in Down s syndrome: Neuropsychology Approach Camino Fernández-Alcaraz, Fernando Carvajal The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Cognitive Functions in Psychiatric Patients and Normal Subjects Razieh Hashemi, Changiz Rahimi, Norolah Mohamadi Neuropsychological Rehabilitation of Mnestic Deficits after Limbic Encephalitis: A Case Report Johanna Alexopoulos, Doris Moser Preliminary Normative Data of the Poreh and Martincin Naming Tests Kelly Martincin, Amir Poreh, Ashley Miller Cognitive Impairment in Depression: Neuropsychological Examination of Pre-frontal Dysfunction Susana Oliveira, Luís Monteiro, Emanuela Lopes Working Memory Deficit in Patients with Moderate TBI: Dissociations and Prognostic Factors Yuriy Mikadze, Vasilisa Skvortsova, Zara Melikyan Quality of Life in Patients with Cerebral Tumours: Relations with Socio-demographic, Clinical, Psychological and Neurocognitive Variables Elisabete Braga, Rui Ramos, Mário Resende, Bruno Peixoto Self-awareness and Quality of Life after Severe Acquired Brain Injury Daniela Silvestro, Umberto Bivona, Eva Azicnuda, Andrea Di Falco, Mariagrazia D Ippolito, Eloise Longo, Rita Formisano Cognitive Functions before and 1 Year after Surgical and Endovascular Treatment in Patients with Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysm Marek Preiss, David Netuka, Jana Koblihová, Vladimír Beneš POSTER PRESENTATIONS 137

138July 6th, Wednesday Neuropsychology of Cooperativeness Takeyasu Kawabata, Masakazu Sugawara Psychopathology in Patients Treated for Cerebral Aneurysm Lenka Kramska, Marek Preiss, Jan Hradil Diagnostic Agreement in a Naturalistic Clinical Setting: Accuracy, Precision and ICC Brøndbo Per Håkan, Mathiassen Børge, Martinussen Monica, Heiervang Einar, Eriksen Mads, Kvernmo Siv Attachment and Hopelessness in Bevearement Processes Sofia Simões, Fernanda Salvaterra Comparison of Sensitivity of CTT and IRT Approaches in Measurement of Psychotherapy Change Peter Halama, Matúš Bieščad Quality of Life of Schizophrenic Patients: Which Factors Alter it? Adriano Zanello, Maryse Badan Bâ, Philippe Rey Bellet, Marco CG Merlo Does the Aliance have More Dimensions? Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Therapy Process Observation Coding System - Aliance Scale in a Sample of Children wi Krister Fjermestad, Bryce McLeod, Haugland Bente, Heiervang Einar, Havik Odd, Öst Lars G Caregivers Burden and Needs in İndividuals with Severe Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Rehabilitation Milieu Eva Azicnuda, Umberto Bivona, Francesca Verni, Daniela Silvestro, Enia Labbate, Marta Rapiti, Mariagrazia D Ippolito Empathy as a Possible Endophenotype of Bipolar Disorder Eva-Maria Seidel, Ute Habel, Andreas Finkelmeyer, Alexander Hasmann, Mathhias Dobmeier, Birgit Derntl Effects of Music Therapy on Decreasing Psychologic Symptoms of Patients with Ulcerative Colitis Jinous Arvand, Abdollah Shafie-Abadi, Hamid Mohaghegh Shalmani, Nosratollah Naderi, Ghaffar Malek Khosravi, Mohammad Reza Zali Face Recognition in Schizotypy Leticia García Alvarez, Serafín Lemos Giráldez, Nuria Ordóñez Camblor, Mercedes Paíno, Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero, Patricia Burón Fernández Spatial Perception Distortions within Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorders Michael Ivanov Impact of Group Training of How to Cope with Stress on General Health of Those Who Suffer from Hepatitis B Mohammad Hakami, Leila Khazaee, Davoud Taghvaee Prevalence and Correlates of Depression in Hamedan Province, Iran Ahmad Heidari Pahlavian, Hossein Mahjub Comparison of Prevalence of Depression in Coronary Heart Diseases Patients and Non- patients Batool Ahadi, Mohammad Narimani, Jamal Sooreh Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Higher Education Caroline Bonnes The Relationship between Object Relations and Binge Eating Behavior in Korean University Students: Exploration of Intervening Variables and Gender Differences Eun Young Jo, Sang Hee Jun, Sung Moon Lim Secondary Traumatic Stress and Burnout Syndrome: Is Secondary Traumatic Stress only a Derivation of Burnout in the Context of Traumatic Experience? Ferhat Jak Icoz Eating Disorders and Attachment Marisa Rodrigues, Fernanda Salvaterra 138 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

139July 6th, Wednesday Positive and Negative Affects, Perceived Parental Attitudes and Perfectionism as Predictors of Test Anxiety in University Students Gülay Dirik, Selime Altuntaş, Orçun Yorulmaz Disturbed Eating Attitudes in University Students: Relations to Perceived Parental Attitudes, Personality Characteristics and Ways of Coping Gülay Dirik, Esin Temeloğlu A Comparison of Suicide Intention, Hopelessness and Negative Life Events in Two Samples of Male/ Female and Suicide Attempters and Non Suicidal Psychiatric Patients. Masoum Ahmadian, Touraj Shamshirinezam Suicide Intent and Suicide Ideation in Gay Men: Looking for an Explicative Model Melissa Chacón, Carolyn Finck Barboza The Relationship Alexithymia and its Dimensions with Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Psychiatric Disorders Mina Mazaheri, Hamid Afshar Siblings of Patients with Schizophrenia: Caregivers and Beyond Muazzez Merve Yüksel, A. Nuray Karancı Schizophrenia as A Journey with the Families of Patients with Schizophrenia Muazzez Merve Yüksel, A. Nuray Karancı Experiential Avoidance in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Negin Montazeh, Ayda Musavi, Hssan Hamidpour Features Coping In skin diseases Olga Trufanova Self-Understading in Children with High-Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Rika Morita Psychometric Assessment of Psychosis-prÖneness in General Adolescent Population Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero, Mercedes Paíno, Marta Santarén Rosell, Susana Sierra Baigrie, Serafín Lemos Giráldez, José Muñiz Psychotic-like Experiences in the Adolescent General Population Mercedes Paíno, Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero, Marta Santarén Rosell, Susana Sierra Baigrie, Serafín Lemos Giráldez, José Muñiz The Attitudes and Perceptions of Turkish University Students towards Schizophrenia Serap Keleş, Halime Samsa, Canan Bali, Esra Dilek Attention and Memory Characteristics in Patients Having Acute Stroke Svetlana Galyautdinova, Polina Kukso, Lyaysan Galyautdinova Caregiver Burden and Family Functioning in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Usha Barahmand, Sardar Geramipur Body Dissatisfaction in a Group of Spanish Teenage girls, Assessed by a Figure Rating Scale José Ignacio Baile Ayensa, María José González Calderón High Intra-familial Variability of Face Recognition Kennerknecht Ingo, Stemper Claudia, Kischka Claudia The Impact of Learning Style on Rehabilitation among Patients with Acquires Brain Injury: A Longitudinal Controlled Trial Susan Van Hooren, Ellen Ruikes, Agnes Willemse Comparison of Risk Suicide between Schizophrenia Patients and Bipolar Mood Disorders Mahmood Farvareshi, Alireza Khalilshoar, Afsaneh Azarabadi, Asgar Arfaei POSTER PRESENTATIONS 139

140July 6th, Wednesday Study Relation of Family Function Attachment Pattern and Personality Disorders Alireza Khalilshoar, Reza Abdi, Afsaneh Azarabadi, Ahad Lotf Yazdani Prevalence of Depression among Nursing Students in Nursing Faculty of Tabriz Medical Science University Mahmood Farvareshi, Alireza Khalilshoar, Asgar Arfaei The Examining Personality Disoreders in Wife-abuse Tabrizian Men Zohreh Daneshvarpour, Majid Mahmoud Aliloo The Predictors of Risky Alcohol Consumption in the Population of University Students Emine Sevinç Sevi The Adaptation and Validation of the Turkish Brief- Hypomanic Attitudes and Positive Predictions Inventory (HAPPI) and its Association with Dysfunctional Attitudes, and Behavioral Activation/Inhibition Zeynep Mackali, Ahmet Tosun The Impact of Self-Esteem and Body Image on Women s Sexual Satisfaction Sila Derin, Serap Tekinsav Sütcü The Study of Relation between Attachment Styles and Cognitive Errors with Pain Intensity and Disability in Patients with Chronic Pain Mahdi Fadaiee, Fateme Moin Al-Ghorabaiee A Study on the Psycho-social Aspects of Premenstrual Syndrome Akram Khaqmseh A Comparison of Anxiety Sensitivity, Perfectionism, Loneliness and Self Esteem in Patients with Obsessive-compulsive Disorder and Depression Usha Barahmand, Mohammad Dousti Prevalence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) after Cancer Greimel Elfriede, Dorfer Martha, Lambauer Michaela, Lahousen Manfred Family Functioning in 7-15 old Age Children with and Without ADHD in Tabriz Akbar Mohammadi, Fariborz Dortaj, Golnaz Adalatzadeh Aghdam Investigation the Role of Rap Personality Disorder in Youngsters Arsalan Khanmohammadi Otaghsara Parental Sexual Abuse History and Associations with Suicidal Behavior among Depressed Women Banu Çankaya, Nancy Talbot, Erin Ward, Paul Duberstein Temperament and Character Dimensions of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in Comparison with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Aida Abdalehzade, Touraj Hashemi, Abbas Bakhshipour The Role of Autobiographical Memories in the maintenance of Depression Victor Cláudio Construing Self and Others in Bulimic Patients: Studying Cognitive Conflicts with the Repgrid Gloria Dada, Joan Miquel Soldevilla, Guillem Feixas The Structural Relationships Among Biosocial Model of Personality, Metacognitive Beliefs and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms in Non Clinical Sample Zahra Bahadori, Amin Asadollahpour Kargar, Abbas Bahkshipour, Toraj Hashemi Understanding the Experience of Equine Assisted Therapy: Theoretical and Service Provision Implications Adele Pacini, Melanie White, Kristina Nemeth The Singularity in the Clinical Evaluation of the Scholastic Failure Cristina Monteiro Barbosa, Camilla Baptista, Danielle Miranda, Julia Brandão, Luiza Faria, João Cristofaro 140 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

141July 6th, Wednesday The Effects of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Pain Management on Disability Caused by Pain and Self-efficacy in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients (CLBP) Farzaneh Mohammadi, Parvaneh Mohammad Khani, Behrooz Dolatshahi, Ali Asghari Pain Catastrophizing as a Core Variable in Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Management in Patients with Chronic Pain Farzaneh Mohammadi, Parvaneh Mohammad Khani, Behrooz Dolatshahi, Ali Asghari Effects of Psychotherapy on Adjustment among Adolescents of Unattended Families Hooman Namvar Psychotherapy Cube Un Methodological Tool For Analysis And Prediction Tatiana Dorofte, Ionel Dorofte Predictors of Therapeutic Outcome in Treatment for Separation Anxiety Disorder: Therapeutic Relationship, Parental Pathology, and Child Cognitions Kristen Lavallee, Silvia Schneider The Construct of A Systemic Team Work Model in a Middle-Way School of Junior High Drop-out Students in Taiwan Liang Shu Chuan- Cognitive-behavior Hypnotherapy in Stress Induced Male Erectile Disffunction Holdevici Irina, Dinca Margareta Innovative Moments in Systemic Couple Therapy: A Case Study Martin Greisel The Relation of Hypnotic Susceptibility and Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale Masahide Saito, Yasunari Okabe The Investigating of the Effectiveness of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing on War Veterans with PTSD Abbas Kamari, Mehdi Sahragard, Alireza Zinati The Investigating of the Effectiveness of Biofeedback (Galvanic Skin Response) on War Veterans with PTSD Mehdi Sahragard, Abbas Kamari, Alireza Zinati Changes of Maternal Mind-Related Comments Among Mothers of High Risk Infants During NICU Hospitalization Mika Noi Socio-psychological Aspects of Animal Therapy in Treating Children Suffering from Various Forms of Dysontogenesis Nikolskaya Anastasia Social Skills Training with Expressive Art Therapy: A Group Study with Children Olcay Güner, Semai Tuzcuoğlu, Merve Soysal Başa Brief Focal Counselling in Depression and Self-Aggression: Case Study Olga Ferreira Evaluation of Efficacy of Problem Solving Training in Changing Identity Style of University Students Saeedeh Zenoozian, Banafsheh Gharraee, Rokhsareh Yekke Yazdandoost The Effectiveness of Medical Suggestion in Active Conscious State Samvel Khudoyan Effect of Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in combination with Social Skill Training On Fear of Negative Evaluation and Social Avoidance in Social Phobic Students Sara Vakilian POSTER PRESENTATIONS 141

142July 6th, Wednesday The Process of Seeking Help in Women with Trauma-Related Symptoms - Preliminary Results of a Qualitative Research Project Signe Hjelen Stige Predicting Key Change Events in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Tracy Dalgleish, Melissa Burgess-Moser, Susan Johnson Emotional Health Program in Juvenile Delinquency Alina Zamosteanu, Muranyi Daniel, Gozo Zeno Effectiveness of Meta-cognitive therapy in Patient with Depression: A Case Report Study Zohreh Hashemi, Majid Mahmood Alilu, Turaj Hashemi Effectiveness of Meta Cognitive Therapy in Reduction of Depression Symptom, Anxiety Symptom and Meta-Cognition Beliefs : A Case Report Majid Mahmood Aliloo, Zohreh Hashemi, Turaj Hashemi The Effect of Group- Logotherapy on Depression Emong Women Old Mahnaz Aliakbari Dehkordi, Neda Asghari, Asghar Dadkhah Is the Key of Healing Hidden Inside Art? Olcay Güner, Ayşe Esra Aslan The Effectiveness of Teaching of Emotional Intelligence CompÖnents and Positive Thinking in Promotion of Mental Health and Self-efficiency in Female Running ath Mohammad Narimani, Moslem Abbasi Evaluation of Efficacy of Problem Solving Training in Changing Coping Strategies of University Students Saeedeh Zenoozian, Banafsheh Gharraee, Rokhsareh Yekke Yazdandoost The Efficacy of the Structural Group Family Therapy on Women Marital Burnout Mahsima Pourshahriari, Mahboobeh Bay Hypnosis is not Therapy, but All Therapy is Hypnosis Claudia Carvalho The Person-Centered Expressive Art Therapy Theory and Practice Jennifer Messina The Effectiveness of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy on Reducing Depression Caused by Communicational Problems of Couples Hassan Gorjian Mehlabani, Seyed Ali Kimiaee, Bahram Ali Ghanbari Hashemabadi Internet-based Psychological Treatment: Setting up a National Online Service for Anxiety Disorders Michael Kyrios, Klein Britt, Austin David Psychological Intervention in Obesity: Psychodramatic Approach Filipa Mucha Vieira, Sandra Torres, Gabriela Moita Does Hiperventilation Work? A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Holotropic Breathwork Iker Puente Enhancing Affect Regulation between Mother and Infant: The Effects of an Attachment-based Group Intervention Program (COS ) Annett Lotzin, Julia Gehrke, Georg Romer, Brigitte Ramsauer The Victimization of the Addict Laura M. Nunes, Ana Sani, José Soares Martins Still face Interactions between Heroin Dependent Mothers and their 3-month-old Infant : A Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Bochand Laure, Doba Karyn, Pezard Laurent, Petit Maité, Flandrin Laurence, Nandrino Jean Louis 142 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

143July 6th, Wednesday Relationship between Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotional Intelligence in Drug Dependent Patients Changiz Rahimi, Ali Nikbakht Personality Dimensions and the Risk of Drug Abuse in University Students Farideh Kamranpour Relationship between Alchol Addiction, Trauma and Dissociation Giuseppe Craparo, Adriano Schimmenti, Giovanni Guzzo, Marco Cacioppo Drug-Addicted Patients Personality Disorders Correlation with Social Problem-solving Abilities During the Rehabilitation Process Jelena Kolesnikova The Role of Psychosocial Challenges, Demographics, Self-Efficacy, and Substance Use Characteristics for Illicit substance use and Alcohol consumption Johannes Foss Sigurdson, Trond Nordfjærn, Torbjørn Rundmo Personality and Alcohol Use The Role of Drinking Motives Jorge André Martins, Mariana Serra Coelho, Joaquim Armando Ferreira Problematic Internet Use: Interference with Everyday Life and Health Habits Marina Julia Muñoz-Rivas, Liria Fernández-González, Manuel Gámez-Guadix The Effectiveness of Cognative - Behavioural Group Therapy on the Increase of Mental Health Women Having Spouses Affected by Substance Dependency Disorder Maryam Salehyan, Iman Allah Bigdeli, Kianoosh Hashemian Social Support and Addictive Behaviors in Portugese College Students João Junceiro, Raul Cordeiro, Miguel Arriaga Study of Eating Disorders in Patients with Bipolar Disorders Batool Ahadi, Mohammad Narimani, Farkhondeh Sadehdel Study of Addiction Pathway of Treatment Seeker Women, Opioid Dependence in Hamadan-Iran Mohammad Ahmadpanah, Ali Ghaleiha, Mohammad Haghighi, Ahmad Heidari Pahlavian Training Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants in the Stage-of-Change Model of Smoking Cessation: a Randomised Controlled Trial in Sicily Pasquale Caponnetto, Riccardo Polosa Perception of Parental Acceptance-Rejection, Psychopathology and Anger in Children of Alcoholics Simge Alevsaçanlar, Serap Tekinsav Sütcü What is the Meanings of the Self-harm for Self-harmers? Based on Narratives of Japanese Self-harmers. Yuri Sunaya The Relationship between Traumatıc Events and Substance Use among University Students Zumrut Gedik Psychological Evaluation of Young Drug Users Ana Sani, Laura M. Nunes, José Soares Martins Psychosocial Preditors of Alcohol Use and Alcohol-related Consequences of Portuguese College Students Mariana Serra Coelho, Jorge André Martins, Joaquim Armando Ferreira Video Game Dependency and its Comorbidity Eva-Maria Zenses, Florian Rehbein, Nadine Jukschat, Paula Bleckmann, Thomas Mößle Correlation between Addiction Severity, Craving to Use, and Recovery Stage in Opioid Dependence Patients undergoing Methadone Maintenance Treatment Fateme Dehghani Arani, Atefe Manafi, Samira Ahadi, Kourosh Mohammadi Preliminary Results of a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Convicted Teenagers Who are Consumers Drugs POSTER PRESENTATIONS 143

144July 6th, Wednesday Roberto Oropeza Tena Drug Prevention and Measurement of Substance-specific Knowledge Corina Aguilar-Raab, Jan Weinhold, Moritz Heene, Rolf Verres A Study on the Effective Factors of Addiction Restoration Sima Janatian, Hossein Samavatian What Determines Motivation to Change and Self-perceived Need of Help among Young Cannabis Users? Sergio Fernández Artamendi, Jose Ramón Fernández Hermida, Roberto Secades Villa, Gloria García Fernández, Olaya García Rodríguez Topic: Health Psychology Family Functioning and Adolescent Suicidal Ideation Maria Gouveia-Pereira Topic: Culture and Psychology Measurement of Attitudes and Knowledge Towards Human Rights Based Approach and Gender Perspective in Psychosocial Intervention Hilda Gambara, Elvia Vargas, Ana del Rio 144 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

145July 6th, Wednesday POSTER SESSION G HALIC Topic: Personality and Individual Differences Measuring Psychophysiological Differences between Boredom, Flow and Anxiety Situations Tamás Mózes, Péter Soltész, Timea Magyarodi, Henriett Nagy, Attila Olah The Future Dreams and Hopes of the First Year Students: The Comparison of Sexual Distinction in the Context of Feminism Aivis Dombrovskis The Measurement of Critical Thinking between Managers of Isfahan Governmental Banks Azar Barati, Shima Purkhaghan, Ali Nasr Gender Distinctions of Leading Mental Functions Formation in Preschool and Primary School Age Bespanskaya Pavlenko Katerina Emotional Basis of Gender Differences in Depressive Rumination Diego Gomez-Baya Investigation of Relationship between Humor Styles with Subjective Well-Being Parvin Mansuri, Mohamadreza Khodabakhsh The Relationship among the Learnig Style, Cognitive Style and Personality: A study with University Students Müge Ersoy Kart, Özgür Güldü The Perception of Parental Acceptance-Rejection/Control and Ego-States in Theology and Fine Arts Students in Turkey Emine Taş, Serap Tekinsav Sütcü, Azmi Varan How Cognitive Ability, Emotional Intelligence, Defense Mechanisms and Coping Predict Unemployed Alla Plaude Differences in Personality Traits: Age and Gender Variables in the Representative Sample Albinas Bagdonas, Antanas Kairys The Screening Device of Callous-unemotional Traits of Adolescents from Juvenile Detention Facilities in Romania Rosan Adrian Comparison of Psychobiological Personality Model and Five Factor Personality Theory in a Turkish Sample Emine Sevinç Sevi, Haluk Arkar Comparison of Loneliness, Mental Health and Self-Efficacy of the Elderly Living Families and Elderly Living in Nursing Homes in Ardabil City Mohammad Narimani, Moslem Abbasi The Role of Personal Psychological Traits on Wellbeing in Response to the Economic Crisis Tatiana Ivanova Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioural Consequences and Coping Strategies with Shyness by Women and Men of Different Gender Identity Eugenia Mandal Room-Bound : An Emerging Lifestyle for College Male Students? Huan Chueh Wu, Chien Chou, Mei Hung Wang Adolescents Altruistic Values and Tolerance Julia Babaeva, Pavel Sabadosh The Relationships between Self-esteem and Sexual Satisfaction in Lithuanian Male Adults Kristina Zardeckaite Matulaitiene, Audrone Salygiene POSTER PRESENTATIONS 145

146July 6th, Wednesday Gender, Masculinity and Femininity and Emotional Intelligence Antonia Calvo Salguero, María Del Carmen Aguilar Luzón, J. Miguel Ángel García Martínez, Adelaida Monteoliva-Sánchez The Quality of Life, Success and Materialistic-Mercantile Orientation among Working Women and Men Mariola Paruzel Barriers and Motivating Factors to Pursue a Career in a Technological Field in Germany and Austria Martina Endepohls-Ulpe Gender Features of Vital Values of Modern Youth Nazym Satybaldina Students Representation of Gender Olga Lobanova The Moderating Effect of Self- knowledge on the Relationship between Self- estimated Emotional Intelligence and Psychometric Emotional Intelligence in Men and Women Roghaye Sadat Mirjalili, Hojjat A. Farahani, Zahra Akbari Development of Gender Differences in Mental-Rotation Performance in Pre-Adolescence and the Role of Stimulus Type Sarah Neuburger, Claudia Quaiser Pohl, Andrea Schmelter, Martin Heil, Petra Jansen Gender Differences in Mathematics Self-efficacy: the Effect of Stereotype Threat Silvia GAli, Francesca Chiesi, Caterina Primi Conformity to Traditional Gender Norms in Couples Scale (CTGNCS) Scale Development Vrîncianu Sonia-Elisabeta, Negrescu Mihaela Differential Predictors of Work-family Conflict for Taiwanese Male and Female Employees: A Resource Perspective Yu-Yueh Chang, Luo Lu Does Gender Matter? Relationship of Gender and Dispositional Forgiveness of Self, Others, Situations, and Overall Tendency to Forgive Across Situations Aija Dudkina, Solveiga Pavulina, Victoria Perepyolkina Gender Stereotyping Toward Gender Roles in a Multiethnic Sample. An Explorative Study Lucia Monacis, Daniela De Santis, Baingio Pinna, Maria Sinatra, Valeria de Palo Relation of Attachment Styles with Positive and Negative Perfectionism Mohammad Ali Besharat Individual Differences in Personality Growth and in Vocal Expression Yvona Mazehoova, Alena Nohavova Psychological Needs with Life Satisfaction and Self-esteem in Three Age Groups Ana Marija Španić, Jasmina Tomas, Denis Bratko, Tena Vukasović, Ana Butković The Incidence of Active and Passive Procrastination Among Czech Students and Working Adults Andrea Sliviaková, Helena Klimusová Testing the Validity and Reliability of the Regulatory Focus Strategies Scale and Its Relations with the Need for Cognition and Belief in a Just World Variables Asiye Yıldırım, Gonca Çiffiliz, Mine İlhan Öner, Deniz Şahin The Characteristics of Children with Developmental Disorders: From the Picture-Frustration Study Ayana Tamura The Relationships among Authenticity, Basic Need Satisfaction and Well-being in a Turkish Sample Başak Beydoğan, Ferzan Curun 146 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

147July 6th, Wednesday Ambivalence over Emotional Expression and Depression in Taiwanese College Student: The Mediating Role of Relatedness Shu Chu Chen, Lung Hung Chen, Ying-Mei Tsai Ambivalence over Emotional Expression Inhibits the Beneficial Effect of Gratitude on Well-being: A Replication an Extension Lung Hung Chen, Ying-Mei Tsai, Shu Chu Chen Are Intellectual Styles Value-Directional? A Test of the Three-factor Hypothesis Christian Seubert, Pierre Sachse What Sets Apart Facebook Quitters from Regular Facebook Users? Personality Characteristics, Internet Addiction and Privacy Concerns of Social Network Suicides. Christoph Burger, Stefan Stieger, Manuel Bohn, Martin Voracek Religious Belief, Belief in the Paranormal and Personality in an Austrian Sample of University Students Christoph Burger, Valentin Riemer, Anita Neskovic, Agnieszka Jaworska, Sigrid Reiter, Andreas Hergovich Validation of two Conscientiousness Facets and Connection with Academic Procrasti-nation in Barcelona (Spain) Merce Clariana, Candid Genovard, Concepció Gotzens, Mar Badia, Teresa Dezcallar Differences in Personality among People With or Without Religious Beliefs Consuelo Moran, Ester Menezes Analysis of the Relevance of a 3D Virtual Program to Detect Drug use Behaviors and Bullying in Adolescents José A. Carmona, Consuelo Morán, Adolfo J. Cangas, José Gallego, José Hernández Differences in Suicidal Thought in Spanish Adolescents Consuelo Morán, Adolfo J. Cangas, José A. Carmona Free Will: A Question of Personality and Self-involvement? Hints from individual Differences in the Lateralized Readiness Potential Eva-Maria Leicht, Markus Quirin, Julius Kuhl, Ulla Martens, Thomas Gruber An Investigation of Sexual Self-Schemas in Marital Relationships Gözde Koçak, Hürol Fışıloğlu Does Self-Confidence Make you more Deceptive in your Brand Relationships? The Role of Self- Confidence in Abstract Versus Concrete Brand Relationships Gülen Sarial Abi, Zeynep Gürhan Canlı The Dark Triad and Cognitive Abilities: Examining Associations with Working Memory and Intelligence John Rauthmann, Markus Martini Optimism Moderates the Impact of Uncontrollable Daily Hassles on Mental Health in Chinese College Students Julian Lai The Relationship between the Perception of Psychological Violence (Mobbing) and Personality: Educational Employees Kader Deniz Sarlak Are Children with ADHD more Likely to be Bullies or Victims? The Role of Callous Unemotional Traits Kostas Fanti The Influence of Self-Evaluation on Creativity: Self-Esteem as a Moderator Ling Wang, Rui Lu Investigating Personality Traits of Facebook Users: The Case of Italian Young People Marinella Paciello, Alessandro Pollini, Del Carlo Riccardo, Mariangela Cersosimo POSTER PRESENTATIONS 147

148July 6th, Wednesday Is a Bird in Hand Worth Two in the Bush? The Relationship between Cloninger s Personality Profile and Discounting Rate of Delayed Rewards and Losses Marta Malesza Personality and Decision-Making: Cloninger s Temperament and Character Dimensions in Relation to the Rate of Social and Effort Discounting Marta Malesza Head-to-Head Comparisons of Child Personality Dimensıons vs. Types in Predicting Social Adjustment Martina Horvat, Maja Zupančič, Tina Kavčič Study of the Relationship between Big Five personality factors with Internet addiction in the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili Mohammad Narimani, Moslem Abbasi Attachment Styles and Coping with Stress Mohammad Ali Besharat The Role of Humour and Optimism on Happiness Mónica Carballeira Abella, Rosario J. Marrero Quevedo A Study on the Mediating Role of Affect Balance in the Relationshıp between Self-Serving Attributional Bias and life Satisfaction Pilar Sanjuán, Olalla Ruiz, Javier Martínez Salazar A Study of Simple and Multiple Relationship between Personality Traits and Creativity. Abdolla Moatamedy, Rajabali Mohammadzadeh Edmollaii A Positivity Bias in Written and Spoken English, and its Moderation by Personality and Gender Randy J. Larsen, Adam A. Augustine, Matthias R. Mehl Optimism in the Ryff s Psychological Well-being Model Rosario J. Marrero Quevedo, Mónica Carballeira Abella Personality as a Predictor of Trusting and Trustworthiness: First Impressions or Lasting Influence S. Arzu Wasti, Selin Eser, Semiha Kara Personality Dimensions and Subjective Well-being in Germany and Turkey: Agreement between Selfreport and Informant Reports Selda Koydemir, Astrid Schuetz Some Personality Characteristics as Implications for Professional Choice Barbara Dolenc, Lilijana Šprah, Tatjana Novak Personality, Mental health, Social Support and Stigma in Runaway Girls Usha Barahmand, Afsaneh Azizi Interaction between Individual Differences in Self-Regulation and Successful Outcomes of Final School Exams Varvara Morosanova, Alexander Vanin, Elena Filippova, Igor Tsyganov Personality and Subjective Happiness - The Role of Positive Thinking Veljko Jovanovic Personality Predictors and Correlates of Sense of Coherence: a Longitudinal Perspective Marek Blatný, Veronika Sobotkova, Katarína Millová, Martin Jelínek, Iva Solcova The Relation between the Purpose _in _Life and the Five Factors Personality Zahra Raad, Farnaz Azarmnia Between Archetypes and Cultural Models: Self-Perception in Adolescence and Young Adulthood and Gender Dimensions Antonio Godino, Maria Rita Serio 148 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

149July 6th, Wednesday Analyzing Personal Orientations of University Students in Terms of Some Socio-Demographic Variables Nurgül Yavuzer, Berke Kırıkkanat Self Concept and Personality Type of the Women at the First Pregnant in Iran Mastooreh Sedaghat The Effect of Life Style on Marital Adjustment Farzaneh Ranjbar Noshahry, Sahar Jahanbakhsh Abkenar The Money Attitude of Covert and Overt Narcissists Henry K.S. Ng, Kim Pong Tam, Annie T.M. Shu Time Perspective in the Process of Forming Civic identity of Personality Olga Zhukova Research and Development of Intellectual Consciousness for Thai Youths Quality of Life Oraphin Choochom, Aschara Sukharom, Pajongjit Intasuwan, Prateep Jinnge, Oraphin Choochom, Aschara Sukharom, Pajongjit Intasuwan, Prateep Jinnge Can Personality Characters Predict Tendency to Addiction? Gholam Ali Nikpour Relations between the Neo Pı R and the Goals Achievement Questionnaıre Consuelo Morán, Menezes Ester Ethical Ideologies of Police Psychologists Lita Stefan, Grigoras Mihaela Intelligence and Interpersonal Trust: Is it Smart to Trust Others? Alejandra Montoro, Pei-Chun Shih, Eduardo Estrada, Laura Requena Predictions of IPDE Personality disorders from NEO-PI-R in Spanish sample Ascensión Fumero, Adelia De Miguel Predictions of SCL-90 from NEO-PI-R in Spanish Sample: Ability of NEO-PI-R Personality Inventory in Mental Health Evaluation Adelia De Miguel, Ascensión Fumero Turkish Standardization of Affective Neuroscience Personality Scale F. Gökçe Özkarar, Hanna Scherler, Falih Köksal, Hatice Çetinkaya Investigating Item Content and Structure of a Machiavellianism Scale: What are we measuring? John Rauthmann The Role of Personality Type Similarity of Spouses and Marital Satisfaction Masoumeh Ahmadian A Psychometric Analysis of the Sensitivity to Injustice Questionnaire Using Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory Peter Zitny A New Tool for Assessing Quality of Life in Patients with Psoriasis: The QualiPso Questionnaire Quintard Bruno, Bouyssou Gauthier Marie Laure, Carle Paul, Truchelet François, Guiguen Yves, Taïeb Alain Assessment of the Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Academic Setting Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero, Mercedes Paíno, Marta Santarén Rosell, Susana Sierra Baigrie, Serafín Lemos Giráldez, José Muñiz A Comparison of T-Scores from The MMPI and The MMPI-2 in Turkish Young Adults Normal Turkish Population Sait Uluç, Sevginar Vatan, Sedat Işıklı A Review of Research on State Self-Esteem by Using Self-Organizing Maps Takuya Watanabe POSTER PRESENTATIONS 149

150July 6th, Wednesday The relationship between Identity dimensions and adjustment in high school students Abbas Rahiminezhad, Zeynab Kazemi, Hojjat A. Farahani, Somayeh Aghamohamadi The Relationship between Exploration and Commitment Dimensions and Purpose in Life and Self-Esteem in University Students Hojjat A. Farahani, Somayeh Aghamohamadi, Abbas Rahiminezhad, Zeynab Kazemi The Psychological Criterias of Human Individuality Development Valentyna Podshyvalkina, Radion Svynarenko Ethnical Individuality as a Concept of Integral Personality Theory Almat Nuradinov, Davlet Duisenbekov Bullying in Spanish Scholars: Differences in Personality Factors between Perpetrators and Victims Consuelo Moran, Prisciliano Cordero, Diego Suarez Psychological Reality of the General Factor of Personality: The character strengths perspective Inna Arshava, Eleonora Nosenko, Iryna Arshava Comparative Study on Core Self-Evaluations and the Big Five Personality traits Hong Jiang Psychometric Properties of the Five Factor Personality Structure in Turkish Adolescence Mediha Korkmaz, Oya Somer, Duygu Güngör Çulha Decompensare, Compensare, Decompresie Şı Refacere Psihologică Ramona Cristina Ciobanu A Review of Ethical Leadership: The Impact in School Contexts Laura Gallardo, Angel Barrasa Comparison of Personality Traits and Religious Orientation between Young Addicted and Nonaddicted People Mahdis Mosaferi Ghomi Integral Individuality as an Issue of Ethno-Psychological Study Almat Nuradinov, Bizhan Sheraly, Daulet Duisenbekov, Nazira Sadikova The Research of Social Tolerance Using Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Diana Olukalne, Mara Vidnere Decoding Emotional Expressions of Varying Intensities as a Function of Relationship and Emotion Attention Fang Zhang, Maria Parmley Flow Synch and its Determinative Factors Personality Characteristics and Environmental Background Tímea Magyaródi, Henriett Nagy, Tamás Mózes, Péter Soltész, Attila Oláh A Development of Character Strength Scale and the Relationship with Well-Being in Japan Tomoko Takahashi, Tazuko Aoki Personality and Family characteristic: Some Results About Their Relation Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco, Marián Pérez-Marín, Amparo Cotolí Crespo, Inmaculada Montoya Castilla, Gemma García Soriano, Miriam Julián Sanchos Materialism, Affective Specificity and Well-Being - Croatian Case Zvjezdana Prizmic Larsen, Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovčan The Relationship between Time Perspective and Music Preferences Sara Prot, Daniel Lannin Investigation and Analysis Attachment Style and Forgiveness among Nursing Student and Non- nursing Mohamadreza Khodabakhsh, Parvin Mansuri Do Predictors of Risk for Problem Gambling Differ across Male and Female Adolescents? Maria Anna Donati, Silvia GAli, Francesca Chiesi, Caterina Primi 150 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

151July 6th, Wednesday Topic: Counseling Psychology Validation of the Life Roles Satisfaction Scale (LRSS) Isabel Janeiro, Rosário Lima Self-directed Learning and Career Decision Self-efficacy of Women University Students: A Cross-cultural Comparison Karina de Bruin Career Mobility and the Use of Self-Presentation Strategies Regina Berezovskaya The Therapeutic Efficacy and the Change Process of a Strength-Centered Career Counseling Model Yu-Chen Wang, Yi-Mei Lee The Reflection of Leading an Expressive Therapy Group of Abused Adolescent Girls Hui Chuan-Hung, Pei-Ying Wu Spouse Seletion and Its Relationship with Family Function Zhaleh Refahi The Relationship between Counseling Psychologists Burnout During Counseling Process and Subjectively Evaluated Leisure Quality Klaudija Pauliukevciute, Gita Argustaite Study on Assessment of Interaction between Parents and Emotionally Disturbed Children in Family Play Therapy Li-Yun Wu, Shu Chen Kao Study Marital Satisfaction on Employed and Unemployed Pregnant Woman in Ardabil City Roya MotavAli, Tavakkol Mousazadeh Implications of the Experiential-Process Theory in Diagnosis and Treatment in Psychotherapy: a Case Study. Michele Dufey Outcome Research on Systemic Family Interventions: Theoretical Requirements and Practical Challenges Corina Aguilar-Raab, Jochen Schweitzer Career Choice and Parental Images - A Clinical Case Study Alain Francois Rioux, Anne Pignault School-to-Work Transition of Youth in Early Career development: an Empirical Study of Graduates in Taiwan Chih-Ming Chou, Chin-Lun Tsai The Far Side of the Moon: Listening the listener. Anabela Pereira, Inês Direito, Paula Vagos, Luísa Santos, Gustavo Vasconcelos, Sara Monteiro, Ana Torres, Vânia Amaral, Hélder Castanheira The Parents of Autistic Children: The Ways of Coping with Stres, Family Supports, and The Reason for Living Sennur Tutarel Kıslak, Nihal Aslan Understanding Suicide Bereavement from the Perspectives of the Bereaved and Mental Health Practitioners: A Qualitative Study Terry Lynn Gall, Jesse Henneberry Exploring the Experiences of Post-2004 Polish Migrants in the UK: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Paul O Brien Moving to High School: Student s Expectations about the Future and Vocational Choice Fernando Henrique Rezende Aguiar, Maria Inês Gandolfo Conceição POSTER PRESENTATIONS 151

152July 6th, Wednesday Disabled Persons Perspective on and Perception Abouth Their Disability Deniz Aydemir Döke, Ali Yıldırım We Have a Child Now. Actor-Network and Family Social Services Expierence in Catalonia, Spain. Diana V. Jiménez Cervantes, M. Rosa Tarrés Cansado I don t Feel Responsible Holding a Girl s Hand Anymore : Shift in Experience of Romantic Relationship of Turkish Male Graduate Students Delevi Raquel, Aslı Bugay The Person-Centered Approach in a Counseling Center Anti-abortion: The Actualizing Tendency as a Metaphor for the Acceptance of a New Life Elena Consoli Grief: Rethinking Old Assumptions. A New Paradigm Emerging? Torill Christine Lindstrøm, Malin Øygarden Title: Exploring Risk and Protective Factors Related to Resilience Using a Meta-Analysis Min Young Lee, Sang Min Lee, Ji-Hee Lee, Boram Kim, Areum Kim Pregnancy Burdens: Results Form a Prospective Longitudinal Study During Pregnancy Till the Postpartum Period Eva Mautner, Gerda Trutnovsky, Fedor Daghofer, Josef Egger, Uwe Lang, Eva Greimel Effectivness of Group Training on Satisfaction and Happiness Of Agedas Zhaleh Refahi, Hamid Barkhori The Result of Peer Counseling Program Toward Life Skills Development Chantana Klomjit, Suwaree Sivabaedya, Mallawee Adulwattana, Achana Prakit. Help-Seeking among Turkish Adolescents: How Gender Matters Hamide Gozu The Relationships between Achievement Goals and Self-Handicapping, Test Anxiety, and Academic Procrastination in Korea: Comparison by School Levels Mi Kyung Song, Ji Eun Oh, Sung Moon Lim Pupil-Centred Model or Teacher-Centred Model? Educational Practices and Teaching in Portuguese Teachers Joana Santos Rita, Ivone Patrão Construction of the Codes of Ethics for School Guidance Li-Chu Hung, Wei-Fung Lin Testing the Autoregressive Cross-Lagged Effect between Friendship and Depression in Korean High School Students Sang Yup Choo, Sung Moon Lim The Difficulties and Experience of Recruiting Participants to a Preventive School-Based Eating Disorders Intervention Program Yu-Ping Chen The Main Nutrient of Examination Performance; Motivation and Related Factors Olcay Güner, Ayşe Esra Aslan Development the Scale to Measure the Characteristics of Non-attendant Children Yohei Okibayashi, Shizuka Kawamoto, Koji Kosugi, Eiji Oishi Vocational Interests and Partners. The Similarity of Younger and Older Couples with Respect to RIASEC Florian Hartmann, Kathrin Ramsauer, Christian Tarnai Adaptability, Professional Interests and Propensity to Invest in Education Laura Nota, Salvatore Soresi Relation between Vocational Identity Statuses and Interests among Italian Adolescents Monica Pellerone 152 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

153July 6th, Wednesday The Professional Self-Conception as a System Swetlana T. Dzhanerian Topic: Gerontology Informed Consent and Dementia? Cognitive and Emotional Predictors of Consent Capacity in AD Patients Anna Felnhofer, Kristina Meier, Ilse Kryspin Exner Social Network Characteristics and Salivary Cortisol in Healthy Older People Julian Lai, Alice Chong, Oswald Siu, Phil Evans, Cecilia Chan, Rainbow Ho The Case of Enjoyment in Elderly s Attitudes toward Using the Internet Oswald D. Kothgassner, Doris Weber, Birgit U. Stetina, Anna Felnhofer, Ilse Kryspin Exner Seniors Socio-Professional Self-Realization as Important Social Value Dzidra Meiksane Constructing Family Integrity in Later Life: the Case of Older Dementia Caregivers Sara Guerra, Daniela Figueiredo, Liliana Sousa Residential Care in Dementia: Effectiveness of a Psycho-Educational Program for Caregivers Ana Barbosa, Joana Cruz, Daniela Figueiredo, Alda Marques, Álvaro Mendes, Sara Guerra, Liliana Sousa The Effects of Cognitive Stimulation and Physical Exercise on the Cognitive Functioning of Older Persons with Cognitive Impairment: A Randomized Controlled Trial Sheung-Tak Cheng Psychological problems of care workers for demented eldery in Japan Kyoko Hori POSTER PRESENTATIONS 153

154July 6th, Wednesday POSTER SESSION H HALIC Topic: Research Methods and Statistics Pavlovian Parameter Estimation in Causal Bayes Net Jorge López Puga, Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Juan García García Advanced Online Research Methods Bringing Together Advertisement Psychology and Web Analytics Armin Kaser, Pierre Sachse Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire Portuguese version Vânia Amaral, Carlos Silva, Alexandra Pereira, Anabela Pereira, Teresa Cotrim, Paulo Nossa INSAT2010 Health and Work Inquiry: a methodological proposal to evaluate occupational health Carla Barros Duarte, Liliana Cunha, Marianne Lacomblez Factor structures of the Children s Depression Inventory: A Meta-Analysis of Pattern Matrices Chiungjung Huang Measuring cognitive reserve in Spanish population: A new Scale. Irene León, Juan Garcia, Lola Roldán Tapia Neurofeedback Training to Enhance Learning and Memory: A Single Case Study Parvaneh Hadadi, Reza Rostami, Farzaneh Poladi, Afsaneh Moradi Patterns and Treatment of Missing Data and Estimation of Factor Structure of a Test Alicia Lopez Jauregui, Paula Elosua, Paola Bully Garay Alternative Uses of DIF Techniques Andres Gonzalez, Jose Luis Padilla Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Sample Invariance of the Chinese Version of Somatorsensory Amplification Scale (ChSAS) among Chinese adolescents Barry Tam, Wing Wong The Psychometric Properties of the Attachment Style Questionnaire A Hungarian Validation Study Eszter Hámori, Edit Dankháziné Hajtman, Katalin Horváth Szabó, Anikó Kézdy, Tamás Martos, Szabolcs Urbán The Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire: Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Version Ezgi Tuna, Özlem Bozo Differences between Men and Women Regarding Fears and Phobias in the Portuguese Adult Population Filomena Dias, Isabel Leal, João Marôco The Effects of Communication Apprehension on Students Activity in a Learning Environment Galya Gercheva Nestorova A Comparison Study between the Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool for Schizophrenia (B-CATS) and the Screen for Cognitive Impairment in Psychiatry (SCIP) Georgina Guilera, Oscar Pino, Juana Gómez Benito, Manuel J. Cuesta, J. Emilio Rojo A New Calibration Model in Psychometrics Tests: From IQ to PQ Ionel Dorofte, Tatiana Dorofte Psychometric Characteristics of a Portuguese Version of the Amsterdam Occupational Interest Inventory Jose Pacheco Miguel, José Tomás Da Silva Extreme Response Style in the Assessment of Personality Jörg-Henrik Heine, Beatrice Gerber Braun, Matthias Ziegler 154 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

155July 6th, Wednesday Orthogonal Higher Order Structure and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the French Wechsler Children's Intelligence Scale Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) (CFSS): A New Tool for Non Clinical-Neurological Settings Barbara Muzzatti, Lorena Giovannini, Anita Caruso, Guido Lucchini, Maria Antonietta Annunziata Spanish Adaptation of the Perceived Acceptance Scale of the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire in Spanish Sample Soledad Rodriguez, Zeltia Martinez, Carolina Tinajero, Adelina Couñago, Fernanda Paramo Mehdi Sahragard, Abbas Kamari, Alireza Zinati Turkish Form of Metacognition Questionnaire for Children: Psychometric Skills and Its Relationships with Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms , 1999 . Psychometric Properties of the Sensitivity to Pu nishment and Reward Sensitivity Questionnaire Michele Dufey, Ana Maria Fernandez, Caralina Mourgues Reliability, Validity, and Factorial Analysis of a Short Form of the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems in an Iranian Population Mohammad Ali Besharat Valıdation Cyberaddiction Scale Zaira Deyanira Ruiz Panigua, Mónica Fulgencio Juárez Validation of a Questionnaire to Measure Resilience Marcia Hernández Correa, Rocio Ledesma Hernández, Gloria galviar Zaváz lógaz, Gloria tollez, Gloria lógaz. Fulgencio Juárez on the Impact of Anglo-American Psychology on the Impact of Anglo-American Psychology on the Naescher Saskia, Schui Gabriel, Krampen Günter A Comparison of One- and Two-Parameter Logistic Models for Item Calibration Natalija Curkovic, Josip Sabic Greek Language Validation of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ). Maria Karekla, Natalia Pilipenko, Maria Stavrinaki, Elena Hanna, Elena Siakou, Chrysanthi Leonidou, Jonathan Feldman Construct Validation of the French Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth Edition Reverte Isabelle, Lecerf Thierry, Golay Philippe, Senn Denise, Favez Nicolas, Rossier Jerome Assessing the Psychometric Properties of the Quality of Life Scale for Diabetics: Developing Over Aged Saeideh Bazzazian Preliminary Study of Abuse Scale (AS) in Runaway Girls Sahar Tahbaz Hosseinzade, Hadi Bahrami Ehsan POSTER PRESENTATIONS 155

156July 6th, Wednesday Effective Method of TeaChing-For Improving the Structure of Science Class. Supporting Teachers Accuracy Using Class Design Matrix Midori Kanazawa Development and Validation of Benevolence Scale of Youth in an Iranian Sample Hojjat Allah Farahani, Abbas Rahiminejad, Mohammad Taghi Saidi Velashani, Nooshin Abbasi, Sajjad Tavassoli Development and Validation of Positive Aspects of Disease Inventory in an Iranian Sample Hojjat Allah Farahani, Abbas Rahiminejad, Mohammad Taghi Saidi Velashani, Nooshin Abbasi, Sajjad Tavassoli Spatial Orientaion in Relation to the Reliability of a Questionnaire Measuring Affect Sebastian Kolsch, Freddie Crous, Johann Schepers Development and Psychometric Properties of a Comprehensive Measure to Draw an Addiction Profile Kultegin Ogel, Sezin Oner A Study on Hope Scale and the Related Factors or the High School Students Shih Lung Ching, Feng Ming Liu Dimensions and Determinants of Posttraumatic Growth in French Women Sophie Lelorain, Philippe Tessier, Agnès Florin, Angélique Bonnaud Antignac Construction of a Short Version of the Slovenian Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Paris, Pisa and San Diego Autoquestionnaire (TEMPS-A) and its psychometric characteristics Barbara Dolenc, Lilijana Šprah, Tatjana Novak Preliminary Results of the Temporal Extension Inventory TEI Victor E. C. Ortuño, Maria Paula Paixão, Isabel N. Janeiro Children s Self-Reported Emotional Intelligence Scale Validation (CSEIS) Manuel Sosa Correa, Agustín Lorenzo Rodríguez Aké Family Assessment in the Family Process and Content Model Siamak Samani Topic: Adaptation and Construction of Anger Expression Scale (Spielberger, 1988) according to Pakistani Cultural Context and Psychometric Properties of the Deve Mamoona Shahid, Najma Najam Construct Validity of an Inventory of Personal Epistemology in Basic Psychological Processes Sandra Castañeda Figueiras, Eduardo Peñalosa Castro, Fernando Austria Corrales Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Version of Emotional Approach Coping Scale in the Samples of Turkish University Students and Community Members Emre Şenol Durak, Mithat Durak A Comparison of the Web-Based and Paper-and-Pencil Versions of the RMSHS with a Sample of Undergraduate Students Chia-Chi Wang, Yin-Yao Cheng, Hsiao Chi Ho Results of National Assessment in 9th Graders Mathematics Mzia Tsereteli, Ia Aptarashvili The Type I Error and Power of the MH Procedure for Detecting DIF with Large Sample Sizes Ratios Erika Margarita Arias, Aura Nidia Herrera, Juana Gómez Benito Validation of the Revised Short Test of Music Preferences in a Croatian sample Franjo Prot, Sara Prot, Adriana Banožić, Ana Vojnić Tunić, Martina Udovičić Validation of the Croatian Translation of the Emerging Adult Peer Pressure Inventory Ksenija Bosnar, Sara Prot Comparing Different Methods for Setting Cut-off Scores in Psychological Testing Paola Bully Garay, Paula Elosua 156 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

157July 6th, Wednesday Depression in Girls and Boys Students in Iran Farzaneh Youssefi, Fatemeh Vasegh, Ardalan Youssefi Coverage Problem in Internet-Based Research of Public Opinion Vesna Lamza Posavec, Stanko Rihtar, Lidija Čilić Burušić, Josip Burušić The Comparison of Fuzzy Regression and Regression Using Bootstrapping Method in Special Samples Hojjat Adnan Farahani Survey on the Relationship Social & Individual Factors with the Vandalism Behaviors among the High School Students of the Southern District of Tehran Ghoncheh Raheb Investigation of Generalizability Theory Analysis Results with Different Statistical Programs Atilla Yelboğa Factor Structures of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale: Meta-Analysis of Pattern Matrices Chiungjung Huang Methods of Psychological Research Mikhail Basimov The Analysis of the Data in Nonlinear Psychology Mikhail Basimov Classification of Nonlinear Dependences Mikhail Basimov Is the Dose of Narcotics a Predictor of Maintenance Dose of Methadone? Noushin Khasteganan, Madjid Chinikar A Statistical Theory of Nonparametric Estimation in Economic and Psychophysical Experiments Michele Bernasconi, Christine Choirat, Raffaello Seri Research of the Worker Career Growth in an Economic Crisis Time S.J. Manukhina System Model of Personnel Management in Training and Practice Ekterina Polyanskaya Topic: Social Issues Family Identity of Ethnical Czechs Living in Ukraine Boris Iljuk Ethnic Identification and Acculturation of Asian and Latino Youth: A Developmental Perspective Taveeshi Gupta, Selçuk Şirin Ethnic Attitude, Self Concept, and the Mental Health of Interracial Marriage Families Adolescents in Taiwan Wei-Shiuan Jeng, Chin-Chun Sue Transformation of Ethnic Identity and Prospects of its Development Maria Petrova Positive Parental Feelings in a Context of Nonlinear Psychology Mikhail Basimov, Elena Padurina Predicting Infidelity- Resource in Couples Assessment Ciubotaru Laura Diana, Karner Hutuleac Adina The Relationship between Mental Health and Religious Attitude Kamal Solati Relation between Deterministic Thinking and Religious Attitude among Iranian Students Jalal Younesi, Zahra Fahimi Rad, Fazel Bahrami POSTER PRESENTATIONS 157

158July 6th, Wednesday Comparison of Personal Behavior Styles, Forgiveness and Anger Control in Clinical Depressed, Non- Clinical Depressed and Normal Groups Fatemeh Fayyaz, Mohammad Ali Besharat Opinions, Beliefs and Attitudes Regarding Mental Illness Among University Students: A Descriptive Approach to Studying Stigma Through Case Vignettes Berrak Karahoda, Levent Küey Examine the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Forgiveness with Marital conflict Afshin Salahian, Masoud Sadeghi, Fatemeh Bahrami, Maryam Sharifi Psychological Effects of Domestic Violence Alexandra Serra, Jorge Quintas, Rui Serôdio, Manuela Oliveira The Post-Traumatic Growth of Parents of Disabled Children Evlaliya Prosvetova, Maria Tvardovskaya Experiences of Family Caregivers of Patients with Bipolar Disorder Farshid Shamsaei, Sima Mohamad Khan Kermanshahi, Zohre Vanak, Ebrahim Hajizadeh, Mohammad R Hayatbakhsh The Relations Among Expressed Emotion, Empathy, Depression, and Marital Adjustment Sennur Tutarel Kıslak, Işıl Göztepe Family of Origin and College Students Career Anxiety: A sample Taiwan Kang Lin Yang Roles Played by Fathers of Chinese Families and the Changing Process in Family Play Therapy Li-Yun Wu, Shu Chen Kao, Shu Hua Yu A Survey to Study and Coppare Mental Health and Self Concept of Parents with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder Children and Those with Normal Children Mahsima Pourshahriari, Akhram Khoraroodi Formation of Semantic Sphere of the Child in a Context of Nonlinear Psychology Mikhail Basimov, Yuliya Ilinyh The Effect of Training of Communication and Coping Anxiety Skills on General Anxiety and Anxiety Factors of Young Spouses Mohammad Hatami Self Monitoring and Commitment among Turkish Married Individuals Özge Akbalik Dogan, Ayda Büyükşahin Sunal Anger, Anxiety, and Depression in Romanian Preteens with One or Both Parents Living Abroad Raluca Tomsa Relationship among Family System Differentiation, Self-concept and Interpersonal Conflict Resolution in Adolescence Shu Hua Yu, Huilin Hsu, Li-Yun Wu Relationship between Self-Discrepancy and Mental Health Pari Taheri, Siamak Samani Resiliency and Family Communication Patterns Maryam Farhadi, Siamak Samani Family Communication Patterns, Resiliency and Mental Health Razieh Mirzajani, Siamak Samani Developing a Marrital Communication Pattern Scale Azam Ahmadi, Siamak Samani 158 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

159July 6th, Wednesday Adolescent Drug Abused and Perceived Family Communication Pattern Fatemeh Firozi, Siamak Samani Empowering Vulnerable Families: The Collaborative Professional Liliana Sousa, Sofia Rodrigues Financial Management in Low-income Families: Professionals Versus Families Perspectives Sofia Rodrigues, Madalena Alarcão, Liliana Sousa The Effect of Acquisition of Information from Various Resources on Mental Adaptation in Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disorders Takashi Nishimura, Kaichiro Furutani, Yuko Wakita, Fusami Inoue, Yasunori Suhama A Process Research of Family Business Succession to Organization Innovation from the view of Evolution Chien-Ming Wu, Minya Tseng You are My Sweet Burden. The Moderation Effect between Adult-Children Caregiver Burden and Depression Wei-Fang Lin, Tsui-Shan Li, Lung Hung Chen Spouse Selection and Its Relationship with Family Functional Zhaleh Refahi A Study on the Role of the Experience of Childhood Violence and the Patterns of Violence and Intimacy in Married College Students Akram Khaqmseh, Semin Hossinian Emotional Intelligence and Dyadic Adjustment in Couple s Relationships Margareta Dinca, Alexandru Mihalcea, Dragos Iliescu What Divide Perceiving Fairness from Unfairness? Communal and Individual Sense of Fairness in Dividing Family Work Akinobu Nameda Empowering Multi-problem Poor Families Through the Use of Photovoice Sofia Rodrigues, Andreia Ruela, Madalena Alarcão, Liliana Sousa The Bullied Experiences and Survival Strategies for LGBT Students in Taiwan Anchen Liu The Homonegativity Displays In Same-Sex Couples Discourse Among Russian and Italian Gay Men Vorontsov Dmitry, Antonelli Paolo, Stefanile Cristina Essentialist Beliefs about Sexual Categories (Discreteness, Immutability and Universality) as Predictors for Attitudes towards Lesbian Women and Gay Men Norman Anderssen, Hilde Slaatten Lesbian and Bisexual Women: Sexual Identity in Five Chapters Kimberly Belmonte, Tabitha Holmes, Nicole Giordano Relation between Religious Attitude and Depression among Shiraz University Medical Students Ali Sahraian, Arash Mani, Vala Rezaei The Relationship between the Act Based on Religious Beliefs and Happiness among Iranian Students[alp] Zahra Solgi Does Religiosity Protect? - Religiosity as a Protective Factor against Substance Use in Hungarian Youth Eszter Kovacs, Bettina Piko Basic Religious Beliefs and Five Personality Traits Alireza Rajaei, Ahmad SarvarAzimi Relationship between Religious Beliefs, Self-Harm Behaviors and Psychological Health of Male and Female Students Samad Sajjadi POSTER PRESENTATIONS 159

160July 6th, Wednesday Revisiting Drawing a Person Over a Period of 3 Decades in and Around Turkey. Duygu Biricik, Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı Anxiety and Self-Efficacy Beliefs of TEKEL Workers in their resistance against the government Fatma Yıldırım, İnci Özgür İlhan, Nail Dertli, Hande Tufan Demiray, Burhanettin Kaya Ethnical-Psychological Peculiarities of Young Kazakh Repatriates Social-Legal Activity and Acculturation Laura Baimoldina, Davlet Duisenbekov The Dynamics of the Russian Consumer s Attitudes During Social and Economic Changes Tatiana Folomeeva Compulsive Buying and Credit Card Behavior: a Study on Sicilian some Consumers. Calogero Iacolino, Valentina Zarcaro, Clara Amato Positive - Negative Affect, Life Orientation and Economic Opportunism Vassiliki Karamanoli, Kiriaki Fousiani, Maria Sakalaki The Decision-Making Process on Argentinian. Validation of Consumer Styles Inventory Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco, Ismael Quintanilla Pardo, Paula Quattrocchi, Joaquin Ungaretti The Linguistic Intergroup Bias: Beyond the Mere Level of Abstraction Ana Maria Tepordei, Adrian Neculau, Andrei Holman Title: Sexism and Violence against Women Diagnosis in Adolescents Eider Goiburu, Silvia Ubillos Nationalistic Stereotypes and Fears in the Internet Comments Gennady Serikov Social Identity and Intergroup Relations: The Case of Alevis and Sunnis in Amasya Nebi Sümer, Gulçin Akbas The Acculturation Process of Latin American, Romanian, and Maghrebian Immigrants in Spain Cuadrado Isabel, García Ael Cristina, Molero Fernando, Fernández Itziar Discordant Perceptions between Natives and Immigrants in a Multicultural Context Lucía López Rodríguez, Isabel Cuadrado, Marisol Navas, Antonio J. Rojas Perceived Similarity Test according to Relative Acculturation Extended Model (RAEM): Reliability and validity evidences Antonio J. Rojas, Marisol Navas, Pablo Sayans, Isabel Cuadrado The Role of Affective States in Interpreting the Thoughtless Behavior of Peers or Acquaintances Haruka Koike, Masayo Noda Implicit Attitudes toward Regional Diversity in Context of Political Technology in Ukraine Lyubov A. Naydonova The Expression of Stereotypes of Criminals and Human Rights Defenders: a Comparative Study Marcos Pereira, José Luis Álvaro Stereotypes, Automatism, Control and Identification of Weapons and Tools in Different Contexts: Preliminary Results Pereira Marcos, Dantas Gilcimar, Alves Marcus V., Cunha Yasmin Attitudes toward Violence Against Women in Marriage: The Role of Ambivalence Sexism, Ambivalence Toward Men, Attitudes Toward Sexual Harassment and Gender Nur Okutan The Implicit Theory about Gender Stereotypes for Female Engineering Students Studying at Technical Universities in Taiwan Shu Hua Yu, Shuchu Chao 160 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

161July 6th, Wednesday The risk of Positive Stereotype toward People with Disabilities Tokika Kurita, Takashi Kusumi Ageism in Serbia - do we Discriminate The Old Vladimir Mihic, Ivana Mihic Perceived System Justification Serves to Increase Endorsement and Satisfaction with the Sexual division of Labor in Families Yusuke Karouji, Tokika Kurita, Takashi Kusumi The Incarceration Effects on the Lives of Female Ex-Convicts: Memories of Experiences Lived in Seclusion System Ana Paula Moniz Freire The Power of Gender Stereotypes: Further Evidence of Stereotype Threat from School Girls to Women at the Top of Math-Science-Engineering Education Huguet Pascal, Smeding Annique, Thinus-Blanc Catherine, Régner Isabelle Life, (in)justice and (in)equality: Main Concerns and Expectations of Homeless People Sónia Mairos Nogueira Peer Impact on the Development of Ethnic Prejudice in Preschool Children Judit Kende Can Perceived Threat Predict Intergroup Emotions and Prejudice? Hacer Harlak Study of the Influence of Causal Attributions and Meta-Stereotypes on Exclusion-Inclusion Processes in Homeless People: a Quantitative Approach Carolina Marin, Sonia Panadero, Alejandro Iborra, Isabel Pascual, Jose Juan Vazquez Fear/Stigma Associated With HIV/AIDS in the World of Adolescence Maggoe Tserere Girl and Boy Group Method Unfold Gender Stereotypes Leading to Gender Based Discrimination in Latvia and Åland - Call for Preventive Work with Youth Egita Gritane, Golnar Bahar Behind Bars: Culture and the Construction of Memory in a School in Prison Elizabeth de Lima Gil Vieira Criminal Justice System: between Theory and Practice Ana Paula Moniz Freire Psychosocial Effects of Unemployment and Structural Underemployment in Argentina Miriam Aparicio The Principle of Equivalent Exchange of Wages and Labor: the Dilemma between the Reality and the Ideal of Work Chihoko Aoki Job Insecurity Perceptions of Academic Staff in Turkey Aşkın Keser, Ersoy Kart Muge, Özlem Çakır Strategies Used by Immigrant Workers to Cope with Unemployment José Romay Martínez, Ana López Cortón, Susana Iglesias-Antelo, María Romaní De Gabriel, Adoración Maroño-Ponte Do Job Finding Prospects Matter in Job Search Intentions? Sanita Saitere Unemployed Individuals Employment Value and Life Satisfaction Tatiana Chuykova, Viktor Kurunov POSTER PRESENTATIONS 161

162July 6th, Wednesday Topic: Enviromental Psychology Designing New Residence Halls Based on the University Students Preferences in the Fields of Architecture And Environmental Psychology Arezoo Behzadbehbahani, Mohammad Aliabadi, Siamak Samani Psycho-Environmental Approach to the Perceived Well-Being of Young French Children at School Nabli Bouzid Dalel, Rioux Liliane Individual Adaptation to Climate Change- The Influence of Social Norms Diana Woelki Predictors of Frequent Car Use in the Urban Environment Andrei Holman, Stefan Boncu Reducing Plastic Bags Use in Supermarket: Can Commitment and the Hypocrisy Paradigm Help? Lolita Rubens, Liliane Rioux Interspecific Psychology Nikolskaya Anastasia Interhemispheric Transfer of Training in Right-Handed and Left Handed Subjects Arta Dodaj Situation perception: How do we perceive the frequency, valence, and activation of Big Five situations? John Rauthmann 162 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

163July 7th, Thursday


165July 7th, Thursday

166July 7th, Thursday

167July 7th, Thursday Auditorium KEYNOTE Psychosocial Functioning from Childhood Through Young Adulthood in Community and Medical Samples Koen Luyckx, Comenius Award Winner Chair: To be announced STATE OF THE ART Immigrant Families in Europe Uncovering Factors Promoting Resilience Birgit Leyendecker Chair: Biran Mertan Marmara Dolmabahçe A Ethics Track Roundtable Discussion 2 Personal, Professional and Political: Applying Human Rights Principles to Research and Practice in Psychology Heather Gridley, Colleen Turner, Jean Pettifor (discussant) Dolmabahçe B Students Motivation and the Satisfaction with Faculty Fernanda Martins Beyond Consumerism: A Mixed Methods Approach to Happiness in University Students Nesrin Gökçen, Elizabeth Attree, Christine Dancey The Use of ICT by Undergraduate Students and its Relationship with Learning and Studying Strategies Diana Fernández Zalazar, Carlos Neri Dolmabahçe C The Relationship between Relationship Beliefs and Dyadic Adjustment among Teachers of secondary schools in Iran Ghoncheh Raheb, Mostafa Eghlima, Fahimeh Arabiyan Functional Asymmetry of Hemispheres During Search of Relevant Information Vitaly Babenko, Pavel Ermakov From Discrimination to Abstraction: Examining the Contribution of Pigeon Prefrontal Cortex (Ncl) in Categorization Evrim Gülbetekin, Sonia Amado, Maik Stüttgen, Nadja Freund, Onur Güntürkün STATE OF THE ART Group Creativity and Team Innovation: Is there a match? Paul Paulus Chair: To be announced Improving Communications Skills in Physiotherapy Students and Physiotherapists Ana Grilo, Luis Joyce Moniz, Ana Gomes Galata Topkapı A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 167

168July 7th, Thursday Developing Adlerian-Based Parenting Program in Lithuania: Preliminary Results Roy Kern, Jolita Jonyniene Fragile Knowledge and Conflicting Evidence: How Museum Visitors Deal with Cognitive Conflicts Rahel Grueninger, Inga Specht, Doris Lewalter, Wolfgang Schnotz Topkapı B Life Satisfaction and Social Support in Dialysed Patients Maria Sinatra, Maria Rosaria Barulli, Valeria de Palo, Daniela De Santis, Lucia Monacis, Luigi Vernaglione, Francesco Pace Study Abroad: One Route to Epistemic Development Tabitha Holmes The Relationship between the Social Cognitive Understanding and Aggressive Behaviors in Children with Hearing Loss Asli Sarikardaşoğlu, Sibel Kazak Berument Sultan 2 Effect of Happy and Sad Music on Cognition Aslı Aslan, Kahraman Kıral Adolescents and Internet use Glória Franco, Maria João Beja, Teresa Medeiros, Pilar Melo Emotions, Motivation and Self-regulation in Boys and Girls Learning Mathematics Text Cirila Peklaj, Sonja Pečjak Sultan 3 Resilience in Communities, Institutional Density and Citizenship Bernardo Castro The Representation of Modern Economic Policy in Common Consciousness Citizens of Russia and Germany Olga Deyneka Solving Puzzles in Real and Virtual Environments Michel Denis, Sarwan Abbasi, Jean Marie Burkhardt Psychological Autonomy, Culture of Horizontality, and Human Flourishing: A Person-centered Approach to Socio-economic Transitions Valery Chirkov, Nadezhda Lebedeva Levent 3 Social Dominance Orientation: Dimensionality of the Scale in Argentinean Context Using Structural Equation Models Vicente Javier Prado-Gasco, Edgardo D. Etchezahar, Luis C. Jaume, Jorge A. Biglieri A New Group Process Model by Group Identity Development: A Multilevel Viewpoint Miki Ozeki, Toshikazu Yoshida The Self Core Evaluations and Job Satisfaction: A Brazilian Study Maria Cristina Ferreira 168 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

169July 7th, Thursday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Does the Internet Fulfill Students Social Interaction Needs? Marija Bogicevic, Niko Cigoja Feedback in the Difficult Communicative Situations Elena Breus Communication Channel Preferences in Friendship Interactions: The Role of Individual Differences and the Message Valence Leman Pınar Tosun, E. Olcay İmamoğlu MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Investigating Attentional Bias and Its Relation to Gender with Event-related Potentials Daniela M. Pfabigan, Elisabeth Lamplmayr-Kragl, Ulrich S. Tran Brain Mechanisms of Solving Creative Tasks in High- Creative People Liudmila Dikaya, Pavel Ermakov A Systematic Literature Review of Executive Functions Artemisa Rocha Dores, Cláudia Martins, Fernando Barbosa, Liliana De Sousa, Alexandre Castro Caldas MILITARY MUSEUM The Effect of Filial Imprinting of Male Japanese Quails on Sexual Conditioning Yasin Koç, Gülşen Kumru, Falih Köksal An Examination of Estimation Methods for Economic Values in Counseling Bo Young Choi, Areum Kim, Yoo Jin Jang, Sunhee Chang Psychology as a Profession in Portugal: Evolution during the Last Two Decades Vitor Coelho, Patrícia Brás, Edite Queiroz, Liliana Pereira Sakarya A MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Illusion of control: Personal Involvement or Biased Exposure to the Environment? Helena Matute, Ion Yarritu, Miguel A. Vadillo Effect of Regulatory Focus on Selective Exposure to Negative News - The Moderating Role of Information Load Yeosun Yoon, Gülen Sarial Abi, Zeynep Gürhan Canlı Predictors of Macro-Creativity: Role of Socio-Cultural Factors Selcuk Acar, Sedat Şen, Nur Çayırdağ MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Faking-related Change on Personality Measures: Can We Asses it at Group and Individual Level? Cristina Anguiano Carrasco, Mireia Ruiz Pàmies, Perejoan Ferrando Social Desirability and Self-reported Aggression: Effects and Relations Mireia Ruiz Pàmies, Cristina Anguiano Carrasco, Andreu Vilgil Colet, Urbano Lorenzo-Seva Understanding the Perspective of Students who are Positioned as Underachievers Nikoleta Gutvajn ORAL PRESENTATIONS 169

170July 7th, Thursday Auditorium Invited Symposium 8 Roles of Psychology Associations in Post Disaster Psychosocial Support: Experiences of EFPA Member Countries Convener: A. Nuray Karancı The role of Psychology Associations in Post Disaster Psychosocial Support Eva Muenker Kramer Roles of psychology associations in Post Disaster Psychosocial Support: Experiences of EFPA Member Countries Vito Tummino Spanish Psychologists Association as a Partner in Organizing Professional Emergency Services Ingeborg Porcar Recommendation for Good Practice in Acute Psychological Crisis Work in Finland Tuula Hynninen What is the Role of the Turkish Psychological Association in Disaster Psycho-social Support: Experiences, Organizational Framework and Collaborations A. Nuray Karanci Marmara Invited Symposium 9 Young People s Perceptions and Experiences of Emerging Adulthood in Different Countries Convener: Maja Zupančič Turkish Emerging Adults Perceptions of Adulthood Aysun Doğan Perceived Adult Status among Students in Austria, Slovenia and the US Wolfgang Friedlmeier How Do Young People Perceive Emerging Adulthood in USA, Slovenia, and Austria? Ulrike Sirsch Patterns of Individuation, Emotional Responsiveness, and Differentiation of Self in Emerging Adulthood Chris A. Bjornsen Validation of the Individuation Test for Emerging Adults (IT-EA) Luka Komidar Ethics Track Symposium 4 EFPA SCE SYMPOSIUM: Communicating about Ethics Convener: Yeşim Korkut Dolmabahçe A The History of the Metacode and Publications of the EFPA s Standing Committee on Ethics Pierre Nederlandt Dealing with the Media; a Guideline for Ethical Behaviour of Psychologists in Public Appearance Henk (H.) Geertsema Sexual Involvement with Therapists Karin Kalteis Title: Would you kill the Big Guy? - Teaching Ethics to Psychologists in the UK Tony Wainwright Teaching Ethics for Psychologists: Current Status and Future Challenges Victor Cláudio 170 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

171July 7th, Thursday Dolmabahçe B Test and Testing Track Invited Symposium 1 Internationalization of Test Reviewing Convener: Dave Bartram The need for an Updated International Test Standard Sverre Nielsen Using the EFPA Test Review Model to Raise Issues Regarding the Internationalization of Standards for Test Reviews Patricia Lindley Test Review at the Buros Center for Testing Kurt Geisinger Symposium on Internationalization of Test Reviewing Arne Evers Dolmabahçe C Invited Symposium 17 EFPA Task Force on Cultural and Ethnic Diversity-I Cultural and Ethnic Diversity: Implications for psychologists Convener: Ine Vink Psychology of Intercultural Actions: To deal with? Alexander Thomas Migration, Trauma and Mental Health a Clinical Perspective Suad Al-Saffar Compassion as a Curative Factor in the Psychological Treatment of Traumatized Refugees Alexander Thomas Cultural and Ethnic Diversity: Implications for Psychologists Workshop Luděk Kolman Galata Symposium 19 Quality and Standards of Professional Psychology: a Global Challenge Convener: Ingrid Lunt The EuroPsy Standard: What s in a name? Ingrid Lunt Launching EuroPsy in Norway Per Straumsheim Competences for Professional Practice in Psychology. An Approach from the Scientist-practitioner Model José M. Prieto Quality Standards for Professional Services by Psychologists: Looking beyond EuroPsy Ype H. Poortinga Symposium 25 The Psychological Diagnosis: A Practice in Discussion Convener: Cristina Monteiro Barbosa The Social Clinical Method and the Demand for Psychological Healthcare Cristina Monteiro Barbosa Correctional Facilities: A Look over the Felony Act Francisco Ramos De Farias Topkapı A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 171

172July 7th, Thursday Hospitals: On What is Possible and What is Impossible for the Psychologist to Do Lucia M Freitas Perez School Psychology: Facts and Myths Rita de Cassia Frechette Symposium 42 After the School Shootings - Responses from Finnish Psychology to the Need of Support Convener: Eija Palosaari After-Care Principles in the Jokela and Kauhajoki Shootings Eija Palosaari Trauma Recovery among Students Exposed to School Shootings in Finland Tuija Turunen Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms among the School Staff Nina Lyytinen Psychologists at the School Tiina Taijonlahti Topkapı B Sultan 2 Invited Symposium 19 Developing the Icd-11 Classification of Mental Disorders: Who Field Studies and Perspectives of Global Psychologists Convener: Pierre L.-J. Ritchie Improving ICD s Clinical Utility through Mapping Clinicians Conceptualizations of Mental Disorders Geoffrey M. Reed An International and Multilingual Survey of Psychologists Use and Experiences with ICD-10 and Priorities for ICD-11 Ann D. Watts Voices from the Arab Region: Definition, Classification and Description of Mental Disorders Brigitte Khoury Sultan 3 Belonging to Generation Game : Defence Strategies of Young Adults concerning Effects of Digital Video Games Julia Kneer, Gary Bente The Influence of Advertising on Children: from Consciousness to Education Valeria Micheletto, Massimo Bustreo, Vincenzo Russo Expecting to Meet a Robot: Effectance Motivation and its Impact on Anthropomorphic Judgements Friederike Eyssel, Dieta Kuchenbrandt, Simon Bobinger Coordination in Group Movements: Ideal Patterns Margarete Boos, Michael Belz Levent 3 Reversed Effects of Ego-Depletion on the Persuasiveness of Emotional and Rational Advertising Unger Alexander, Stahlberg Dagmar Ego-Depletion Increases Risk-Aversion in Self-Relevant but not in Fictional Decisions in the Context of a Stock Market Scenario Unger Alexander, Klotz Achim, Stahlberg Dagmar 172 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

173July 7th, Thursday How University Students Solve Real Life Problems? A Qualitative Analysis of Wisdom-related Knowledge in Problem Solving Process Soheila Hashemi Validating the Self-Esteem Form 5 (AF5) with a U.S. Sample Edie Cruise, Isabel Martínez MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Norm, Reliability, and Validity Studies of Vineland II for Turkish Children Aged Birth To Age 8 Years Old: Clinical Validity Studies for children with ASD, ADHD, and SLD Başak Alpas Elbek, Melda Akçakın, Gülşen Erden Development, Reliability and Validity of Turkish Social Information Processing Scale for Aggressive Children Barış Emre Günemre, Serap Tekinsav Sütcü Content Analysis of the Construct Systems of Children with ADHD Joan Miquel Soldevilla, Duygu Kuzu, Emmeline Froede, David Winter School-aged Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder can be successfully discriminated on the basis of underlying Psychopathy traits Alexandros Lordos, Kostas Fanti MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 The Relationships of Work Motivation with Job Engagement, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention: A Meditational Model Nasrin Arshadi Relationship among Psychosocial Factors at Work: Case of Bosnia and Hercegovina DžEnana Husremović, Valentin Bucik Effects of Job Insecurity and Job Self-efficacy on Alternative Employment Search Declaration: the Impact of Career History Worker s Profile Vonthron Anne Marie, Cosnefroy Olivier Impact of Positive Psychological Capital on Job Search Behaviour Burcu Güler, Efe Çınar, M. Vedat Pazarlıoğlu MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A The Role of Moral Disengagement as Mediator within the Stressor-Emotion Model of Counterproductive Work Behavior Roberta Fida, Marinella Paciello, Carlo Tramontano, Claudio Barbaranelli Knowledge Sharing Practices, Managerial Tacit Knowledge, and Individual Performance: Their interrelationships and the Moderating Role of Employee Personality Halimah Abdul Manaf, Steve Armstrong, Alan Lawton The Relationship of Personality Factors and Work Ethic in Staffs of University Asghar Jafari The Effect of Cognitive Ability, Personality and Learning Motivation on Predicting Job Performance and Training Success Amy Aggleton, Paula Cruise ORAL PRESENTATIONS 173

174July 7th, Thursday MILITARY MUSEUM SC Disaster and Crisis (Meeting) Sakarya B MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C A Study of Age and Gender Differences in Perfectionism, Procrastination and Body Image and Their Relationship with Self Esteem and Academic Achievement in Adole Usha Barahmand, Masoomeh Ghaebi Stress, Coping, and Identity Formation: Comparing Chinese Teenage Boys and Girls in Hong Kong in Their Transition to Adulthood Vicky C W Tam, Rebecca S Y Lam The Effectiveness of Achievement Motivation Training vs. Self-esteem Improvement Practice on Selfsystem Development in Two Intelligence Level Mehrnaz Ahmadi Parental Attachment, Self Esteem and School Functioning Among Adolescents in Malaysia Rozumah Baharudin, Nor Sheereen Zulkefly MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Everyday Memory Nil Adalı, Bahar Esin Ergin, Onay Çolakoğlu Underlying (Possible) Mechanisms Of Memory Distrust As A Function Of Repeated Checking In A Nonclinical Student Sample Talat Demirsöz, H. Belgin Ayvaşık The self in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Michael Kyrios Explanation of Obsessive Compulsive Signs in the Basis of Brain Behavioral Systems Activity, Anxiety Sensitivity & Worry Gh Reza Chalabianloo 174 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

175July 7th, Thursday Auditorium Invıted Symposium 10 Experiences of Long-term Crisis Help and Recovery of South-East Asia Tsunami Disaster among Survivora and Bereaved in Nordic Countries Convener: SAli Saari A Swedish Perspective on the Aftermath of the Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 Eva Håkanson Psychosocial Treatment and Recovery from the Tsunami Consequences in Finland Tuula Hynninen, SAli Saari Surviving and Then What! Anders Korsgaard Christensen Coping with the Psychological Consequences of the Tsunami SAli Saari Marmara Symposium 40 Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Counterproductive Work Behavior and Organizational Trust: Crosscultural comparisons between Turkey and the Nethe Convener: Nevra Cem Ersoy Do you Trust your Organization? Evidence from Turkish and Dutch Employees S. Arzu Wasti Measuring Trust in Coworkers in the Turkish Context Selin Eser Erdil The Effects of Trait Specificity on Test Scores in Culturally Diverse Groups: Predicting Work Criteria Marise Ph. Born Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Counterproductive Work Behavior and Organizational Trust: Crosscultural comparisons between Turkey and the Nethe Nevra Cem Ersoy Dolmabahçe A Russian Day - Symposium 6 Psychophysiology in Russia A sample of Current Research Convener: Pavel Ermakov A Review of Psychological and Psychophysiological Publications in Russian Scientific Periodicals Pavel Ermakov Tuning of Visual Pathways Detecting Contrast Modulation Vitaly Babenko Spectral capacity EEG in Performance of Verbal Operations and Individual Profile Asymmetry of Twins Elena Vorobyeva Brain Mechanisms of Solving Nonverbal Creative Tasks in High- creative People Liudmila Dikaya Cortical Patterns of Deception Igor Dikiy Symposium 10 Toward New Understandings and Practices in the Psychology of Unemployment Convener: Richard A. Young Beyond Unemployment: Conceptual and Methodological Trends Joaquim Armando Ferreira Dolmabahçe B ORAL PRESENTATIONS 175

176July 7th, Thursday Re-framing Unemployment: Stories of Resilience and Re-orientation Jenny Bimrose Career, Migration and the Life CV: A Relational Cultural Analysis Donna Schultheiss Conceptualizing the Transition to Unemployment as a Joint Project Richard A. Young Invited Symposium 18 EFPA Task Force on Cultural and Ethnic Diversity-II Convener: Ine Vink Enhancing Professional Competencies for Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Polli Hagenaars, Paulien Linnenbank Dolmabahçe C Galata Symposium 20 The 30th Anniversary of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA) Convener: Richard Freeman The History and Organization of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA) Richard Freeman EFPA: Supporting the Profession Ingrid Lunt EFPA s Support for Students and Science Veronika Anna Polišenská EFPA: the Next 30 Years Robert A. Roe Topkapı A Symposium 26 Innovative Aspects of Intervention Research: Learning Emotional Competences from Animals? Convener: Birgit U. Stetina The Meaning of a Guide Dog for the Emotional Development of Children with a Disorder in the Autistic Spectrum Marie Jose Enders Slegers Visiting Dogs in Geronto Psychiatry: Sources of Emotions and Social Lubricants Marie Jose Enders Slegers Corrective Emotional Experiences through Horse-human Interactions in Short Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (STPP) Géza Z. Kovács Measuring Emotional Competences: Behaviour Observation, Video Analysis, Self-Assessment and Skills Testing on Trial in Intervention Research on AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) Birgit U. Stetina, Karoline Turner, Eva Burger, Ursula Handlos, Oswald D. Kothgassner Learning Emotional Self-Control and Emotion Regulation from Canines? Effects of Dog-assisted Group Therapy with Drug Addicted Criminal Offenders on Emotional Competences Karoline Turner, Eva Burger, Ursula Handlos, Birgit U. Stetina Invited Symposium 20 Why is there a Gap between What People Want and What Institutions Deliver? Convener: John Raven Topkapı B 176 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

177July 7th, Thursday The Educational System Surprising Results from 50 years Work John Raven Challenging Education Professionals Idea of Human Nature Falih Köksal Nurturing the Nature by not taking the Nature into Consideration Hakan Çetinkaya The Institutional Imposition is the Psychological Loss the Discrepancy between What University Students Need and What Universities Offer N. Ekrem Düzen Educational Malnutrition: The Psychological Cost Yudit Namer Sultan 2 Negotiating Knowledge, Credibility and Confabulations in Neuropsychological Settings Chris McVittie, Andy McKinlay, Sergio Della Sala, Sarah MacPherson Corporate Social Responsiblity and Social, Environmental and Organizational Psychology: Developing a Research Agenda Daniel Mari Ripa, Juanjo Martín Noguera, Juan Herrero Olaizola, Enrique Gracia Fuster Heitor Carrilho Security Forensic Brazilian ort he : A Hybrid Institution and Its Discursive Practices Diana De Souza Pinto Promoting Well Being among Healthcare Personnel: An Action Research Melanie Demarco Sultan 3 Psychometric Properties of the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) in a Turkish Adolescent Sample Dilek Sarıtaş, Tülin Gençöz Validation of Goal Orientations Scale for Students of University and Height School Hossein Kareshki The Adaptation and the Validation of the Turkish Version of the Two Track Model of Bereavement Questionnaire Tuğba Ayaz, Pınar Önen, A. Tamer Aker, A. Nuray Karancı The Role of the Culture on the Reliability of Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-21) Hojjat A. Farahani, Abbas Rahiminezhad, Bahareh Rahimifar Tehrani Levent 3 Item-Specific Proportion Congruence Effect is Partially Confounded by Inadvertent Word Reading Nart Bedin Atalay, Mine Misirlisoy Time-on-task Trends, Time of Testing and Demand Characteristics in the Effects of Chewing Gum on Attention and Reaction time Andrew P. Allen, Andy P. Smith Gender and Reception Of Ballet Ana Pflug, Biljana Pejic Effect of Location and Form Pre-cueing in Orientation Judgment Pernille Bruhn, Claus Bundesen ORAL PRESENTATIONS 177

178July 7th, Thursday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Role of Several Factors in the Prediction of Emotion Regulation Difficulties Among Adolescents Dilek Sarıtaş, Tülin Gençöz A study on Alexithymia, Anxiety Sensitivity and depression levels among young hemodialysis patients Yeşim Korkut Persistence and Outcome of Auditory Hallucinations in Adolescence: A Longitudinal General Population Study of 1800 Individuals Nicole Gunther, Ellen De Loore, Marjan Drukker, Frans Feron, Bernard Sabbe, Dirk Deboutte, Ron Mengelers, Jim Van Os, Inez Myin Germeys Assessment and Risk Classification Issues of Youth Problem Gambling Dora Dodig, Neven Ricijas, Aleksandra Huic, Valentina Kranzelic MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Patient Safety Incidents - Handling Patterns in TeaChing-Hospitals. A Residents Perspective Spanu Florina, Somogyi Diana, Baban Adriana Job Satisfaction: How to Understand and Measure Unequivocally the Point of View of the Individual over his/her Work? Davy Castel, Annick Durand-Delvigne, Claude Lemoine Job Satisfaction and Gender: Comparison of Data Collected by Mail and Intranet Surveys Ivana Petrovic, Panta Kovacevic Survey the Relationship between Happiness and Quality of Life with Job Satisfaction among Iranian Teachers Seyed Ali Kimiaee, Hassan Gorjian Mehlabani, Reza Soltani Shal MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A The Reliability and Validity Study of The Early Relational Themes Test: A Protocol to Assess Attachment Representations Zeynep Tüzün, Gonca Soygüt, Sait Uluç, Manolya Çalışır, Sevginar Vatan, Zehra Çakır The Reliability and Validity Study of The Secure Base Script Test: A Protocol to Assess Attachment Representations Sait Uluç, Manolya Çalışır, Gonca Soygüt, Zeynep Tüzün, Zehra Çakır, Sevginar Vatan Psyhometric Properties of Personality Adjectives Inventory H. Ulaş Özcan Temperament in Adulthood Assessing the Structure of the German Adult Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ) Sascha Hein, Mandy Grumm MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Social Phobia and Social Skills: Results of a New Self-assurance training for Shy Adolescents Lehenbauer Mario, Birgit U. Stetina Internet Addiction and Face to Face Victimization as Predictors of Cyberbullying Behavior in Adolescence Vasilis Stavropoulos, Evi Avdelidou, Efrosini Motti Stefanidi 178 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

179July 7th, Thursday Overgeneralization of Autobiographical Memories in Substance Dependent Patients: Impaired Executive Functions or Emotion Avoidance Strategy? Gandolphe Marie Charlotte, Nandrino Jean Louis, Vosgien Véronique, Hancart Sabine, Bochand Laure Communications between Heroin Dependent Mothers and their Infant during a Feeding Session : A Time Series Analysis Bochand Laure, Nandrino Jean Louis, Pezard Laurent, Charpentier Anne, Frotier De La Messelière Aurélie, Doba Karyn MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Self-Talk, Anxiety and Impulsivity: Are they related? Maria Damianova Effects of Coping Strategies and Emotion Regulation on Psychophysical Well Being as Indexed by Four Criteria Vanda Zammuner, Tiziana Lanciano, Sergio Agnoli, Valle Enrica Emotion Regulation in Patients Suffering from Binge Eating Disorder Delphine Rommel, Pascal Antoine, Jean Louis Nandrino Spontaneous Representations of the Relational Self: A Comparative Study in Greece and the Netherlands Katerina Pouliasi MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Cross-Cultural and Demographical Examinaton of Positive Organizatonal Behaviors and the Mediating Effect of Positive Psychology at Work and Organizatons Tuna Uslu, Ergün Özgür, Didem Rodoplu Şahin, Zennure Gündoğdu Şanlı Situational and Dispositional Variables as Predictors of Economic Opportunism Maria Sakalaki, Penelope Sotiriou The Narcissistic CompÖnents of Opportunistic Propensity Penelope Sotiriou Doing Research as a Political Activity : The Issue of Situated Research in Social Psychology Marina Everri ORAL PRESENTATIONS 179

180July 7th, Thursday KEYNOTE Socially Grounded Embodiment Gün R. Şemin Chair: Diane Sunar STATE OF THE ART Attachment Theory: Why it is Important, and Why It is Insufficient Norbert Bischof Chair: To be announced Auditorium Marmara Dolmabahçe A Workaholism: Relations with Personal Characteristics and Employee Well-Being Selma Arıkan, Esra Atilla Bal Antecedents and Consequences of Workaholism: A Comparison between Public and Private Organizations Alessandra Falco, Laura Dal Corso, Luca Kravina, Alessandro De Carlo, Annamaria Di Sipio The Relationships between Organizational Justice Perceptions, Perceived Organizational Support and Work Family Conflict Seçil Önderoğlu, Selim Hovardaoğlu Dolmabahçe B KEYNOTE Susceptible Subjects? Genetic Differential Susceptibility to the Environment in Children and Adults Marinus Van Ijzendoorn, Aristotle Award Winner Chair: To be announced Dolmabahçe C Relationship of the Characteristics of Teachers Personality and Academic Achievement of Elementary Students Gholam Hossein Javanmard, Leila Leila Solbsayyadi Structure and Stability of Trait Procrastination in Fifth and Sixth Grade Roese Lisa, Schulze Ralf, Kuhmann Werner, Is Making Upward Social Comparison Always Bad? The Effects of Self-evaluation and Regulatory Focus on Motivation Annie Tse Mei Shu, Shui Fong Lam STATE OF THE ART Psychosocial Interventions in the Aftermath of Disasters A. Nuray Karancı Chair: Elif Barışkın Galata Topkapı A Research of Correlation of the Students Motivation in Academic Work and Personality Characteristics, Contributing to Self-organization Svetlana Kostromina, Tatiana Dvornikova 180 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

181July 7th, Thursday Inclusive Nursery: A Qualitative Study H. Billur Çakırer, Carme Angel, Esther Flaquer, Isabel Guibourg, Blanca Moll, Andrea Ortega, Margarida Redó, Susana Tovías, Enric Vilaplana A Study Analyzing the White-collar Employees Perception of Workplace Bullying Behaviors Pınar Tınaz, Sibel Gök, Işıl Karatuna Topkapı B Features of Cognitive Development of Preschool Children with Mild Perinatal Brain Pathology Alfiya Sultanova, Irina Ivanova A Longitudinal Study of the Connection between Executive Functioning, Metalinguisitic Skills and Early Chinese Reading Kevin K H Chung, Catherine McBride-Chang Motor Deficits in Children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) Compared to Age-Matched and Language-Matched Controls Jenny Quinn, Martin McPhillips Sultan 2 Family Cohesion and Division in Immigrant Context: A Qualitative Study with Asian Indian and Salvadoran Adolescent-Parent Dyads Ayfer Dost Gözkan, Lene Arnett Jensen, Kirtana Tanaku A Qualitative Study of Conflicts and Difficulties Experienced by Turkish Immigrant Mothers with their adolescents in Germany Aslı Aydın Özdemir, Birgit Leyendecker, Selda Koydemir, Yaprak Kaymak Özgür Adaptation and Validation of the HOME Scale for Turkish-German Toddlers in Germany Berrin Özlem Otyakmaz Sultan 3 The Curriculum Psychology of Health as a Means of Formation Health Attitude Olga Vasilyeva Compensatory Health Beliefs in dieting women within the UK and Switzerland Daphne Kaklamanou, Theda Radtke, Urte Scholz, Chris Armitage, Rainer Hornung Investigating the Interplay between Culture and Individual with Regard to Adolescent Sexual Health Anke Franz, Marcia Worrell, Claus Vögele Levent 3 From Drive Theory to Altercentric Participation: A shift of Perspective in Developmental Psychology Harald Støren The Borderline Stage of Relationship Mark Borg, Haruna Miyamoto-Borg Study of Truancy Prevalence and its Associated Factors among male high school students Golrasteh Kholasehzadeh, S Motaba Yassini A, Hamed Vaseghi, Zahra Poormovahed ORAL PRESENTATIONS 181

182July 7th, Thursday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Investigation of the Effectiveness of Forgiveness Training on Post-Divorced Adjustment in Women Reza Khojasteh Mehr, Farah Afshari, Gholamreza Rajabi A Study of a Proposed Model for Some Precedents and Outcomes of Forgiveness in Marriage Reza Khojasteh Mehr, Amin Koraei, Gholamreza Rajabi Spiritual Trancendance and Vulnerability to Substance Abuse Hossein Shareh, Roodabeh Razmjooie, Esmaiel Soltani MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 The Role of Interpersonal Forgiveness and Offender s Conciliatory Behaviours in Self-forgiveness Process Sara Pelucchi, Camillo Regalia Precision Matters. The Effects of Uncoordinated and Exact Imitation on Liking Wojciech Kulesza, Aleksandra Cisłak, Martyna Czekiel, Sylwia Bedyńska Practice of Socio-psychological Evaluation of Management Teams and the Effectiveness of Their Functioning Natalia Zolotova MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A The Role of Epistemological Beliefs, Motivational Constructs and Information Processing Strategies in Regulation of Learning Masoud Gholamali Lavasani, Neda Mellat Memory bias in Sub-clinical Obsessive-compulsive Checkers and Washers Metehan Irak, Dicle Çapan, Hazal Çelik, Pınar Erçelik, Zülal Oğuz Prospective Memory in Children: Analysing the Cue Salience Effect Inês Direito, Pedro B. Albuquerque MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B Positive Impact of Crisis Resource Management Training on No-flow Time During Simulated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: A Closer Look at Verbal Coordination Behaviour Ezequiel Fernandez Castelao, Sebastian G. Russo, Micha Strack, Christoph Eich, Arnd Timmermann, Margarete Boos Hybridization of HRM Practices in the Context of Developing Countries: A Qualitative Look Serap Keleş, Mikael Sondergaard A Scale of Fit between Corporate Education and Other HRM Subsystems Thais Picchi, Elaine Rabelo MILITARY MUSEUM ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION Students in What are Our Perspectives and Challenges? EFPSA & IAAP-SD Sakarya C 182 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

183July 7th, Thursday Auditorium Invited Symposium 12 Pro and Antisocial Behavioural Development in Four Countries: Cross Cultural and Practical Implications Convener: Pam Maras / Discussant: Peter Smith Cyberbullying among Primary School Aged Pupils in England and Spain Claire Monks Self-concept and Pro/anti-social Behavior of School Children Silvia Koller, Carolina Lisboa, Guilherme Ebert The Impact of Peers, Family and School on Mid-adolescents Self Concept and Behaviour: a Model for Looking at the Year 10 Effect Pam Maras Volunteer and Neighborhood Activities of Adolescents: One-Year Changes and Stability Rita Zukaiskiene Invited Symposium 13 Emotion, Trauma, and Autobiographical Memory Convener: Sami Gülgöz Taking it personally: When (and Why) Public Events Define Lifetime Periods Norman R. Brown How Memories of Frightening and Angering Events Change Over Time Tilmann Habermas Autobiographical Memory in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder David C. Rubin The Role of Traumatic and Positive events for Life Story and Identity Dorthe Berntsen Memories of Parental Loss: Age, Expectation, and Consequences Sami Gülgöz Symposium 30 Social Production on Criminal Insane Category Convener: Francisco Ramos De Farias About the Crime Gluacia Regina Vianna About Madness Maria de Fátima Scaffo About the Criminal Insane Francisco Ramos De Farias Russian Day - Symposium 3 Psychology Meets Technology: Some Examples from Russia Convener: Boris B. Velichkovsky The Study of 3D Visual Illusions Using Virtual Reality Techniques Galina Menshikova Cognitive Potentials in Lie Detection: New Approaches. Sergey Isaychev The Physiological-based Assessment of Cognitive Resilience to Stress Mikhail Zotov Marmara Dolmabahçe A Dolmabahçe B ORAL PRESENTATIONS 183

184July 7th, Thursday New Objectives of Clinical Psychological Assessment in Russia Ol ga Shchelkova Intelligent Interruption Management in Computerized Work Boris B. Velichkovsky Dolmabahçe C Europlat Symposium 1 Integrating Human Rights and Social Justice with Diversity in Psychology Education and Training: Multiculturalism, Immigration, Trafficking and the UN Convener: Neal S. Rubin Diversity and Human Rights in Psychology: A View from the United Nations Neal S. Rubin Cultural and Individual Differences and Diversity in Professional Psychology Training Ayşe Çiftçi Trafficking Girls into the Sex Industry: International Cross-Cultural Psychosocial Perspectives Rita Chi-Ying Chung Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health: Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Psychological Training and Practice Fred Bemak Galata Symposium 35 Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Scandinavia: Psychosocial Challenges Convener: Rashmi Singla Multiculturalism and Neo-tribalism: a Comparison of Psycho-political Reactions to Cultural Globalization in Sweden and Denmark Lars Dencik The construction of Multicultural identities among young people of Kurdish-Iraqi and Palestinian origin in Denmark Berta Vishnivitz Intercultural Medical Consultations under the Microscope Emine Kale Psychosocial Aspects of Mixedness in Scandinavia: Intermarriages and Children of Mixed Parentage Rashmi Singla Italian Day - Symposium 1 Psychological Approaches to Social Responsibility in North-South Dialects Convener: Giuseppe Constantino Topkapı A North-South Dialectics in Italy Pierangelo Sardi North-South Dialectic Relationships in Ireland Richard Freeman The Role of Time Perspective in Stereotypes and Discrimination of Southerners by Northerners in Italy and the World Philip G. Zimbardo Challenges to Identity Formation in the Context of the Latino Immigrant Experience Rafael Art. Javier 184 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

185July 7th, Thursday Topkapı B Invited Symposium 14 Historical Developments in Applied Psychology Convener: Helio Carpintero Applied Psychology, as Viewed from the Applied Behavior Analysis: the Baer,Wolf & Risley Model as a Guide for Practical Psychologists Helio Carpintero The Evolution of Competencies: From Mcclelland s View to Present Day Theories Richard Mababu Historical Development of the Borderline Personality Organisation: From Pinel to Elena Quiñones The Missing Link between I/O Psychology and Deontological Codes in Psychology: a Historical Misunderstanding José M. Prieto Citizens at Work. Progressivism, Functionalism and Work Psychology in the Writings of a. D. Weeks Enrique Lafuente Sultan 2 Symposium 27 Offering an Open-Access Publication Infrastructure for European Psychology Convener: Erich Weichselgartner The Russian Psychological Journal for European Psychology Liudmila Dikaya, Pavel Ermakov Linking Research Data to Open-access Publications in Psychology Armin Günther On-line Psychology in France and Europe An overview Catherine Morel Pair, Sylvie Leblanc The Social Web - Changing Research Habits by Connecting European Psychology Isabel Nündel Sultan 3 The Effects of Music Tempo on Driver Risk-taking Ashley Hall, David L. Wiesenthal Return to Driving After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Increased Risk of Traffic Accidents and Personal Responsibility Mariagrazia D Ippolito, Umberto Bivona, Marco Giustini, Pascal Vignally, Eloise Longo, Franco Taggi, Rita Formisano An Investigation of Traffic Related Attitudes and Traffic Related Personality of Drivers Who Obliged to Take Driver Assessment and Voluntary Participants: A Preliminary Study Nevin Kılıç, Yeşim Yasak, Ulrike Wenninger, Birgit Bukasa Attitudes toward Chinese Workers in Japan: Intergroup Contact and Endorsement of Collective Action Tendencies Hüseyin Çakal, Tomohiro Kumagai, Miles Hewstone Levent 3 Depressed Youth: Family Functioning and Treatment Outcome Ferdinand Garoff ORAL PRESENTATIONS 185

186July 7th, Thursday Body Image Distortion and Eating Disorders: The Turkish Validation Study of the Female Photographic Figure Rating Scale Özlem Sertel Berk, Başak Yücel Long and Short Term Life Events and Depression Among Turkish Adolescents Zeynep Tüzün, Füsun Çuhadaroğlu Çetin The Efficacy of Interventions of Group Reality Therapy on Decrease of Adolescent Identity Crisis Jamshid Jarareh MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Quality of Life, Success and Materialistic-mercantile Orientation among Entrepreneurs and Employees Mariola Paruzel Individual Values as a Moderator of the Relationship between Self-efficacy and Entrepreneurial Intention Samuel Rueda Mendez, Juan Antonio Moriano Leon, Francisco Liñan Alcalde Organisational Identification (OID): An Empirical Study of OID Effects and Indicators Kirk Chang, Chien-Chih-Kuo An Investigation of the Relationships between Organizational Commitment and Organizational Trust with Structural Equation Modelling Mustafa Bayrakçı, Ahmet Akin MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Humanization of Health Professions: A Survey of Organizationaland Individual Variables in the Operator- Patient Relation Laura Dal Corso, Marcello Nonnis, Barbara Barbieri, Marco Nicolussi, Maria Luisa Pedditzi Impact of Workload in Emergency Services on Discrimination Against Patient Schoenenberger Sandrine, Moulin Pierre, Brangier Eric How Patients Characteristics Increase Health Care Providers Workload? Schoenenberger Sandrine, Moulin Pierre, Brangier Eric Is the End of a Contract the End of the World? Effects of Uncertainty on Atypical Workers Alessandro De Carlo, Marco Nicolussi, Alessandra Falco MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Effects of Positive Bodily Experience on the Change of Depressive States in University students Asghar Dadkhah Assessment of Iranian student s Mental Health and It s Correlation with Some Psychological Variables in year Sedighe Taraghijah, Mostafa Hamdieh Attentional Bias in Young, Adult, and Old Cigarette Smokers and Nonsmokers Levent Şenyüz, Esra Kısacık Categorization of Paintings By Similarity Biljana Pejic, Bojana Skorc, Ana Pflug 186 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

187July 7th, Thursday MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B The Types of Migration Behavior of Latvian Residents Inna Akopova Cross-confessional Comparison of Values (Russian Christians and Muslims Lusine Grigoryan Values and Personality Characteristics as Predictors of Ethnic Intolerance Lusine Grigoryan Individual and Group Performance on Insight Problems: The Effects of Experimentally Induced Fixation Christine Smith MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Employees Рotential Job Motivation under the Condition of Economic Crisis Valentina Barabanshchikova Associations between Work Environmental Factors and Occupational Safety among Seafarers Onboard Industrial and Cruise Ships Øyvind Teige Heidenström, Marta Lang, Torkel Soma, Torbjørn Rundmo Happiness, Work Engagement and Organisational Commitment of Support-staff at a Tertiary Education Institution in South Africa Joey Buitendach, Lyndsay Field Human Resource Practices, Attitudinal Outcomes and Intention to Quit Renier Steyn MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya D Motivation and Emotional Intelligence in Students with Different level of School Achievements Andrzej Sekowski The Mediator Role of Agency in Attachment Styles, Interpersonal Relation Styles and Gestalt Contact Styles Relations Gülçilem Şahin, Hasan Atak, Figen Akça Attachment Styles among Bullies, Victims and Bully Victims Kristi Kõiv Personalised Compentece-Based English Grammar Learning and Testing Mark Kremser, Dietrich Albert ORAL PRESENTATIONS 187

188July 7th, Thursday Auditorium KEYNOTE Attachment Variability across Genders, Cultures, and Ecological Conditions: Can Romantic Insecurity Sometimes be Adaptive? David Schmitt Chair: Nebi Sümer KEYNOTE Research on Cyberbullying: Challenges and Opportunities Peter K. Smith Chair: Serap Keleş Roundtable Discussion 5 Linking Scientists and Orphanages by Online Global Education: Niels Peter Rygaard Roundtable Discussion 10 Embodied Numerical Cognition Martin H. Fischer Marmara Dolmabahçe A Dolmabahçe B Dolmabahçe C Psychological Aspects of Student Dormitories from Environmental Psychology Perspectives Arezoo Behzadbehbahani, Siamak Samani, Mohammad Aliabadi Students Spatial Uses in Urban Space: the University Paris 3- Censier (France) Case Rioux Liliane, Pignault Anne, Pierrette Marjorie Which Room Would You Like to Visit for Counselling? The Interior Design Evaluated by Counselees Mari Ito Alpturer, Filiz Coşkun, Gamze Yılmaz STATE OF THE ART Involuntary Autobiographical Memories: A basic Mode of Remembering Dorthe Berntsen Chair: Sami Gülgöz Galata Topkapı A Stress, Engagement and Academic Performance in University Students Yolanda Lopez del Hoyo, Santiago Boira Sarto, Barbara Olivan Blazquez How to Promote the Success in the First Year of Higher Education? Teachers in Direct Speech Carina Guimarães, Pedro Rosário, Ana Salgado The Role of Cognitive Style and Personality Traits in Approaching Argument Soheila Hashemi 188 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

189July 7th, Thursday Topkapı B Development of Altruistic Behavior in Early Childhood: Helping, Sharing, and Donation Behaviors of Preschoolers Pınar Engin Fidancı, Diane Sunar, Esra Mungan Moral Self-Concept of Adolescents with Different Type of Behavior and Family Ana Fritzhand, Oktay Ahmed 3- and 4-year Old Turkish, British and Chinese Preschoolers Ability to Trust Someone s Expertise Charlie Lewis, Amanda Lucas, Fatma Cansu Pala, Tsz Shan Wong Sultan 2 Compensation Factors of Cognitive and Brain Ageing: The Effects of Social Networking and Cognitive Engagement in Healthy Ageing Soledad Ballesteros, Julia Mayas, Manuel Sebastián, Jose M. Reales, Pilar Toril, Laura Ponce The Association Between Burnout and Abuse by Family Caregivers of Older Chinese with Dementia: Results of a 6-month Longitudinal Study Elsie Yan When Older Adults Age Successfully? Perceptions of Older Adults Regarding Life Satisfaction Sofia von Humboldt, Isabel Leal Sultan 3 Overcoming Failure Syndrome of Unemployed Youth in a Catch-up society Taimi Elenurm, Tiit Elenurm The Effects of Unemployment and Job Insecurity on Health and Family Relations Nevin Solak, Nebi Sümer, Mehmet Harma Determining Driver Characteristics in Road Accidents: Confidential Interviews as a New Data Collection Tool Pierangelo Sardi, Gian Marco Sardi, Richard Freeman Levent 3 The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Psychological Disorders in Iranian Adolescents Mohammad-Saeed Abde Khodaei, Mustafa Bolghan Abadi, Rasheen Khanghahi, Zakie Oladi Comparative Deciptions of the Results of Expert-questionings referring to a New Test for Measuring Anxiety in Childhood: Childexperts Versus Professional Experts Nina Krueger Enhancing Generosity in Strength Based Interventions for Adolescents with Behavioral Problems Steinebach Christoph MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Leadership Effectiveness of Virtual Teams: The Verification of Leader Personality and Motivation Language Ching-Wen Wang, Chien-Tao Li Psychophysiological Correlates of Reality: Responses during Vital and Virtual Interactions Birgit U. Stetina, Oswald D. Kothgassner ORAL PRESENTATIONS 189

190July 7th, Thursday Understanding Terrorist Behaviour: The Psychology, Biology and Physiology of Hostile Reconnaissance Peter Eachus, Alex Stedmon, Les Baillie MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Immigrant Women in the City: Negotiating the Urban Space and Redefining Identities Joana Miranda Creating a Culturally Responsive School: Fulfilling the Diverse Needs of Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong Secondary Schools Ming-Tak Hue Longitudinal Study on the Impact of Discrimination and Social Support on the Mental Health of Two Groups of Immigrants in Spain González Castro Jose Luis, Ubillos Silvia MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Measuring Person-job Fit with Two Different Response Formats in Relation to Job Satisfaction and Engagement İlke İnceoğlu, Peter Warr Effects of Person-Organization Value Fit and Organizational Identification H. Ulaş Özcan Person-organization Fit Versus Person-job Fit in Predicting Job Satisfaction, Life Satisfaction and Perceived Stress Doruk Uysal Irak, Janet Mantler MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya B An Investigation into the Cognitive and Linguistic CompÖnent Processes Underlying the Reading Comprehension Performance of Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers of English Selma Babayigit Learning to Read and Spell the Grapheme, Soft g (ğ ) in Turkish Selma Babayigit The Effect of Home Literacy Environment on Child s Phonological Development Gül Nalan Kaya MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya C Investigating Intentional Forgetting of Autobiographical Memories Using the Think/No-think task Saima Noreen, Malcolm D. MacLeod Episodic vs Semantic Metamemory: Evidence from Nature of Feedback Metehan Irak, Cansın Özgör, Fatih Yıldızhan Direct Retrieval is Common: Understanding Autobiographical Remembering from a Dual-Strategies Perspective Tuğba Uzer, Peter J. Lee, Norman R. Brown 190 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

191July 7th, Thursday HYBRID POSTER SESSION HALIC Topic: Cognitive Neuroscience Moderator: Ana Borges Effects of Emotional Valence and Tridimensionality of Visual Stimuli on Brain Activation: An fmri Study Artemisa Rocha Dores, Luís Monteiro, Eduardo Ribeiro, Mafalda Reis, Carlos Coelho, Miguel Leitão, Alexandre Castro Caldas, Fernando Barbosa Impact of a Holistic Neurorehabilitation Programme on Attention. An Exploratory Study in a Group of Patientes with Aquiered Brain Injury Ana Borges, Ana Barbosa, Sandra Guerreiro, Isabel Almeida, Bruno Peixoto Psychometric Characteristics of the Portuguese Version of the INECO Frontal Screening Maria João Caldeira, Élia Baeta, Bruno Peixoto Topic: Educational Psychology Moderator: Catalina Mourgues Effort Attributions and Achievement: The Mediating Effect of Learning Environment Ruxandra Loredana Gherasim, Luminita Iacob, Simona Butnaru, Cornelia Amariei The impact of the teaching model on academic experiences and achievement among first-year students in ESTSP-IPP Ana Salgado, Andreia Magalhães dos Santos, Helena Martins, João Barreto, Artemisa Rocha Dores Reading Disability and Creativity in College Students Catalina Mourgues IQ, Poor Schools and Contextual Variables: Not as Simple as it Seems Pablo Escobar, Rodrigo Riveros, Marcela Tenorio, Catalina Mourgues, Esteban Hurtado, Maria Teresa Aravena, Francisco Ceric, Ricardo Rosas Teachers Who Remain and Who Withdraw from the Profession Motivation and Professional Identity Perspective Iva Stuchlikova, Yvona Mazehoova, Marcela Blahutova Teachers ; Innovation Attitudes and Innovation Behaviour Dragana Bjekic, Lidija Zlatic, Snezana Marinkovic Mind Reading or Lexical Knowledge? Metaphor Interpretation in Asperger Subjects Kirareset Barrera, Carmen Curcó Self-Esteem and Vulnerability to Depression in Learning Environment Valeria Negovan, Elpida Bagana, Andreea Raciu Topic: Human Development Moderator: Zehra Uçanok The Involvement in Traditional Bullying and Cyber Bullying in Turkish Adolescents Pınar Burnukara, Zehra Uçanok The Mediational Role of Peer Perception on the Association between School Climate and Traditional and Cyberbullying Yusuf Bayar, Zehra Uçanok HYBRID POSTER SESSION 191

192July 7th, Thursday The Associations among Parental Monitoring, Cyberbullying and Life-Satisfaction in Early and Middle Adolescence Damla Karlıer, Betül Doğan, Zehra Uçanok, Emine Durmuş Cyberbullying among Early and Middle Adolescents: Perceptional, Emotional and Behavioral Responses Nilgün Türkileri, Zehra Uçanok Topic: Cross-Cultural, Social, Environment Moderator: Derya Güngör Development OF Common Sense Representatıon of Justice: Challenging the Teleological Model Alicia Viviana Barreiro Cultural Patterns and Acculturation of Religious Attachment: A Study of Turkish, Turkish Belgian, and Belgian Youth Derya Güngör, Karen Phalet, Marc H. Bornstein The Power of Neighborhood Interaction Factors Versus Social Composition in Predicting Social Development: International Research of Asian and American Adolescent Hiroyuki Yoshizawa, Toshikazu Yoshida, Hyun-Jung Park, Makoto Nakajima, Miki Ozeki, Chika Harada Preschooler's Non-Figurative Drawings of Themselves and their Families in Two Different Cultures Ruebeling Hartmut, Schwarzer Sina, Heidi Keller, Lenk Melanie Learning to Disagree: The Role of Family Communication in Conflict-Related Perspective Taking Tabitha Holmes, Corinna Ridgeway Topic: Testing and Measurement Moderator: To be announced Menopause Symptoms Severity Questionnaire (MSSQ-38): psychometric properties of a new instrument to assess frequency and intensity of menopausal symptoms Filipa Pimenta, Isabel Leal, João Marôco Assessment of Executive Functions with the Junior Brixton Spatial Rule Attainment Test in Early School- Aged Children: A Validity Study Nilay Şentürk, Nur Yeniçeri A Validity Study for the Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory: Behavioral Correlates of Executive Functioning Ezgi Kayhan, Nur Yeniçeri An Investigation of the Factor Structure of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in 6-to 7-year-old Turkish Children and Its Relation to Fluid Intelligence (gf) Nihal Yeniad, Nilay Şentürk, Nur Yeniçeri, İ. Ercan Alp Psychometric Properties of the Scıentific Concepts Tests in Latvian and Russian Languages Tatjana Turilova Miščenko Topic: Inter-Group Processes and Work and Organizational Psychology Moderator: Delobbe Nathalie Social Inclusion for Marginalized People. Empowering Strategies for Changing the Services Approach Patrizia Meringolo, Moira Chiodini, Alessandro Morandi 192 FINAL PROGRAM HYBRID POSTER SESSION

193July 7th, Thursday Hate Outgroup Derogation in Computer-Mediated Discussions and the Influence of Group Polarization Schumann Sandy, Douglas Karen, Klein Olivier Validation of a Facebook Game with a Purpose as an Indicator of Climate Change Knowledge Sebastian Seebauer, Angelika Kufleitner Using the QEEW to Evaluate the Organizational Climate in Italian Work Contexts Francesco Pace, Alba Civilleri, Valentina lo Cascio, Elena Foddai, Maria Sinatra, Giacomo Aliberto, Lucia Monacis The impact of Ethical Commitment on Faking in Selection Setting Lita Stefan Practices of Effective Employee Development in an Automobile Industry: A Case of Toyota Group Kiyoshi Takahashi, Yoshio Ono, Yasuhiro Hattori Understanding Newcomers ; Attrition in the BELGİAN Army Through the Lens of Psychological Contract and Organizational Socialization Delobbe Nathalie, De Hoe Roxane HYBRID POSTER SESSION 193

194July 7th, Thursday POSTER SESSION K HALIC Topic: Health Psychology A Phenomenological Study exploring Barriers to Health Care for Scotland s Black and Ethnic Minority Groups Elizabeth McKenzie Psychological Distresses Associated with Obesity-Specific Abnormal Eating Behavior in Japanese College Students Jun Tayama, Tadaaki Tomiie, Toyohiro Hamaguchi, Hironori Yamasaki, Mami Tamai, Masaki Hayashida, Yuji Sakano, Shin Fukudo, Susumu Shirabe The Physical and Chemical Restraint of Patients Madalena Cunha Chronic Insomnia in Adult women: Comparison between Drug Therapy and Behavioral Therapy Mahboubeh Dastani, Ali Fathi-Ashtiani, Khosro Sadeq Niiat Drinking Habits of Lithuanian Adults, Driving under the Influence of Alcohol Laima Bulotaite, Audrone Astrauskiene The Measurement of Grief Reactions for Taiwan Adults Cindy Chen, Ying-Chu Hsu The Conspiracy of Silence in the Comedy of Healing Maria Antonina Parisi Psychological and Psychosomatic Consequences of the Life Threat Experience (on the Example of the Noncombatants of the Republic of Southern Osetia) Anna Kuznetsova Dealing with Death: Training and Professional Contexts Maria João Beja, Glória Franco Primary Care Physicians and Nurses Attitudes towards Patient-Centred Care Ana Grilo, Margarida Santos, Joana Rita, Ana Gomes Illness Representation and Adherence to Diet Therapy in Hemodialysis Patients Isabel Castelão, Margarida Santos, R. Alves, Ana Grilo Are Portuguese Medicine Students and Physicians Pacient-Centred? Ana Grilo, Margarida Santos, Joana Rita, Ana Gomes Parental Anxiety in Pediatric Health Care Emergency Services: Differences between Immigrant and Autochthonous Population Antonio Fernández Castillo, María J. Vílchez-Lara, Francisco J. Sánchez Ruiz Cabello Perceived Social Network and Parental Anxiety in Pediatric Health Care Emergency Services Antonio Fernández Castillo, María J. Vílchez-Lara Satisfaction with Pediatric Primary Health Care Attention: Differences in Function of parental Educational Level Antonio Fernández Castillo, María J. Vílchez-Lara, Francisco J. Sánchez Ruiz Cabello Psychological Aspects that Influence Adherence to the Treatment in Primary Pediatric Health Care in Immigrants: Qualitative Analysi. Antonio Fernández Castillo, María J. Vílchez-Lara Impact of Drug Allergy on Patients Attitude Toward Therapeutic Recommendations Diaconescu Liliana Veronica 194 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

195July 7th, Thursday Cognitive Processes Underlying the Distortion of Weight Perception in Parents of Overweight Children Graça Andrade, Luisa Barros How do Parents Define a Healthy Child? Differences between Parents of Normal and Obese Children Graça Andrade, Luisa Barros Effect of Psychological Training on Self- Esteem and Intelligence Quotient of Children and Youngsters Hassan Palahang, Elnaz Palahang Relationships between Optimism, Pessimism and Health status After Onset of Severely chronic Disease or Death in Family members Isaac Rahimian Boogar, Mahmood Najafi, Mohammad Ali Mohammadifar Are Spaniards Prone to Shared Decision-making in a Clinical Context? José Joaquín Mira, Susana Lorenzo, Virtudes Pérez Jover, Mercedes Guilabert, Isabel Navarro Involving Patients in a Clinical Safety Culture. Patients Information Provided in Primary Care and Hospitals Settings in Spain José Joaquín Mira, Susana Lorenzo, Julián Vitaller, Virtudes Pérez Jover, Inmaculada Palazón Elementary Schoolchildren s and their Parent s Healthy Lifestyle Habits and their Health Beliefs Agne Tarbejevaite, Kristina Zardeckaite Matulaitiene Life Quality of Internally Users in Elderly Institutions and the Self-Concept of Formal Caregivers Miguel Arriaga, João Junceiro, Raul Cordeiro Impact of Self Esteem and Optimism on Students Exams Anxiety, among High School Students Elpida Bagana, Andreea Raciu, Ramona Ciobanu Need Satisfaction in Exercise: Validation of a German Measure of Autonomy, Competence and Social Relatedness in Exercise Pamela Rackow, Urte Scholz, Rainer Hornung Food Behaviors of Women Head of Lone Parent Household in Poverty: Factors of Influence Elena Espeitx, Pilar Martín Compensatory Health Beliefs and Their Role for Intentions and Smoking within the Health Action Process Approach Radtke Theda, Scholz Urte, Keller Roger, Hornung Rainer Confirmation of the Three-Dimensional Structure of Psychological Immune System Inventory Péter Soltész, Attila Oláh A Study on Development of Eating Disorder Scale and Construction of Psychological Structural Model for Female University Students Takako Utsumi Attractions and Dangers in the Categorization of Psychoactive Substances Jean Louis Tavani, Franck Zenasni, Julie Collange, Idan Balan, Gregory Lo Monaco, Lionel Dany, Alain Morel Is he an Addict? The Influence of Behavior s Consequences and Behavior s Recursion on Judgement Jean Louis Tavani, Gregory Lo Monaco, Lionel Dany, Julie Collange, Franck Zenasni, Alain Morel Pilot Results from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-enhanced Smoking Cessation Intervention for Adolescents in Cyprus. Maria Karekla, Margarita Kapsou, Vasilia Aphrodite Ioannou, Irene Gregoriou, Andria Christodoulou The Role of the Formation of an Individual System of Healthy Lifestyle in the Prevention of Aggression among Youth Vasilieva Olga, Golubova Zinaida POSTER PRESENTATIONS 195

196July 7th, Thursday Validation of the Regulation of Eating Behaviors Scale (REBS) to measure Japanese Women s Motivation of Maintaining a Healthy Eating Life Style Yoshiko Katou, Greimel Elfriede, Tomoko Hamasaki, Roswith Roth, Makoto Iwanaga Alternative Health Perception among Indigenous Filipinos and Chinese-Filipinos Yung Chang Lu, Jinky Leilanie Lu Understanding of Women of Uttar Pradesh about Reproductive Health Ugrasen Pandey, Niharika Chaturvedi Cultural Notion of Depression in Nepal Usha Kiran Subba Rest and Recreation in Russian, Uzbek and Ukrainian Employees Kuznetsova Alla Health Counselling with Socially Deprived Groups in Germany Gudula Ritz Schulte Significant Social Networks of Children Hospitalized Caregivers Marina Menezes, Carmen Leontina Ojeda Ocampo Moré, Luisa Barros Academic Procrastination and Students Motivation Mababu Richard Cultural Notion of Depression Usha Kiran Subba Relationship between Social Skills and Mental Health of Pakistani Working Women Rubina A, Yasmin Young and Adolescents Brazilians Conceptions of Mental Health and Illness Camila Morais, Deise Matos, Claudia Fukuda, Katia Brasil, Silvia Koller, Christoph Kappler Ssst! I am HIV+! The Effect of Concealing Disease Status on Subjective Well-Being Andreas Wismeijer, Maas Joyce, Marcel van Assen, Annelies Aquarius Effectiveness of a Adolescents-Focused Educational Intervention to HIV Risk Behavior Prevention Julia Sastre, Flor Sánchez, Ricardo Usieto, Isabel Junco A Global Perspective on Gaps in HIV Knowledge and HIV Stigma in Medical Students L.S. MacLeod, L. Balfour, T.L. Dalgleish, A. LeSaux, A. Harold, Giorgio Tasca, K. Corace, L. Saciragic, P. MacPherson Type of Sexual Experience in Adolescents: a Predictive Model Teresa Ramiro, Paz Bermúdez, Juan Carlos Sierra, Inmaculada Teva, Angel Castro, Gualberto Buela Casal, Ralph J. Diclemente Analysis of Sensation Seeking According to Sexual Experience in Adolescents Teresa Ramiro, Paz Bermúdez, Lidia Jiménez Sillero, Inmaculada Teva, Ralph J. Diclemente Analysis of the Associations between STI/HIV Worry and Sexual Behavior: Cultural and Gender Differences Ralph J. Diclemente, Paz Bermúdez, Teresa Ramiro, Angel Castro, Inmaculada Teva Analysis of Associations between Gender Role Attitudes and Sexual Assertiveness in Adolescents Angel Castro, Teresa Ramiro, Inmaculada Teva, Paz Bermúdez, Alexandra Martínez Soler, Ralph J. Diclemente The Attitudes,Knowledge and Risk-taking Behaviour about AIDS among Intravenous Drug Users in State Mental Hospital -Bakırkoy Nazan Ünsal 196 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

197July 7th, Thursday Examining Change in HIV Knowledge & Stigma in First Year Medical Students Receiving HIV Training at a Canadian University Tracy Dalgleish, Louise Balfour, Lindsey MacLeod, Alexis Lemmex, Adam Jones Delcorde, Giorgio Tasca, Kimberly Corace, Paul MacPherson An Investigation of the Rural and Urban Differences in HIV/AIDS Stigma in the Western Cape Province of South Africa Hester Siquilla Liebetrau, Sandra Zakowski, Jan du Toit, Nelis Grobbelaar BAREBACK or Gay Sexual Practices Which do not Respond to Normative Discourses of Sexuality and Health: Limitations and Exclusions in HIV Prevention Miguel Roselló An Examination of the Relationship Between Depression and Drug Abuse, with low CD4+ lymphocyte count among HIV+ women Zahra Solgi Relation Among Depression, Functional Disability, Anxiety and Pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Janko Babic, Morana Bilic, Ana Havelka Mestrovic Does Medication Really Improve Physical Functioning and Symptoms in Fibromyalgia? Lilian Velasco, Cecilia Peñacoba, Margarita Cigarán, Carmen Ecija The CompÖnents of Suffering and the Process of Reconciliation with Suffering for Patients with CRPS: The Analysis of their Narratives by M-GTA Mayuko Ono Dohsa-hou had Induced Functional Impairment of Self Care Related Chronic Pain Yutaka Haramaki Cesarean Labor Cognitive related variables in Private and Public Hospitals Samaneh Ghooshchianchoobmasjedi, Mohsen Dehghani, Shahrokh Makvand Hosseini Approaching to Death: a Study about Dream Contents and Self-images of Patients Under PAliating Cures in Hospice Antonio Godino, Maria Rita Serio, Vincenzo Caroprese The Investigation of MS patient s Family Function and Coping Strategies Alireza Khalilshoar, Sanaz Barzegar Kahnamouei, Shahram Yaguti The Effect of Different Theraphy Approach to the Ilnesses of Muscle and Skeleton System Ilnesses on the Quality of Life Dilek Kılıç An Investigation of Relationship between Having Purpose in life and Mental Health among Ilam University Students Jahansha Mohammadzadeh Psychopathology Symptoms and Quality of Life among Adolescents with Marfan Syndrome Agnieszka Maryniak, Alicja Bielawska, Lucja Gorbacz Mrowiec, Wanda Kawalec Temperament, Atrial Fibrillation and Autonomic Nervous System Agnieszka Maryniak, Andrzej Hasiec, Grzegorz Warminski, Bartosz Duda, Franciszek Walczak, Lukasz Szumowski Modeling Online Patients Behavior through a Fake Patient Pei-Chun Shih, Alejandra Montoro, Ana Calera, Montserrat Montaño Well-being and Satisfaction as Protective Factors in Essential Hypertension: Longitudinal Data Beatriz Rueda, Ana M. Pérez García Women with Coronary Arterial Disease Adherence to the Treatment : Anxiety and Depression Influences Rocha A, Dumont B, Torres C, Albuquerque P, Hojaij E, Romano B POSTER PRESENTATIONS 197

198July 7th, Thursday The Influence of Illness Perception in Hypertensive Patients Self-Care Capacity Anjos J, Campos D, Rizzieri H, Mendonca L, Hojaij E, Romano B Violence and Poor Family and Social Relationships as Risk Factors for Depression in Mexican Students Catalina Gonzalez Forteza, Cuauhtemoc Solis, Alberto Jimenez, Francisco Juarez, Alejandro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Gisela Hernandez, Maria Elena Medina Mora, Hector Fernandez Varela, Fernando Wagner Exploring the Potentials of Virtual Learning Environments in the Field of Substance Misuse: a New Learning Experience for Health Professionals? Daniela Zummo, Pierluigi Simonato, Ornella Corazza, Fabrizio Schifano Psychological Health of Students: Objective and Subjective Characteristics Valentina Kamenskaya, Leonid Tomanov Relationship of Happiness, Hope and Affection with Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure Elisabete Nave Leal, José Pais Ribeiro, Mário Oliveira, Manuel Nogueira da Silva, Rui Soares, Sofia Santos, Rui Ferreira Differences between Men and Women after a Coronary Heart Disease in Self Efficacy, Coping and Quality of Life Elise Marchetti, Martine Batt, Alain Trognon Psycho-Emotional Influence of Medical Phytodesign Gayane Ghazaryan, Kristina Vardanyan Biofeedback Treatment for Palmar Hyperhydrosis Giuseppe Castro, Daniel Lina Mancuso Coping and Well-Being in Thyroid Cancer Patients Isabel Silva, José Pais Ribeiro, Rute F. Meneses, Luísa Pedro, Denisa Mendonça, Helena Cardoso, Estela Vilhena, Fátima Borged, Madalena Abreu, Vera Melo, Ana MArtins, António MArtins-da-Silva Social Support, Disease Length and Severity in Diabetes Type 2 Patients Isabel Silva, José Pais Ribeiro, Rute F. Meneses, Luísa Pedro, Helena Cardoso, Estela Vilhena, Denisa Mendonça, Madalena Abreu, Vera Melo, Ana Martins, António MArtins-da-Silva Optimism, Well-Being and Social Support in Diabetes Type 1 Patients Isabel Silva, José Pais Ribeiro, Rute F. Meneses, Luísa Pedro, Helena Cardoso, Estela Vilhena, Denisa Mendonça, Ana Martins, Vera Melo, Madalena Abreu, António Martins-da-Silva Sexual Functioning and Sexual Satisfaction in Women and Men with Epilepsy: Is it Related to Stigma and to Perceived Disease Severity? Isabel Silva, José Pais Ribeiro, Rute F. Meneses, Luísa Pedro, Helena Cardoso, Estela Ilhena, Denisa Mendonça, Vera Melo, Madalena Areu, Ana Martins, António Martins-da-Silva Stigma, Body Mass Index, Disease Perceived Severity and Well-Being in Patients with Obesity Undergoing Weight Loss Programs Isabel Silva, José Pais Ribeiro, Rute F. Meneses, Luísa Pedro, Estela Vilhena, Denisa Mendonça, Vera Melo, Madalena Abreu, Helena Cardoso, Ana Martins, António Martis-da-Silva The Psychosocial Pathway of Breast Cancer Portuguese Women Ivone Patrão, Isabel Leal, João Marôco Qualitative Study: Understanding the Portuguese Women Breast Cancer Experience Ivone Patrão Longitudinal Study: The Psychosocial Adjustment of Breast Cancer Portuguese Women Ivone Patrão, Isabel Leal, João Marôco How do Parents and Schools Manage Paediatric Dental Trauma? Prevention and Emergency Skills Joana Santos Rita, Ines Santos Rita 198 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

199July 7th, Thursday The Influence of Chronic Illness in the Quality of Life in Children, Adolescents and Parents Joana Santos Rita, Teresa Guimaraes Foxwalking, a (Psycho-) Biomechanical Exercise, and Cognitive Function Correlates Jorge Conesa-Sevilla Motivational and Volitional Predictors of Healthy Dietary Behavior José Bermúdez, Ana Pérez García The Effects of Positive Biased Retelling on Cognitive Coping Strategy Kazuhiro Ikeda The Relationship Between Parents Adult Attachment and Childhood Obesity Keelan Quinn Investigation of Prevalence of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) in Patients with Complex Partial Seizure Kourosh Banihashemian, Razieh Etesami Pour, Mohammad Kazem Fakhri Hope Scale: For Elders Developed in Mexico Marcela Sanchez Estrada, Catalina Gonzalez Forteza, Patricia Andrade-Palos, Rebeca Robles-Garcia, Dolores Mercado Corona Body Image Assessment in Oncology: What are the More Effective Tools between Available Instruments? Lorena Giovannini, Barbara Muzzatti, Anita Caruso, Maria Antonietta Annunziata Predictors of Risk for Eating Disorders among University Students Melina Nicole Kyranides, Maria Koushiou, Anthi Loutsiou Ladd, Kalia Loizidou, Evel Neokleous Factors Affecting Asthma Psychomorbidity, Control, and Illness-Related Quality of Life: What is the Interaction? Maria Karekla, Nataliya Pilipenko, Maria Stavrinaki, Elena Hanna, Elena Siakou, Michaella Siamata Alexithymia, Personality and Depression in Patients with Cancer Carmen Berrocal, Bernini Olivia, Cutrupi Valentina, Romoli Monica, Cosci Fiammetti Psicological Well-Being OF Latin American Immigrants in A Rural Context Pilar Martín, Elena Eespeitx Assessment of Menopause Symptoms and Mental Health Effects in Breast Cancer Survivors Ping Yi Lin, Dar Ren Chen Same Coping Styles Related to Reduction of Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Among Myocardial Infarction Patients Reza Bagherian, Mohsen Maroofi, Maryam Fatolah Gol, Fatemeh Zare Chronic Patients General Well-being: In the Crossroad between Spirituality and Diagnosis Rute F. Meneses, José Pais Ribeiro, Luísa Pedro, Isabel Silva, Denisa Mendonça, Estela Vilhena, Helena Cardoso, Madalena Abreu, Mariana Henriques, Vera Melo, Ana Martins, António Martins Da Silva Treatment Compliance and Spirituality: Are they Related? In Which Patients? Rute F. Meneses, José Pais Ribeiro, Luísa Pedro, Isabel Silva, Denisa Mendonça, Estela Vilhena, Helena Cardoso, Madalena Abreu, Mariana Henriques, Vera Melo, Ana Martins, António Martins Da Silva Eye Movement Patterns and Head Movements Differ between Glaucoma Subject and Control Subject During the Adjustment of Müller-Lyer figure: Preliminary Results Mika Haapala, Aura Falck, Anja TuulÖnen, Eero Väyrynen, Tapio Seppänen, Seppo J. Laukka Outcomes of Empathy in Oncological Settings: a Review of the Literature Sophie Lelorain, Serge Sultan, Anne Brédart Predictive Factors of Postpartum Depression Stefania Torrasi, Cettina Crisafi POSTER PRESENTATIONS 199

200July 7th, Thursday Special Features of Heart Rate in Children with Varying Levels of Self-esteem Svetlana Burkova ADHD-related Emotional Problems in Japanese College Students: A Comparison between Morningness and Eveningness Groups Toshihiko Sato Rumination, Sleep Quality and Sleepiness in Dialysis Patients Usha Barahmand, Yavar Vahdati Understanding Excess Weight in Adolescents: Emotional Functioning and Regulation of Overweight Adolescents Walther Mireille Psychological Aspects of the Communication with the Parents of the Children with Brain Tumors Yulia Malova Effect of Sociostructural Determinants and Collaborative Dicision-making on Diabetes Self-management: The Mediating Role of Patient s Beliefs System Issac Rahimian Boogar, Mohammad Ali Besharat, Mohammad Reza Mohajeri, Siavash Talepasand Mother s Emotional Intelligence and Attachment Influence on the Child Health Elena Nikolaeva, Vera Merenkova The Role of Social Networking Sites in Supporting Patients Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Qualitative Examination Neil Coulson Influence of Social Exclusion on Pain Perception and Empathy in Chronic Pain Patients Adriana Banozic, Jessie Dezutter, Marko Jukic, Livia Puljak, Damir Sapunar Are Medical Students in Danger? Burnout and Engagement to Medical Studies in Hungary, A Crosscultural Study Mariann Kovacs, Eszter Kovacs Psychological and Social Influences on Health in European Countries Vladimir Kebza, Iva Solcova, Miloslav Kodl Anxiety and Depression in Colombian Breast Cancer Patients: The Influence of Religiosity and Spirituality on Psychological Wellbeing Carolyn Finck Body Dissatisfaction Through Sex Point View in College Students Shirko Ahmadi, Bahram Yousefi, Ali Heirani Gender Differences in the Psychopathology of a Community Sample of Morbidly Obese Adults in the North East of Ireland prior to Randomization to CBT Treatment Aurelia Ciblis, Barbara Dooley, Nazih Eldin Fears of Recurrence among Cancer Survivors: A Qualitative Study Gözde Özakıncı, Watson Evelyn, Michael Sharpe, Gerry Humphris The Moderating Role of Body Image Dissatisfaction on Hopelessness Depressive Symptoms Relation in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patients Özlem Bozo, Elit Bilge Bıyıkoğlu, Ceren Tekin Psychological Factors Associated to (mental and physical) Health Virginia Dresch Anger and Depression as Predictors of Pain Intensity among Cancer and Non-cancer Patients Miroslava Petkova, Valeri Nikolov, Maya Gulubova 200 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

201July 7th, Thursday Physical Symptom Reporting among College Youths: Effects of Optimism, Culture, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status Yacoub Khallad Perceptions towards Illness and Quality of Life of Hemodialysıs Patients in Malaysia Norhayati Ibrahim, Asmawati Desa, Norlela Kong To Cope with Myocardial Infarction: Interaction Analysis of a Clinical Consultation between a Cardiac Patient and a Psychologist Elise Marchetti, Martine Batt, Alain Trognon Actigraphy in Elderly Patients with Delirium Van Dis Huibert The Study of the Relationship between Family Function and Self-Concept among Epilepsy Patient Shahram Yaguti, Azari Yaguti Effects of Life-style and Health Related Factors on Subjective Feeling of Health Kazuki Nishiura, Jun Tayama, Takako Utsumi, Kiyoshi Kimura, Reiko Yamamoto Neurofeedback: a Rehabilitation Method in a Patient with Schizophrenia Daniel Lina Mancuso, Giuseppe Castro, Alfredo Sergio Mancuso Domain-specific Self-concept Enhancing Interventions as a Means of Preventing a Victimisation Stigma in Physically-Disabled Adolescents Inna Arshava, Iiryna Arshava, Victoriya Korniyenko, Eleonora Nosenko The efficacy of two techniques, Cognitive Restructuring and Relaxation, and their combined use on depression in cardiac rehabilitation patients. Fatemeh Zargar, Mojgan Saeedi, Rokhsareh Yekke Yazdandoost The Role of School in Shaping Vocational Interests of Young People With Disabilities Mariola Wolan Nowakowska Happiness, Hope and Affection as Predictors of Quality of Life and Functionality of Individuals with Heart Failure at 3 Months Follow up Elisabete Nave Leal, José Pais Ribeiro, Mário Oliveira, Manuel Nogueira da Silva, Rui Soares, Sofia Santos, Rui Ferreira Overcoming Barriers: Promoting Integration for People with Psychiatric Disorders in Portugal Dora Redruello, Sónia Nogueira Online Rehabilitation of Cognitive Functions: The Possibilities of the Cognifit Program Marek Preiss, Radka Čermáková Informant Reports of Executive Functions on BRIEF-A in Adults with Autism Antonio Narzisi, C Del Furia, M Venturi, M Innocenti, G La Malfa Effectiveness of Art-Based Interventions in Addition to Psychological Support and Psychotherapy for Cardiac Patients Elise Marchetti, Alain Trognon, Martine Batt Several Risk and Protective factors of Health and Quality of life Bohumil Vasina, Jitka Simickova Cizkova Parental Stress in Children with Cognitive Disabilities Blanka Colnerič, Maja Zupančič The Differential Effect of Job Insecurity on Employees in Taiwan Chen-Jia Wun Adolescence Stress and Subjective Well-being: The Mediating Effect of Fatigue and Autonomy Chih-Hung Lin, Shan Mei Chang, Sunny S. J. Lin POSTER PRESENTATIONS 201

202July 7th, Thursday Associations between Levels of Burnout and Dysfunctional Attitudes in Secondary School Counsellors Eloísa Guerrero Barona, Jesús Carlos Rubio, Andrés García, Juan Manuel Moreno Manso, Manuel López, Ana Caballero Psychosocial Conditions, Prevalence of Teacher Stress, and Vulnerability to Psychiatric Disorders Eloísa Guerrero Barona, Ana Caballero, Rosa Gómez, Macarena Blázquez Alonso, Elena García Baamonde, Juan Manuel Moreno Manso, Manuel López Progressive Muscle Relaxation Potential for Change of Reaction to an Audiovisual Stressor of Subjects having Type A Behaviour Pattern and Alexithymia Gabija Jarašiūnaitė, Aidas Perminas The role of Sense of Coherence in predicting burnout within the Demand-Control Model of job strain: Moderator or confound? Claire Johnston, Gideon P. de Bruin The Use of Positive and Negative Stress Coping Strategies in Part-time University Students Hana Chýlová, Ludmila Natovová Anxiety and Personality Features in Pianists: a Psychophysiological Assessment Nancy Lee Harper, Anabela Pereira, Inês Direito, Tomás Henriques, Luís Souto Miranda, João Paulo Cunha, Fábio Marques Portuguese Teachers Burnout: Confirmatory Analysis of the CBP-R Ivone Patrão, Joana Santos Rita, João Marôco Do you Know the Start and end Bottom of Burnout? The Relation between Depression, Anxiety and Burnout in Portuguese Teachers Ivone Patrão, Joana Santos Rita Portuguese Teachers Burnout step-by-step... The Importance of Age, Type of Contract and Length of Experience Joana Santos Rita, Ivone Patrão Supportive Interaction of Medical Staff with Patients for Reducing Patient s Anxiety about Their Illness Kana Ishikawa, Kazuhiko Kusumoto, Atsuko Kanai Effect of Stress Inoculation Training on Depression and Anxiety in Patient with prostate Cancer Nikzad Ghanbari, Kourosh Banihashemian, Hosein Nadali Effectiveness of Stress Inoculation Training on Homesickness in College Students Nikzad Ghanbari, Kourosh Banihashemian Stress and Well-being of Freshmen Students of Social Science Laima Bulotaite, Remigijus Bliumas, Birute Pociute Stress-related Growth after Interpersonal Events in Japanese Adolescents Makoto Nakayama, Toshikazu Yoshida The Ill Job: the Role of the Psychology in the Stress Work-related Maria Antonina Parisi The Assessment of Stress in Working and Non-Working Mothers According to the Mother - Child Stressor Traits Mohammad Hatami The Effect of a Single Session EFT In an Induced Stress Situation on Junior University Students Nilhan Sezgin The Influence of Demographic Variables in Socio-Levels of Burnout in First year students in the Degree in Psychology Nuno Fernandes, Ana Cartaxo, Maria Peixoto The Role of Perceived Stress, Attachment Styles and Mood on Disordered Eating (DE) Nuriye Kupeli, Nicholas Troop 202 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

203July 7th, Thursday Protection from Work Stress and Burnout in Italian Oncologists Paola Guadagna, Elena Foddai, Vera Sanfratello, Francesco Pace, Antonio Russo The Effect of Chair Massage on Employees Health and Organizational Commitment Pınar Ünsal, Hediye Süleyman, Sertaç Ak Stress Impact on Food Behaviors in Undergraduted Students During Their First Academic Course Elena Eespeitx, Pilar Martín Stress, Coping and Coherence in Lithuanian Criminal Police Officers Rita Bandzeviciene, Egle Razaitiene, Sandra Birbilrite Relation between Variables Sociodemográficas and Labor and Syndrome of Burnout, Manners of Confrontation of the Stress and Risk of Psychiatric Pathology in not University Teachers Rosa Gómez, Eloísa Guerrero Barona, Manuel López, Ana Caballero, Janeth Amparo Cárdenas The Role of life Stressing Events and the Strategies of Cope with the Re-Emergence of PTSD on War Disables in Kermanshah City of Iran in 2010 Mohammad Hakami, Mohammad Asghari, Faezeh Alsadat Zia Ziabari The Relationship between Parental Child Rearing and Adolescent Coping with Stress methods Reza Javadian, Mansour Fathi Stressing Burnout and Emotions at Work - Diversity of Nurses and Physicians in Hungary Mariann Kovacs, Eszter Kovacs, Katalin Hegedus A Multidimensional Assessment of Individual Stress-resistance Leonova Anna Coping, Occupational Wellbeing and Job Satisfaction of Nurses Mohammed Moola, Joey Buitendach Alarm: Stress in the Wards How Positive Psychology can Contribute to the Management of the Human Resources Giuseppe Spitale Predicting LGBT Cigarette Smoking Darrell Greene, Paula Britton Breaks and Age Related Strain in Continuous Physical Work Nadine Kakarot, Friedrich Müller The Study of the Relationship between the Coping Strategy and Control Source among Epilepsy Patients Alireza Khalilshoar Shoar Relationship between the Singing and Mental Health Simin Fani, Hojjat Adnan Farahani Factors Influencing Individual Stress Resistence Among University Teachers and Lecturers Fatima Valieva POSTER PRESENTATIONS 203

204July 7th, Thursday POSTER SESSION L HALIC Topic: Educational Psychology How Frequent are Flow Experiences in the Work of Kindergarten and Primary School Teachers? Annamaria Kadar, Hajnal Somodi, Csilla Jeszenszky Why Dropouts among University Students? Experience in a Thai University Ruthaychonnee Sittichai Educational Practice and Arithmetic Problem Solving. Presentation of an Observation Grid Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira, Maria Alice Sera School Connectedness and Engagement as Determinants of Children s Academic Achievement Andreja Brajša Žganec, Marina Merkaš, Marija Šakić Achievement Testing with the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-Third Edition (WIAT-III): Evidence in Support of its Psychometric Properties using a Greek Version Andry Souroulla, Georgia Panayiotou, Constantinos Kokkinos, Iasonas Lamprianou Intelectual Helplessness and Academic Achievement: the Protective Role of Dispositional Optimism Aneta Brzezicka, Sylwia Bedyńska Pre-school Math Abilities and their Predictive Power on School Math Achievement Anna Rohe, Claudia Quaiser Pohl Combinations of Goals and Motivational Profiles: A Study from the Perspective of Multiple Goals Antonio Valle, José C. Núñez, Susana Rodriguez, Isabel Piñeiro, Pedro Rosário, Cándido J. Inglés, Rebeca Cerezo Goals and Strategies Role in Self-regulated Learning José C. Núñez, Antonio Vale, Susana Rodriguez, Pedro Rosário, Rebeca Cerezo, Cándido J. Inglés Academic Performance and Motivational Variables. Differential Analysis Antonio Miguel Perez-Sanchez, Nieves Gomis-Selva, Paz Lopez Alacid, Patricia Poveda Serra Personality, Self-concept and Sociometric Types Antonio Miguel Perez-Sanchez, Alejandra Gisbert Ferrandiz, Belen Gisbert Ferrandiz An Exploration on the Campus Lifestyles and Academic Grades of Students Chuan-Feng Chang, Yung-Hsin Huang, Wei-Ting Chen, Ting-Wun Lin, Hung Chang Pai, Bo You Lin The Curriculum Across a Cooperative Methodology: A Bibliometric Analysis from 1997 TO 2008 Paz Lopez Alacid, Elena Conejero Amoros, Antonio Miguel Perez-Sanchez About the Results of the Study of Educational Problems of Gifted Children Bakhtiyar Aliyev, Elkhan Beylarov Peer Tutoring in Higher Education: An Educational Innovation Project Ana Isabel Isidro, José Antonio Cieza Investigation About Gift Types Elkhan Baylarov, Bakhtiyar Aliyev Research on Middle School students mathematics-gender Stereotype Threat Effect Shujuan Song Achievement Anxiety and its Relationship with Coping Strategies, Self-esteem and optimism Diaconescu Liliana Veronica Academic Engagement and Work Experience in the European Higher Education Area Elena Escolano Perez, M. Luisa Herrero Nivela 204 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

205July 7th, Thursday Grade Level Differences in Elementary and Middle School Students Conception of Learning Go Suzuki How Taiwan College Students Evaluate the Action Learning Oriented Courses in General Education? Huan Chueh Wu, Mei Hung Wang Personal, School and Family Variables Related to Academic Performance in Mexican Middle School Students Joaquín Caso Niebla, Luis Ángel Contreras Niño, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Macías, Erick Urias Luzanilla, Carlos Díaz López Elementary School Teachers: Training and Assessment of Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom José Valero Rodríguez, Nieves Gomis-Selva, Juan Luis Castejón Costa, Antonio Miguel Perez-Sanchez Teacher Training as a Key Strategy for the Assessment of Multiple Intelligence in 4-5 Year Old Children Nieves Gomis-Selva, José Valero Rodríguez, Juan Luis Castejón Costa, Antonio Miguel Pérez Sánchez Prevalence Differences between Social Interaction Styles and Sociometric Types in Spanish Student of Compulsory Secondary Education Jose Manuel Garcia Fernandez, Beatriz Delgado, Candido J. Ingles, Soledad Torregrosa, Carmen Martinez Monteagudo, David Aparisi Social interaction styles and sociometric types in Spanish adolescents: A predictive study Jose Manuel Garcia Fernandez, Candido J. Ingles, Beatriz Delgado, Carmen Martinez Monteagudo, Soledad Torregrosa, David Aparisi Thinking Styles and Professional Choice Satisfaction of Social Profile Students: Implications for Academic Achievement in University Kristina Kovalcikiene, Loreta Buksnyte The Effect of Parenting Styles on Locus of Control, Self-Efficacy and Academic achievement in adolescents Mehrzad Farahati, Alireza Mahdavian Nonlinearity - The Paradigm of Pedagogical Psychology Mikhail Basimov An Attempt of First-Year Experience using Visitor Emp loyed photography Minoru Tazawa Study of Mathematics Anxiety in High School Students and the Relationship between Mathematics Anxiety with Self Esteem and Teacher Personality Characteristics Mohammad Narimani, Moslem Abbasi Scientometric Study of Scientific Production in Psyciatry Mohammad Hossein Biglu, Sahar Biglu, Christine Falk Intelligence and Motiva tion in the Academic Achievement in Compulsory Secondary Education: a Structural Model Pablo Miñano, Juan Luis Castejón Costa Explanation of the Academic Achievement in Language and Maths from Cognitive and Motivational Variables Juan Luis Castejón Costa, Pablo Miñano The Effects of Teaching Method Discussions on Adjusting Mathematical Epistemological Beliefs and Learning Process Pei-Yun Liu Emotional and Personal Differential Characteristics of Undergraduate Students from Education and Social Sciences fields Raquel Gilar, Juan Luis Castejón Costa, Nelida Perez POSTER PRESENTATIONS 205

206July 7th, Thursday Identity, Basic Personality Dimensions and Academic Achievement in Freshmen Students of Social Science Remigijus Bliumas, Laima Bulotaite, Birute Pociute Learned Helplessness and School Achievement in Mathematics: the Meditational Role of Subjective Social Status Sylwia Bedyńska, Aneta Brzezicka College Students Help-Seeking Behavior in Taiwan Yuan-Ling Li, Ssu-Kuang Chen Academic Procrastination in Educational and Research Activity Svetlana Kostromina The Survey of Relationship between Critical Thinking and Achievement Motivation Mozhdeh Mohammadzadeh Khordoo, Hasan Maleki, Farideh Mashemian Nezhad Promoting School Success in the Transition to Middle School in a Rural Setting Vitor Coelho, Bárbara Soares, Vanda Sousa Features of Life-Sense Conception of a Person as a Factor of Efficiency of Self-Realization in Education Liudmila Kruteleva Motivation of Talented Students Case Studies of Biology Olympiad Winners Yvona Mazehoova, Iva Stuchlikova Spanish Adaptation and Validation of the Adult Reading History Questionnaire Revised (ARHQR) Catalina Mourgues Early CompÖnents of the ERP Elicited by Word and Non-word Stimuli as a Neural Correlate of Phonologic Awareness Catalina Mourgues, Esteban Hurtado, Francisco Ceric, Marcela Tenorio, Ricardo Rosas Lexical and Sublexical Spelling Intervention Studies with two Multilingual Children Jackie Masterson, Georgia Niolaki Performance in phonological awareness is not sufficient to distinguish dyslexia reading retardation Carolina Rivera, Francisco Ceric, Ricardo Rosas The analysis of Perceptions of Academics - EPIC-PT, from Critical Incidents Presentation of the Instrument Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira, Carles Monereo Salvagranaio, the Agricultural Origins of the Economy. An Interdisciplinary School Project Anna Rita Orlando, Vito Grippaldi, Pietro Storti The Empirical Study among Internship Arrangement, Perception of Students Satisfaction and Occupational Commitment in Taiwan Hospitality Industry Ching-Wen Wang, Chyuan Sha, Po Chang Lin, Ching-Fen Lee A New Vocabulary Assessment Test: Relability and Validity in Turkish Children Ekin Özkök Kayhan, Gülşen Erden Parent and Teacher Perceptions of Emotional and Behavior Problems in Intellectually Gifted Primary School Pupils Grazina Gintiliene, Sigita Kilkute A Questionnaire to Assess Intermediary Leadership in Secondary Schools João Nogueira Problems with True False Items in Croatian State Matura Josip Sabic, Jasminka Buljan Culej Perceived Social Support in the Transition to the 5th grade: Some Preliminary Results Margarida Faria, Isabel Janeiro 206 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

207July 7th, Thursday Creativity and Iranian Nursing Students Naiemeh Seyedfatemi, Zeinab Moshirabadi, Leili Borimnejad, Hamid Haghani Developing the Scale of Attitudes Negatively Affecting the Performance-I/ Test (POET- I/S) Olcay Güner, Mustafa Otrar Investigation of the Cognitive Process of Evaluating Universities by Means of Analyzing the University Evaluation Reports Susumu Shibui, Takamitsu Hashimoto, Ayaka Noda Human Capital Development: how School Assessment Effects on Students Visual Short-Term Memory Tatiana Yudina A Probabilistic Assessment System for Developmental Disabilities in Elementary School Children Tomoaki Adachi, Soichiro Kawagoe Investigating the Predictibility of Academic Performance, Considering Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Wechsler Test (WISC-R) in High School Students of Tehran Zahra Mojahedi, Mahnaz Akhavan Tafti Barriers, Preconditions and Policies Concerning the Reception of Evaluation Data in Schools: the Influence of Leadership, School Culture and Information Distribution Ramona Wank, Wolfgang Scholl A Cross National Study: Exploring the Experiences of Students Test Anxiety Across Nations and Different Genders Simge Vural If the Teacher Works, Does the Student Work Too? Results of a 37 e-courses Analysis Eduardo Estrada, Pei-Chun Shih, Agustin Martinez Molin, Dolores Muñoz Psychometric Properties of the Generalized Problematic Internet Use Scale 2 (GPIUS2) in adolescents from Mexico Fabiola Itzel Villa George, Manuel Gámez Guadix The Relationships of Worry and Use of Facebook Site Firoozeh Bakhtiarvand Sense Communicatıons in Educational Process Irina Abakumova Digital Game-based Interactions of children with chronic illness Mengping Tsuei, Jui Chih-Chin Using synchronous peer-tutoring System for Enhancing Elementary Stduents Learning and self-concept in Mathematics Mengping Tsuei Distance Education, e-learning Strategies and the Development of Core Capabilities Nelson Lima Santos, Inês Gomes ICT Role in the Classroom: Improve Math s Success at Elementary School with Interactive White Boards Pedro Rosário, José Carlos Núñez, Antonio Valle New Abilities Constructing as the Essence of Creative Education Technologies Valentin Ageyev Psychotechnical Approach in Educational Psychology Marina Stepanova The Social Influence in Education and Loss of Desire Cristina Monteiro Barbosa POSTER PRESENTATIONS 207

208July 7th, Thursday Sexual Beliefs and Information in Intellectual Disability (Slight/Moderate) Raquel Guimarães, Teresa Cardoso, Joaquim Ramalho, Maria Botelho, José Soares Martins Intervention Program in Intellectual Disability: Social, Sexual and Cognitive Promotion Raquel Guimarães School Motivation Questionnaire - SMQ, for the Portuguese population (QME Cordeiro & Couceiro, 2010): Procedures of Construction and final Architecture Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira, Pedro Miguel Gomes Cordeiro The Influence of Anxiety, Depression and Stress on Educational Practices in Portuguese Teachers Ivone Patrão, Joana Santos Rita The Teacher s Personality in Relation to Coping Strategies and Its Influence on Education Lubos Krninsky Teaching Performance and Interactive Styles: An Approach to Understand Idiosyncratic Teaching Styles Maria Elena Rodriguez, Catalina Rodriguez, Daniel Lopez Psychosocial Risk and Protective Factors Associated to Vocal Pathologies in Teachers Ubillos Silvia, Ibañez Jaime Features of Perception of an Image at Sense-Value Level Zhanna Kara Forming Humanitarian Values as Basic CompÖnents of Life-Sense Conception of a Person Liudmila Kruteleva The Sensorimotor Parameter Connection with the Students learning Efficiency Svetlana Kotova Improving Kindergateners Socio-Emotional Development through a School-Based SEL Program: Aulitas en Paz Camila Fernandez, Mara Minski, Melisa Castellanos Identification of two Indiscipline Facets and Connections with Academic Grades and Procrastination in Barcelona (Spain). Concepció Gotzens, Merce Clariana, Mar Badia, Candido Genovard, Antoni Castello Motivation Aspect of Modern Training Process Bakhtiyar Aliyev, Elkhan Baylarov Relationships among Classroom Goal Structures, Academic Contingency of Self-Worth and Achievement Relevant Outcomes Kazuhiro Ohtani, Motoyuki Nakaya, Takamichi Ito, Ryo Okada School Environment and Peer Relations vs. Self-Esteem and Anxiety of Polish Adolescents Marek Smulczyk, Artur Pokropek Social Anxiety, Social Acceptance and Academic Self-Perceptions in High-School Students Melita Puklek Levpušček, Jelka Berce Child s Self-Efficacy and Anxious Emotional Status as Contributors to Bullying and Victimization: Bullies, Victims and Bully/Victims Profiles Phedi Phedonos Project Atitude Positiva : Analysis of Six Years of Implementation ( ) Vitor Alexandre Coelho, Bárbara Soares, Vanda Sousa Is Satisfaction an Important Factor in Explaining the Impact of Several Social and Emotional Learning programs? Vanda Sousa, Vitor Coelho Analysis of Self-Determination Motivations for Mathematics Examination Emotion Yi-Mei Lee, Yu-Jen Wang 208 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

209July 7th, Thursday Relations among Perceptions of Classroom Quality and Adjustment in Height School Girl Students: Comparing between Academic Fields Hossein Kareshki, Monireh Salehi Self-Concept, Self-Efficacy, and Language Attitudes and their Impacts on Standard Educational Language Competencies of Monolingual and Multilingual Migrant Pupils Rösselet Stephan Social Skills and Interaction Involvement of Student-prospective Teachers Lidija Zlatic, Dragana Bjekic, Milevica Bojovic The Impact of Psychology in Future or In-service Teachers in Portugal João Nogueira, Sara Bahia The Analysis of Applying Positive Psychology to Develop Affective Education Program for the Science and Mathematics Gifted Students in Junior High School Soar Guo The Relationships between Students Perception and Their Learning Performance in Human Learning and Cognition Peilan Chen Understanding Aggression of Members of Israeli and American Cultural Sub Groups through the Lens of Cultural Values Dorit Efrat Treister, Laura Severance, Michele Gelfand, Anat Rafaeli, Sarah Lyons A Case Study on Cognitive Script and Science Teacher Thinking in the Context of Grade 1-9 Curriculum Reform in Taiwan Shih-Hao Chiang Topic: Culture and Psychology Relation between Self-Esteem Instability and Expectation for Future Examinations: A Comparison between Japanese and Italian University Students Ai Fukuzawa, Susumu Yamaguchi, Gian Vittorio Caprara, Guido Alessandri Cross-cultural Research of «Interethnic Intensity» in Polyethnic Society Olga Aimaganbetova, Akhmet Aimaganbetov A New Approach to Intercultural Psychology Koppe Annika, Körner Jana, Kumbruck Christel Work Related Conflicts. Cross Cultural Differences in Resolution Strategies Gonzalez-Castro Jose Luis How Happiness is Depicted in European and Japanese Folktales Kumiko Mukaida Individualism-collectivism and Personal Conceptions of Intelligence: An Intercultural Comparison between Portuguese and Romanian Students Luísa Faria, Laura Ciochina Cross-cultural Evidence in Emotional Assessment: Comparison of the International Affective Picture System in the Chilean and the US context Michele Dufey, Ana Maria Fernandez, Rocio Mayol Cultural Comparison of Solution Style Displayed in Japanese, French and German School Texts Rieko Tomo Remedies, Drugs, Self Support Groups and Psychotherapy : Care Pathways and Mental Health in Mexico Shoshana Berenzon, Nayelhi Saavedra POSTER PRESENTATIONS 209

210July 7th, Thursday Norms of Masculinity and Their Link to Psychological and Social well Being: A Cross Cultural Analysis in USA and China Taveeshi Gupta, Niobe Way, Rebecca Kang McGill, Diane Hughes Dimensions of Intercultural Competence: Development and Initial Testing of a Questionnaire to Assess Intercultural Competence in Nursery Teachers Tettenborn Andrea, Roos Jeanette Preparation of International Students in Spanish Universities Victoria Ramos Barbero, Jesus Ortego Osa Premarital Sexual Choices: Threat to Turkish Self? Yudit Namer, Ekrem Düzen, Özlem Çağın-Tosun Proud and Shame in School and Family: A Comparison between German Adolescents, Adolescents of Turkish Descent in Germany, and Turkish Adolescents Hacı Halil Uslucan, Michael Eid, Birgit Röttger Rössler, Tanja Lischetzke, Martin Wertenbruch On the Cultural Background of an Epidemic of Bank Transfer Fraud in Japan Yasuji Kojijma Social Dominance Orientation, Empathy and Distress as Determinants of Chilean Attitudes toward Latino American Immigrants David Sirlopú, Roberto Meilpillán, Horacio Salgado, Alvaro Quiñones Examining Shame at School: Insights from a Transcultural German Classroom Wertenbruch Martin, Eid Michael, Lischetzke Tanja, Uslucan Hacı Halil, Röttger-Rössler Birgitt Burnout Syndrome among czech and German top Managers Working in Managerial Positions within their Original National Culture and abroad Sarka Alfoldy, Pedro R. Gil-Monte Psychological Features of Adaptation in Foreign Ethnocultural Environment Nazerke Shalkharbekova, Aliya Tolegenova, Satybaldy Jakupov, Nurgul Toksanbayeva Phobia and its Cognitive Therapy in Rumi s Masnavi Atefeh Hosseinloo, Hooman Namvar The Impact of Couple Therapy based on Attachment for decreasing Deterministic Thinking among couples Masoudeh Honarian, Jalal Younesi, Abdollah Shafiabadi, Gholamreza Nafissi Implicit Theory of Courage in Korea Ga Hee Shin, Yoon Hee Heo, Sung Moon Lim Psychosemantic Approach to Experimental Aesthetics Victor Petrenko, Evgeniya Korotchenko The Factors of Participation in Massively Multiplayer Online Browser-Based Strategy Game (Travian) Andrey Ryzhov Dialogic Self from Children s Drawing: Language Building Human Development Angelina Vasconcelos, Nadja Maria Vieira Female Narratives about Grooming Behaviors and Beautification Ayae Kido The Gender Role Consciousness of Parents which Made Daughters Aim at Normal Marriage From Interviews with Women Who Married in the 1980s Hitomi Tanimura Parental Ethnotheories among Aaumbo Mothers in a Socially Distributed Care Taking Context Jill Brown, Maria De Guzman, James Sorrell, Carolyn Edwards 210 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

211July 7th, Thursday The Microethnography Concerning Cultural and Social Behaviors in the japanese Dining-out Scene Kazuhiko Nishiura Children s Conceptions of Intelligence in France and Mexico Guillen Elisa, Lammel Annamaria Psychological Acculturation Processes of Japanese Migrants in UK: Based on Life History Interviews with Japanese Background Women in the East Midlands of England Masanori Ishimori The QoL of Patients with Intractable Neurological Diseases Using the SEIQoL-DW Miki Nishida Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Developmental Process of Conflict Management Skills in Early Childhood: Comparing Japan, South Korea, China, and USA Noriko Hamaie, Tatsuo Ujiie, Jiro Takai, Yuko Takahama, Makoto Shibayama, Mayumi Hukumoto, Katsumi Ninomiya, Rei Omi, Yoshihiro Shima, Rumiko Nakayama, Hiroki Matsui Cross Cultural Differences in an International Company in Czech Republic Pavel Michálek, Elena Navrátilová, Luděk Kolman, Hana Chýlová The Construction of the Prision School Culture Elizabeth Gil Three Modes of Viewing the Culture in the Psyche: How can we Conceive the Culture in Psychology for an Integrative Theory Tatsuya Sato, Yuru Hou Thick Description of the Life of a Person with Intractable Disease: Life Ethnography of ALS Patient in Home-care Setting Tomoo Hidaka, Shodo Mizuki, Mari Fukuda, Mayu Akasaka, Yuru Hou, Tatsuya Sato Cultural Differences During a Military Mission Attitudes of Bulgarian Troops to their Colleagues from the other International Contingents and the Local Population Mladenova Flowewitch, Marinov Iliya, Daskalov Krasen, Stantchev Dimo Comparisonal Investigation of Personality Traits and Mental Health in Artistic People and Normal People Ahmad Rezanejadamirdehi Migrant and Non-Migrant Women: A Comparative Profiling of their Psychological Well-being of Indian Village s Milieu Sonika Dangi, Kamlesh Singh Intersecting identities and Altruism among Low-income, Urban, African Americans: An Ethnographic Study Jacqueline Mattis, Wizdom Powell-Hammond, Nyasha Grayman Simpson The Culture of a Prision School Elizabeth Gil The Symbolization of Person s Nonverbal Communications in Dancing Practice Ekaterina Tashkeeva Cross - Cultural Study of the Students Psychology: Comparative Analysis of the Cases of Britain and Russia Fatima Valieva, Steven Kelly, Valeria Dinersteyn, Ivan Valiev How indigenous women survive the heavy drinking of close relative Marcela Tiburcio, Guillermina Natera-Rey Psychology and Religion in the Philippines Sophia Francesca Lu, Jinky Leilanie Lu POSTER PRESENTATIONS 211

212July 7th, Thursday American-Chinese Cultural Differences in Attention to and Recognition of Emerging Facial Expressions of Emotions Fang Zhang, Maria Parmley, Ping Yao Cross-Cultural Study on Decision Making based on Others Opinion among Japanese and European American College Students Fumiko Suzuki, Joo Lee Horizontal and Vertical Individualism and Collectivism Among School Students in Spain Isabel Martínez, Ignacio Madrid, Edie Cruise Self-Constructions and Psychological Well-being: Evidence for the Balanced Integration-Differentiation Model from a German Sample Müge Bayramoglu, Eva-Maria Leicht The Influence of Self- Construal on Acculturation of Indian and Albanian Immigrants in Greece Evangelia Kateri, Evangelos Karademas Culture, Intention, and Norm Internalization John Adamopoulos, Vassilis Pavlopoulos The Impact of Multicultural Environment and Ethnical Identity of Youth Upon the Peculiarities of Ethnic Stereotypes in Latvia Vitaly Raschevsky, Alexey Vorobyov, Alexey Ruzha, Iveta Ruzha Meaning Constitution in Culture Contact New Methodological Perspectives and Epistemological Consequences Sages Roger, Bayard Anna, Buskas Peter, Denoux Patrick, Urbanek Tomas, Xiaochong Zhao Multilevel Modeling with International Assessments: Differentiating Within-group and Between-group Effects Carina McCormick, Leslie Shaw Limitations of Empirical Field Studies Arnold Groh A Cross-Cultural Experiential Parent Training (A.C.C.E.P.T.) Follow Up Kimberly Shore, Psy.D., Sue Bae, Ph.D., Richelle Haines, LCSW Kimberly Shore, Richelle Haines, Sue Bae 212 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

213July 7th, Thursday POSTER SESSION M HALIC Topic: Disaster and Trauma Psychology Pregnancy after a Loss: Maternal-Fetal Attachment During Pregnancies Subsequent to Stillbirth and Perinatal Loss Claudia Ravaldi, Jessica Borgogni, Leonardo Rimediotti, Ersilia Lucenteforte, Giorgio Mello, Dianora Torrini, Alfredo Vannacci Posttraumatic Growth after Domestic Violence: the Role of Thought Control Strategies Diego Gomez-Baya Emotional Intelligence and PTSD Symptoms in Battered Women Diego Gomez-Baya, Susana Paino Effects of Childhood abuse on Hostility of Adult People Elena Dragioti, Dimitrios Damigos, Venetsanos Mayreas, Mery Gouva Ambulatory Assessment in Psychotraumatology Evaldas Kazlauskas The Psychosocial Needs and Psychological Symptoms of the Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Turkey Neval Gündoğan, Banu Yılmaz The Incidence of Post-Traumatic Stress in Czech Adolescents and it s Relatioship to Anxiety, Depression and Somatic Problems Katerina Bartosova IRR, a Portuguese Psychosocial Intervention in Crisis Model and Intervention Technic Miguel Arriaga, João Junceiro, Raul Cordeiro Psychosocial Response to Disasters: Turkish Red Crescent Petek Akman Psychological Characteristics of Post-Traumatic Personal Growth in a Situation of Loss and Bereavement Maria Tvardovskaya Psychosocial Resources to Cope with Natural Disasters Marzia Molteni, Fabio Sbattella, Marilena Tettamanzi Posttraumatic Stress in Childhood Olga Magomed Eminova, Diana Magomed Eminova Meaning Constructing Theory of Psychic Trauma Madrudin Magomed Eminov Under Risk: Children as Refugees and Asylum Seekers Gülşen Erden, Deniz Altınay, Ceren Gürdere Normative Life Events and PTSD in Children Maryam Kousha, Shervin Mahdizadeh Tehrani Predicting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder after Childbirth Analise O Donovan, Kristie Alcorn, Jeffrey Patrick, Sharon Dawe, Grant Devilly The Role of Religiousness on Collective Well-being among West-Sumatran Earthquake Survivors Dona Eka Putri Examination of Childhood Traumatic Experiences in University Students Hatice Demirbaş, Ebru H. Tanju POSTER PRESENTATIONS 213

214July 7th, Thursday The Perception of the State Crisis Management Capabilities in Case of an Earthquake in Romania Marian Dumitru, Cornel Havarneanu, Andrei Holman, Eugen Avram, Alexandru Dumitru Psychosocial Interventions after a Mass Killing Incident: A Casework in Mardin, Bilge Village Nedret Öztan Topic: Developmental Processes The Use of Generalizability Theory in Developmental Observational Research with Small Sample Sizes Angel Blanco Villaseñor, Elena Escolano Perez Developmental Trajectories in Face Recognition: Age and Sex Effects Melissa Prior, Ayda Tekok-Kilic, Banu Elmastas-Dikec Children s Category Test: Pilot Norms for Turkish Children and Adolescents Ages between 5-16 years. Banu Elmastaş Dikeç, Handan Can, Ayda Tekok Kilic Negative Semantic Priming in Children from Single Prime Words Carmen Noguera, Dolores Álvarez, Encarnación Carmona, Vanesa Plaza-Ayllón, Laura Ortega Children s Performance of Conflict Detection Chiao-Ling Chu, Jenn-Wu Wang, Wen-Ying Lin Assessing Semantic Memory Network in Children by Using a Forced-Choice-Variant Dolores Álvarez, Carmen Noguera, Encarnación Carmona, Vanesa Plaza-Ayllón, Laura Ortega Children s Cognitive Development: is it Different According to the Characteristics of the Explored Material? Elena Escolano Perez, Angel Blanco-Villaseñor Family Context and Cognitive Development in 2 Years Old Children of the Basque Country Enrique Arranz, Jesus Ibarlucea, David Velasco, Maitane Egurza, Lertxundi Nerea, Lertxundi Aitana, Eduardo Fano, Oscar Vegas, Aritz Aranmbarri, Loreto Santamarina, Mikel Baterretxea The Effects of Visual and Verbal Factors on Memory Binding Ercenur Ünal, Aylin C. Kuntay, Yasemin Sandıkçı Effects of Perception and Action on Children s Mental Imagery Shinichiro Sugimura, Atsushi Asakawa, Masakazu Takahashi Learning Strategies in Preschool Students and Primary School Ones Elena Escolano Perez, M. Luisa Herrero Nivela, Susana Peña-Herrero Relations between Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge of Counting in Preschoolers : a Dynamic Approach of Variability and Individual Trajectories Vilette Bruno, Joay-Arrouquet Julie, Lehalle Henri, Rusinek Stéphane Formation of Drawing Activity in Mexican Pre-school Children Yulia Solovieva, Luis Quintanar The Speech-Action Regulation in Children s Drawing: Considerations on Cognitive Development Nadja Maria Vieira, Walkiria Anunciação Walkiria, Mayara Bezerra Mayara, Fabíola Brandão, Bárbara Abreu Children s Conceptions about the Inheritance of Physical Characteristics Kirareset Barrera, Rigoberto León The Mediatıng role of Emotional Quotient and Personal Control on Adult Attachment, Mood and Interpersonal Dependency Annaliza Sta. Ana 214 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

215July 7th, Thursday The Moderating Role of Unresolved State of Mind in the Link Between Foster Mother Depression and Maternal Sensitivity Beauchesne Sévigny Olivier, Dubois Comtois Karine, Cyr Chantal, Bernier Annie, Moss Ellen, Tarabulsy Georges, St-Laurent DIane Perceived Parenting Style, Mindfulness, Experiential Avoidance, and Values-Based Action: Connections and Relations Christianne Mobley Needs Assessment Programme Aımed towards the Creation of a Community Centre in the City of Ambato, Ecuador Darwin Carrera The Problem of the Appreciation of the Future Adoptive Parent s Successfulness Olga Yaparova The Role of Parental Control on Internalization and Ego Depletion: Testing a Mediated Model Elif Helvacı, Nebi Sümer The Roles of Parental Control and Motivation Type on Ego-Depletion Elif Helvacı, Nebi Sümer Parental and Socio-emotional Correlates of Ingroup and Outgroup Attitudes in Greek-Cypriot Adolescents Emily Nikiforou, Panayiotis Stavrinides, Stelios Georgiou How is Attachment Style Related with Coping and Adaptation in University Students? Serap Serbest, Soncu Buyukiscan Ezgi Family Structure, Stress and Coping Strategies in University Students Ermelinda Pires, Fernanda Salvaterra Does Daddy just Want to Play? Exploring Fathers and Mothers Parental Responsibility José Albino Lima, Rui Guedes Serôdio, Orlanda Cruz Parental Disciplinary Strategies in Spain and in the US: Differences by Country, Parent and Children Sex and Educational Level Manuel Gámez Guadix, Carmen Almendros, José Antonio Carrobles, Marina Muñoz Rivas, Fabiola Villa George Preschoolers Attachment Representation, Emotional Understanding and Peer Acceptance Paula Machado, Ana Rebelo, Joana Maia, Manuela Veríssimo, Teresa Rolão, Ana Margarido Fialho Relationship between Self-Concept in Foster Children and Affective Relationships with their Foster Families Maria D. Salas, Isabel M. Bernedo, Miguel A. Garcia, Jesus Fuentes Etxadi Project: a Family Centered Primary Prevention Intervention Aimed to Enhance psychological development Fernando Olabarrieta, Juan Luis Martin, Ainhoa Manzano, Maialen Sánchez, Enrique Arranz Emotional Separation, Parenting Stress, and Adolescents Empathic Responsiveness Maria Grazia Lo Cricchio, Francesca Liga, Alida Lo Coco, Sonia Ingoglia Relationship between Family Communication Patterns and Communication Skills in Adolescents Mehrzad Farahati, Ali Fathi Ashtiani, Alireza Moradi Effect of Preschooler Perception of Mothers and Teachers on Social Self-Efficacy Natsumi Sonoda Family Functioning and Parent and Peer Attachment Roberto Baiocco, Marco Cacioppo, Fiorenzo Laghi, Mimma Tafà Conceptions of Wisdom in Sufism: Interviews with Dervishes in Turkey and in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bojan Sosic, Nergis Oksuz, Ayşe Bektaşoğlu, Gamze Cam, Nina Bosankic POSTER PRESENTATIONS 215

216July 7th, Thursday Effects of Early Parenting Experiences on the Romantic Jealousy and Relationship Satisfaction of the Turkish Cohabiting Couples Sevinç Göral Alkan, Hürol Fışıloğlu The Contribution of Family and Peer Interaction in the Understanding of Self-Esteem in Adolescents - Gender and Cultural Similarities and Differences Mira Klarin, Slavica Simic Sasic, Ana Prorokovic Best Friend Attachment: Association with Parents and Peer Relations Susanna PAlini, Roberto Baiocco Comparing family Systems in Italy: The Reason for these Differences between North and South Valentina Zarcaro Socioeconomic Status, Family Functioning, and Social Adjustment of Children from Migrant and Native Urban Families in China Yunyun Zhang, Qi Dong, Wenchao Ma, Fanglin Liu The Relationship between Adolescents Friends and Psyscho-social Adjustment: The Mediator Role of Peer Attachment Yusuf Bayar, Yeliz Kındap, Melike Sayıl The Influence of Maternal Emotion Regulation, Education Level and Social Context on Emotion Socialization Practices of Mothers from Turkey Fulya Aydın, Zeynep Çatay Çalışkan, Feyza Çorapçı Effectiveness of Assertion Training on Homesick Girls Fariba Tabe Bordbar Study of Physical and Emotional Abuse of Psychotic Patients by Their Families Golrasteh Kholasehzadeh, S Mojtaba Yassini A, Mohammad Nadi Predictors of Peer Pressure Susceptibility Among Adolescents in Turkey Yasin Koç, Ryan Wise Anticipated Social Context before and During an Economic Crisis: A future Orientation Perspective Aleksandrs Kolesovs Factors Affecting Spelling Performance of Bilingual Greek- and English-speaking Students and Monolingual Greek Students Jackie Masterson, Georgia Niolaki Autonomy and Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Ahmet Akın, Ümran Akın The Connection between Care-Based Moral Development and Trust and Commitment in Romantic Relationships in Young Adulthood Eva Skoe, Michael Pratt, Annveig Øvregård Development of the Arrogance Scale Base on Islamic Viewpoint and Investigating Its Correlation with Scale of Deterministic Thinking Hoda Sadat Ahmadi, Jalal Younesi Children s Moral Reasoning in Collective Culture Lin Wang, Kuo Shu Yang, Yih-Lan Liu, Shu Hui Chang Denham s Affect Knowledge Test Portuguese Adaptation Paula Maló Machado, Manuela Veríssimo, Susanne Denham Values System and Moral Processes in Prosocial Decision Making Marinella Paciello, Roberta Fida, Carlo Tramontano 216 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

217July 7th, Thursday A Sign as a Psychological Mechanism of Personal Development Olga Belanovskaya Effect of Bedtime Storytelling by Parents on Moral Behaviors in Preschool Children Piyatida Khajornchaikul, Saithip Bambudpai, Suporn Apinumtavej, Wirin Kittipichai Self-Esteem Development in Adolescence and Young Adulthood Ruth Yasemin Erol, Ulrich Orth Character Strengths and Well-being in Japanese Children and Adolescents (3) Tazuko Aoki, Tsuyoshi Yamada, Yoshimasa Hashigaya Moral Values and Forgiveness in Children Studying in Private VS Public Schools in Pakistan Rukhsana Kausar, Anum Javed Topic: Interdisciplinary Issues Spherical cube representation of sleep-wake adaptability Arcady Putilov Comprehensive school: understanding and embracing diversity Carla Barros Duarte, Luis Pinto de Faria, Inês Gomes Problematic Internet Use Eda Karacan, Aslı Yalçın, Funda Kutlu, Emel Erdoğan Bakar, Refia Palabıyıkoğlu Women Entrepreneurs: An Analysis of Social and Psychological Dimensions Gyan Mudra Psychological Morbidity and QoL in Functional-Dyspepsia Subgroups Johann Hammer, Martina Führer Humanization Project: An Experience in Industrial Prison Esmeraldino Bandeira. Lobelia Faceira Suspense and Motivation in Psychological Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock s Films Somayeh Khosravi Khorashad Psychology and Urbanism on Field: the City and the Social Participation Roberto Falanga The Double Experience and the Identity in Contemporary: the Art s Scenario Cristina Monteiro Barbosa Topic: Language, Reading and Communication The Recognition of Non-verbal Messages Expressing Emotion by Children Aged 4 8 Ewa Czaplewska, Sonia Czaplewska News Frame, Immigration and Language Itziar Fernandez, Juan José Igartua, Lifen Cheng, Felix Moral, José Gómez-Isla, Elena Palacios Word Recognition in Italian Infants: Preliminary Results Marinella Majorano Verbal Reference Associated with Pointing Gestures in Early Mother-Child Interaction Mercedes Muñetón Ayala, María José Rodrigo López The SICOLE-R (Jiménez et al., 2007), Software for Assessment and Treatment of Developmental Dyslexia, for Children. Portuguese Version. Preliminary Data Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira, Juan Eugene Jiménez González, Isabel Maria Do Poço Lopes, Ana Cristina Ferreira de Almeida, Cristina Petrucci, Maria Graciete Franco Borges POSTER PRESENTATIONS 217

218July 7th, Thursday Teaching and Learning Oral Language in Science Class at Primary School María José Galván Bovaira, Marta Gràcia, Rosa Vilaseca, Magda Rivero, Manel Sánchez Cano The Effects of Sign Language on the Adoption of Antonyms in Deaf Children Nadezda Dimic, Ljubica Isakovic, Vesna Polovina, Tamara Kovacevic Psychological Research of Modern Kazakh Language Development Kulyash Basybekova Manipulating Manner: Categorization of Human Locomotion in Language and Thought Katherine Phelps, Steven Duman The Linguistic Backlash Effect - How Masculine Generics and their Alternatives Shape the Perception of People in Low, Medium and High Status Occupations Magda Formanowicz Loss of Reading in Alzheimer Patients Fernando Cuetos Vega, Noemi Arce, Carmen Martinez The Influence of the Musical Notes in Recognition and Representation of the Basic Emotions. Empirical Study with Portuguese Children Armindo Freitas Magalhães, Erico Castro Visual Processing in Pre-Reader Children Adelina Estevez, Mercedes Muñeton Ayala, Rosario Ortiz Individual Differences of Negotiators Motivation Alexander Evdokimenko Reading in Spanish, a Transparent Orthographic System Fernando Cuetos Vega, Maria Glez-Nosti, Javier Rguez Ferreiro The Human Experience of Space-Time Unity: an Issue for Literature and Psychology Gabriel Macedo, Nadja Maria Vieira Auditory and Visual Temporal Order Judgment in Preschool Children Mercedes Muñetón Ayala, María Del Rosario Ortíz, Adelina Estevez Monzó Concept in Student s Language Picture Oleg Belanovskij The Role of Morphology in Developmental Dyslexic Reading Paz Suárez Coalla, Fernando Cuetos Vega Auditory Processing in Preschool Children Rosario Ortiz, Adelina Estevez, Mercedes Muñeton Ayala Morphological Priming in Turkish Nominal Compound Processing Sibel Özer, Annette Hohenberger Understanding Metaphor Through Interpreting Proverbs: A Cognitive-Pragmatic Approach Afroditi Papaioannou Cognitive Processes in Learning to Read in Persian Writing System Mohammad Ahmadpanah Assessing the Ability to Read: The PROLEC-R, the Portuguese Version of Portugal Adaptation Project Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira, Isabel Maria Do Poço Lopes, Ana Cristina Ferreira de Almeida, Maria Alice Sera The McGurk Effect in Turkish and its Cognitive Correlates: A Preliminary Work Doğu Erdener, Selim Selvi Collaboration Based Model: Teacher Training on Oral Language María José Galván Bovaira, Marta Gràcia, Manel Sánchez Cano, Ruth Galve 218 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

219July 7th, Thursday Individual Characteristics of Eye Movements during Reading and Extracting IUnformation Irina Rogozhkina, Olga Mitina You and We: Causal Effects of Minor Language Variations on Consumers Brand Perceptions Aner Sela, Christian Wheeler, Gülen Sarial Abi Topic: Learning and Memory Extinction Prevents Interference of Previous Learning in an Abbreviated Version of the Barnes Maze Viviana Vargas-López, Marisol R. Lamprea, Alejandro Múnera Long term sequelae in Transient Global Amnesia: Mini mental vs. Free recall task Eugenia Marín, Jose Maria Ruiz Vargas The Effect of Decision Making During Interactive Stories Michael D. Patterson, Angeline Tan, Wanting Low The Influence of Personality Judgment on Configural Processing in Facial Memory Kyoko Hine, Yuji Itoh Working Memory and the Role of Time in the organization of Sequence Knowledge Markus Martini, Pierre Sachse Online Updating of Described and Visually Perceived Targets Stephanie Pantelides, Catherine Mello, Nathan Greenauer, Marios Avraamides Dysfunction of Hemispheric Interaction: Perceptual Priming Study Darja Kuznetsova, Maria Kovyazina The Self-choice Effects on Memory and Individual Differences in Emotional Intelligence Hiroshi Toyota Validating Scales of Self-regulated Learning Strategies: Application of IRT Polythomous Graded Response Model Jose I. Martinez Guerrero Electronic Learning: Challenges & Advantages Malihe Arab Hashemi, Mahboobeh Seyedi, Talat Sabbagh Hasanzade Learning Styles as a Predictor of High School Students Academic Performance Rajabali Mohammadzadeh Edmollaii, Zeynab Yadollahi Joybari An Investigation about Correlation between Family Status and Prevalence of Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Substance Abusing, and Depression among Youths in Tehran Sedighe Taraghijah, Mostafa Hamdieh Do Educational level and Depth-of-Processing Modulate Episodic Memory Aging? Séverine Fay, Lucie Angel, Badiaa Bouazzaoui, Laurence Taconnat, Michel Isingrini Effects of Learning Beliefs and Motivational Regulation Strategies on Persistence in Learning Takatoyo Umemoto, Kenshoro Tanaka The Effects of Social Pressure on False Recognition in the DRM paradigm Masanopbu Takahashi Familiarity of Preferred and Preference for Familiar Andrey Chetverikov The List Length Effect and Stimuli Other than Words Angela Kinnell, Simon Dennis Does Executive Functioning Act as a Working-With-Memory Process at Any Age? Badiâa Bouazzaoui, Lucie Angel, Séverine Fay, Laurence Taconnat, Michel Isingrini POSTER PRESENTATIONS 219

220July 7th, Thursday Maintenance and Manipulation of Object Sequences in Working Memory: a Lifespan Study Francesca Federico, Antonino Raffone Effect of Depth of Processing and Time of Day on Recall and Recognition Clarys David, Sarritzu Brigitte, Bocquet Vial Sébastien, Rabelle Céline Drug-resistant Epilepsy Patients Showed Spatial Memory Problems in a Virtual Reality Task Jose Manuel Cimadevilla, Rosa Cánovas, Irene León, María Dolores Roldán, Pedro Serrano, Laudino López Organizational Strategy and Recall: Divided Attention at the Encoding and Retrieval Stages Produce an Utilization Deficiency of Strategy Michel Isingrini, Toczé Capucine, Boris B. Velichkovsky, Fay Séverine Involuntary Autobiographical Memories: Are we Really Able to Catch them if Everything Goes Right? Veronika Nourkova Remote Assessment of Memory Functioning: the Effect of Psychological Support and Computer Skills Susan Van Hooren, Marijke Leeuwenkamp, Marielle Franssen, Wim Waterink To Investigate Cognitive Functioning in People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Melika Ghahraman Zadeh The Effects of Working Memory Load on Recognition of Facial Emotions Chrysanthi Nega, Lena Pateraki, Stratis Karras, Maria Dourou Intervention on the Central Executive of Working Memory to Improve Reading Comprehension in Children Laura Gil, Jose Oscar Vila, Isabel Gomez Veiga, M. Rosa Elosua, Juan Antonio García Madruga The Role of Working memory in Visual Selective Attention in Normal Cognitive Aging Raquel Rodríguez Fernández, Javier González Marqués Interrelation between SubcompÖnents in Haptic Working memory Taku Morimoto Impact of Working Memory Training on Reading Comprehension in Students with Reading Disabilities Hamid Alizadeh, Elaheh Lotfi Smoking and Smoking Cue Effects Among Smoking and Non-Smoking Groups Visuospatial Working Memory Test and Self Ordered Pointing Test Performance. Seçil Yüzal Bayer, Levent Şenyüz How do different Types of Working Memory Predict General and Scientific Concepts Comprehension? Tatjana Turilova Miščenko 220 FINAL PROGRAM POSTER PRESENTATIONS

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223July 8th, Friday

224July 8th, Friday

225July 8th, Friday Auditorium KEYNOTE Is cognitive-behaviour Therapy Really Evidence-based: Does CBT Work Because of the Presumed Underlying Theoretical Mec hanisms? Paul Emmelkamp Chair: Diane Sunar STATE OF THE ART Making Meaning Out of Negative Experiences by Self-Distancing Özlem Ayduk Chair: Tarcan Kumkale Marmara Dolmabahçe B Motor Deficits in Young Adults with Dyslexia Helen McNally, Martin McPhillips Examination of Some Variables Related to Reading in Non-clinical and Clinical Sample Groups Ekin Özkök Kayhan, Gülşen Erden Computer- Assisted Attention Process Training in Adhd Mostafa Nokani, Siavash Talepasand, Katauoon Khoshabi Transition to School: a Social and Emotional Learning Program in Preschool Karla Correia, Alexandra Marques Pinto High and Low Achievers Math s Pathways: Mind the Gap, Promote Success Ana Salgado, Pedro Rosário, Carina Guimarães School Textbook Revision a Way to Greater Learning Effectiveness Janez Justin Dolmabahçe C Galata Beyond Teaching and Research Experiential Learning and the Third Mission of Universities as a Tool for Participation in Society Stark Wolfgang Community Psychology as a Linking Science Potentials and Challenges for Transdisciplinary Competences Stark Wolfgang Enemy images, ingroup-outgroup attitudes and national identification in Turkish Cypriot Children Biran Mertan Conflicts with Friends and Peers in Early Adolescence Danijela Petrovic Parental Attachment and Psychosocial Problems of Adolescents in Malaysia Nor Sheereen Zulkefly, Ross Wilkinson, Rozumah Baharudin Topkapı A ORAL PRESENTATIONS 225

226July 8th, Friday Work-Family Conflict and Children s Externalizing and Internalizing Problems: The Mediating Role of Parenting Gökçen Erder, Zeynep Aycan, Nazan Aksan Roundtable Discussion 11 Psychologists Specialization in Psychiatry Roal Ulrichsen Topkapı B Sultan 2 Positive Psychological Consequences of the Life Threat Experience Anna Kuznetsova Will I use a condom? - Facing Theory of Planned Behavior and Social Cognitive Theory in safe sexual conduct among Italian college students Roberta Fida, Carlo Tramontano, Marinella Paciello, Claudio Barbaranelli Efficacy of AIDS Prevention Programs in Secondary Schools. Sexism s Influence Ubillos Silvia Sultan 3 N.E.P.E.S. Annual Network Meeting Levent 3 Experiencing Emotions in Alexithymia: Subjective, Psychophysiological and Neuroimaging Parameters Elif Alkan, Hauke R. Heekeren, Isabella Heuser BAS, BIS and FFS in Obsessive-compulsive Patients Samaneh Ghooshchianchoobmasjedi, Jafar Hassani Measurement of Perceived Mental Strain and Physical Exertion Using the Category Partitioning Procedure Friedrich Müller MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Effect of Self- Talk with Internal and External Focus of Attention on Performance, and Learning of Basketball Free Throw Nastaran Parvizi, Masoumeh Shojaei, Hasan Khalaji, Afkham Daneshfar Evaluation of a Pilot Rehabilitation Programme for Mat Rempit (dare-devil bikers) Rozmi Ismail, Samsudin A. Rahim, Rohany Nasir, Zainah A Zamani, Asmawati Desa, Wan Sharazad Wan Sulaiman, Fauziah Ibrahim, Ismail Bahari, Nasarudin Subhi, Asmah B M. Nor Construction and Validation of Self-Efficacy Scale for Physical Activity Thais Fernandez Cabrera, Silvia Medina Anzano, Isabel Herrera Sanchez, Samuel Rueda Mendez, Aaron Fernandez Del Olmo MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Effect of the Restrictions of the Bisection Method in Perception of Achromatic Colors Francisco Sanchez Marin 226 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

227July 8th, Friday Fast Cyclic Stimulus Flashing Modulates Dominance Duration in Binocular Rivalry Vygandas Vanagas, Algimantas Svegzda, Rytis Stanikunas, Remigijus Bliumas, Petras Vaitkevicius, Hans George Geissler Factors Influencing Distance Underestimation in a Linear Virtual Corridor Environment Nigel Foreman, George Sandamas, Shagun Chawla, David Newsdon MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Reflection and Reasoning in Moral Judgment Joseph Paxton, Leo Ungar, Joshua Greene Thoughts about Offending : Considering the Impact that Modality & Schizotypy has When Reasoning About Crime Based Scenarios Dean Wilkinson, Laura Caulfield, Tim Jones Evaluation of Relationship between Depression and Victimization of Sexual Violence in Iranian Elderly Women Amir Samavati Pirouz, Marzieh Zakerfard ORAL PRESENTATIONS 227

228July 8th, Friday Auditorium Symposium 24 Evolution of the I and Me: an Interdisciplinary Approach Convener: Rodrigo de Sá-Saraiva The Dogon of Mali have a Rich and Complex Mythology that Encompasses all Dimensions of Existence of the Group Ana Isabel Saraiva Embodied Self: Some Neuropsychological and Psychophysiological Considerations Isabel Barahona Possibilities of an Artificial Self Luís Correia intuitive Notions of the I and the Representation of Being Dead Vera Pereira Marmara Symposium 37 Current Directions in Traffic Psychology Convener: Jens Schade Evaluation of Intersections by Behaviour Observations Ralf Risser, Christine Chaloupka-Risser The Influence of Message Framing and Personal Relevance on Road Safety Recommendations: How to bring motorists to respect speed limitations? François D Onghia Descriptive Norms and Traffic Rule Compliance: Results from a Representative Survey in Germany Jens Schade Preventative Traffic Programmes in the Czech Republic Martin Koran Interdisciplinary Approach in Transport Psychology Karol Kleinmann Ethics Track Symposium 5 Advancing Psychology and Ethic Roles and Problems for International Cooperation Convener: Jancis Long When Ethics Clash: Psychology across Cultures and Systems Jancis Long The Obligation to Prevent and Redress Torture Challenges for Psychologists Nora Sveaass Culture and Trauma: Experiences from Palestine Children s Play Therapy Groups Virpi Lahteenmaki International Cooperation to Promote Human Rights Psychology Ferdinand Garoff Test and Testing Track Roundtable Discussion 1 Test User Qualification in Europe Dave Bartram Dolmabahçe A Dolmabahçe B 228 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

229July 8th, Friday Dolmabahçe C Symposium 29 Emic vs. Etic Approaches to Personality Assessment in Romania Convener: Iliescu Dragos Structural Validity and Measurement Invariance of four Big Five Measures in Romania Andrei Ion Using ABCD-M to Detect Distorted Self-image Mihaela Minulescu Psychometric Performance of the CPAI-2 as a Big Five Measure in the Romanian Context Dragos Iliescu Factor Structure of the Metaphorical Personality Inventory Cătălin Nedelcea Measurement Invariance Analysis of the Romanian and Hungarian Versions of DECAS Personality Inventory Dan Stanescu Galata Symposium 34 Time perspective and social dilemmas Convener: Antanas Kairys / Discussant: Philip Zimbardo The Role of Present and Future Time Perspectives as Predictors of Health Behavior, Risky Sexual Behavior and Educational Outcomes among South African Adolescents Adelene Grobler, Willy Lens Time Perspective, Regulatory Focus and Self-construal in Political Participation Nicolas Fieulaine Approaching Social Dilemmas through Simulation: Exploring the Mediating Role of Personal Time Perspective in Tragedy of the Commons Anna Sircova, D. Strömbom, Petter Holme, Sungmin Lee, Fariba Karimi, Eugeny Osin (co-author) Time Perspective, Career Decision Self-Efficacy, and Preference for Vertical/Horizontal Career Antanas Kairys, Leva Urbanaviciute, Audrone Liniauskaite Topkapı A Parental and Teachers Behavior and its Outcomes on Adolescents Psychological Adjustment, School- Conduct, and Academic Achievement: A Cross-Cultura Sumbleen Ali The Moderator Role of Perceived Peer Relations between Parental Characteristics and Bullying/ Victimization in a Turkish Cypriot Adolescent Sample Fatih Bayraktar Predictors of victimization across direct bullying, indirect bullying and cyberbullying Antonella Brighi, Annalisa Guarini, Maria Luisa Genta Attitudes towards Bullying, Recalled Bullying Experiences and Attachment Styles among Turkish College Students Alev Yalcinkaya, Güncel Masaroğulları Impacts of Pre-retirement Planning Behaviors on Adjustment to Retirement Transition Dannii Yeung Topkapı B ORAL PRESENTATIONS 229

230July 8th, Friday Parenting and Self Discripancy Zabih Rousta, Siamak Samani The Role of Parenting Styles and Parental Attachment Security on Adolescent Self-Control Emine Tuna Özgüle, Nebi Sümer Relationships between nonverbal sensitivity, emotional intelligence and personality Stanescu Dan Florin, Iliescu Dragos Sultan 2 Can Web Surveys be the Future of Data Collection in Psychology? A Comprehensive Examination from the Perspective of the Survey Methodology Literature Veysel Elgin Assessing Emotional and Behavioural Problems with the Child Behavior Checklist: Exploring the Relevance of Adjusting the Norms for the Flanders Community Schittekatte Mark, Braet Caroline, Callens Justine, Soyez Veerle, Druart Celina, Roeyers Herbert Reliability and Validity of the Turkish Version of the Dutch Work Addiction Scale (DUWAS) Tayfun Doğan, Emine Göçet Tekin, Fatma Dilek Tel The Adaptation of the CES- Depression Scale into Turkish through the usage of Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory and the Examination of Psychometric Characteristics Arkun Tatar, Gaye Saltukoğlu Sultan 3 N.E.P.E.S. Annual Network Meeting Levent 3 How does the Impact of Traumatic Events and Post-traumatic Growth Change Over Time?: a Longitudinal Analyses of the Roles of Personality, Social Support and Ways of Coping in an Adult Sample from Turkey Sedat Işıklı, A. Nuray Karanci, A. Tamer Aker, Hivren Özkol Epidemiology of Traumatic Events and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in an Adult Sample from Turkey: a Longitudinal Study Sedat Işıklı, A. Nuray Karanci, A. Tamer Aker, Hivren Özkol Adaptation of the Trauma Screening Questionnaire for Turkish Samples A. Nuray Karanci, Hivren Özkol, A. Tamer Aker, Sedat Işıklı Psychological Effects of Traumatic Events: A Qualitative Analysis A. Nuray Karanci, Hivren Özkol, A. Tamer Aker, Sedat Işıklı MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 How do Parenting Styles Affect Child s later Anxiety? - A Mediational Mode Fanglin Liu, Qi Dong, Yunyun Zhang Effectiveness of AAL Technologies for Reducing Effects of Isolation in Hospitalized Children Antonio Maña, Pablo Antón, Antonio Muñoz Gallego, Antonio Muñoz Hoyos, M. Carmen Hidalgo Coping with Stress Online: The Role of Social Support Lehenbauer Mario, Birgit U. Stetina, Kothgassner Oswald D., Tellinger Lena Burnout-related Personality Traits and Coping Strategies in Health Professionals Valeria de Palo, Daniela De Santis, Valentina Marzano, Francesco Pace, Luigi Vernaglione, Lucia Monacis 230 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

231July 8th, Friday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Borders of Anxiety: A Cross Cultural Anxiety Study in Cyprus Simge Vural Acceptability of Nuclear Facilities: Factors that Counts Nadja Zeleznik, Marko Polic Parents and Professionals Perspectives on Returned Children in the Portuguese Adoption System: a Comprehensive Approach Dora Redruello Gender Differences in Driving Attitudes Change in the Sample of Lithuanian Learners - Drivers Aukse Endriulaitiene, Rasa Marksaityte, Kristina Zardeckaite Matulaitiene, Laura Seibokaite MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Training Problem-solving to Enhance Effective Coping Skills and Psychological Adjustment Mahbobeh Chinaveh, Seyed Ebrahim Hosaini A Randomized Controlled Study of Group Interventions for Turkish Migrant Women with Recurrent Depression: Negative Outcome, Societal Background, and Possible Cu Birsen Sladky, Walter Renner, Barbara Juen Effectiveness of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents with Severe Anxiety First Results of a Field Study Katharina Weitkamp, Judith Daniels, Georg Romer, Silke Wiegand Grefe Attitudes and beliefs toward hypnosis in Portuguese and Spanish Psychologists Claudia Carvalho, M. Elena Mendonza, Antonio Capafons, Vera Morais ORAL PRESENTATIONS 231

232July 8th, Friday Symposium 2 The Clinical Method Inside the Institution: Different Ways of Acting Convener: Lucia Perez The Social Clinical Method and the Demand for Psychological Healthcare Cristina Monteiro Barbosa Hospitals: on What is Possible and What is Impossible for the Psychologist to do Lucia Maria De Freitas Perez Correctional Facilities: a Look Over the Felony Act Francisco Ramos De Farias School Psychology: Facts and Myths Rita de Cássia Frechette C. Gonçalves Auditorium Marmara Symposium 38 Cross Cultural Comparison of Road Traffic Risk Perception and Attitudes Convener: Özlem Şimşekoğlu Associations between Objective Risk, Risk Perception and other Risk-Related Judgements Torbjørn Rundmo Cultural and Demographic Predictors of Car Accident Involvement in Norway, Ghana, Russia, Tanzania and Uganda Trond Nordfjærn A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Road Traffic Risk Perception, Attitudes towards Road Traffic Safety, and Driver Behaviour Trond Nordfjærn Attitudes, Behaviours and Risk Perception Related to Road Traffic Safety: A Comparison between Norway and Turkey Özlem Şimşekoğlu Dolmabahçe A A study on Pre-school Children s Perception of Family Relationships and Their Social Competence Nilay Evirgen, Gülşen Erden The distinct Nature of Maternal and Paternal Differential Treatment - Links with Parent-child and Sibling Relationship Quality Jeannin Rozemarijn, Van Leeuwen Karla The Relation of Social Support and Attachment Style with Psychological Identity Farzaneh Ranjbar Noshahry Self-competence and Social Skills: Results of a New Self-assurance Training for Adolescents Turner Karoline, Lehenbauer Mario, Birgit U. Stetina Dolmabahçe B The Relation between Patterns of Adaptative Learning, Achievement Emotions and Academic Performance in Portuguese Basic Education Students Maria Paula Paixão, Ana Shafft Entwining Psychology and Visual Arts: a Classroom Experience Sara Bahia, José Pedro Trindade 232 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

233July 8th, Friday A New Model: The Impact of Individual Differences in Understanding the Complex Nature of Test Anxiety Simge Vural The Constructive and Collaborative Participation (CCP): a model for learning processes in university blended contexts Fedela Feldia Loperfido, Stefania Cucchiara, Nadia Sansone, Maria Antonietta Impedovo, Maria Beatrice Ligorio Symposium 28 Man in Dialogue with Surrounding World: Proactive Approach to Life Convener: Victoria Dmitrieva Human Activity for Realization of Life-Scripts Natalia Grishina Psychological Characteristics of Leadership and Possibilities for Its Development Victoria Dmitrieva Evaluation of Health as Indicator of Life Well-Being Veronika Odintsova Development of Man s Creative Potential through Arts Natalia Rozhdestvenskaya Dolmabahçe C Symposium 21 Psychology as a Frontier: What Kind of Theoretical Problems our Practices Impose? Convener: Rodrigo Barros Gewehr Inquiring Research and Researcher: Semiotic and Interactional Aspects of Scientific Activity Henrique Bezerra Meetings on the Frontiers: Notes about Research in Psychology, Video and Cultural Difference Lineu Kohatsu The presence of Psychology at school Marian A. L. Dias Psychosis and the Limits of Clinical Approaches Rodrigo Barros Gewehr Galata Topkapı A Investigating the Relationship among perceived organizational support and corporate culture with general health in Public and Private Sector Nurses Abolghasem Nouri, Hossein Molavi, Zeinab Darami Organizational Culture and leadership Styles Katja Senica Climate Strength within Work-teams: The Role of Leadership Lina Fortes Ferreira, Vicente González-Romá, José Maria Peiró The Impact of Organizational Climate in Absenteeism Ronaldo Câmara de Araújo, Patrícia Moura Da Silva, Juliana Neves Santos, Elaine Rabelo Neiva The Relationship between Child s Attachment Style and Factor of Child s Behavior Shirin Tabaeh Emami, Mokhtar Malekpour, Abolghasem Noori, Ahmad Abedi Topkapı B ORAL PRESENTATIONS 233

234July 8th, Friday The Relationship between Mother Attachment Style and Maternal-Fetal Attachment During Pregnancy Fatemeh Rahmatian, Parisa Farahani Kia, Mohammad Ali Mazaheri, Mansoureh Sadat Sadeghi Memory and Cognitive Control in Healthy APOE-e4 Carriers Boris B. Velichkovsky The Supportive Ecologies of Family and School as a Protection Factor to Early School Dropout Berna Akçınar Sultan 2 Comparative Performance of Bayes Net and Logistic Regression to Predict Entrepreneurship Jorge López Puga, Juan García García Why Cohen s Kappa Considerably Underestimates Reliability of Larger Rating Systems: Introducing the Novel Information-Theoretical Agreement Statistic Iota Gregor Kappler Modeling of Speed and Accuracy in Computer-Based Testing Rudolf Debelak Sultan 3 N.E.P.E.S. Annual Network Meeting MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Studying Intersubjectivity: A Cultural-historical Analysis of Teaching-Learning in a Primary Classroom Prabhat Rai, Prachi Vashishtha Intersubjectivity and Pedagogy: Exploring Creation of Shared spaces at a Digantar school in Rajasthan, India Prachi Vashishtha, Prabhat Rai Reflexive Capital and Diversity of Electoral Motivation in Ukraine during years Lyubov A. Naydonova Effect of Parenting Skills Training on a Group of Incarcerated Women Aslı T. Akdas Mitrani MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 The Social Representations of EU and the Evaluations of Turkey s Entry to EU among Various Social Groups: a Focus Group Research Melek Goregenli, Pelin Karakuş Place Identity and Acculturation Process in Immigrant and Host Culture Members in Izmir Pelin Karakuş, Melek Goregenli Social Thoughts and Beliefs as a Predictor of Happiness and Life Satisfaction Tayfun Doğan, Emine Göçet Tekin Gender Differences and Talk among Couples Göklem Tekdemir Yurtdaş 234 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

235July 8th, Friday MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Comparing WISC-R profiles: PDD subgroups with and without hyperlexia vs. Specific Learning Disability Gülşen Erden, Melda Akçakın, İlkiz Altınoğlu Dikmeer Dose Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) Improve Thought Control Strategies and Stop Signal Criterias more than Fluvoxamine and Combined Therapy? Hossein Shareh Older Adults Self-Esteem and Congruence: The Impact of Person-Centered Therapy Sofia von Humboldt, Isabel Leal Show me the fear inside your heart: Probing heart rate variability of patients with anxiety disorders using a virtual canine avatar Oswald D. Kothgassner, Birgit U. Stetina, Lisa M. Glenk, Ilse Kryspin Exner ORAL PRESENTATIONS 235

236July 8th, Friday Auditorium KEYNOTE Beyond Trauma to Transitions: The Longer-term Functioning of Youth Immersed in Political Conflict Brian Barber Chair: Melike Sayıl STATE OF THE ART Early Separation and Loss of Parents: Vulnerability and Resilience Across Generations Avi Sagi Schwartz Chair: Elif Barışkın Marmara KEYNOTE Colour Vision; Past, Present and Future Semir Zeki Chair: Emre Özgen Dolmabahçe A Dolmabahçe B Parental Attachment and Vocational Identity in Adolescence: An Exploratory Study with a Sample of Portuguese Secondary Education Students Maria Paula Paixão, Sílvia Valente Gender Issues in Counseling: The Clients Experience Maria Liagka, Christina Athanasiades Incremental Validity of Self-efficacy over Vocational Interests in Predicting Academic Choices: A Study with 10th and 11th Portuguese Students José Tomás Da Silva Dolmabahçe C The Effectiveness of Paired Reading Program for Preschoolers and their Parents Shui Fong Lam, Kam-Fung ChowYeung, Kwok Kiu Lau, Bernard P. H. Wong The Effect of Perceived Structure of Classroom on Motivational Engagements Siavash Talepasand, Amir Rezaie Assessing Cross-Cultural Curricular Alignment in International Assessment using the Webb Alignment Methodology Carina McCormick, Leslie Shaw Galata Roundtable Discussion 7 Redefining the Psychologist s Role in Implementing European Public Policies on Workplace Health and Safety Duvac Ion Topkapı A Associations between Parenting, SocioEconomic Status, Achievement and Psychosocial Functioning in Children and their Families: The Peruvian Case Denisse Manrique Millones, Pol Ghesquière, Karla Van Leeuwen 236 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

237July 8th, Friday Assessing Contemporary Parenting Dimensions Carly Reid, Jan Piek, Lynne Roberts, Clare Roberts The Relationships between Filial Piety, Autonomy and Obedience to Parental Authority: A Two-year Investigation Yih-Lan Liu, Hui-Tzu Chang Topkapı B The Mediator Role of Parental Characteristics between Negative Peer Relations and Bullying in Two Different Adolescent Communities Fatih Bayraktar The Popularity of Adolescents Showing Early-onset Antisocial Behavior Aart Franken Gambling Activity and the Self-perception of Adolescents in Puglia (Italy) Giancarlo Tanucci, Vittoria Jacobone, Maria Sinatra, Valentina Marzano Sultan 2 Study the Effects of Cognitive Intervention in Reducing Pain Intensity and Changes in Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Saturation Level of Children with Cancer under Maryam Farrokhnia, Jalil Fathabadi, Shahriar Shahidi Perceived Autonomy Support and Chronic Pain Ahmet Uysal Is it Possible Treating Autism in Adulthood? We think it is. An Italian Proposal for it Antonio Narzisi Sultan 3 N.E.P.E.S. Annual Network Meeting Levent 3 Facebook, Social Capital and Psychosocial Wellbeing: The Mediating Effects of Intimate Self-disclosure Jeff Gavin, Joiner Richard, Watts Leon, Hayes Alan, Dooodson James Facebook Use: A Tool for Social Extension or Social Substitution? Leman Pınar Tosun Social Capital in Online and Offline Environments and Their Associations with Personality Leman Pınar Tosun, Elvan Melek Ertürk MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 Time Perception in Children: The role of Cognitive Development Zelanti Pierre, Droit Volet Sylvie Modulation of Attention in Primate Visual Processing Milena Palumbo, Carlo De Lillo, Giovanna Spinozzi, Giuseppe Giustino Attentional Bias in the Perception of Social Situations the Impact of Image Complexity Nina M. Pintzinger, Elisabeth Lamplmayr-Kragl, Daniela M. Pfabigan, Ulrich S. Tran ORAL PRESENTATIONS 237

238July 8th, Friday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Sacred Foundations for Understanding Love Psychology Svitlana Guzenko Love, Relationship and Self-Help Books: An Intersdisciplinary Study Eduardo Cunha Ssst! Secrets, Psychology and Well-being: overview of a new field of research Andreas Wismeijer MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Relationship among Current and Ideal Organizational Climates with Organizational Commitment Types and Job Satisfaction to Propose a Model for the Cultural Recreational Organization of Isfahan Municipality Personnel Elaheh Ahmadi Moderating Role of Core Self-evaluations in the Relationship between Work Demands and Work-Family Interface Pınar Bıçaksız, H. Canan Sümer The Alleviating Effect of Supervisor Support on Work-load, Work Family Conflict and Learned Helplessness Özge Tayfur, Mahmut Arslan 238 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

239July 8th, Friday Auditorium Symposium 9 Community Psychology in Norway: Applied Psychology in Local Settings Convener: Tor Levin Hofgaard The Context for Norwegian Community Psychology Tor Levin Hofgaard Mental Health Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention in Communities: Strategies to Reinforce the Competence of Psychologists Britt Randi Schjødt Improved Access to Psychological Treatment for Children and Youth Anne Kristin Imenes Improved Access to Psychological Therapies for Old Patients Fredrik Hansen Prevention of Social anxiety disorder among youth Tore Aune Marmara Invited Symposium 15 Driving and Age Convener: Schade Jens Pre-driver Influences on Novice Drivers Accident Rates Andrew Tolmie Screening of Older Drivers for Fitness to Drive Annette Meng Psychological Evaluation on Elderly People Fitness to Drive: Its Usefulness and Critical Aspects Giovan Battista Tiengo, Max Dorfer Cognitive screening of older drivers does not produce safety benefits Anu Siren Dolmabahçe A State-Trait Distinction in Depression and its Relationship with the MMPI Serap Özer, Gökçe Ergün The Effects of Immigration Process in the Psychopathology of the Turkish Immigrants in the Netherlands Sevinç Göral Alkan, Carl H. D. Steinmetz Ironic Effects of Anger Inhibition in Impression Formation Marina Fiori Categorization of Emotions, Self-Reported Affective Tone and Pet Ownership Octavian Onici, Dorin Nastas, Mioara Cristea Dolmabahçe B I worry about him a lot - Primary School Teachers as Gate-keepers within a Separating School System Lalitha Chamakalayil Self-Construal s Role in Frame of Reference Effects on Devaluing Academic Domains Kerstin Schütte Student feedback and online marking in an undergraduate psychology program: a case study Kate Reader, Anna Campbell ORAL PRESENTATIONS 239

240July 8th, Friday The Development of a Personality Trait Inventory for an Air Force Academy Nursel Telman, Pınar Ünsal, Sevtap Cinan, İlknur Özalp Türetgen Dolmabahçe C Teaching and Learning in Multicultural Counselling: Multiple Goals and Multiple Directions Nancy Arthur Transition to School: Stress and Adaptation Factors Karla Correia, Alexandra Marques Pinto A Hybrid Model of In-Service Education: A Brazilian Experience for Teacher Development Belmira Bueno, Denise Trento De Souza The Effects of Teachers Qualifications and Practices on Student Achievement in TIMSS Mathematics: An International Comparison Hamzeh Dodeen Galata Symposium 32 The Ability of Classification and Seriation and Their Importance for the Formation of the Concept of the Students Who Move into the First Grade of Ele Convener: Sanela Pacić The Ability of Classification and Seriation and their Importance for the Formation of the Concept of the Students Who Move into the First Grade of Elementary School at Age 6 Sanela Pacić, Fadilj Eminović, Radmila Nikic Topkapı A Stress Management of Multiethnic Women in Rural Areas: The Effectiveness of the Stress Training Modules Rosnah Ismail, Ferlis Bahari, Naimah Yusof, Chua-Bee Seok, Lailawati Madlan, Assis Kamu Combined Influences of Cumulated Stress and Coping Strategies upon Depression Valeri Stoyanov Short-term balneotherapy is associated with changes in salivary cortisol levels Franziska Matzer, Babak Bahadori, Christian Fazekas Familial Deprivation and Acquisition of Linguistic Skills in Young Children Anjali Allahabad Working Memory Capacity and Processing Efficiency of Complex Sentences Shingo Tokimoto Role of Story Content in Assessing Young Children s Narrative Competence Burçak Aktürk, Deniz Yılmaz Sarı, Ayhan Koç Emotional Vulnerability and Emotion Regulation in Adolescence Fatma Çelik, Peter Zimmermann Death anxiety of young people and elderly people Liudmila Gabdulina Topkapı B 240 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

241July 8th, Friday Sultan 2 INVITED ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION The PhD across Europe: Student experiences and minimum standards Nigel Foreman Sultan 3 N.E.P.E.S. Annual Network Meeting Levent 3 Investigating the Relationship between Person-Organization fit and Values among nurses in Iran Abolghasem Nouri, Hammid Reza Oraizi Samani, Ali Nasery Mohammadabadi, Azadeh Askari Investigating the Mediator role of P-V Fit in the Relationship between Public Service Motivation and Performance Ali Nasery Mohammadabadi, Azadeh Askari, Abolghasem Nouri Person-job fit, Job Engagement and Job Satisfaction İlke İnceoğlu, Peter Warr MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 The Prediction of Subjective Well-Being on Self Esteem and Optimism Mahmoud Najafi, Mohammad Ali Mohammadifar, Izzak Rahimian The Prediction of Life Satisfaction on Spiritual Well-being and Hope Mohammad Ali Mohammadifar, Mahmoud Najafi ART in Florence Clinical Psychology University Group: experience of counseling psychology in a NHS Artificial Reproduction Techniques Unit in Florence (Italy) Vania Valoriani, Claudia Vanni, Stefano Pallanti, Maria Gabriella Ferrari, Serena Vaiani, Mario Maggi, Ivo Noci MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 2 Statistics for Detecting Differential Item Functioning among Multiple Groups: a Simulation Study Angel M. Fidalgo, Ana Hernandez Validity in Interactive Psychometrics Georgy Druzhinin Implicit Attitudinal Orientation towards CSR and Psychological Characteristics of Managers in Romanian Business Environment Camelia Crisan, Laurentiu Maricutoiu, Daniela Vercellino, Dragos Iliescu MILITARY MUSEUM Sakarya A Infants Orienting Capacities and Cognitive Development at age 12 Months: Relation to Early Maternal Depression and Maternal Sensitive Caregiving Schale Azak 24x7 Mothering: An Intervention Program for Attachment Problems in Infancy Sabiha Paktuna Keskin, Oya Şakiroğlu, Gökçe Cömert, Havva Özyurtlu, Elif Tanil, Cinara Nuroglu The Relationship between Temperament and Percived parental Acceptance-Rejection with Aggressive Behaviors in Deaf and Hearing Students in Isfahan Azam Heshmati, Hossein Molavi, Fariba Yazdkhasti ORAL PRESENTATIONS 241

242July 8th, Friday MILITARY MUSEUM Malazgirt 1 EFPA SCA Scientific Affairs Meeting CLOSING CEREMONY Auditorioum 242 FINAL PROGRAM ORAL PRESENTATIONS

243LIST OF REVIEWERS Abayhan, Yasemin Turkey Barışkın, Elif Turkey Barrasa, Angel Spain Beşikçi, Ezgi Turkey Bıçaksız, Pınar Turkey Boduroğlu, Ayşecan Turkey Boehnke, Klaus Germany Bozo, Özlem Turkey Brinkmann, Svend Denmark Cangöz, Banu Turkey Ceylan, Savas Turkey Cingöz, Banu Turkey Cenesiz, Gaye Zeynep Turkey Çetinkaya, Hakan Turkey Demirsöz,Talat Turkey Doğruyol, Burak Turkey Ercan, Nilüfer Turkey Ergin, Canan Turkey Erol Korkmaz, Tuğba Turkey Fernández, José Muñiz Spain Foreman, Nigel UK Goncü, Aslı Turkey Grob, Alexander Switzerland Gülgöz, Sami Turkey Halpern, Diane USA Harma, Mehmet Turkey İmamoğlu, Olcay Turkey Iraq, Metehan Turkey İmamoğlu, Selen Turkey Job, Remo Italy Karancı, Nuray Turkey Kazak Berument, Sibel Turkey Keleş, Serap Turkey Koç, Ayhan Turkey Koçak, Gözde Turkey Korkmaz Erol, Tuğba Turkey Korkut, Yeşim Turkey Köse, Bahar Turkey Kumkale, Tarcan Turkey Küntay, Aylin Turkey Lunt, Ingrid UK Malkoç, Gökhan Turkey Mertan, Biran Turkey Mısırlısoy, Mine Turkey Overmier, J. Bruce USA Öz, Bahar Turkey Özgen, Emre Turkey Özkan, Türker Turkey Salman, Selin Turkey Sayıl, Melike Turkey Schwartz, Shalom Israel Silbereisen, Rainer K. Germany Smith, Peter UK Solak, Nevin Turkey Soygüt, Gonca Turkey Sunar, Diane Turkey Sümer, Canan Turkey Sümer, Nebi Turkey Şimşekoğlu, Özlem Turkey Tabernero, Carmen Spain Taksic, Vladimir Crotia Tikkanen, Tuomo Finland Trapp, Annie UK Uysal, Ahmet Turkey van de Vijver, Fons The Netherlands van Ijzendoorn, Marinus The Netherlands Yalin, Ayse Turkey Yavuz, Hayal Turkey 243

244Index To Aaron Fernandez Of The Elm 226 Aaron Q.M. Chiang 94 Art Franken 237 A. Başak Ok 86 Abbas Abolghasemi 90 Abbas Bahkshipour 140 Abbas Kamari 141, 155 Abbas Keyvanloo Shahrestanaki 90 Abbas Mosoudzadeh 131 Abbas Pourshahbaz 49, 52, 98, 118 Abbas Rahiminejad 95, 150, 156, 177 Abbiati Milena 70 Abdullah Hamid 69 Abdolhakim tirgari 48 abdolah shafie-badi 91, 138, 210 abdolla moatamedy 148 abdul H. Mohammed 59 Abolghasem Nouri 3, 237, 241 abrie Malherbe 87 Achara Prakit 152 Achim Preuss 38, 121 Adam A. Augustine 148 Adam Jones Delcorde 197 Adam Oaks 41 Adelaide Monteoliva-Sanchez 74, 146 Adelene Grobler 229 Adele Pacini 18 Adelinda Candeias 91, 106 Adib Essali 45 Adis Keraskian 88 Adnan Farah 45, 103 Adolph J. Cangas 147 Adolph Sanchez 70 Adoration Brown Bridge 161 Adriana Banožić 156, 200 Adriana Vera Lane 110 Adrian Montesano 127 Adrian Neculau 71, 160 Adriano Beiras 53 Hadrian Schimmenti 137, 143 Hadrian Zanello 138 Afkham Daneshfar 226 Africa Borges 109 Aphrodite Papaioannou 218 Afsaneh Abdollahi 61 Afsaneh Azarabadi 139, 140 Afsaneh Azizi 148 Afsaneh Moradi 154 Afsane Safe 38 Afshin Salahian 80, 82, 85, 86, 158 Ag and Griciene 75 Agnes Bodoni 68 Agnes Florin 156 Agnes Willemse 139 Agne Tarbejevaite 195 Agnes Jaworska 147 Agnes Lipinska Grobelny 87 Agnes Maryniak 197 Aguilar Luzon Del Carmen 74 Agustin Lorenzo Rodriguez Aké 156 Agustin Martinez Molin 207 Ahad Lotf Yazdani 140 A. Harold 196 Ahmad Abedi 26, 233, 237 Ahmad Alshraifin 45 Ahmad Heidari Pahlavian 80 , 138, 143 Ahmad Rezanejadamirdehi 211 Ahmad Sarvar Azimi 159 Ahmet Akın 82, 97, 116, 186, 216 Ahmet Tosun 140 Ahmet Uysal 237 Aida Abdalehzadeh 202 Ai Fukuzawa 209 Aija Dudkina 146 Ainhoa ​​Apple 215 Aistė Pranckevičienė 136 Aivis Dombrovskis 145 Aix Lanett Powell 84, 87 Aix Powell 85 A. Kadir Özer 114 Akbar Mohammadi 140 Akhmet Aimaganbetov 209 Akhram Khoraroodi 158 Akihiko Asamura 92 Akiko Orita 78 Akiko Suzuki 1 Akinobu Nameda 159 Akira Yamanaka 130 Akram Barati 85 Akram Khaqmseh 140, 159 Alain Francois Rioux 151 Alain Morel 195 Alain Trognon 198, 201 Alana James 54 Alan Lawton FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

245Alan Porter 42 Alba Civilleri 193 Alba Perez 64 Alberto Costa 38 Alberto Jimenez 198 Albinas Bagdonas 145 Albuquerque P 197 Alda Marques 153 Alejandra Gisbert Ferrandiz 204 Alejandra Montoro 149, 197 Alejandro Gonzalez Gonzalez 198 Alejandro Iborra 115, 161 Alejandro Macías 133 Alejandro Múnera 219 Aleksandar Joksimović 66 Aleksander Veraksa 116 Aleksandra Cisłak 182 Aleksandra Gorovaya 116 Aleksandra Huic 43, 178 Aleksandrs Kolesovs 66, 216 Aleksejs Ruza 75, 77 Aleksejs Vorobjovs 75, 77 Aleksej Zavodilov 80 Aleksey Gusev 65, 124 Alena Folomeeva 71 Alena Kopanyiová 70 Alena Lugovtsova 91 Alena Nohavova 146 A. LeSaux 196 Aleš Neusar 108, 125 Alessandra De Coro 119 Alessandra Falco 111, 180, 186 Alessandro De Carlo 180, 186 Alessandro Morandi 193 Alessandro Pollini 147 Alessia Rodi 59 Alev Bengül Çabuk 78 Alev Yalçınka already 135, 229 Alexander Chernorizov 54, 55 Alexander Evdokimenko 218 Alexander Grachev 40 Alexander Hasmann 138 Alexander Ivor Griffiths 76 Alexander Katkov 118 Alexander Robitzsch 124 Alexander Thomas 171 Alexander Vanin 148 Alexander Yuriev 129 Alexandra Belova 131 Alexandra Carneiro 137 Alexandra Marques Pinto 122, 225, 244 Alexandra Martínez Soler 19 6 Alexandra Pereira 80, 154 Alexandra Serra 74, 79, 158 Alexandre Castro Caldas 43, 169, 191 Alexandre Santille 82 Alexandros Apostolakis 48, 67 Alexandros Epifanis 90 Alexandros Lordos 173 Alexandru Dumitru 214 Alexandru Mihalcea 159 Alexandr Vartanov 66 Alexei Harauzov 119 Alexey Osnitskiy 90 Alexey Ruzha 64, 212 Alexey Severin 91 Alexey Vorobyov 212 Alexis Lemmex 197 Alex Oschepkov 71 Alex Stedmon 190 Alfiya Sultanova 181 Alfred Allan 45, 103 Alfredo Gaitan 67 Alfredo Sergio Mancuso 201 Alfredo Vannacci 213 Algimantas Svegzda 227 Ali Abbaszadeh 66 Ali Asghari 1 41 Alice Chong 153 Alice Healy 91 Alicia Lopez Jauregui 154 Alicia Viviana Barreiro 73, 192 Alicja Bielawska 197 Alida Lo Coco 215 Ali Fathi-Ashtiani 110, 194, 215 Ali Firozabadi 88 Ali Ghalaiha 80, 143 Ali Heirani 66, 200 Ali Kasaiyan 43, 97 Ali Kimiaee 58 Alina Rusu 1 04 Ali Nasery Mohammadabadi 39, 145, 241 Ali Nikbakht 143 Alina Zamosteanu 130, 142 Alireza Abedin 48 Alireza Homayouni 43, 127 Alireza Jafari 66 Alireza Khalilshoar Shoar 139, 140, 197, 203 Alireza Mahdavian 66, 94, 205 Al ireza Moradi 90, 126, 215 Alireza Rajaei 159 Alireza Zinati 141, 155 Ali Sahraian 159 Aliya Boltayeva 98 Aliya Tolegenova 210 Ali Yıldırım 152 Aljona Jakuba 72 Alla Belousova 92 INDEX 245

246Alma Demutska 134 Alla Plaude 145 Alla Shaboltas 41 Alma Gloria Vallejo Casarin 58 Almat Nuradinov 150 Alona Korniseva 76 Alper Aksoy 65 Alperovich Valeria 71 Altintas Emin 96 Alvaro Mendes 153 Alvaro Quiñones 210 Alves Marcus V. 160 Amalia Gordóvil- Merino 136 Amanda Lucas 189 Americo Baptista 67 Amin Asadollahpour Kargar 136, 140 Amin Azzam 77 Amin Koraei 89, 182 Amir Golbandihaghighat 38 Amir Poreh 137 Amir Rezaie 236 Amir Samavati Pirouz 125, 227 Knight Shelter 71, 98 Crisp Cotton Shelter 89, 15 0 Amy Aggleton 173 Ana Carvalheira 46 Ana Andrade 94 Ana Andres 136 Ana Barber 71 Ana Barbosa 132, 153, 191 Anabela Pereira 80, 151, 154, 202 Ana Bethlehem Polite Drunkard 90 Ana Borges 132, 191 Ana Butković 146 Ana Knight 202, 203 Ana Calera 197 Ana Carolina Barros Silva 77, 1 26 Ana Cartaxo 202 Ana Cristina Ferreira de Almeida 68, 217, 218 Ana del Rio 144 Ana Figueira 93 Ana Fritzhand 189 AA GOMES 87, 167, 194 Ana Grilo 87, 167, 167, 194 Ana Grilo 87, 167, 241 Ana Isabel Isidro 204 Ana Isabel Rosa 71 Ana Elizabeth Saraiva 228 Anaïs Bravard 95 Ana Karenina Arraes 74, 88 Analise O Donovan 213 Ana Lopez Corton 161 Ana Louceiro 73 Ana Perez Garcia 199 Ana Margaret Fialho 215 Ana Maria Fernandez 155, 209 Ana Maria Ruiz Ruano Garcia 56 Ana Maria Tepor 160 days Ana Marija Španić 146 Ana Martins 198, 199 Ana M. Perez Garcia 197 Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira 204, 206, 208, 217, 218 Ana Paula Moniz Freire 53, 64, 161 Ana Paula Monteiro 74 Ana Pflug 177, 186 Ana Prorokovic Ana Puig 55 Ana Rebelo 215 Ana Salgado 188 , 191 , 225 Ana Sani 71 , 142 , 143 Ana Shafft 232 , 236 Ana Simunic 86 Ana Sliskovic 86 Ana Sofia Santos 77 Ana Sousa Ferreira 61 Anastassya Steblyanko 130 Anatoly Krichevets 61 Anatoly Zankovsky 40 Hannah Towers 151 Anat Rafaeli 209 Anatstasia Gorbunova 121 Ana Vlajkovic 136 Ana Vojnić Tunić 156 Anca Alba 56 Anchen Liu 159 Anders Korsgaard Christensen 175 Andranik Suleyanayan 129 Andrea Di Falco 137 Andrea Maldifassi 113 Andrea Ortega 181 Andrea Pa van 66 Andrew Schmelter 146 Andrew Fink 91 Andrew Finkelmeyer 138 Andrew Frey 119 Andreas Hergovich 147 Andreas Hirschi 86 Andrea Sliviakova 146 Andreas Muller 51 Andreas Wismeijer 196, 238 Andrea Butucescu 68, 69 Andrea Mihaescu 68 Andrea Raciu 191, 195 Andrea Magalhães dos Santos 191 Andreia Ruela 159 Andrei C. Miu FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

247Andrei Holman 72, 160, 162, 214 Andrei Ion 229 Andreja Avsec 107 Andreja Brajša Žganec 204 Andrejs Ozolins 41 Andre Luiz Silva Samartini 82 Andres Garcia 202 Andres Gonzalez 154 Andres Haye 46 Andreu Vilgil Colet Andrew Dane 54 Andrew P. Allen 177 Andrew Thompson 67 Andrew Tolmie 239 Andrei Agafonov 56 Andrei Chetverikov 219 Andrei Kiselnikov 55 Andrei Ryzhov 210 Andrei Sidorenkov 74 Andrei Christodoulou 118, 195 Andrei Souroulla 204 Andrej Hasiec 197 Andrei Sekowski 187 Andy McK inlay 56, 177 Andy P. Smith 177 Anel Gomez 82 Aner Sela 219 Annette Brzezicka 204, 206 Aneta Przepiorka 80 Aneta Der Radivojevic 86 Anett Rambau 44 Angela Berrio Beltran 117 Angela Donato Oliva 41 Angela Kinnell 219 Angela Riccio 38 Angela Rowe 75 Angela Scholes 104 Angel Barrasa 150 Angel Blanco Villaseñor Angel Castro 196 Angel Egido 78 Angelika Kufleitner 37 , 193 Angelina Taneva Veshoska 81, 82 Angelina Vasconcelos 210 Angeline Tan 219 Angelique Bonnaud Antignac 156 Angel M. Fidalgo 241 Angelo Cangelosi 110 Angel Suarez Munoz 3, 199 Anita Neskovic 147 Anja Kohler 44, 93 Anjali Allahabad 240 Anja TuulÖnen 199 Anjos J 198 Anke Franz 181 Anke Karl 59 Anke Reints 111 Anna Campbell 51, 239 Anna Chasakova 71 Anna Edith Bellico Da Costa 68 Anna Felnhofer 116, 123, 153 Anna Kiseleva 84 Anna Kuzne 194, 226 Annalisa Guarini 229 Annaliza Sta. Anna 214 Annamaria Di Sipio 180 Annamaria Kadar 68, 204 Anna Newheiser 114 Anna Paszkowska Rogacz 38 Anna Rita Orlando 206 Anna Rohe 204 Anna Stukalina 61 Anna Trejnowska 43 Ann D. Watts 172 Anna Bredart 199 Anne Graham 58 Anne Kristin Imenes 239 Annelies Aquarius 196 Anne Marie Costalat Founeau 77 Anne Marie Vonthron 78 Annemiek van Dijke 45 Anne Pignault 127, 151 Annette Hohenberger 105, 218 Annette Meng 239 Annette Lotzin 142 Annick Durand-Delvigne 178 Annie T.M. Shu 149 Annie Trapp 26, 50, 108 Annie Tse Mei Shu 180 Annika Coughlin 67 Ann Jacoby 118 Applied Supervisor 216 Antanas Kairys 145, 229 Anthi Loutsiou Ladd 113, 199 Anthony Beech 65, 129 Anthony Heath 104 Anthony Naidoo 115 Antonella Brighi 229 Antonelli Paolo 159 Antonia Bald Salguero 74 , 146 Antonia Larrain 46 , 117 Antonia Lonigro 93 Antonia Castello 208 Antonieta Grandson 131 Antonino Raffone 220 INDEX 247

248Antonio A. Alvarez 98 Antonio Bustillos 76 Antonio Capafons 231 Antonio C. Tupinamba 82 Antonio Fernandez Castillo 194 Antonio Godino 148, 197 Antonio Gonzalez 59 Antonio J. Rojas 160 Anthony Oliver Miguel Perez Sanchez 204, 205 Antonio Munoz Gallego 230 Antonio Munoz Holes 230 Antonio Narzisi 57, 201, 237 Antonio Roma Torres 135 Antonio Russo 203 Antonio Valley 204, 207 Anum Javed 217 A. Nuray Karancı 27, 109, 125, 39, 170, 174, 177, 180, 230 Anu Siren 239 Arash Mani 159 Arcady Putilov 39, 217 Arcan Tiğrak 93 Ardalan Youssefi 157 Arely Gonzalez 82 Areum Kim 89, 152, 169 Arezoo Behzadbehbahani 162, 188 Ari tz Aranmbarri 214 Arkun Tatar 115, 230 Armando Oliveira Armindo Freitas Magalhães 78, 218 Armin Günther 185 Armin Kaser 154 Armin Pircher Verdorfer 127 Arnd Timmermann 182 Arne Evers 40, 46, 171 Arne Öhman 24, 103 Arnold Groh 112, 124, 212 Arnold Picot 57 Arsalan Khan Mohammed Otaghsara 140 Arta Dodaj 162 Artemis Rocha Dores 43, 169, 191 Arthur Lebedev 131 Arthur Pokropek 94, 208 Arzu Araz 110 Arzu Aydın 110 Arzu Gul 39 Åsa Hammar 125 Asako Miura 78 Ascension Fumero 149 Aschara Sukharom 149 Asgar Arfaei 139, 140 Asg har Dadkhah 60, 127, 142, 186 Asghar Jafari 117, 173 Ashley Hall 185 Ashley Miller 137 Asieh Anari 62 A. Sircova 112, 229 Asiye Kumru 112 Asiye Yıldırım 75, 146 Aşkin Keser 161 Aslı Aslan 131, 168 Aslı Aydın Özdemir 181 Original Basabak 65 Original Bugay 152 Original Göncü 44, 82 , 116 Original Sarikardaşoğlu 168 Original T. Akdas Mitrani 234, 238 Original Soyer 136 Original Yalçın 82, 111, 217 Asmah B M. Nor 226 Assimati Desa 201, 226 Assis Kamu 244 Astrid Bock 134 Astrid Pod Siadlowski 58 Astrid Schuetz 104 , 148 A . Tamer Aker 177, 230 Ata Torabi 87 Atefe Manafi 143 Atefeh Abdolmanafi 73 Atefeh Hosseinloo 210 Atilla Yelboğa 84, 85, 157 Atsuko Kanai 80, 86, 111, 202 Atsuko Morikawa 118, 129 Atsushi Asakawa 96, 4 Attila Olah 145, 150, Audrone Astrauskiene 194 Audrone Salygiene 145 Aux Endriulaitiene 81, 231 Aura Falck 199 Aura Nidia Herrera Rojas 50, 68, 156 Aurelia Ciblis 200 Austin David 142 Aurelia Stelmokiene 81 Averil Robertson 67 Avi Sagi Schwartz 28, 236 A yae Kido 210 Light Noda 98, 207 Light Hazama 71 Ayana Tamura 146 Ayano Yoshida 77 Ayda Büyükşahin Sunal 44, 158 Ayda Eriş 69, 105 Ayda Musavi 139 Aydan Aydin FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

249Aydan Gülecek 113 Ayda Tekok Kılıç 54, 137, 214 Aydın Honey 127 Ayfer Dost Gözkan 181 Ayhan Koç 240 Aylin C. Kuntay 214 Aylin İlden Koçkar 136, 137 Ayşe Akçelik 49 Ayşe Bektaşoğlu 215 Ayşe Çelikbilek 70 Ayşe Çiftçi 184 Ayşe Esra Aslan 142, 152 Ayşe G. Koyuncu 51 Ayşegül Batıgün 135 Ayşen Güre 93 Ayşe Yalın 37 Aysha Sheraz 135 Aysun Doğan 170 Aysun Ergül 93 Ayten Zara 119 Ayumi Suzuki 95 Azadeh Askari 39, 245 Azam Ahmadi 158 Azam Heshmati 241 Azar Barati 145 Azaria Beukes 68 Azari Yaguti 20 Takrimi 89 Azmi Varan 26, 103, 145 Azra Zebardast 73, 109 B Babak Bahadori 240 Father Adriana 178 Badiâa Bouazzaoui 219 Bagus Riyono 57 Bahareh Rahimifar Tehrani 177 Bahar Esin Ergin 52, 174 Bahar Köse 48 Bahman Kord Tamini 111 Bahram Ali Ghan 142 Mahmoodi Kahriz 90 Bahram Mahmudizadeh 136 Bahram Mirzaiian 88 Bahram Yousefi 200 Baingio Pinna 132, 146 Baiocco Roberto 93 Bakhtiyar Aliyev 204, 208 Baki Duy 48, 79 Banafsheh Gharraee 141, 142 Bang Cheng Liu 83 Banovic Ingrid 140 60 Banu Cangoz 26 Banu Çengelci 89, 95 Banu Cingöz Ulu 74 Banu Elmastaş Dikeç 214 Banu Yılmaz 105, 135, 213 Baptiste Barbot 56 Baran Metin 86 Bárbara Abreu 214 Bárbara César Machado 137 Barbara Dolenc 148, 156 Barbara Dooley 200 Barbara Dritschel 57, 77 Barbara Gonzalez Juen 231 Bárbara Mendanha 135 Barbara Muzzatti 155, 199 Barbara Olivan Blazquez 188 Barbara Schneider 42 Barbara Scira 86 Bárbara Soares 70, 206, 208 Barbara Zammitti 64, 130 Barış Emre Günemre 173 Barry Anton 47 Barry Kirwan 81 Barry Tam 154 Bartosz Alpas 197 Elbek 173 Başak Beydoğan 146 Başak İnce 77 Başak Kaçar Khamush 51 Başak Yücel 186 Başar Demir 118 Batool Ahadi 134, 138, 143 Batool Balooch 69 Baudouin Jean Yves 96 Bayard Anna 212 Beate Seibt 90 Beatrice Gerber Braun 154 Beatrice Ligorioz 20 37 Beatrice Ligorioz L 74 Beatriz Rueda 197 Beauchesne Sévigny Olivier 215 Begoña Perez 78 Behrooz Dolatshahi 93, 141 Belde Mutaf 90 Belen Gisbert Ferrandiz 204 Belgin Ayvaşık 69, 126 Belma Elif Başağa 155 Belmira Bueno 240 Ben Chang Shia 84 Benedetta 57 Benedetta Bellò 149 INDEX 249

250Berna Akcinar 234, 238 Berna Ok 85 Bernard Gangloff 78 Bernard P. H. Wong 236 Bernardo Castro 168 Bernardo J. Carducci 122 Bernardo Moreno Jiménez 80 Bernard Sabbe 178 Bernier Annie 215 Bernini Olivia 199 Berrak Karahoda 158 Berrin Ozlem Otyakmaz 181 Berta Vishnivitz 184 Bert Olivier 61 Bert Steenbergen 126 Bespanskaya Pavlenko Katerina 145 Bethany L. Brand 45 Bettina Pico 118, 159 Bettina Lamm 98 Bettina Seilinger 44 Betül Dogan 192 Betül Ichtenal 85 Betül Oz 52 Beyza Akgün 155 Bianca Zongrone 84 Bilge Ataca 60 Bilgehan Aksoy 70, 71 Bilge Yagmurlu 96, 107 Bilge Yalcindag 110 Biljana Blazevska Stoilkovska 103 Biljana Pejic 177, 186 Bill Faw 51 Biran Mertan 27, 167, 225 Bircan Karalar 65 Birgit Bukasa 185 Birgit Derntl 130, 138 Birgit Leyendecker 27, 167, 181 Birgit Röttger Rössler 39, 210 Birgit Spinath 37, 55, 116 Birgit U. Stetina 123, 153, 176, 178, 189, 230, 232, 235, 236, 239 Birgul Haznedaroglu 65, 114, 115 Birsen Sladky 231 Birute Pociute 51, 112, 202, 206 Bizhan Sheraly 150 Bjoer n Seeger 83 Blanca Moll 181 Blanca Pérez Sánchez 109 Blanca Colneric 201 Blumenthal Anja 93 Boban Petrovic 72 Bochand Laure 142, 179 Bocquet Vial Sébastien 220 Bogdan Cezar Ion 68, 69 Bohumil Vasina 201 Bojana Bodroža 111, 116 Bojana Skorc 186 Bojan Sosic 215 Bo Molander 107 Bonifacio Sandin 134 Boram Kim 89, 152 Boris Bespalov 65 Boris Bratus 110 Boris B. Velichkovsky 183, 184, 220, 234, 238 Boris Iljuk 157 Borislav Slavchov 108 Bouyssou Gauthier Marie Laure 149 Bo You Lin 204 Bo Young Choi 89, 169 Boyoung Kim 56 Braet Caroline 230 Brangier Eric 186 Brian Barber 25, 236 Brigitte Khoury 172 Brigitte Ramsauer 142 Britt Randi Schjødt 239 Brøndbo Per Håkan 138 Bruce L. Brown 114 Bruno Peixoto 132, 137, 191 Bryce McLeod 138 Buela Casal 196 Bugra Koku 105 Bugra Extract 105 tape Turan 43, 118 Burchak Akturk 240 Burchin Unlu 114 Burcu Demiray 95 Burcu Güler 173 Burcu Oy 78 Bürger Kathrin 98 Burhanettin Kaya 160 Buskas Peter 212 Büşra Güler 155 Büşra Yalçinöz 121 C Cagatay Choker 50 Çağlar Solak 76 Caitlin Stultz 77 Callens Justine 230 Calo Gero Iacolino 160 Camelia Crisan 241 Camila Fernandez 208 Camila Morais 196 Camilla Baptista 140 Camillo Regalia 182 Camino Fernández-Alcaraz FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

251Cam Loi Huynh 111 Campos D 198 Canan Bali 139, 155 Canan Büyükaşık Çolak 48 Canan Coşkan 49, 61, 69, 105, 126 Canan Muter Sengul 97, 110 Candan Ertubey 37, 132 Candido Genovard 147, 208 Candido J.English 204, 205 Cansın Özgör 155, 190 Cansu Torun 77 Caprice Lantz 113 Caralina Mourgues 155 Carina Guimarães 188, 225 Carina McCormick 212, 236 Carine Rhodes Carine 129 Carla Barros Duarte 154, 217 Carla Machado 64 Carla Moleiro 44 Carle Paul 149 Carles Monereo 206 Carl H.D. Steinmetz 239 Carlo Caltagirone 38 Carlo De Lillo 237 Carlos Albuquerque 94 Carlos Coelho 191 Carlos del Rio 98 Carlos Díaz López 205 Carlos María Alcover 75, 82 Carlos Neri 167 Carlos Silva 80, 154 Carlo Tramontano 173, 216, 226 Carly Reid 237 Carme Angel 181 Carmela Sansone 122 Carmen Almendros 215 Carmen Arellano 71 Carmen Berrocal 134, 199 Carmen Curcó 191 Carmen Ecija 97, 197 Carmen Ferrandiz 60 Carmen Fernandez 38 Carmen Hagemeister 40 Carmen Leontina Ojeda Ocampo Moré 48, 71, 196 Carmen Martinez 218 Carmen Martinez Monteagudo 205 Carmen Montecinos 116 Carmen Noguera 214 Carmen Tabernero 52, 123 Carole Sinclair 40 Carol Falender 45 Carolina Gaitan Sierra 42, 97 Carolina Marin 115, 161 Carolina Meucci 122 Carolina Rivera 206 Carolina Tinajero 155 Caroline Bonnes 49, 138 Caroline Heinisch 92 Carolına Saggıomo 78 Carol Pearson 1 21 Carolyn Buck Gengler 91 Carolyn Edwards 210 Carolyn Finck 200 Carolyn Finck Barboza 139 Carrie Bredow 43 Carsten K.W. De Dreu 26, 37 Carvalho Leonardo Lana de 129 Cary Kogan 131 Catalina Gonzalez Forteza 198, 199 Catalina Mourgues 191, 206 Catalina Rodriguez 208 Cătălin Nedelcea 229 Caterina Primi 146, 150 Catherine Bolman 105 Catherine Derom 131 Cather ine McBride Chang 181 Catherine Mello 219 Catherine Morel Pair 185 Catita Luísa 74 C Del Furia 201 Cecilia Chan 153 Cecilia Peñacoba 50, 97, 197 Célia Soares 77 Celina Manita 64 Cem Şafak Çukur 117 Ceren Gürdere 213 Ceren Koç 65 Ceren Tekin 200 Ceri Sims 60 Cettina Crisafi 1 37, 199 Chaehan So 52 Changiz Rahimi 68, 137, 143 Chang Szu Chia 53 Changya Hu 86 Chantana Klomjit 152 Chao-Sheng Kuo 94 Chao-Yang Cheng 70 Chara A. Demetriou 93 Charissa S.L. Cheah 107 Charles Collin 131 Charles Romig 70 Charlie Lewis 189 Charpentier Anne 179 Che-Ming Yu 92 Chen-Jia Wun 201 Chia-Chi Wang 39, 156 Chiao-Ling Chu 214 Chiara Laudani 136 INDEX 251

252Chiara Pasetto 50 Chie Ashida 95 Chien-Chih-Kuo 186 Chien Chou 145 Chien-Ming Wu 159 Chien-Ru Sun 77 Chien-Tao Li 189 Chiharu Sakamoto Yohei Okibayashi 118, 129 Chie-Hung Lin 201 Chihiro Kobayashi 71 Chih-Ling Cheng , 47 Chih-Ming Chou 151 Chihoko Aoki 161 Chih-Wen Kuo 47 Chikae Isobe 86 Chika Harada 192 Chikwan Warren Chiu 82 Chin-Chun Sue 157 Ching-Fen Lee 206 Ching-Hua Mao 51 Ching-Lin Shih 47 Ching-Wen WANG 39, 189, 206 Chin-Lun Tsai 151 Chungjung Huang 154, 157 Chun-ruei Tsai 93 Chongde Lin 66 Chris A. Bjonsen 170 Chris Armitage Chritiane Chitiane Christian Christian Christian Fazekas 240 Christian Jones 110 Christianne Mobley 215 Christian Rominger 91 Christian Sebastian 46 Christian Seubert 147 Christian Tarnai 152 Christian Wheeler 219 Christina Adamou 70, 136 Christina Athanasiades 236 Christina Wong 82 Christine Bieri Buschor 55 Christine Chaloupka-Risser 228 Christine Choir 50, 157 Christine Dancey 16 7 Christine Falk 205 Christine Smith 187 Christine Unterrainer 127 Christopher Burger 70, 147 Christopher Demarque 110 Christopher Eich 182 Christopher Dell 118 Christopher Stones 57 Christopher Wickens 91 Christopher Kappler Chuan-Feng Chang 134, 204 Chun- Chi Yang 84 Chun-Yi Chou 84 Chyuan Sha 83, 206 Cibele Mariano Vaz de Macedo 74 Gypsy Cat 117 Cake Cat 23, 37, 104, 160 Ozkara Cat 118 C.I. Gome 71 Cihan Serhat Kart 51 Cinara Nuroglu 241 Cindy Chen 194 Cindy J. Lahar 113 Cirila Peklaj 168 Ciubotaru Laura Diana 157 Claire Johnston 202 Claire Monks 183 Clara Amato 160 Clara Casco 66 Clara Chacon Munoz 77 Clara Selva 85 Clare Cassidy 7 Clare Flach 114 Clare Roberts 237 Clarys David 220 Claude Lemoine 178 Claude Messier 131 Claudia Burroni 113 Claudia Carvalho 142, 231 Claudia Chaves 94 Claudia Fukuda 196 Claudia Martins 169 Claudia M. Haase 42 Claudia Quaiser Pohl 93, 146, 204 Claudia Ravaldi 213 Claudia Simon 73, 90 Claudia Vanni 241 Claudio Barbaranelli 173, 226 Claus Bundesen 177 Claus Vögele 181 Colleen Turner 59, 167 Concepcio Gotzens 147, 208 Conchita Cartil 64 Connie McReynolds 149, 150 Coralie Duchon Sudan FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

253Cor Baerveldt 113 Cord Benecke 134 Corina Aguilar-Raab 144, 151 Corinna Ridgeway 192 Cornel Havarneanu 214 Cornelia Amariei 73 Costalat Founeau Anne Marie 60 Christian Saints 133 Cristina Anguiano Carrasco 169 Cristina War 91 Cristina Monteiro Beard 140, 171, 207, 217, 232, 236 Cristina Petrucci 217 Cristina Pepper 67 Cristina Stefanile 74 Christopher Edward Maciel Carbajal 133 Csilla Jeszenszky 204 Square Elizabeth 160 Cuauhtemoc So lis 198 Peter's Wedge 76, 78 Yasmin's Wedge 160 Curião William 91 Cutrupi Valentina 199 Cynthia Lee 83 Cyr Chantal 215 D Dagfinn Moe 78 Mrs. Strohmeier 54, 70 Dalia Bagdziuniene 84, 86 Damiano Girardi 111 Mrs. Sapunar 200 Mrs. Acceme 155 Mrs. Karlıer 192 Mrs. Türkmenoğlu 155 Dana Fajmonova 123 Dan Heggs 113 Danica Vasiljević-Prodanović Daniel De Santis 146, 168, 230 Daniel Figueiredo 153 Daniel Gioffrè 119 Daniel Gundert 105 Daniel Karagyaurova 67, 77 Daniel M. Pfabigan 125, 130, 169, 237 Daniel Orozco Reyes 84 Daniel Paiu 72 Daniel Silvestro 137, 138 Daniel a Vercellino 241 Daniela Zummo 198 Daniel Campagne 134 Daniel Zucca 103 Daniel Ferreira 131 Daniel Heller 129 Daniel Hernandez 56 Daniel Lannin 150 Danielle Miranda 140 Daniel Lina Mancuso 8, 225 Dannii Yeung 229 Dan Stanescu 49, 229 Dantas Gilcimar 160 Danutė Gailienė 58, 78 Daphne Hudson 64 Daphne Kaklamanou 181 Daphne Kalogeropoulou 77 Dario Cantone 72 Dario Spini 71 Darius Chan 82 Dariusz Doilinski 79 Darja Kuznetsova 219 Darrell Greene 203 Dar Ren Chen 199 Darwin Race 215 Darya Parkhomenko 92 Daskalov Krasen 211 Daulet Duisenbekov 150 Dave Bartram 40, 63, 171, 228 David Aguado 52 David Aparisi 205 David Baldwin 59 David Bartram 37 David C. Rubin 183 Davide Cammisuli 125 David Foster 108 David L. Wiesenthal 185 David We arrived 137 David Newsdon 227 David Schmitt 25, 188 David Sirlopu 210 David Tolin 135 David Velasco 214 David Vossebrecher 118 David Winter 173 Davlet Duisenbekov 65, 150, 160 Davoud Taghvaee 138 Davy Castel 178 Dean Wilkinson 227 Debbie Van Camp 74 Debjani Mu kherjee 85 INDEX 253

254Dehghani Mohsen 90 De Hoe Roxane 193 Deise Matos 196 Del Carlo Riccardo 147 Delevi Raquel 152 Delia Stefenel 48 Delobbe Nathalie 193 Delphine Rommel 179 Denisa Denglerová 132 Denisa Mendonça 198, 199 Denise Bratko 120, 146 Denise Trento De Souza 240 Denisse Manrique Millones 236 Deniz Altınay 213 Deniz Aslan 65 Deniz Atalay Ata 91, 105 Deniz Aydemir Döke 43, 152 Deniz Kurt 93 Deniz Onesh 26, 117 Deniz Şahin 75, 146 Deniz Yılmaz Sarı 77, 240 Dennis Hofman 98 Dennis M.Y. Com 94 Dennis Schutter 98 Denoux Patrick 212 Derek Isaacowitz 108 Dermot Barnes-Holmes 154 Derya Gulters 136 Derya Gunkor 192 Derya Hasta 43, 75, 78 Despina-Maria Kefalidou 44 Diaconescu Liliana Veronica 194, 204 Diana De Souza Pinto 64, 177 Diana Fernández Zalazar 167 Diana Magomed Eminova 213 Diana Olukalne 150 Diana Rieger 105 Diana Ruiz 82 Diana Siedek 130 Diana V. Jiménez Cervantes 53, 152 Diana Woelki 162 Diana Zande 97 Diane Hughes 210 Diane Sunar 24, 26, 37, 60, 104, 180, 189 Dianora Torrini 213 Dicle Chapan 155, 182 Didem Rodoplu Sahin 49, 82, 179 Diego Gomez-Baya 134, 145, 213 Diego Suarez 150 Dieta Kuchenbrandt 115, 172 Dietrich Albert 187 Dilani Perera Diltz 51 Dilara Caliskan 70 Dilek Kilic 197 Dilek Saritas 177, 178 Dilek Zamantili Nayir 49 Dimdins Shirts 77 Dimitrios Damigos 213 Dina Joksimović 66 Dinca Margareta 141 Dinkar Sharma 49 Di Pomponio Ileana 93 Dirk Deboutte 178 Dmitry Igonin 77 Dmitry Kashirsky 73 Dmitry Lyusin 110 Dmitry Reshenok 92 Doba Karyn 142, 179 Doğu Erdener 218 Dolores Albarracin 11 1 Dolores Álvarez 214 Dolores Hidalgo 71, 78 Dolores Marin 50 Dolores Mercado Corona 199 Dolores Muñoz 71, 98, 207 Dona Eka Putri 213 Donna Schultheiss 51, 176 Doodson James 237 Dora Dodig 178 Dora Redruello 201, 231 Dorfer Martha 140 Dorin Nastas 239 Doris Lewalter 168 Doris Moser 137 Doris Peham 134 Doris Weber 153 Dorit Efrat Treister 209 Dorothea Klinck 115 Dorothy Begg 48 Dorron Aremband 88 Dorthe Berntsen 27, 183, 188 Doruk Uysal Iraq 190 Douglas Karen 193 Douglas L. Nelson 124 Dovile Butkiene 69 Dovile Vinkeviciute 69 Doyère Valérie 114 Dragana Bjekic 191, 209 Dragana Djuric Jocic 134 Dragos Iliescu 46, 113, 159, 229, 241 Drexler Arthur 60, 104 Druart Celina 230 Dubois Comtois Karine 215 Dudu Draft 43 Dugas Emilie 92 Dulce Hanina Ayala Hernandez 84 Dumont B 197 Durand Karine FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

255Duvac Ion 236 Duygu Biricik 160 Duygu Cantekin 105 Duygu Coşkun 78 Duygu Dinçer 117 Duygu Güngör Çulha 150 Duygu Kuzu 67, 173 Duygu Yumurtacı 134 Dzekeviciute Aldona 66 DžEnana Husremović 173 Dzidra Meiksane 153 E Ebrahim Hajizadeh 158 Ebru H. Tanjusi 2 48 Ecem Gürkaş 77 Ece Yetişen 116 Eda Karacan 95, 217 Ed Cairns 115 Ederaldo Lopes 90 Edgardo D. Etchezahar 57, 71, 73, 168 Edie Cruise 173, 212 Edit Dankháziné Hajtman 154 Edite Queiroz 169 Eduard Galazhinskyi 111, 120 Edu67 238 Eduardo Estrada 149, 207 Eduardo Fano 214 Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero 135, 138, 139 Eduardo García Cueto 41, 42 Eduardo Peñalosa Castro 68, 156 Eduardo Ribeiro 191 Eduin Cáceres Ortiz 59 Eero Väyferosyn 136 Effendi Kerimoğlu 136 Effendi 171 Eftychia Stamkou 73 Egidio Robusto 192 Egita Gritane 61, 161 Egle Razaitiene 203 E. Helin Wild 94, 96 Eider Goiburu 71, 160 Eid Michael 210 Eija Palosaari 172 Eirini Adamopoulou 73 Eirini Flouri 54 Ekaterina Morozova 124 Ekaterina Morozova 124 Ekaterina Polyanka 124 Ekaterina Polyanka 1108 Ekaterina Veterok 98 Ekin Eremsoy 114, 115 Ekin K. Pellegrini 86 Ekin Özkök Kayhan 206, 225 Ekrem Layout 47, 210 Ekterina Polyanskaya 157 Elaheh Ahmadi 87, 238 Elaheh Ebrahimi Rad 72 Elaheh Lotfi 220 Elahe Ranjbar 109 Elaine Nevai 233 Elaine Rabeloe 237 Elaine S LeVine 59 Elçin Akdogan 91 Elçin Gündoğdu Aktürk 75, 111 Elçin Sakmar 60 Eleana Vlahos 133 Elena Ayllón Alonso 71 Elena Baixauli Gallego 89 Elena Belugina 71 Elena Breus 78, 84, 169olina Briones 52 Elena Conje4 Elena Conje4 152 Elena Dragioti 213 Elena Eespeitx 199, 203 Elena Fiber 84 Elena Escolano Perez 204, 214 Elena Espeitx 195 Elena Filippova 148 Elena Foddai 193, 203 Elena García Baamonde 202 Elena Gindina 131 Elena Hanna 15578 Elena Hanna Korona 15578 Elena Levina 19984 Elena Malyasova 55 Elena Mandrikova 119 Elena Navrátilová 211 Elena Nikolaeva 98, 200 Elena Ortega Campos 64 Elena Ozola 77 Elena Padurina 157 Elena Palacios 217 Elena Popova 76 Elena Quiñones 185 Elena Shcheblanova 91 Elena Siakou 155, 199 Elena 103 108 Burlona 131, 175 Eleni Patinioti 77 Eleonora Nosenko 68, 150, 201 Elham Pazhakh 82, 124 INDEX 255

256Elijah Baeta 191 Eliane Falcone 41 Elijah Kourkoutas 103 Elijah Alkan 226 Elijah Barışkin 27, 28, 180, 240 Elijah Emir 43, 135 Elijah Helvacı 215 Elijah Tanil 241 Elijah Bornman 74 Elizabeth Braga 137 Elizabeth Nave Le al 198, 201 Elizabeth Vine 95 Elizabeth Bacon 91 Elizabeth Lamplmayr-Kragl 125, 237 Elizabeth Lesieux 71 Elizabeth Moores 108 Elizabeth Stefanek 70 Elizabeth Weiss 91 Elizabeth Dulcey Ruiz 97 Elizabeth Pizzonia 38 Elizabeth Ioannidis 48, 67 Elizabeth Marchetti 198, 201 Elite Bilge Bıyıko ghlu 200 Elizabeth Attree 167 Elizabeth Beth 161 Elizabeth Gil 211 Elizabeth McKenzie 194 Elizabeth Nair 107 Elizabeth Schoenfeld 43 Elkhan Baylarov 204 , 208 Ellen De Loore 178 Ellen Hartmann 119 Ellen Ruikes 139 Elmira Kalymbetova 80 Elnaz Palahang 195 Eloisa Guerrero Barona 70 , 202 , 203 Eloise Longo 137 . 185 Elpida Women 191, 195 Elsa B. . Cardalda 122 Elsie Yan 189 Elsmie Meiring 88 Elvan Melek Ertürk 104, 237 Elvia Vargas 144 Emanuela Lopes 137 Emanuele Colombini 72 Emel Erdoğan Bakar 217 Emel Kromer 114, 115 E. Meltem Cam 49 Emilia Soroko Emilia Stoimenova Canevska 81, 82 Emilio Verche 109 EmīLs Kālis 75 Emily Holmes 23, 50 Emily Nikiforou 215 Emine Asli Mavi 80 Emine Durmuş 192 Emine Goçet Tekin 230, 234, 238 Emine Sevinç Sevi 140, 145 Emine Taş 145 Emine Tuna Özgüle 230 Emi Zulaifah 37 Emmanuel Mar tinez-Mejia 82 Emma Otta 82 Emmeline Froede 173 Emre Özgen 27, 125, 133 Emre Şenol Durak 156 E. Nair 107 Carmona Incarnation 214 Nouvilas Incarnation 76 Enia Labbate 138 Henry Vilaplana 181 Henry Arranz 214, 215 Henry F. Maldonado 98 Henry Gracia Fuster 7 Henry Lafuente 185 E. Olcay İmamoğlu 27, 125, 169 Ercenur Ünal 214 Ergun Özgür 49, 179 Erica Hepper 75 Eric Bowman 77 Eric Cheuk Kuen Tsang 66 Eric Weichselgartner 185 Eric Urias Luzanilla 205 Erico Castro 78, 218 Eric Zannon 82 Eric Pezet 127 Eric Wallace 51 Erika Margaret Arias 156 Eriksen Mads 138 Erin Ward 140 Ermelinda Pires 215 Erminia Costantino 122 Ersilia Lucenteforte 213 Ersilia Menesini 54 Ersoy Kart Muge 161 Esin Temeloğlu 139 Esmaiel Soltani 182 Esperanza Ribeiro 117 Ezra Atilla Bal 180 Ezra Dilek 139 Ezra Kı sacık 186 Ezra Mungan 189 Staun James 132 Stephen Hurtado 191, 206 Stela Ilhena 198 Stela Virgin 198, 199 Esther Menezes 147 Esther Square FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

257Esther Flaquer 181 Esther Lay 95 Esther Hamori 97, 154 Esther Kovacs 159, 200, 203 Eugen Avram 214 Eugenia Mandal 145 Eugenia Marin 105, 219 Eugene Savotin 114 Eugenie Shadlovskiy 96 Eun-Hyun Cho 81 Eunice Carri ço 92 Young Jo 138 Eve Naked , 138 Eva Burger 176 Eva Fountoulaki 103 Eva Greimel 152 Evaldas Kazlauskas 78, 112, 213 Eva-Maria Leicht 147, 212 Eva-Maria Schiller 70 Eva-Maria Seidel 138 Eva Mautner 152 Eva Muenker Kramer 170 Evangelia Kateri 212 Gospels Karademas 212 Eve- Maria Zenses 143 Eva Rozehnalova 44, 123 Eva Schmitt Rodermund 86 Eva Seifried 46 Eva Skoe 216 Eva Smikova 70 Evel Neokleous 199 Evgenii Shelepin 133 Evgeniya Korotchenko 210 Evi Avdelidou 178 Evlaliya Prosvetova Every Ethel 96 Every Gulbetekin 98, 167 Ewa Czaplewska 217 Eylem Şimşek Ezequiel Fernandez Castelao 182 Beşikci 57 Soncu Buyukiscan 215 Kayhan 192 Tuna 135, 154 F Fabiola Brandão 214 Fabiola Itzel Villa George 80, 207 Fabiola Villa George 215 Fabio Marques 202 Fabio Sbattella 3 Fabrizio Schifano 198 Fadilj Eminović 240 Faezeh Alsadat Zia Ziabari 203 Fahimeh Arabian 167 Fahimeh Malekafzali 89 Fahimeh Zare 111 Fakhrossadat Ghoreyshi Rad 110 Falih Koksal 130, 149, 169, 177 Fanglin Liu 216, 230 Fang-Ming Hwang 68 Fang Zhang 150, 212 Fanny M. Che young 112 Fanny Poujol 127 Farah Afshari 182 Fariba Tabe Bordbar 216 Fariba Yazdkhasti 241 Fariborz Dortaj 140 Farideh Mashemian Nezhad 206 Farideh Kamranpour 142 Farnaz Azarmnia 148 Farkhondeh Sadehdel 143 Farshid Shamsaei 88, 158 Farzad Shidfar 90 Farzaneh Mohammadi 141 Farza and Pahlavan 70 Farzaneh Poladi 154 Farzaneh Ranjbar Noshahry 149, 232, 236 Farzaneh Youssefi Fatemeh Dehghani Arani 143 Fatemeh Bagherian 72 Fatemeh Bahrami 158 Fatemeh Cheraghi 88 Fatemeh Fayyaz 158 Fatemeh Firozi 159 Fatemeh Hamzvi Abedi 136 Fatemeh Rahmatian 234, 238 Fatemeh Taheri 72 Fatemeh Vasegh 157 Fateme h Zare 199 Fatemeh Zargar 49 , 201 Fateme Moin Al-Ghorabaiee 115 , 140 Fatih Bayraktar 229, 237 Fatih Yildızhan 190 Fatima Borged 198 Fatima Valieva 203, 211 Fatma Biyik 133 Fatma Can 75 Fatma Cansu Pala 189 Fatma Çelik 240 Fatma Dilek Tel 230 Fatma Yasin 44 Fatma Yild Irim 160 Fauziah Ibrahim 226 Favez Nicholas 155 Fayruza Ismagilova 81 Fay Severine 220 INDEX 257

258Fazel Bahrami 92, 157 Fedela Feldia Loperfido 233, 237 Fedor Daghofer 152 Fei-Hsiu Hsiao 132 Felix C. Brodbeck 83 Felix Moral 217 Fenglin Liao 88 Feng Ming Liu 156 Ferdinand Garoff 185, 228 Ferhat Jak Icoz 138 Ferlis Bahari 244 Fernanda Park 155 Fernanda Martins 167 Fernanda Salvaterra 138, 215 Fernandez Itziar 160 Fernando Austria Corrales 68, 156 Fernando Barbosa 169, 191 Fernando Carvajal 78, 131, 137 Fernando Cuetos Vega labarrieta 215 Fernando Wagner 198 Ferzan Curun 146 Feyza Çorapçı 96, 216 F. Gökçe Özkarar 149 Fiammetta Cosci 134 Fidan Gasimova 124 Fiedler Klaus 77 Figen Akça 187 Philip Pepper 46, 47, 95, 192 Philip Mucha Scallop 142 Philip Castro 90 Filiz Bilge 135 Filiz Coşkun 188 Phil married Days 154 Filyra Vlastou 70 Fiorenzo Laghi 94, 96, 215 Firoozeh Bakhtiarvand 207 Flandrin Laurence 142 Fiske Susan 77 Flavia Freire 74 Flavia Helena Freire 88 Florbela Nunes 85 Florentino Moreno Martin 71 Florian Hartmann 152 Florian Kaiser 57 Florian Rehbein 143 Flor Sanchez 77, 78, 19 6 Fons Van De Vijver 37 Fourmentin Marie Helen 96 Francesca Bonechi 77 Francesca Chiesi 146, 150 Francesca Christiane 192 Francesca Federico 97, 220 Francesca League 215 Francesca Ruscito 73 Francesca Verni 138 Francesco Caltagirone 64, 130 Francesco Erenini 72 Francesca Pace 168, 193, 203, 230 Francesco Saverio Marucci 91 Francis Cardoso 64 Francis Ceric 191, 206 Francis J. Sanchez Ruiz Cabello 194 Francis Juarez 198 Francis Labrador Oaks 59 Francis Mayor Line 186 Francis Ramos De Farias 64, 135, 171, 183, 232, sni 73 , 110, 195 François d 228 Franco Tagg 185 Franjo Prot 156 Frank Zinns Zlillers 80 Frans Feron 178 Franziska Matzer 240 Fredie Crous . Leong 55, 113 Frederik A. Graf 117 Frédérique Lerbet Sereni 78 Fredrik Hansen 239 Freude Gabriele 47 Friederike Eyssel 115, 172 Friedrich Müller 203, 226 Frishta M-Hasan 217 Fusami Inoue 159 Füsun Çuhadaroğlu Çetin 186 G. 202 Gabriela Andrade da Silva 82 Gabriela Moita 142 Gabriela Salgueiro 64 Gabriel Macedo 218 Ga Hee Shin 210 Gail Steketee 135 G. Alan Marlatt 123 Galina Gorskaya FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

259Galina Hrabrova 118 Galina Kozhukhar 75 Galina Menshikova 183 Galya Gercheva Nestorova 64, 154 Gamze Cam 215 Gamze Yılmaz 188 Gandolphe Marie Charlotte 179 García Ael Cristina 160 Gary Bente 105, 172 Gavin F. Revie 110 Gayane Ghazaryan 198 Gaye Saltukoğlu 115, 230 Geanina Cucu Ciuhan 68 Gemma Fernández Caminero 77 Gemma García Soriano 89, 150 Gennady Serikov 160 Geoffrey Lindsay 40 Geoffrey M. Reed 172 Geoffry Binder 37 George Chen 119 George Losik 66 George Sandamas 227 Georgiana Virginia Bonea 104 Georgia Niolaki 206, 216 Georgia Panayiotou 49, 204 Georgina Guilera 64, 154 Georgiy Korobeynikov 116 Georg Romer 142, 231 Georgy Druzhinin 66, 91, 132, 241 Gerald Farrell 126 Gerardo Capano 77 Gerben A. Van Kleef 73 Gerda Trutnovsky 152 Gerhold Lars 104 Gerry Humphris 200 Géza Z. Kovács 176 Ghaffar Malek Khosravi 138 Ghamar Zarrinkolah 127 Ghazale Samaie 110 Ghislain Mary 77 Gholam Ali Nikpour 149 Gholamreza Minakhany 111 Gholamreza Nafissi 91, 210 Gholamreza Rajabi 89, 182 Ghoncheh Raheb 157, 167 Gh Reza Chalabianloo 174 Giacomo Aliberto 193 Giancarlo Marenco 109 Giancarlo Tanucci 122 237 Gianluca Campana 66 Gian Marco Sardi 126, 189 Gianvito D Aprile 37 Gian Vittorio Caprara 209 Gideon P. de Bruin 87, 202 Gilibert Daniel 80 Gina Levickiene 70, 130 Gindina Elena 131 Giorgio Mello 213 Giorgio Tasca 196, 197 Giovan Battista Tiengo 239 Giovanna Spinozzi 237 Giovanni Augusto Carlesimo 38 Giovanni Guzzo 136, 143 Giovanni Lodetti 113 Giray Berberoğlu 108, 117 Gisela Hernandez 198 Gita Argustaite 151 Giulia Balboni 192 Giuliana Cardella 131 Giuseppe Castro 131, 198, 201 Giuseppe Craparo 142 Giuseppe Constantino 121, 184 Giuseppe Giustino 237 Giuseppe Moro 58 Giuseppe Spitale 203 Giuseppina Castriciano 108 gizem arıkan 59, 75 gizem hülür 124 gizem karahasanoğlu 155 gizem rodoplu 82 gizem sarıgül 43 g la malfa 201 Glaucia regina franca O 106, 168, 194 Gloria García Fernández 144 Gloria Soto 60 Gloria Zúñiga Galván 155 Gluacia Regina Vianna 183 Gökçe Cömert 241 Gökçe Ergün 65, 239 Gökçen Erder 226 Gökhan Malkoç 27, 114, 125 Göklem Tekdemir Yurtdaş 234, 238 Golay Philippe 155 Golnar Bahar 161 Golnaz Adalatzadeh Aghdam 140 Golrasteh Kholasehzadeh 181, 216 Golubova Zinaida 195 mà Montserrat 132 Gonca Çiffiliz 146 Gonca Soygüt 178 González Castro Jose Luis 190, 209 Gonzalo Almerich Cervera 75 Goran Opačić 111, 116 Gordon Shumway 71 Görkan Ahmetoğlu 52 Gözde Özakıncı 200 259 INDEX

260Gos for 205 grave andRhetic 195 graspoint 195 Grace Cappelnife 214 grant forgive 44 Grade Cagele 34, 5Grange kyplass 235, 196 grage baby 05, 236 gritie bratberad 120, 196 grinela bratbeas Mihaella 149 Grigore Havarneanu 67 Grzegorz Warminski 197 Guadalupe Lucas Millán 70 Gudula Ritz Schulte 60, 196 Guerrien Alain 96 Guey Mei Jow 132 Guido Alessandri 209 Guido H. E. Gendolla 97 Guido Lucchini 155 Guiguen Yves 149 Guillem Feixas 127, 140 Guillen Elisa 211 Guillermo Bernal 55 Guillermo Willis 130 Guinote Ana 77 Gulay Dirik 139 Gulcan Akcalan 134 Gulcher Aydin 105 Gulchilem Sahin 187 Gulchim Bilim 105 Gulchin Akbas 160 Gulchin Haktanir 82 Gulen Sarial Abi 119, 147, 169, 219 Guler Okman Fisek 121 Gulfer Aydogan 49, 69, 105, 126 Gul Nalan Rock 104, 190 Gulshah Karadayi 65 Gulshen Erden 65, 136, 173, 206, 213, 225, 232, 235 Gulshen Kumru 169 Guna Svence 41 Gun R. Shemin 24, 180 Gustavo Carlo 112 Gustavo Vasconcelos 151 Gyan Mudra 217 Gyongyi Mirk 97 H Habibollah Ghassemzadeh 51 Hacer Harlak 161 Hacer Soysal 39 Haji Halil Uslucan 39, 210 Hadi Bahrami Ehsan 155 Hajar Barati 82, 85, 86, 92 Hajnal Somodi 204 Hakan Chetinkaya 177 Haldun Soygur 109 Hale Bolak Boratav 60, 121 Halimah Abdul Manaf 173 Halime Samsa 139 Hallum Suhair 104 Haluk Arkar 145 Hamed Vaseghi 181 Hamid Afshar 139 Hamid Alizadeh 220 Hamid Barkhori 152 Hamid Dahghanfar 66 Hamide Gozu 152 Hamid Haghani 207 Hamid Mohaghegh Shalmani 138 Hamidreza Aghamohammadiam Sharbaf 58 Hamid Reza Oraizi Samani 39, 80, 82, 85, 86, 87, 92, 241 Hamit Coşkun 74 Hammer Raphael 70 Hamzeh Dodeen 240 Hana Chýlová 202, 211 Hancart Sabine 179 Handan Can 214 Hande Eslen Zia 121 Hande Tufan Demiray 160 Hanife Güdücü 58 Hanna Scherler 149 Hans Brende Lind 67 Hans George Geissler 227 Hans Werner Bierhoff 43 Hans Werner Wahl 26, 103, 104 Harald Støren 181 Hartmut Rübeling 132 Haruka Koike 160 Haruna Miyamoto-Borg 181 Hassan Atak 187 Hassan Khalaji 226 Hassan Maleki 206 Hassan Palahang 82 Hassan Shahintürk 115 Hassan Gorjian Mehlabani 142, 178 Hassan Palahang 195 Hassan Yaghoubi 42, 48 Also Quick FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

261Hatice Çetinkaya 149 Hatice Demirbaş 213 Hatice Melis Yavuz 96 Haugland Bente 138 Hauke ​​R. Heekeren 226 Havik Odd 138 Havva Özyurtlu 241 Hayes Alan 237 Hazal Çelik 155, 182 Hazel Dewart 121 H. Belgin Ayvaşık 105, 174 H. Billur Çakırer 181 H. Canan Sumer 44, 49, 63, 69, 82, 86, 105, 116, 124, 126, 238 Heather Gridley 59, 167 Heather Schellinck 59 Hector Fernandez Varela 198 Gift Solomon 203 Heidi Keller 54, 98, 192 Heiervang Einar 138 Hélder Castanheira 151 Helena Cardoso 198, 199 Helena Klimusová 146 Helena Martins 191 Helena Matute 169 Helene Fung 108 Helene Gudi 98 Helen Lee Lin 57 Helen McNally 225 Helen M.G. Watt 120 Helga Loos 94 Helio Carpintero 185 Helmke Andreas 103 Henk (H.) Geertsema 65 Henriett Na , 145, 150 Henrique Bezerra 233, 237 Henry K.S. Ng 149 Herminia Beatriz Segura Celis Ochoa 58 Helio Carpintero 185 Hester Siquilla Liebetrau 197 Hilda Gambara 144 Hilde Slaatten 159 Hinding Barbara 84 Hiroki Matsui 211 Hiroko Yamamoto 96, 134 Hironori Yamasaki 194 Hiroshi Nonami 130 Hiroshi Nonami 130 Hiroshi Nonami 130 Hiroshi 91 107 Hirakhiya Toyota 19 Hiroshi 107 Hiroshi Orimo 86 Hiroyoshi Kinoshita 98 ​​Hiroyuki Ito 96 Hiroyuki Yoshizawa 192 Hitomi Tanimura 210 Hitomi Yokoyama 75 Hitoshi Kaneko 96, 134 Hitoshi Takahashi 118, 129 Hivren Ozkol 230 Hoda Khosravani 131 Hoda Sadat Ahmadi 216, A. 146, 150, 157, 177, 203 Holdevici Irina 141 Homeira Rahanjam 93 Hong Jiang 82, 150 Hooman Namvar 141, 210 Horacio Salgado 210 Hornung Rainer 195 Hoseein Zare 115 Hosein Aboozari 92, 93 Hosein Nadali 202 Hossein Kareshki 177, 209 , 138 Hossein Molavi 82, 84, 124, 233, 237, 241 Hossein Samavatian 39, 58, 82, 85, 87, 124, 144 Hossein Shareh 49, 182, 235, 239 Hossein Shokrkon 119 Hsiao Chi Ho 39, 156 Hsiao Wen Liu 84 H sien Hayward 95 Hsinpei Wu 82 Hssan Hamidpour 139 Hsui Lan Tien 49 H. Tuğba Erol Korkmaz 69, 105, 124, 126 Huan Chueh Wu 145, 205 Hugo A. Simkin 71 Hugo González González 77 Hugo Reyes 133 Huguet Chuan-Hung 151 Hui-Tzu Chang 94, 237 Hui-Tzu Lin 93 Hui-Yen Lin 86 H. Ulaş Özcan 178, 190 Hung Chang Pai 134, 204 Huriye Gürleyük 85 Hürol Fışıloğlu 60, 147, 216 Hüseyin Çakal 104, 185 Hutt Ailidh 123 Hyojung Shin 55 Hyun-Jung Park 192 INDEX 261

262I Ia Aptarashvili 156 Ian Hodegs 121 Ian S. Robertson 132 Iasonas Lamprianou 204 Ibañez Jaime 208 Ibrahim Senay 111 I-Ching-Lee 110 Iciar Fernandez Villanueva 71 Idan Balan 195 İ. Ercan Alp 192 Iva People 58 Iva Stars 78 Iva Urban Development 60 Ignacio Madrid 212 Ignacio Pedrosa 41 Igor Dikiy 90, 131, 175 Igor Riečansky 132 Igor Tsyganov 148 Igor Vagurin 75 Iiryna Arshava 201 Iker Bridge 60, 142 Ikuo Daibo 75 Elias Bisbinas 48, Iliescu Dragos 229, 230 ðlkay Savcı 51 İlke İnceoğlu 190, 241 İlkiz Altınoğlu Dikmeer 238 İlknur Özalp Türetgen 116, 240 Ilona Ambrożkiewicz 79 Ilona Kalva 72 Ilona La years 88 Ilona Papousek 91 Ilse Kryspin Exner 116, 123, 153, 235, 239 Ilya Garber , 61, 72, 74, 130 Iman Allah Bigdeli 134, 143 Immacolata Tomay 109 İnci Özgür İlhan 160 Ines Direito 151, 182, 202 Ines Musician 66 Ines Gomes 207, 217 Ines Santos Rita 198 Ines Ska ndrani Marzouki 78 Ine Vink 171, 176 Ines Alvarez 46 Inez Myin Germeys 178 Inga Burikova 129 Inga Pictures 61 Inga Specht 168 Ingeborg Porcar 170 Ingrid Pročkytė 136 Ingrid Lunt 171, 176 Ingrid Schoon 42, 54 Immaculate Montoya Castile 89, 150 Immaculate Palace 96, 195 Immaculate Teva 196 Mother of Couples 187 Mother Arshava 68, 150, 201 Inna Budanova 130 Inna Korepanova 94 Intan Hashimah Mohd Hashim 127 Ioanna Mete 49 Ioanna Sofia Spentza 92 Ionel Dorofte 141, 154 Ionel Dorofte 141, 154 Ion Yarritu 169 İpek Aydın 135 Iraj Soltani 58, 85 İre m Akduman 135 Irene Zukauskaite 86 Irene Gomes 74, 79 Irene Gregoriou 118, 195 Irene Leon 154, 220 Irina Abakumova 207 Irina Agadjanova 80 Irina Bocharova 66 Irina Bransteter 51 Irina Ivanova 181 Irina Nikolaeva 72 Irina Plotka 72, 77 Irina Pogozhina 90 Irina Polikanova 55 Irina Rogoz 219 Irina Sidorenkova 74 Iryna Arshava 68, 150 Isaac Rahimian Boogar 195 Elizabeth de Melo Mussi 44 Elizabeth Almeida 132, 191 Elizabeth Barahona 228 Elizabeth Castellao 194 Elizabeth Catarina Martins 117, 126 Elizabeth Square 160 Elizabeth Gomez Veiga 220 Elizabeth Guibourg 181 Elizabeth Herrera Sanchez 226 Elizabeth January 151, 206 Elizabeth Junco 196 Isabella Heuser 226 Isabella McMurray 67, 130 Elizabeth Loyal 154, 189, 192, 198, 235, 239 Elizabeth Roche Cerasi 78 Elizabeth Maria Do Pocho Lopes , 218 Elizabeth Maria Mikulic 107 Elizabeth Martinez 173, 15 Elizabeth Navarro 195 Elizabeth N. .January 73, 156 Isabel Nündel FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

263Isabel Pascual 115, 161 Isabel Piñeiro 204 Isabel Santos 67 Isabel Silva 198, 199 Işıl Göztepe 158 Işıl Karatuna 181 Işıl Karaboğa 135 Ismael Quintanilla Pardo 73, 83, 160 Ismail Bahari 226 İsmail Volkan Gülüm 133 Issac Rahimian Boogar 200 Itır Tarı Cömert 64 Itziar Fernandez 217 Iva Mikulic 86 Ivana Buljan 73 Ivana Jugovic 43 Ivana Mihic 161 Ivana Petrovic 67, 125, 178 Ivan Sanchez 52 Ivan Valiev 211 Ivars Austers 61, 67 Iva Solcova 148, 200 Iva Stuchlikova 191, 206 Iveta Ruzha 212 Ivone Patrão 46, 152, 198, 202, 208 Ivo Noci 245 Iwao Yoshino 92 I-Yu Huang 47 Izaute Marie 132 Izzak Rahimian 245 J Jac Brown 61 Jack A. Naglieri 192 Jackie Masterson 206, 216 Jack Martin 113 Jaclin Freire 44 Jacopo Grisolaghi 74, 115 Jacqueline Mattis 211 Jacques Gregoire 37 Jáder Leite 74, 88 Jaeyoon Chang 83 Jafar Hassani 226 Jahansha Mohammadzadeh 197 Jaime Branco 61 Jalal Younesi 91, 92, 93, 115, 157, 210, 216 Jalil Fathabadi 48, 237 Jamal Sooreh 138 James Georgas 26, 117 James Sorrell 210 Jamie Barden 74 Jamileh Zarei 72, 73 Jamshid Jarareh 127, 186 Jana Koblihová 137 Jancis Long 228 Jan Du Toit 197 Jane Clarbour 50 Janel Gauthier 23, 37, 45, 107 Janeth Amparo Cárdenas 203 0 janez Justin 225 Jan Hradil 138 Janin Marazyan 155 Janko Babic 197 Janko Medjedovic 72 Jan Mareš 108, 125 Jan Piek 237 Jan Pieter Van Oudenhoven 69 Jan Weinhold 144 Jaqueline Herrera Villa 58 Jaroslav Štěrba 61 Jasmina Tomas 146 Jasminka Buljan Culej 206 Javier Carmona 50 Javier Fernandez Baena 98 Javier González Marqués 220 Horcajo 68 Javier Martínez Salazar 148 Javier Rguez Ferreiro 218 Javier Suárez 42 J. Bruce Overmier 59 J. Bryan Conrad 51 Jean Carlos 82 Jean Louis Nandrino 142, 179 Jean Louis Tavani 73, 110, 129, 195 Jean Marie Burkhardt 168 Jeannine Rozemarijn 232, 236 Jean Pettifor 45, 103, 167 Jeesoo Yoo 83 Jeff Gavin 237 Jeffrey Patrick 213 Jeffrey Sherman 38 Jelena Shaplavskaya 72 Jelena Kolesnikova 142 Jelka Berce 208 J. Emilio Rojo 154 Jennifer Boldero 37 Jennifer Messina 142 Jennifer Miranda 136 Jenn-Wu Wang 93, 214 Jenny Bimrose 176 Jenny Klein 105 Jenny Mercer 113 Jenny Quinn 181 Jens Egeland 46 Jens K. Apel 110 Jens Schade 228, 239 INDEX 263

264Jeremy Goslin 110 Jesse Henneberry 151 Jessica Borgogni 213 Jessica Woodhams 65, 129 Jessie Dezutter 200 Jesus Carlos Rubio 202 Jesus Ibarlucea 214 Jesus Quiñonero Liu 72 , Jia-Ru Li 75 Ji Eun Oh 152 Ji-Hee Lee 56, 60, 152 Jihwa Shin 81 Jill Brown 210 Jillian January 94 Jim Stieben 54 Jim Van Os 131, 178 Jing Yu 130 Jinhong Ding 131 Jinkook Tak 81, 87 Jinky Leilanie Lu 80, 81, 84, 87, 196, 211 Jinmin Wang 78 Jinous Arvand 138 Jiri Mudrak 111, 118 Jiro Takai 211 Jitka Simickova Cizkova 201 J. Miguel Angel Garcia Martinez 74, 146 Joachim Funke 104 Joanna Cruz 153 Jo ana Do Carmo 95 Joanna Maia 215 Joan Miranda 190 Joan Rita 194 Joan Santos Rita 46, 152, 198, 199, 202, 208 Joan Michael Soldevilla 127, 140, 173 Joan Persson 57, 77 Joan Wilson 83 John Barreto 191 John Christopher 140 John Junceiro 143 , 195 , John Morocco 154, 192, 198, 202 John Nogueira 206, 209 John Paulo Cunha 202 John Paul Maced 88 John Paulo Sales 74 Joaquim Armando Ferreira 143, 175 Joaquim Ramalho 208 Joaquin Case Niebla 205 Joaquin Ungaretti 60 Joay-Arrouquet Julie 214 Jochen Kuhn 51 Jochen Schweitzer 151 Joerg Zumbach 46, 55 Joey Buitendach 187, 203 Johanna Alexopoulos 137 John Barenberg 55 John Hammer 217 John Foss Sigurdson 143 John Schepers 68, 156 John Adamopoulos 212 John Antonakis 239 John C. Norcross 47 John G. Adair 111 John Norcross 47 John Arauthmann 110, 116, 119, 147, 149, 162 John Raven 176, 177 John Marven 114 Joiner Richard 237 Jolita Jonyene 68 Jonathan Feldman 155 Joo lee lee 122 É Martins 143 Jorge A. Biglieri 57, 168 Jorge Conesa-Seville 199 Jorge Lopez Puga 123, 154, 234, 238 Jorge Quintas 158 Jorge Silverio 80 Jorge-Henrik Heine 154 Joris Van Oosterhout 98 Jose A. Carmona 147 Jose Albino Lima 74, 79, 215 Jose Andrade Coast Filho 74, 88 Jose Antonio Carrobles 215 Jose Antonio Cieza 204 Jose Barroso 131 Jose Bermudez 199 Jose Brites 67 Jose Carlos Nunez 207 Jose C. Nunez 204 Jose Fuster 76 Joseph Hasibeder 44 Joseph Ramos 131 Joseph Egger 152 Jose Gallego 147 Jo see Gomez-Island 217 Joseph Fuster 76 Jose Hernandez 147 Jose Ignatius Baile Ayensa 139 Jose I. Martinez Guerrero 219 Jose Joaquin Mira 195 Jose John Vazquez 115, 161 Jose Luis Alvarez Castillo 77 Jose Luis Alvaro 74, FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

265Jose Luis Padilla 154 Jose Manuel Cimadevilla 220 Jose Manuel Garcia Fernandez 205 Jose Manuel Hernandez 52, 68 José Maria Peiró 103, 33, 237 Jose Maria Ruiz Vargas 105, 219 José Mauro De Oliveira Braz 64 José Miguez 52 José M. Prieto 171, 185 Jose M. Reales 189 José Muñiz 37, 40, 45, 46, 135, 139, 149 Jose Oscar Vila 220 Jose Pacheco Miguel 154 José Pais Ribeiro 198, 199, 201 José Paulo De Morais Souza 64 José Pedro Trindade 232, 236 Joseph Paxton 227 Joseph Turpin 68 Jose Ramón Fernández Hermida 144 José Romay Martínez 161 José Soares Martins 70, 71, 94, 142, 143 José Tomás Da Silva 154, 236 José Valero Rodríguez 205 Joshua Greene 227 Josip Burušić 157 Josip Sabic 155, 206 Joyce M. G. Vromen 110 Joyce S. Pang 94 Juana Gómez Benito 117, 154, 156 Juan Antonio García Madruga 220 Juan Antonio Moriano Leon 186 Juan Carlos Rodríguez Macías 205 Juan Eugene Jiménez González 217 Juan García García 64, 154, 234, 238 Juan Herrero Olaizola 177 Juanjo Martín Noguera 75, 177 Juan José Igartua 217 Juan Li 130 Juan Luis Castejón Costa 86, 205 Juan Luis Martin 215 Juan Manuel Moreno Manso 70, 202 Juan Manuel Serrano 131 Juan Martinez 112 Juan Vera 136 Judi Mesman 107 Judit Abad 64 Judith Daniels 231 Judit Kende 161 Judit Szantner 97 Jui Chih-Chin 96, 207 Juil Rie 85 Julia Babaeva 92, 145 Julia Brandão 140 Julia Gehrke 142 Julia Kneer 105, 172 Julia Mayas 189 Juliana Neves Santos 233, 237 Julian Lai 147, 153 Julián Vitaller 195 Julia Sastre 196 Julia Teale 91 Julie Collange 195 Julio Meneses 74 Julita Wojciechowska 108 Julius Kuhl 114, 147 Junichi Taniguchi 75, 76 Junko Enami 86 Jun Matsushima 129 Jun Tayama 194, 201 Junzo Kato 79, 130 Jürgen Deller 86 Jurgita Lazauskaite Zabielske 84 Justin Lavner 118 Justin Perry 51 Jyoti Verma 73 K Kabas Christoph 83 Kader Deniz Sarlak 97, 114 Kadir Özer 115 Kahraman Kıral 131, 168 Kaichiro Furutani 159 Kai Kaspar 132 Kalia Loizidou 199 Kam Fung Chow Yeung 236 Kamal Solati 157 Kamila Aliyeva 85 Kamlesh Singh 211 Kanai Atsuko 81 Kana Ishikawa 202 Kang Lin Yang 158 Kaori Karasawa 72 Kaoru Umebayashi 91 Kapitolyna Dementieva 80 Karen Goodall 43, 123 Karen Phalet 192 Karima Valverde 71 Karina de Bruin 151 Karineh Tahmassian 62, 96 Karin Kalteis 170 Karla Correia 122, 225, 240 Karla Van Leeuwen 236 Karner Hutuleac Adina 157 Karoline Turner 176 Karol Kleinmann 228 Kartini Abd Ghani 124 Kastner Michael 84 INDEX 265

266Katalin Hegedus 203 Katalin Horváth Szabó 154 Katariina Salmela Aro 42, 54 Katarína Millová 97, 148 Katarzyna Byrka 57 Katauoon Khoshabi 225 Kate Reader 51, 239 Katerina Bartosova 213 Katerina Pouliasi 179 Katerina Zabrodska 84 Katharina Lochner 38, 121 Katharina Weitkamp 231 Katherine Phelps 218 R. Wilson 107 Kathrin Ramsauer 152 Kathryn Duckworth 42, 54 Kathryn Gilson 134 Kathryn Mearns 81 Kathryn Nethercott 130 Kathy Carnelley 59, 75 Katia Brasil 196 Katja Hanke 74 Katja Senica 233, 237 Katja Upadhyaya 120 Katsumi Ninomiya 211 Kausar Ansari 135 Kaylee Kong 81 Kayo Matsuo 65 Kazuhiko Kusumoto 202 Kazuhiko Nishiura 211 Kazuhiro Ikeda 199 Kazuhiro Ohtani 208 Kazuhiro Yasunaga 96 Kazuhisa Todayama 72 Kazuho Yamaura 81 Kazuki Nishiura 201 Kazumi Ogawa 79 Kazuo Okanoya 133 K. Corace 196 Keelan Quinn 51, 199 Kehr Hugo 116 Kei Hirai 71 Keller Roger 195 Kelly Martincin 51, 137 Ken Fujiwara 75 Kenichi Hayase 84 Kenichi Maeda 94 Kenichi Matsumura 78 Kenji Ishikura 127 Kenji Nomura 96 ​​Kennerknecht Ingo 139 Kenshoro Tanaka 219 Kerry J Kennedy 104 Kerstin Schütte 239 Kevin K H Chung 181 Kevin Rawlings 137 Kevin Teoh 132 Khalaf Mohaisen 69 Khawer Bilal Baig 135 Khosro Sadeq Niiat 194 Kianoosh Hashemian 134, 143 Kimberly Belmonte 61, 159 Kimberly Corace 197 Kimberly Shore 212 Kim Pong Tam 149 Kirareset Barrera 191, 214 Kiraz Öcal 83 Kiriko Sakata 81 Kirilka Tagareva 96 Kirk Chang 186 Kirtana Tanaku 181 Kischka Claudia 139 Kiyoshi Kimura 201 Kiyoshi Takahashi 193 Klaudija Pauliukevciute 151 Kleanthis Neokleous 133 Klein Britt 142 Klein Olivier 193 Klotz Achim 172 Koellinger Philipp 57 Koen Luyckx 24, 167 Koichi Kaketa 92 Koji Hasegawa 75 Koji Kosugi 72, 152 Konstantinos Papachristopoulos 126 Koppe Annika 209 Körner Jana 2 09 Kostas Fanti 70, 93, 136, 147, 173 Kothgassner Oswald D. 230 Kourosh Banihashemian 81, 88, 199, 202 Kourosh Mohammadi 143 K. Oya Paker 38 Krampen Günter 155 Kreitler M. Michal 129 Kreitler Shulamith 129 Kristen Lavallee 141 Kristen Fjermestad 138 Alcorn 213 Kristi Kõiv 187 Kristina Kovalcikiene 205 Kristina Meier 153 Kristina Nemeth 140 Kristina Sesar 75, 134, 136 Kristína Tóthová 61 Kristina Vardanyan 198 Kristina Zardeckaite Matulaitiene 75, 145, 195, 231 Krunoslav Matesic FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

267Ksenija Bosnar 156 Kubra Yıkılmaz 81 Kuei Hsiang Han 79 Kuen Meau Chen 39 Kuhmann Werner 180 Kultegin Ogel 65, 156 Kulyash Basybekova 218 Kumbruck Christel 209 Kumiko Fujioka 96 Kumiko Mukaida 209 Kuo Shih Hsien 53 Ku o Shu Yang 216 Kurt F. Geisinger 108 Kurt Geisinger 171 Kuznetsova Alla 196 Kvernmo Siv 138 Kwok Kiu Lau 236 Kyoko Hashimoto 72 Kyoko Hine 219 Kyoko Hori 153 Kyoko Tagami 90 Kyriaki Fousiani 73 Kyusan Kang 83 L Laaya Bashash 43 Labunskaya Vera 52, 76 Ladan Fata 136 Laetitia Silvert 124 Laghi Fiorenzo 93 Lahousen Manfred 140 Overview Madlan 244 Laima Bulotaite 51, 194, 202, 206 Lalitha Chamakalayil 239 Lambauer Michaela 140 Lammel Annamaria 92, 211 Lamotte Mathilde 132 Lana Horak 73 Lan Cao 86 Lara Perez Felkner 42 Larissa Abelite 72 Larissa Tcvetkova 41 Lars Dencik 184 Lars Gunnar Monday 136 Lasma Zascerinska 67 Laudino Lopez 220 Laura Alonso 131 Laura Baimoldina 160 Laura Carstensen 43, 118 Laura Caulfield 125, 227 Laura Ciochina 209 Laura Dal Corso 111, 180, 186 Laura Fruhen 81 Laura Gallardo 150 Laura Gil 220 Laura Milani 116 La bottom M. Nunes 142 , 143 Laura Note 152 Laura Ortega 214 Laura Pirsko 136 Laura Ponce 189 Laura Requena 149 Laura Seibokaite 231 Laura Severance 209 Laura Stallone 196 Leandro Almeida 60 Lecerf Thierry 155 Lehalle Henry 214 Lehenbauer Mario 178, 230, 232, 236 Leila Karimi 126 Leila Khazaee 138 Leila Solbsayyadi 180 Leila Borimnejad 207 Leipold Bernhard 97 Leman Korkmaz 74 Leman Pinar Tosun 169, 237 Lena Frischlich 105 Lena Pateraki 220 Lene Arnett Jensen 181 Lenka Kramska 138 Lenka Melanie 192 Lenske Gerlinde 103 Leonardo Rimediotti 213 Leonel Garcia Marques 38 Leonid Tomanov 198 Leonor Almeida 60, 92 Leonor Cantera 53 Leonor Maria Canteras Espinosa 48, 71 Leonova Anna 203 Leon van Niekerk 117 Leo Ungar 227 Lertxundi Aitana 214 Lert 214 Les Baillie 190 Lesia Korobeynikova 66, 116 Leslie Shaw 212, 236 Leticia De la Fountain Sanchez 64 Leticia Garcia Alvarez 135, 138 Levent Küey 158 Levent Şenyüz 186, 220 Leyla Shahin 155 Liang Shu Chuan 141 Liberato Camilleri 103 INDEX

268Li Ching-Lin 51 Li-Chu Hung 152 Lydia Jimenez Sillero 196 Lidia Burushić 157 Lidia Zlatic 191, 209 Lifen Cheng 217 Li Jane Tsai 83 Liliana Cunha 154 Liliana De Sousa 43, 169 Liliana Pereira 169 Liliana Sousa , 159 Lillian Rioux 127 , 162 Lilian Velasco 50, 97, 197 Lilijana Šprah 47, 85, 148, 156 Liliya Korallo 60 Lillian Vederhus 41 Li-ming Chen 47 Lina fortes Ferreira 233, 237 Linda 233, 237 Linda 131, 197 Lindsy Nicholson 137 Lineu Kohatsu 68, 233, 237 Ling Wang 147 Lino Good 114 Lin Wang 216 Lionel Dany 195 Liria Fernandez 70, 143 Lisa Crockett 112 Lisa Donohue 126 Lisa M. Glenk 235, 239 Lisa Olsson 110 Lisa Skalkos 77 Lisa Stefani 72 Lisa Wiesner 98 Lischetzke Tanja 210 Lita Stefan 149, 193 Litza Kiropoulos 134 Liubov Ryumshina 79, 130 Liudmila Dikaya 39, 169, 175, 185 Liudmila Gabdulina 240 Liudmila Kruteleva 206, 208 Livia Puljak 200 Li-Yun Wu 151, 158 Lizbeth Lopez Lopez 155 Ljiljana Gregov 86 Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovian 150 Ljubica Isakovic 218 Lloyd Ren Sloan 74 Lobelia Faceira 217 Loepthien Tim 97 Lola Prieto 38, 56 Lola Roldan Tapia 154 Lolita Rubens 162 Lopes Carla 76, 78 Lopes Ederaldo Jose 129 Loredana I van 49 Lorena Giovannini 155, 199 Loreta Bookseller 205 Loreta Gustainienė 136 Loreto Santamarina 214 Lorraine Ferreira Da Silva 64, 65 Lotta Tynkkynen 42 Lotte Thomsen 114 Louise Balfour 197 Louise Howard 114 Louise Tourigny 49 Louis Spring 122 Lourdes Ezpeleta 136 L. Saciragic 196 L.S. MacLeod 196 Lubos Krninsky 208 Luca Kravina 180 Lucia Lopez Rodriguez 160 Lucia Maria De Freitas Perez 232, 236 Lucia Monacis 146, 168, 193, 230 Luciano Palladino 109 Lucia Perez 232, 236 Lucia Ronconi 50 Lucia Angel 219 Lucie Gralton 87 Pike Inguscio 91 Lucja Gorbacz Mrowiec 197 Luděk Kolman 87 , 171 , 211 Ludmila Natovova 202 Luigi Mauro Tristaino 122 Luigi Vernaglione 168 , 230 Luisa Barros 195 , 196 Luisa Catita 79 Luisa Faria 95 , 107 , 209 Luis Ahumada 81 . 116 Luisa Molinari 111 Louis Angel Contreras Child Louis Peter 198, 199 Louis Santos 151 Louis C. Jaume 168 Louis Correia 228 Louis Curral 123 Louis Faisca 38 Louis Iturbide 66 Louis Joyce Moniz 87, 167 Louis Manuel Lozano 41, 42 Louis Monteiro 137, 191 Louis Oceja 98 Lu is Pinto de Faria Luis Quintanar 214 Luis Souto Miranda 202 Luiza Faria FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

269Luka Komidar 170 Lukasz Szumowski 197 Luminita Iacob 72, 191 Lung Hung Chen 147, 159 Lungile Langa 82 Luo Lu 82, 83, 84, 86, 87, 146 Lurdes Martins 94 Lusia Stopa 59 Lusine Grigoryan 187 Lyaysan Galyautdinova Lydia Hohaus 93 Lyle Bourne Jr. 91 Lyndsay Field 187 Lynne Roberts 237 Lyubov A. Naydonova 160, 234, 238 Lyubov Smykalo 118 Lyudmila Zakharova 84 Lyudmyla Romanyuk 72 M Maas Joyce 196 Mababu Richard 196 Macarena Blazquez Alonso 70, 202 Maciej Sekerdej 7 3 Madeleine Abreu 198, 199 Madeleine Alarcão 159 Madeleine Areu 198 Madeleine Cunha 64, 194 Madeleine Oliveira 71 Madeleine Vanea 73 Madeleine Smith 80 Madjid Chinikar 157 Madoglou Anna 72 Madrudin Magomed Eminov 213 Mafalda Reis 191 Magda Dimenstein 74, 88 Magda Formanowicz 218 Magdalena Marszal-Wisni 43 Magdalena Nowicka 42 Magda Rivero 218 Maggoe Tserere 161 Magnus Moar 60 Mahbobeh Chinaveh 231 Mahboobeh Bay 142 Mahboobeh Fouladchang 103 Mahboobeh Seyedi 92, 219 Mahbobeh Dastani 194 Mahboubeh Fathabadi 62 Mahdieh Sadat Khoshouei 85 Mahdieh Tooyserkani Ravari Mahdi Fadaiee 115, 140 Mahdi Kohandel 66 Mahdi Poshtam 90 Mahdis Mosaferi Ghomi 150 Mahmood Farvareshi , 140 Mahmoud Mansoor 110 Mahmoud Najafi 195 Mahmoud Qarachollou 116 Mahmoud Sharafi 81 Mahmoud Heidary 94 Mahmoud Najafi 241 Mahmut Arslan 238 Mahnaz Akhavan Tafti 42, 207 Mahnaz Aliakbari Dehkordi 57, 142 Mahnaz Esteki 93 Mahnaz Khosrojavid 38 Mahnaz Shahgholian 61, 110 Mahnoosh Amini 76, 83 Mahsima Pourshahriari 142, 158 Mahvash Noorbakhsh 66 Mahzarin R. Banaji 24, 114, 117 Maialen Sanchez 215 Mike Wehrmaker 38, 121 Mike Stüttgen 167 Maitane Egurza 214 Maja Curic 67, 125 Maja Zupančič 8, 170, 201 Majid Baradaran 37 Majid Mahmoud Aliloo 140, 142 Maki Nakamura 96 ​​Makoto Iwanaga 196 Makoto Nakayama 202 Makoto Shibayama 211 Malcolm D. MacLeod 57, 76, 77, 91, 6 Mandana Akbarimehr 88 Mandy Grumm 96 , 117, 178 Manel Sanchez Cano 218 Manolya Çalışır 133, 178 Manoochehr Azkhosh 93 Mansooreh Nikoogoftar 90 Mansoureh Sadat Sadeghi 51, 96, 234, 238 Mansour Fathi 69, 203 Manuela Oliveira 158 Manu the Verissimo 215, 216 Manuel Bohn 147 Manuel Gamez Guadix 80, 207, 143, 215 Manuel J. Cuesta 154 Manuel Lopez 202, 203 Manuel Marti Vilar 75 Manuel Nogueira da Silva 198, 201 Manuel Sebastian 131, 189 Manuel Sosa Strap 110, 156 INDEX 269

270Manuel Vicente Rojas Castellanos 50 Mara Minski 208 Mara Vidnere 150 Mar Badia 132, 147, 208 Marcela Bendova 61 Marcela Blahutova 191 Marcela Sanchez Estrada 199 Marcela Tenorio 191, 206 Marcela Tiburcio 211 Marcello Indino 132 Marcello Maniglia 66 Marcello Nonnis 186 Marcell van Assen 196 Marc H. Bornstein 192 Marchetti Elise 77 Marcia Hernandez Correa 155 Marcia Worrell 181 Frame Astete 88 Frame Cacioppo 143, 215 Frame Carboni 119 Frame CG Merlo 138 Frame Furtner 57, 81, 98, 119 Frame Giustini 185 Frame Nicolussi 186 Frame Rego 108 Mark Pereira , 160 Frame Timpano Sportiello 125 Marcotte Diane 137 Frame Wiethof 67 Marek Blatny 61, 97, 148 Marek Preiss 137, 138, 201 Marek Smulczyk 51, 94, 208 Margaret Dinca 159 Margaret Boos 172, 182 Margaret Wilson Daisy Faria 206 Daisy Garrido 77 Margaret Redado 181 Margaret Santos 194 Margaret Simons 64 Margaret Cigarán 97, 197 Margaret Kapsou 118, 195 Margaret Nesterova 64 Margaret Olmedo 134 Mary Alice Sera 204, 218 Mary Anna Donati 150 Mary Antonietta Annunziata 155, 199 Mary Anton ietta Impedovo 233, 237 Mary Antonina Parisi 194, 202 Maria Beatrice Ligorio 103, 233, 237 Maria Berenguer Pérez 89 Maria Bígido Mero 90 Maria Cristina Ferreira María del Carmen Aguilar Luzon 146 Maria Del Carmen Lopez 70 Maria Del Rosario Ortiz 218 Maria Dolores Roldan 220 Maria Dourou 220 Maria D. Salas 241 Mary Glez-Nosti 218 Maria Gonzalez 96 Maria Gouveia-Pereira 144 Maria Graciete Franco Borges 217 Maria Grazia D Ippolito 137, 138, 185 Maria Grazia Lo Cricchio 215 Maria Ines Gandolfo Conceição 151 Maria Ioannou 115 Maria J. Blanca 98 Maria João Beja 168, 194 Mary John Caldeira 191 Mary Jose Chambel 122 Mary Jose Galvan Bovaira 218 Mary Jose Godoy Merino 70 Mary Jose Gonzalez Calderon 139 Mary Jose Rodrigo Lopez 217 Mary J. Vilchez-Lara 194 Mary Karekla 49, 118, 155, 195, 199 Mary Konova love 129 Maria Koushiou 133, 199 Mary Kovyazina 219 Mary Liagka 236 Mary Louise Bermejo Garcia 90 Mary Louise Genta 229 Mary Louise Pedditzi 186 Mary Mayr 123 Mary Mylona 88 Mary Barbosa 64 Mary Henriques 199 Mary A. L. Dias 233, 237 Mary Dias 104 Mary Dumitru 214 Mariana Serra Coelho 143 Mariangela Cersosimo 147 Marianne Elvsaas Northwestern 78 Marianne Lacomblez 154 Marianne Kovacs 200, FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

271Marián Pérez-Marín 89, 150 Marián Špajdel 67, 132 Maria Oliva Marquez 52, 68 Maria Padun 90 Maria Parmley 150, 212 Maria Paula Paixão 73, 156, 232, 236 Maria Peixoto 202 Maria Pereira Da Costa 41, 73, 108 Maria Petrova 157 Maria Pia Pellerito 131 Maria Poveda Fernández 70 Maria Pushkina 129 Maria R. De Guzman 112 Maria Rita Serio 148, 197 Maria Romaní De Gabriel 161 Maria Rosaria Barulli 168 Maria Sakalaki 39, 160, 179 Maria Simosi 58 Maria Sinatra 132, 146, 168 , 193, 237 María Soledad Navas Luque 56 Maria Stavrinaki 155, 199 Maria Teresa Aravena 191 Maria Tvardovskaya 158, 213 Maria V. Mestre 112 Marie Izaute 124 Marie Jose Enders Slegers 176 Marieke Wichers 131 Marielle Franssen 220 Mari Fukuda 211 Mari Ito Alpturer 188 Marija Bambulyaka 77 Marija Bogicevic 67, 125, 169 Marija Lebedina Manzoni 76 Marijana Barišić 134, 136 Marijana Šunjić 75 Marija Šakić 204 Marijke Leeuwenkamp 220 Marilena Tettamanzi 213 Marilia Prada 77, 78 Marina Esipova 78 Marina Everri 39, 111, 179 Marina Fiori 239 Marina Julia Muñoz 70, 143 Marina Lobaskova 131 Marina Menezes 196 Marina Merkaš 204 Marina Muñoz Rivas 215 Marina Stepanova 207 Marinella Majorano 217 Marinella Paciello 147, 173, 216, 226 Marine Sahakyan 80 Marinov Iliya 211 Marinus Van Ijzendoorn 24, 1 80 Mario Ivan Cervantes Cano 85 Mariola Paruzel 146, 186 Mariola Wolan Nowakowska 201 Mario Lehenbauer 123 Mario Maggi 241 Marion Botella 97 Mário Oliveira 198, 201 Mário Resende 137 Marios Avraamides 70, 92, 133, 136, 219 Marisa Rodrigues 138 Marise Ph. Born 11 2, 175 Marisol Navas 160 Marisol R. Lamprea 219 Mari Strand 125 Marjana Mykolaychuk 73 Marjan Drukker 178 Marjan Haghighatgoo 65, 73, 109, 112 Mark Borg 181 Mark Kremser 187 Mark M. Leach 40, 45, 55 Marko Jukic 200 Marko Polic 231 Mark Sullman 48, 67 Markus Martini 147, 219 Markus Quirin 147 Marta Gonçalves 44 Marta Gràcia 218 Marta Lang 84, 187 Marta Malesza 148 Marta Rapiti 138 Marta Sainz 56, 60 Marta Santarén Rosell 135, 139, 149 Marta Silva 108 Marta Traetta 37 Martha Ligia Cu evas 68 Martina Endepohls-Ulpe 146 Martina Führer 217 Martina Horvat 148 Martina Lotar 76 Martina Turini 72 Martina Udovičić 156 Martine Batt 198, 201 Martin Greisel 141 Martin Heil 146 Martin H. Fischer 110, 188 Martin Jelínek 97, 148 Martin J. Tomasik 42 Martin Konečný 4 4 Martin Koran 228 Martin McPhillips 181, 225 Martin Obschonka 86 Martinussen Monica 138 Martin Vinzing 98 INDEX 271

272Martin Voracek 147 Martin Wertenbruch 39, 210 Martyna Czekiel 182 Maryam Ali Cheshmeh Alaee 66 Maryam Bidadian 73 Maryam Farhadi 158 Maryam Farjad 135 Maryam Farrokhnia 237 Maryam Fatolah Gol 199 Maryam Ghahremani 117 Maryam Kousha 213 Maryam Salehyan 134, 143 Maryam Sharifi 158 Mary Ghislain 60 Mary Katsikitis 110 Maryone Cardona 82 Maryse Badan Bâ 138 Maryse Rinfret Raynor 71 Maryurena Lorenzo 109 Marzia Molteni 213 Marzieh Zakerfard 125, 227 Marziyeh Sadeghzadeh 127 Marziye Khalilzade Poshtgul 43, 97 Masahide Saito 141 Masahiro Ishibashi 86 Masahi Urabe 129 Masakazu Sugawara 138 Masakazu Takahashi 214 Masaki Hayashida 194 Masami Okano 79 Masanopbu Takahashi 219 Masanori Ishimori 130, 211 Masanori Kimura 76 Masao Okano 79 Masashi Urabe 118 Masayo Noda 160 Masoomeh Ghaebi 174 Masoudeh Honarian 91, 210 Masoud Gholamali Lavasani 115, 127, 182 Masoud Sadeghi 158 Masoum Ahmadian 58, 139 Masoumeh Ahmadian 131, 134, 149 Masoumeh Nozari 73 Masoumeh Shojaei 226 Massimo Bustreo 116, 172 Mastooreh Sedaghat 149 Masuharu Shimizu 81, 94 Masuod Janbozorgi 94 Masuo Koyasu 72 Máté Ádám Balázs 118 Matej Hochel 123 Mate Judit 132 Mathias Dobmeier 138 Mathiassen Børge 13 8 Matsumoto Miyuki 81 Matthias R. Mehl 148 Matthias Ziegler 154 Matúš Biesčad 138 Maud Besançon 56 Maura Alves 90 Maurice Stringer 115 Mauro De Oliveira Braz 65 Max Dorfer 239 Maxime Pollet 78 Maya Gulubova 200 Mayara Bezerra Mayara 214 Mayu Akasaka 211 Mayuko Ono 197 Mayumi Hukumoto 211 M. Carmen Hidalgo 130, 230 Mcmurray Isabella 37 M. Cristina Miyazaki 41 Mebrure Ismen 65 Mediha Korkmaz 150 Mehdi Pir Mohammadi Puor Fard 65, 92, 93 Mehdi Sahragard 88, 141, 155 Mehirban Abdoullayeva 87 Mehmet Harma 189 Mehri Borooghani 93 Mehrnaz Ahmadi 174 Mehrnaz Yekta 72 136 Mehrnoush Esbati 115, 127 Mehrzad Farahati 66, 94, 205, 215 Mei Hung Wang 145, 205 Mei Ling Wang 83, 85, 95 Melanie Demarco 177 Melanie White 140 Melba J. T. Vasquez 24, 125 Melda Akçakın 136, 173, 235, 238 Melek Goregenli 234, 238 M. Elena Mendonza 231 Melika Ghahraman Zadeh 220 Melike Acar 104 Melike Sayıl 93, 94, 216, 236 Melina Nicole Kyranides 70, 136, 199 Melisa Castellanos 208 Melissa Burgess-Moser 142 Melissa Chacón 139 Melissa Prior 214 Melita Puklek Levpušček 208 Melody Muscat 110 Mendonca L. 198 Menezes Ester 149 Mengping Tsuei 207 Merce Clariana 147, 208 Mercedes De la Varga 131 Mercedes Ferrando 38, 56 Mercedes Guilabert FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

273Mercedes Muñetón Ayala 217, 218 Mercedes Paíno 135, 138, 139, 149 Merry Bullock 40 Mert Teközel 76 Merve Soysal Başa 141 Mery Gouva 213 Metehan Iraq 155, 182, 190 Metin Başoğlu 59 Meziyet Arı 96 Michael Belz 172 Michael Berk 123 Michael Bosnjak 120 Michael D. Patterson 219 Michael Eid 39, 210 Michael Fingerle 96, 117 Michael Hyland 42, 97 Michael Ivanov 138 Michael Kyrios 142, 174 Michaella Siamata 199 Michael Pratt 216 Michael Sharpe 200 Michael Stevens 68, 69 Micha Strack 182 Michel Ange Amorim 126 Michel Denis 168 Michele Bernasconi 50, 157 Michele Dufey 151, 155, 209 Michele Gelfand 209 Michele Liuzzi 108 Michelle Isingrini 219, 220 Michelle May 80 Michio Yoshida 74 Midori Kanazawa 156 Michael A. Garcia 215 Michelle Angel Sahagun 85 Michael Arriaga 143 , 195 , Miguel A. Sahagún Padilla 44 Miguel A. Santed 134 Miguel A. Vadillo 169 Miguel Leitão 191 Miguel Rosello 61, 197 Mihaela Boza 72 Mihaela Minulescu 229 Mihail Kritikos 40 Mihoko Tominaga 91 Mikael Sondergaard 182 Mika Haapala Micah Noi 141 Michael Baterretxea 214 Mike Oram 125 Mikhail Basimov 65, 72, 73, 80, 157, 158, 205 Mikhail Chumakov 76, 95 Miki Nishida 211 Miki Ozeki 168, 192 Mi Kyung Song 152 Mila Arch 64 Milad Abedi Ghelich Gheshlaghi 43, 97 Milagros Escobar Milagros Molero Harvest Milagros Sainz 74, 120 Milch Wolfgang 135 Milena Palumbo 237 Miles Hewstone 104, 185 Milevica Bojovic 209 Miloslav Kodl 97, 200 Mimma Tafa 215 Mina Mazaheri 134, 7 , 69 , 105 , 126 , 177 Ming-Chou Ho 131 Ming-Tak Hue 190 M Innocenti 201 Minoru Tazawa 205 Minya Tseng 159 Min Young Lee 152 Mioara Cristea 71, 239 Mira Clarin 216 Mircea Miclea 43 Mireia Ruiz Pàmies 169 Miriam Aparicio 71, 78, 161 Miriam Erez 83 Miriam Julian Sanchos 150 Miriam Rocha 68 Mirjana Beara 136 Mirosava Djurisic Bojanovic 86 Miroslava Petkova 133, 200 Miroslav Komlenić 66 Mi Seo 60 Mithat Durak 156 Mitsuhiro Ura 74, 78, 86 Miyoshi Isobe 93 Miyuki Matsumoto 111 Mine Ozmen Mladenova Flowewitch 211 M. Louisa Blacksmith Level 204 , 214 Mogenet Jean Luc 88 Mohammadreza Khodabakhsh 58, 145, 150 Mohammad Adnan Alghorani 69 Mohammad Ahmadpanah 143, 218 Mohammad Aliabadi 162, 188 Mohammad Ali Asgharimoghadam 43, 97 Mohammad Ali Besharat 73, 109, 146, 14 8, 155, 158, 200 Mohammed Ali Mazaheri 234, 238 Mohammad Ali Mohammadifar 195, 241 Mohammad Ali Salehi Nejad 72, 136 Mohammad Asghari 203 Mohammad Babamiri 83, 84 INDEX 273

274Mohammad Dousti 140 Mohammad Haghighi 143 Mohammad Hakami 138, 203 Mohammad Hatami 158, 202 Mohammad Hossein Biglu 205 Mohammad Jafar Bahredar 88 Mohammad Karim Khodapanahi 90, 136 Mohammad Kazem Fakhri 81, 88, 199 Mohammad Mazaheri 96 Mohammad Nadi 216 Mohammad Narimani 90, 138, 142, 143, 145, 148, 205 Mohammad Nikkhah Delshad 88 Mohammad Reza Mohajeri 200 Mohammad Reza Zali 138 Mohammad R Hayatbakhsh 158 Mohammad-Saeed Abde Khodaei 189 Mohammad Taghi Saidi Velashani 65, 156 Mohammed Jamalalail 73 Mohammed Moola 203 Mohiyeddini Changiy 98 Mohsen Dehghani 197 Mohsen Maroofi 199 Moira Chiodini 193 Moises Kirk de Carvalho Filho 93 Mojgan Saeedi 201 Mojgan Sepahmansoor 93 Mojmir Tyrlik 95 Mojtaba Yasini 89 Mokhtar Malekpour 233, 237 Molero Fernando 160 Mónica Carballeira Abella 148 Mónica Fulgencio Juárez 155 Monica Pellerone 94, 152 Mónica Queirós Oliveira 43 Romoli 134 Monica Voudouri Savulescu 48 Monireh Salehi 209 Monir Zakerfard 58, 85 Monnot Jennifer 96 Montserrat Montaño 197 Morana Bilic 197 Moritz Heene 144 Morteza Taheri 38 Moshe Tatar 56 Moslem Abbasi 142, 145, 148, 205 Moss Ellen 215 Mostafa Hamdieh 132, 186, 219 Mostafa Nokani 225 Mostafa Zarean 49 Motaba Yassini A 181 Motan Bayraktar Irem 135 Motoyuki Nakaya 208 Moulin Pierre 186 Moxnes Paul 76 Mozhdeh Mohammadzadeh Khordoo 123, 206 M. Pilar Cantero Vicente 86 M. Pilar Moreno 130 M. Rosa Elosua 220 M. Rosa Tarrés Cansado 152 Muazzez Merve Yüksel 109, 139 Müge Bayramoglu 212 Müge Ersoy Kart 51, 145 Muhammad Iqbal 118 Müjde Koca Atabey 57 Müjde Peker 74 Muranyi Daniel 142 Muriel Fanget 132 Muro Anna 132 Murray Dyck 58 Muscalu Bratescu Ioana Cristina 81 Mustafa Bayrakçı 82, 186 Bolghan Abadi 189 Mustafa Yatağan 137 M. Vedat Pazarlıoğlu 173 M Venturi 201 M. Victoria Trianes 98 Myles Jay 123 Mzia Tsereteli 156 N Nabli Bouzid Dalel 162 Nader Hajloo 56, 88 Nadezda Dimic 218 Nadezhda Lebedeva 168 Nadia Koltcheva 108 Nadia Sansone 103, 233 237 Nadine Kakarot 203 Nadine Jukschat 143 Nadja Freund 167 Nadja Maria Vieira 210, 218, 129, 214 Nadja Zeleznik 231 Nadya Wynchank 64 Naeme Ali Babaei 69 Naescher Saskia 155 Nahaleh Moshtagh Bidokhti 52, 98, 118 Naiemeh Seyedfatemi 207 Nail Dertli 16 0 Naimah Yusof 244 Najma Najam 132, 135, 156 Nakagawa Tomohiro 91 Nalleli Tovar Zavala 155 Nancy Arthur 240 Nancy Lee Harper 202 Nancy Talbot 140 Nandrino Jean Louis 179 Naohiro Obata FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

275Naoka Maemura 130 Naoko Hasegawa 84 Naoko Niimi 94 Naoko Tokimoto 133 Narges Fasihizadeh 39 Narges Kheiyrandish 73 Narges Manjooghi 87 Narges Moosaviyan 90 Nart Bedin Atalay 93, 177 Nasarudin Subhi 226 Nasery Mohammadabadi 245 Nashi Khan 114 Nasrin Arshadi 43, 173 Nasrin Bali-Lashak 1 31 Nasrin Fanian 134 Nastaran Parvizi 226 Natalia Grishina 233, 237 Natalia Herranz 109 Natalia Ivanova 68 Natalia Rozhdestvenskaya 233, 237 Natalia Sabelnikova 73, 76 Natalia Shumakova 92 Natalia Zolotova 182 Natalija Curkovic 155 Nataliya Inina 110 Nataliya Pilipenko 155, 199 Natalya Drozdova 129 Natalya Kudelkina 56 Natalya Simonova 41 Nataly Rotova 92 Natasa Hanak 95, 136 NatašA Sedlar 85 NatašA Šimić 134, 136 Nathan Greenauer 219 Natsumi Iwama 81 Natsumi Sonoda 215 Natthaphong Chalatyaem 89 Nayelhi Saavedra 209 Nazan Aksan 96, 226 Nazan Ünsal 196 Nazar Soomro 50 Nazerke Shalkha rbekova 210 Nazih Eldin 200 Nazira Sadikova 79, 150 Nazym Satybaldina 146 Neal S. Rubin 184 Nebi Sümer 51, 57, 67, 69, 75, 105, 108, 111, 126, 160, 188, 189, 215, 230 Neda Asghari 142 Neda Mellat 182 Nedim Toker 117 Nedret Öztan 105, 214 Negar Teimourpour 98, 118 Negin Montazeh 139 Negrescu Mihaela 146 Neil Coulson 200 N. Ekrem Düzen 177 Nele Jacobs 131 Nelida Perez 205 Nelis Grobbelaar 197 Nelson Lima Santos 95, 107, 207 Nergis Oksuz 215 Nesrin Gökçen 167 Naval Gündoğan 213 Nevena Pavlicic 134 Neven Ricijas 178 Nevin Kılıç 185 Nevin Solak 51 Nevra Cem Ersoy 175 Nicholas Carr 115 Nicholas Troop 202 Nick Lund 46 Nicola Polizzotto 97 Nicolas Fieulaine 229 Nicolas Silvestrini 97 Nicole Giordano 61, 159 Nicole Gunther 178 Nicoletta Ragonese 137 Nicos Georgiou 12 3 Nidia Herrera Rojas 117 Niels Peter Rygaard 188 Nieves Gomis-Selva 204, 205 Nigel Foreman 60, 119, 133, 227, 241 Nihal Aslan 151 Nihal Yeniad 192 Niharika Chaturvedi 196 Niko Cigoja 169 Nikoleta Gutvajn 169 Nikolina Vodanovic 73 Nikolskaya Anastasia 141, 162 Nikzad Ghanbari 81, 202 Nil Adalı 52, 174 Nilay Evirgen 232, 236 Nilay Şentürk 192 Nilgün Türkileri 192 Nilhan Sezgin 95, 202 Nima Ghaemi Khomami 38 Nina Bakosova 106 Nina Blumenau 77 Nina Bosankic 215 Nina Krueger 68, 189 Nina Lyytinen 172 Nina M. Pint zinger 237 Niobe Way 210 Niyal Cetin 43 Nizielski Sophia 104 Noemi Arce 218 Noemí Pereda 64 INDEX 275

276Woodhanl 156 Norra Sveeas 228 Norbet Bicchod Brosey Rernhat Brondury 61 Norian Terriera kulkeendius 179 Norihoma Kulfly 177 Norzari 134, 225 nozarina 134, 225 norzarina 134, 225 norzarina 134, 225 norzarina 134, 225 norzarina 134, 225 norzarina 134, 225 Norzhari MoHD zakarim 127 nosratollah Nushin is 138 nousin Khasteganan 157 Nubia Diego 82 Nuno Fernandes 202 Nuran Aydemir 118 Nur Chayırdag 71, 169 Nurgul Toksanbayeva 210 Nurgul Yavuzer 149 Nurhan Er 69, 105, 126 Nuria Calderer 64 Nuria de la Osa 136 Nuria Fernández 98 Nuria Ordóñez Camblor 135, 138 Nuriye Kupeli 202 Nur Okutan 160 Nursel Telman 240 Nur Yanicheri 192 Nyasha Grayman Simpson 211 O-Z Octavian Onici 239 Ofelia Delgado 131 Ogawa Olivia Chisato 51 Oguz Polat 70 Oksana Barsukova 98 Oksana Jenenkova 68, 77, 78 Oktay Ahmed 189 Olalla Ruiz 148 Olaya García Rodríguez 144 Olcay Guner 141, 142, 152, 207 Oleg Belanovskij 218 Ole_Michael Spaten 52 Olesya Gulevich 61, 124 Olga Aimaganbetova 209 Olga Belanovskaya 217 Olga Bogdanova 120 Olga Bogolyubova 118 Olga Deineka 168 Olga Efimova 71 Olga Fedotova 111 Olga Ferreira 141 Olga Kvassova 89 Olga Lobanova 1 46 Olga Magomed Eminova 213 Olga Mitina 47, 60, 114, 121, 219 Olga Shchelkova 184 Olga S. Hunler 52 Olga Tikhomanritskaya 83 Olga Trufanova 139 Olga Vakhromeeva 119 Olga Vasilyeva 181 Olga Yaparova 215 Olga Zhukova 149 Oliver Schilling 104 Oliver Wilhelm 124 Olivia Bernini 134 Omer Ahmet Konak 117 Ömer Faruk Gülban 133 Onay Çolakoğlu 174 Önder Ersen 85 Onur Güntürkün 167 Onur Sunal 44 Opacka-Juffry Jolanta 98 ​​Oraphin Choochom 149 Orchun Yorulmaz 139 Orhan Aydin 52 Orhideja Surbanovska 103 Orlanda Cruz 215 Ornella Corazza 198 Oros Ioana Daniela 85 Ortego Osamu 210 Osamu Fukushima 78 Oscar Pino 154 Oscar Tresserra 85 Oscar VAlina Fernández 135 Oscar Vegas 214 Osman Benevolent 90, 98, 132 Oswald D. Kothgassner 116, 123, 153, 176, 189, 235, 239 Oswald Siu 153 Ottar Bjerkeset 123 Ottmar V. Lipp 110 Ovidiu Palcu 48 Oya Kurum 96 Oya Shakiroglu 241 Oya Somer 150 Øyvind Teige Heidenström 84, 187 Öst Lars G 138 Özge Akbalik Dogan 158 Özgen Yalçın 88 Özge Tayfur 238 Ozgur Guldu 145 Özlem Ayduk 28, 225 Özlem Bozo 135, 154, 200 Özlem Çağın Tosun FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

277Özlem Çakır 161 Özlem Özbay 65 Özlem Sertel Berk 116, 186 Özlem Şimşekoğlu 232, 236 Özlem Tolan 48, 79 Özlem Yürekli 80 P Pablo Anton 230 Pablo Escobar 191 Pablo Miñano Paul Sayans 160 Pace Cecila Serena 93 Paichi Pat Shein 47 Paivi H. Taskinen 42 Pajongjit Intasuwan 149 Paloma Chorot 134 Pamela Rackow 195 Pamela Vaccari 88 Pamela Maras 183 Panayiotis Stavrinides 215 Panicos Staurinidis 123 Panos Kordoutis 123 Panta Kovacevic 178 Paola Bully Garay 154, 156 Paola Guadagna 203 Paola S price 37, 59 Papousek Ilona 97 Parisa Farahani Kia 234, 238 Pari Taheri 158 Parvaneh Hadadi 131, 132, 154 Parvaneh Mohammad Khani 49, 141 Parvin Mansuri 58, 145, 150 Parviz Azadfallah 110 Pascal Antoine 179 Pascal Vignally 185 Patricia Andrade-Palos 199 Patricia Bras 8, 169 Patricia Buron Fernandez 138 Patricia Ferreira 137 Patricia Lindley 40, 171 Patricia Martinez Lanz 48 Patricia Moura Da Silva 233, 237 Patricia Poveda Serra 204 Patricia Roberts 37, 132 Patricia Santos Gomes 70 Patricia Schuler 55 Patricia Meringolo 193 Pat Roberts 67 Paula Bleckmann 143 Paula Britton 203 Paula Cruise 173 Paula Elosua 66 , 108, 154, 156 Paula Hixenbaugh 121 Paula Lopes 108 Paula Machado 215 Paula Malo Machado 216 Paula Quattrocchi 160 Paula Vagos 151 Paul Cavendish 132 Paul Delfabbro 60 Paul Duberstein ien Linnenbank 69 Pauline Freire 117 Pauline Quiñones Santelices 48 Paul Jerry 112 Paul Jimenez 44 Paul MacPherson 197 Paul O Brien 151 Paul Jorge Santos 67 Paul Nossa 154 Paul Renato Lourenço 52 Paul Paulus 27, 167 Paul Wylleman 23, 59, 111 Pasquale Caponnetto 143 Pavel Ermakov 90, 131, 167 , 169 , 175, 185 Pavel Michalek 211 Pavel Sabadosh 145 Pavel Slepicka 111, 118 Pavel Valerjev 86 Pavel Boski 38 Paz Suarez Coalla 218 Paz Bermudez 196 Paz Lopez Alacid 204 Paz Ramirez 59 Peter B. Albuquerque 182 Peter Cunha 80 Peter Days 135, 137 Peter Michael Gomes Cordeiro 208 Peter Muñoz 96 Peter Nobre 64 Peter Parra 71 Peter R. Gil-Monte 210 Peter Rosario 188, 204, 207, 225 Peter Serrano 220 Pei-Chun Shih 149, 197, 207 Pei-Hua Chen 92 Peilan Chen 209 Pei- Ying Wu 151 Pei-Yun Liu 205 Pelin Karakuş 234 , 238 Penelope Sotiriou 39 , 179 Pennee Narot 89 Pereira Marcos 160 Perejoan Ferrando 169 INDEX 277

278Peren Turk 65 Pernille Bruhn 177 Per Straumsheim 171 Petek Akman 130, 213 Peter Eachus 190 Peter Halama 67, 138 Peter J. Lee 190 Peter K. Smith 25, 188 Peter Reddy 46, 108 Péter Soltész 145, 150, 195 Peter Vlasov 84 Peter Warr 190, 241 Peter Zitny 149 Peter Zimmermann 240 Petit Maite 142 Petra Gradinger 54 Petra Jansen 146 Petras Vaitkevicius 227 Peter Kveton 84 Peter Madalin Constantinescu 68, 69 Pezard Laurent 142, 179 Phedi Phedonos 208 Phil Evans 153 Philip G. Warr. Zimbardo 23 , 59 . 112, 184 Philip Barsky 131 Philip Delespaul 131 Philip Golay 155 Philip Groisbois 109 Philip Rey Bellet 138 Philip Tessier 156 Philip Koellinger 119 Philip Quinlan 67 Philip Ackerman 52 Pierangelo Sardi 126, 189 Pierluigi Simonato 198 Pierre L.-J . . . . Ritchie 172 Pierre Nederlandt 170 Pierre Sachse 57, 92, 98, 119, 147, 154, 219 Pierrette Marjorie 188 Pietro Storti 206 Pignault Anne 188 Pillar Carrera 71, 98 Pillar Gonzalez 70 Pillar Martin 131, 195, 195; 199, 203 Pillar Melo 168 Pillar Sanjuan 76, 148 Sun Pillar 64 Toril Pillar 189 Peak Pillar 124, 238 Teen Pillar 181 Ping Yao 212 Ping Yi Lin 199 Piotr Francuz 66, 92 Piotr Szyjka 66 Piyatida Khajornchaikul 217 Burnu Pillar kara 191 Pinar Engine Reliability 78, 189 Pinar Efficiency 155, 182 Pinar Önen 177 Pinar Turanlı 88 Pinar Ünsal 203, 240 Pinar Uzakgören 95 P. MacPherson 196 Po Chang Lin 206 Poldi Kuhl 120 Pol Ghesquière 236 Polina Kukso 139 Polli Hagenaars 176 Prabhat Rai 234, 238 Prachi Vashishtha 234, 238 Praetorius Anna 103 Prateep Demon 149 Priscilian Lamb 150 Purification Fernandez-Churches 135 Q Qi Dong 216, 230 Quintard Bruno 149 R Rabelle Céline 220 Rubina A, Yasmin 196 Rachel E. Maddux 136 Radion Svynarenko 129, 150 Radka Čermákova 201 Radmila Nikic 40 Radtke Theda 195 Radvan Bahbouh 44, Raphael Art. Javier 184 Rafael Gomis 71 Raffaello Series 50, 157 Ragabali Allahyarahmadi 57 Rachel Grueninger 168 Rahim Yousefi 42, 48 Rainbow Ho 153 Rainer Hoeger 67 Rainer Hornung 181, 195 Rainer K. Silbereisen 23, 42, 50, 86 Raja Bali Mohammadzadeh Edmollaii 115, 148, 219 Ralph Risser 228 Ralph J. Diclemente 196 Ralph Woschée 83 Raluca Enescu 65 Raluca Tomsa 158 R. Alves 194 Ramona Ciobanu FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

279Ramona Cristina Ciobanu 150 Ramona Wank 126, 207 Randy Frost 135 Randy J. Larsen 148 Rachel Feitosa 82 Rachel Gilar 205 Rachel Guimarães 208 Rachel Matos 64 Rachel Raimundo 122 Rachel Rodriguez Fernandez 220 Rasa Marksaityte 231 Rasheen Kha 189 Rashmi Singla 184 Raul Alexander Loya Gomez Raul Cordeiro 143, 195, 213 Raul Cordeiro 116 Rawya Zamari 81 Raymond Tal 61 Razieh Etesami Pour 88, 199 Razieh Hashemi 137 Razieh Mirzajani 158 Rebecca Cerezo 204 Rebecca Robles-Garcia 199 Rebecca Hafner McGill 210 Rebecca P. The 94 Rebecca S Y Lam 174 Rebecca Weber 123 Refia Palabıyikoğlu 217 Regina Berezovskaya 151 Regina Gloria Nunes Andrade 74 Reginald G. Smart 48 Regine Asseburg 119 Reign Isabelle the Garcias 96 Remigijus Bliumas 51, 202, 206, 227 Remzi Sulo 105, 126 Renata Heilman 43 Renata Oliveira 65 Renata Trigulova 92 Renier Steyn 187 Reno Gandhi 131 Reverte Isabelle 155 Reyhan Bilgiç 81, 82, 85, 86, 111 Reyhaneh Dezhban 84, 85, 124 Reza Abdi 140 Reza Alizadeh-Navaei Reza Bagherian 199 Reza Chalmeh 103 Reza Dadgar 136 Reza Javadian 126, 203 Reza Kazemi 90 Reza Khany 116 Reza Khojasteh Mehr 89, 182 Reza Rostami 72, 73, 154 Reza Soltani Shal 58, 178 R. Fotinatos Ventouratos 77 Rho at Flynn 81 Ricardo Barroso 64 Richard Garcia De Leon 71 Richard Garcia Mira 67 Richard Moreira 80 Richard Roses 191, 206 Richard Usieto 196 Richard Alexander 39 Richard Andrulis 84 Richard A. Young 175, 176 Richard Bell 37 Richard Bethlehem 98 Richard Crisp 56 Richard D. Roberts 120 Richard E. . Brown 59 Richard Freeman 126, 130, 176, 184, 189 Richard Gramzow 75 Richard J. Crisp 74 Richard Mababu 185 Richard Plant 67 Richard Polosa 143 Richelle Haines 212 Rieko Tomo 209 Rie Watada 91 Rigobert Leon 214 Rikako Kunimoto 94 Rika Morita 39 Rink Klaus 62 Rioux Liliane 88, 162, 188 Rita Bandzeviciene 203 Rita Chi-Ying Chung 184 Rita Cassia Frechette C. Gonçalves 232, 236 Rita Formisano 38, 137, 185 Rita Zukaiskiene 183 Rizzieri H 198 Roal Ulrichsen 226 Robabe Mazin and 88 Robbie Sutton 74 Rob Booth 49 Rob Ellis 110 Roberta De Alencar Rodrigues 71 Roberta De Sclavis 94 Roberta Fida 173, 216, 226 Robert A. Roe 23, 31, 176 Robert J. Resnick 47 Robert Majewski 79 Robert Baiocco 96, 215, 216 INDEX 279

280Roberto Falanga 217 Roberto Luna Arocas 83 Roberto Meilpillan 210 Robert Oropeza Tena 143 Roberto Secades Villa 144 Robertson Ian 37 Rocha A 197 Dew Ledesma Hernandez 155 Dew Mayol 209 Rodrigo Barros Gewehr 233, 237 Rodrigo Brito 73 Rodrigo de Sa-Saraiva 8, 228 Rodriguez 191 Rodrigues Fatima 91 Roese Lisa 180 Roeyers Herbert 230 Roger Tweed 130 Roger W. Remington 110 Roghayeh Shafi Zade 73 Roghaye Sadat Mirjalili 146 Rohany Nasir 226 Rokhsareh Yekke Yazdandoost 141, 142, 201 Rolf Gråwe 3 Rolf Verres 144 Roman B 197, 198 Roman Skochilov 118 Romeo Zeno Cretu 108 Romina Kuyumcuoglu 136 Romina Yeroham 65 Romoli Monica 199 Ronald K. Hambleton 37, 46 Ronald Chamber of Araujo 233, 237 Ron Mengelers 178 Roodabeh Razmjooie 182 Roos Jeanette 210 Rose Bermejo 71, 78 Rose Cá novas 220 Rose Gomez 202 , 203 Rosa Hettmannsperger 51 Rosalba Orozco Villaseñor 133 Rosa Lorente 71 Rosa Maria Bermejo 71 Rosa Maria Rojas Rivera 58 Rosa M. Valiente 134 Rosa Adrian 145 Rosaria Marino z 218 Rose Vilaseca 218 Rosemary Snelgar 42 Roses Granero 136 Rositsa Stoyanova 67 Roslyn Corney 127 Rosnah Ismail 240 Rosselet Stephan 209 Rossier Jerome 155 Ross Wilkinson 225 Roswith Roth 61, 196 Rosy Muccio 57 Rottger-Rossler Birgitt 210 Roya MotavAli 135, 15 1 Roy F. Baumeister 24, 103 Roy Kern 68 Rozmi Ismail 119, 226 Rozumah Baharudin 174, 225 Rubina A 196 Rudolf Debelak 234, 238 Ruebeling Hartmut 192 Ruey-Yun Horng 39, 92 Rui Ferreira 198, 201 Rui Gonçalves 65 Rui Guedes Serrodio 215 Rui Lu 147 Rui Branches 137 Rui S. Coast 38 Rui Serrodio 74, 79, 108, 158 Rui Soares 198, 201 Rukhsana Kausar 114, 217 Rumiko Nakayama 211 Rusinek Stephen 214 Lasauskaite Road 97 Sargautyte Road 88 F. Meneses Road 41, 198, 199 Ruthaychonnee Sitticha i 204 Ruth Galve 218 Ruth Linder 61 Ruth Yasemin Erol 217 Ruxandra Loredana Gherasim 191 Ryan Wise 216 Ryo Misawa 84 Ryo Okada 208 Ryo Oomura 74 Ryosuke Asano 76 Rytis Stanikunas 227 S Saba Nazemi Gharehbagh 48, 94 Sabiha Paktuna Keskin 241 Sabine Pirchio 96 Sachiko Hoshi no 87 Saeed Zenoozian 141, 142 Saeed Lotfi 88 Saeideh Bazzazian 155 Sages Roger 212 Sahar Biglu FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

281Sahar Faramarzi 89 Sahar Jahanbakhsh Abkenar 149 Sahar Jahanbakhsh Ganjeh 87 Sahar Tahbaz Hosseinzade 155 Sahere Sokooti 65 Saima Noreen 190 Saithip Bambudpai 217 Sait Uluç 133, 149, 178 Sajida Naz 119 Sajjad Tavassoli 65, 92, 93, 156 Saki Matsuyama 75 Sak ine Khanalipour 65 Saleh Hadian 84 Salem Alabri 119 Salim M. Adib 45 Salina Lee 81 SAli Saari 175 Salman Türken 115 Salvatore Soresi 152 Samad Sajjadi 159 Samaneh Ghooshchianchoobmasjedi 197, 226 Sami Gülgöz 24, 27, 117, 183, 188 Samira Ahadi 143 Samsudin A. Rahim 119, 226 Samuel Greiff 104 Samuel Rueda Mendez 186, 226 Samvel Khudoyan 141 Sanaz Barzegar Kahnamouei 197 Sanela Pacić 240 Sandra Berney 108 Sandra Birbilrite 203 Sandra Castañeda Figueiras 68, 156 Sandra Guerreiro 132, 191 Sandra Leggat 126 Sandra Plummer 130 Sandra Roberto 44 Sandra Rubio 13 1 Sandra Sebre 61, 97 Sandra Torres 142 Sandra Waigmann 123 Sandra Zakowski 197 Sandrine Vieillard 95 Sang Hee Jun 138 Sang Min Lee 55, 60, 152 Sang Yup Choo 152 Sanita Saitere 161 Sanjay Jobanputra 121 Santiago Boira Sarto 188 Sara Asadpour 131 Sara Bahia 122, 209 , 232, 236 Sara Correia 64 Sara Guerra 153 Sara Haga 114 Sarah Lyons 209 Sarah L. Y. Wan 113 Sarah MacPherson 177 Sarah Michalos 51, 88 Sarah Neuburger 146 Sara Ibérico Nogueira 60, 92 Sara Monteiro 151 Sara Pelucchi 150, 156 Sara Sepasi 73 Sara Vakilian 141 Sara Yasini 89 Sardar Geramipur 139 Sare Behzadi Pour 94 Sarka Alfoldy 210 ŠÁrka Kárová 61 Sarritzu Brigitte 220 Sarwan Abbasi 168 S. Arzu Wasti 148, 175 Sasaki Hiroyuki 91 Sascha Hein 96, 117, 178 Sascha Wüstenberg 104 Sasha Gibbs 43 Steffani 50 Saths Cooper 103, 107 Satoko Yuo 79 Satybaldy Jakupov 210 Sava Djonev 108 Saya Yamanaka 79 Schaal Benoist 96 Schale Azak 241 Schapkin Sergei 47 Schittekatte Mark 230 Schmidt Matthias 80 Schoenenberger Sandrine 77, 80, 186 Scholz Urte 195 Schui Gabriel 155 Schulter Günter 97 Schulze Ralf 180 Schumann Sandy 193 Schwarzer Sina 192 S. J. Manukhina 157 Sebastian Fischer 83 Sebastian G. Russo 182 Sebastian Kolsch 156 Sebastian Pintea 104 Sebastian Seebauer 37, 193 Sebastian Stehle 37 Seçil Önderoğlu 180 Seçil Yüzal Bayer 220 Seda Gökçe Turan 70, 71 Sedat Işıklı 149 , 230 Sedat Şen 169 INDEX 281

282Sedighe Taraghijah 132, 186, 219 Selcuk Acar 169 Selçuk Kırıklı 65 Selçuk Şirin 157 Selda Eren Kanat 105 Selda Koydemir 134, 148, 181 Selen İmamoğlu 123 Selen Talasman 134 Selime Altuntaş 139 Selim Hovardaoğlu 75, 180 Selim Selvi 218 Selin Eser 148 Selin Eser Erdil 175 Selma Arıkan 180 Selma Babayigit 190 Semai Tuzcuoğlu 141 Semiha Kara 148 Semin Hossinian 159 Semir Zeki 25, 236 Senn Denise 155 Sennur Tutarel Kaslak 151, 158 Sepideh Barghandan 38, 119 Seppo J. Laukka 199 Serafín Lemos Giráldez 139, 149, Serap Akgün 110 Serap Arslan Akfırat 39, 110 Serap Keleş 25, 26, 117, 139, 182, 188 Serap Özer 239 Serap Özgür 215 Serap Tekinsav Sütcü 140, 143, 145, 173 Serbia Goran Knežević 120 Serdar M. Değirmencioğlu 59 Serena Vaiani 241 Serenella Spitale 126 Serge Sultan 199 Sergey Dostovalov 73 Sergey Isaychev 183 Sergey Leonov 65 Sergey Malykh 131 Sergey Shapkin 96 Sergio Agnoli 179 Sergio Della Sala 177 Sergio Fernández Artamendi 144 Ser Hong Tan 94 Serpil Aygun Cengiz Cengiz Cengiz 19 Severin Gunar3 20 Vatan 133, 149, 178 Sevim Cesur 38 Sevim Merve Yıldırım 89 Sevinç Göral Alkan 216, 239 Sevtap Cinan 91, 240 Sevtap Yeşil 94 Şeyda Aksel 94 Seyed Ali Kimiaee 142, 178 Seyed Ebrahim Hosaini 231 Seyed Musa Kafee 61 Seyed Governor Allah Mousavi 109 Seyit Yore 93 Seyyed Davood Mohammadi 60 Sezen Zeytinoğlu 45 Sezin Oner 65, 156 Sezin Parman 77 Shagun Chawla 227 Shahin Mohammadi 92, 93 Shahla Pakdaman 94 Shahram Mohammadkhani 135 Shahram Yaguti 197 Shahram Yaguti Shahrbanoo Sobhani 73 Shahrbanoo Makhnidi 197 Shahrizad Sharkhid 2 Mei Chang 201 Shannon Vettor 65, 129 Sharon Dawe 213 Shaw Ketels 57, 91 Shelley McKeown 115 Shenel Husnu 56 Shervin Mahdizadeh Tehrani 213 Sheung-Tak Cheng 153 Shigeki Kadoya 98 Shih Lung Ching 156 Shima Purkhaghan 145 Shinagomoto 145 Shinagomoto 38 Shin Fukudo Shinichiro Sugimura 96, 214 Shinji Ishii 118, 129 Shirin Tabaeh Emami 233, 237 Shirin Zeinali 96 Shirko Ahmadi 66, 200 Shizuka Kawamoto 152 Shodo Mizuki 211 Shoshana Berenzon 209 Shu Chen Kao 51, 93, 151, 158 Shuchu Chao 147 Shu Chen 160 Shu Fang Kao 83 Shu Hua Yu 134, 158, 160 Shu Hui Chang 216 Shui Fong Lam 180, 236 Shuji Honjo 134 Shujuan Song 204 Shu-Ping Lin FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

283Siamak Khodarahimi 127 Siamak Samani 38, 87, 127, 156, 158, 159, 162, 188, 230 Siamak Samani 38 Siavash Talepasand 127, 133, 200, 217, 225, 236 Sibel Atasayı 77 Sibel Gök 181 Sibel Kazak Berument 168 Sibel Özer 218 Sibel Telli 51 Sibel Zeynep Taşkın 155 Siegfried L. Sporer 39 Signe Hjelen Stige 142 Sigita Girdzijauskiene 96 Sigita Kilkute 206 Sigrid Reiter 147 Sila Derin 140 Silbereisen Rainer K. 93 Silke Wiegand Grefe 231 Silván Del Prado 76 Silvia Álvarez Cuevas 110 Silvia Andreassi 119 GAli 146, 150 Silvia Koller 94, 183, 196 Silvia Medina Anzano 226 Silvia Schneider 141 Silvia Ubillos 160 Sílvia Valente 236 Silvie Loubalová 61 Sima Janatian 87, 92, 144 Sima Mohamad Khan Kermanshahi 158 Simge Alevsaçanlar 143 Simge Şişman 90 Simge Vural 207, 23 1 , 233, 237 Simin Fani 203 Simona Butnaru 191 Simona Catau 130 Simona C. S. Caravita 54 Simon Bobinger 172 Simon Dennis 219 Simone Schaub 96 Simon Telvi 115 Simon Werther 83 Sinem Çalıdağ 85 Sinem Coşkun 89 S.J. Manukhina 157 Slavica Maksic 86 Slavica Simic Sasic 216 Smeding Annique 161 S Mojtaba Yassini A 216 Snezana Marinkovic 191 Soar Guo 209 Soeren Fiedler 68 Sofia Lizarazo 77 Sofia Milazzo 64, 130 Sofia Rodrigues 159 Sofia Santos 38, 198, 201 Sofia Simões 138 Sofia von Humboldt 189, 235, 239 Soheila Hashemi 173, 188 Soichiro Kawagoe 207 Soledad Ballesteros 131, 189 Soledad Rodríguez 155 Soledad Torregrosa 205 Soltan Ali Kazemi 38 Solveiga Pavulina 146 Somayeh Aghamohamadi 95, 150 Somayeh Khosravi Khorashad 217 Somayeh Mohammadtabar Kasgari 38 yeh Moinmehr 93 Somogyi Diana 178 Sonia Amado 90, 98, 132, 167 Sonia Czaplewska 217 Sonia Ingoglia 215 Sónia Mairos Nogueira 161 Sónia Nogueira 201 Sonia Panadero 115, 161 Sónia Santos 137 Sonika Dangi 211 Sonja Jankovic 60 Sonja Pečjak 168 Sophia Francesca Lu 211 Sophie Lelorain 156, 199 Cristina Sotoca 132 Soudabeh Ershadi Manesh 110 Soudeh Rahmani 115 Soussignan Robert 96 Soyez Veerle 230 Spanowski Marion 84 Spanu Florina 178 Ssu-Ke She 86 Ssu-Kuang Chen 68, 206 Stahlberg Dagmar 172 Stanescu Dan Florin 230 Stanikunas Rytis 66 Stanislav Ježek 108, 125 Stanislav Kozlovskiy 55 Stanko Rihtar 157 Stantchev Dimo ​​211 Stark Wolfgang 225 Stefan Boncu 162 Stefan Dutke 55 Stefania Cucchiara 233, 237 Stefania Torrasi 199 Stefanile Cristina 159 Štefan Matula 70 Stefano Bortolato 111 Stefano Pallanti 241 283 INDEX

284Stefan Stieger 147 Steinebach Christoph 189 Stelios Georgiou 123, 215 Stemper Claudia 139 Stephan Dutke 55 Stephanie Pantelides 219 Stephen Behnke 40, 107 Stephen Boyd Davis 60 Stephen G. Sireci 108 Steve Armstrong 173 Steven Darling 123 Steven Duman 218 Steven Kelly -Laurent Diane 215 Stratis Karras 220 Suad Al-Saffar 171 Su-Chen Lin 90 Sue Bae 212 Sue-Huei Chen 135 Suleyman Demir 155 Sumblen Ali 229 Sung Moon Lim 138, 152, 210 Sung Yoon Park 60 Sunhee Chang 169 Sunny SJ Lin 60, 68 , 1999 . 70, 201 Suporn Apinumtavej 217 Surender Kumar 127 Susan Johnson 142 Susan Iglesias-Antelo 161 Susan Lorenzo 195 Susan Nunez 94 Susan Oliveira 137 Susan Paino 213 Susan Pallarès 85 Susan Peña-Herrero 214 Susan Rodriguez 204 Susan Sierra Baigrie 135, 139, 149 Susanna Tovias 181 Susan Bluck 95 Susan E. Gathercole 124 Susanna PAlini 94, 216 Susanne Denham 216 Susan Van Hooren 98, 139, 220 Susumu Shibui 207 Susumu Shirabe 194 Susumu Yamaguchi 209 Susanna R. Horwitz 114 Svegzda Algimantas 66 Sven Waldzus 73 Sverre L. Nielsen 40 Sverre Nielsen 171 Burkova 200 Emelyanova 65 Galyautdinova 139 Gridneva 94 Kostromina 180, 206 Kotova 208 Petrova 91 Ponomareva 80 Guzenko 238 T. Dzha nerian 153 Sylvain Chartier 131 Sylvia Burcas 108 Sylvia Ulisses 82 Sylvie Right-Wing 114, 132, 237 Sylvie Leblanc 185 Sylwia Bedyńska 182, 204, 206 Szabolcs Urban 154 T Tabitha Holmes 61, 159, 168, 192 Tadaaki Tomiie 194 Tae Young Han 83 Tahereh Alavi 123 Taïeb Alain Taimi Elenurm 189 Taishi Kawamoto 78 Takahiro Teramoto 195, 201 Takamichi Ito 208 Takamitsu Hashimoto 207 Takashi Fujisawa 72 Takashi Kusumi 161 Takashi Nishimura 159 Takatoyo Umemoto 219 Takehiro Fujihara 130 Takeshi Itoh 84 Takeyasu Kawabata 138 Takuhiko Deguchi 74 Taku Morimo to 220 Takuya Miyazaki 92 Takuya Okamoto 130 Takuya Watanabe 149 Talat Demirsöz Talat Sabbagh Hasanzade 219 Tamara Kovacevic 218 Tamas Hammers 154 Tamas Moses 145, 150 Tanja Lischetzke 39, 210 Tapio Seppanen 199 Tarabulsy Georges 215 Tarcan Kumkale 118, 119 Tasuku Igarashi 76 Tatiana Chuykova 161 Tatiana City 141, 154 Tatiana Dvornikova 180 Tatiana Folomeeva FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

285Mrs. Ivanova 145 Mrs. Kryukova 41 Mrs. Menchuck 47 Mrs. Shkurko 76 Mrs. Suarez 77 Mrs. Vaulina 120 Mrs. Yudina 207 Mrs. Novak 47, 85, 148, 156 Mrs. Turilova Miščenko 192, 220 Tatsuhiro Kamisato 78 Tatsuo Ujiie 211 Tatsuya Sato 113, 129, 211 Tatyana Anisimova 120 Tatyana Zankovskaya 40 Tavakkol Mousazadeh 134, 135, 151 Taveshi Gupta 157, 210 Typhoon Doğan 230, 234, 238 Tazuko Aoki 150, 217 Tea Brezinscak 73 Ted Huston 43 Tellinger Lena 230 Tea lmo Baptista 61 Tena Vukasović 146 Teresa Cardoso 94, 208 Teresa Cotrim 154 Teresa Dezcallar 132, 147 Teresa Garcia-Marques 78 Teresa Guimaraes 199 Teresa Medeiros 168 Teresa Ramiro 196 Teresa Rollano 215 Terri A. Scandura 86 Terri Bakker 38 Terry Lynn Gall 151 Tetsuo Takigawa 92 Tettenborn Andrea 21 0 Thais Fernandez Cabrera 226 Thais Picchi 182 Tharina Guse 64, 94 Theresa Li-Na Tang 83 Theresa Michl 57, 119 Thierry Lecerf 155 Thinus-Blanc Catherine 161 Thomas Bradbury 118 Thomas Gruber 147 Thomas Grind 143 Thomas Li-Ping Tang 83 Thomas Rheker 67 Thomas Schubert 73 Ticu Constantin 80 Tiina Taijonlahti 172 Tiit Elenurm 189 Tilmann Habermas 183 Tima Magyarodi 150 Tim Jones 227 Timo Lajunen 126 Tina Cartwright 42 Tina Kavič 148 Ting-Ting Chang 3 Ting-Wun Lin 134, Tirza Leader 49 Tiziana Lanciano 179 TK Vincent Kuo 84 T.L. Dalgleish 196 Tocze Capucine 220 Todd Adamowich 137 Todd Lubart 56, 110 Tokika Kurita 161 Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic 120 Thomas Henriques 202 Thomas Kepak 61 Tomoaki Adachi 207 Tomohiro Kumagai 185 Tomohiro Nakagawa 64 Tomoka Shirasawa 86 Tomoko Hamasaki 196 Tomoko Takahashi 150 Tomoko Uekita 133 Tomo Hidaka 211 Tomoyuki Yamazaki 84 Tony Cheng 82 Tony Wainwright 170 Toraj Hashemi 140 Turtle Roundmo 67, 78, 84, 143, 187, 232, 39 Towers C 197 Toru Yoshikawa Toshiaki Kato 94 Toshiaki Mori 81, 94 Toshihiko Sato 200 Toshihiko Soma 76 Toshikazu Yoshida 76, 79, 168, 192, 202 Toshiyuki Kozaka 81 Touraj Hashemi 140 Touraj Shamshirinezam 58, 134, 139 Toyohiro Hamaguchi 194 Tracy D algleish 142, 197 Tribeche Rabea 137 Trijntje Vollink 105 Trix Cacchione 97 INDEX 285

286Trond Nordfjærn 123, 143, 232, 236 Truchelet François 149 Trups-Kalne Ingrīda 77 Tsui-Shan Li 159 Tsunetaka Okita 91 Tsung-Chain Huang 75 Tsung-Tsair Yang 132 Tsung-Yu Wu 81 Tsuyoshi Yamada 217 Tsz Shan Wong 189 Tuğba Ayaz 177 Tuija Turunen 172 Tülin Gençöz 48, 177, 178 Tuna Uslu 49, 179 Turaj Haschemi 142 Turkan Yılmaz Irmak 94 Türker özkan 82, 230, 126 Chusnian 118 Tuula Hynninen 170, 175 Tzu-en Kang 51 Tzu-Ming Lin 83 Tzu-Wei Fang 51 Tzyy Jiun Lung 86 U-Ü Ubillos Silvia 190, 208, 226 Uffelmann Peter 104 Ugo Pace 136 Ugrasen Pandey 196 Uli Frauenfelder 108 Ulla Martens 147 Ulla Woodard 137 Ulrich Orth 217 Ulrich S. Tran 125 . dagger 81, 119 Ursula Handlos 176 Urte Scholz 181, 195 Usef Sabaqh 84 Usha Barahmand 139, 140, 148, 174, 200 Usha Kiran Subba 196 Uta Sailer 130 Ute Habel 138 Uwe Lang 152 V Vahideh Karimirad 137 Vahideh Poormohamad 110 Vahid Nejati 9 0 Vaitkevicius Henrikas 66 Vajiheh Gharaei 123 Vala Rezaei 159 Valentina Barabanshchikova 41, 187 Valentina Cutrupi 134 Valentina Delle Donne 38 Valentin Ageyev 130, 207 Valentina Kamenskaya 198 Valentina Kranzelic 178 Valentina lo Cascio 193 Valentina Marzano 230, 237 Valentina Zarcaro 160, 216 Valentin Bucik 173 Valentin Riemer 147 Valentyna Podshyvalkina 80, 124, 129, 150 Valeria de Palo 146, 168, 230 Valeria Dinersteyn 211 Valeria Gershkovich 56 Valeria Karpinskaya 56 Valeria La Via 122 Valeria Micheletto 172 Valeria Negovan 191 Valeria Schimmenti 94, 136 Valeri Nikolov 133, 200 Valeri Stoyanov 67, 240 Valery Chirkov 168 Valery Makarevich 56, 130 Valle Enrica 179 Vanda Sousa 68, 70, 122, 206, 208 Vanda Zammuner 50, 179 Van Dis Huibert 201 Vanesa Plaza-Ayllón 214 Vânia Amaral 80, 151, 154 Vânia Sousa Lima 135, 137 Vania Valoriani 241 Van Leeuwen Karla 232, 236 Vasilia MOROSANOVA 149 Vasileios Lampite Ioannou 118, 195 Vasilieva Olga 137 Vasilis Stavropoulos 123, 178 Vassiliki Karamanoli 160 Vassilis Pavlo 160 Vassilis Pavlo POULS 212 Vedat şAR Final Program Index

287Vėūnė Domanskaitė Gota 78 Veljko Jovanovic 148 Venetians Mayreas 213 Vera Kernova 97 Vera Labunskaya 76 Vera Melo 198, 199 Vera Merenkova 200 Vera Morais 231 Vera Pereira 38, 228 Vera Sanfratello 203 Vera Yasna of 112 Veronica Dorina Bayfidan 80 Veronica Lopez 81 Veronica Anna Polishenska 176 Veronica Ispanovic Radojkovic 136 Veronica Karpenko 73 Veronica Nourkova 220 Veronica Odintsova 233, 237 Veronica Sobotkova 148 Veronica Sorokina 114 Verschuren Cokkie 127 Vesna Lamza Posavec 157 Vesna Polovina 218 Veysel Elgin 230 Vicente Gon zalez-Roma 233 , 237 Vincent Javier Prado - Gasco 57 , 71 , 73 , 89, 150, 160, 168 Vincent Sisto 81, 116 Vincent Viadel 59 Vicky C W Tam 174 Victor Claudius 140, 170 Victor E. C. Ortuño 73, 112, 156 Victoria Merchant 136, 137 Victoria Dmitrieva 233, 237 Victoria Lerroux 64 Victoria Perepyolkina 126, 146 Victoria Ramos Barber 210 Victoria Ribeiro 60 Victoria Kornienko 201 Victor Petrenko 47, 210 Victor Rubio 52, 68 Viesturs Renge 67, 126 Vikki Knott 60 Victor Allakhverdov 56 Victoria Boguslavskaya 79 Victoria Lemeshchuk 94 Victor Kuruno v 91, 161 Victor Oubaid 105 Vilette Bruno 96, 161 . 214 Vincenzo Caroprese 197 Vincenzo Russo 116, 172 Virginia Dresch 200 Virpi Lahteenmaki 228 Virtues Perez Jover 195 Vishwanath V. Baba 49 Vitaliy Voytenko 73 Vitaly Babenko 65, 167, 175 Vitaly Klochko 120 Vitaly Raschevsky 212 Vita Mikuličiūtė 74 Vito Grippaldi 206 Vitomir Jovanovic 38 Vitor Alexandre Coelho 208 Vitor Coelho 70, 93, 122, 206, 208 Vito Tummino 113, 170 Vittoria Jacobone 58, 237 Viviana Langher 103 Viviana Vargas-Lopez 219 Vlada Titova 129 Vladimir Benesh 137 Vladimir Kebza 200 Vladimir Mihic 161 Vladimir Taxi 107 Vlad Petre Glaveanu 56, 110 Volkan Seker 105 Vonthron Anne Marie 173 Vorontsov Dmitry 79, 159 Vosgien Veronica 179 Vos Menno 52 Vossebrecher David 84 Vrincianu Sonia-Elisabeta 146 Vvedensky Igor 76 Vygandas Vanagas 227 W Wade Shaw 57 W ah Yun Low 61 Wai Chan 95 Walkiria Advertising Walkiria 214 Wally Karnilowicz 48, 125 Walter Renner 231 Walther Mireille 200 Wanda Kawalec 197 Wan-Jung Chen 77 Wan Sharazad Wan Sulaiman 119, 226 Wanting Low 219 Wan-Yu Chen 83, 85, 95 Warren C.K. Chiu 81 Warren Thorngate 73 Watson Evelyn 200 Watts Leon 237 Weber Bernhard 97 Weichold Karina 93 Wei-Fang Lin 159 Wei-Fung Lin 152 Wei-Shiuan Jeng 157 Wei-Ting Chen 134, 204 INDEX 287

288Wenchao Ma 216 Wendy Doyle 43 Wenke Möhring 97 Wen-Nung Huang 131 Wen-Ying Lin 93, 214 Wertenbruch Martin 210 Wieland Müller 51 Will Reader 67 Willy Lens 229 Wim Waterink 98, 220 Winarini Wilman Mansoer 49 Winfried Hacker 44 Wirin Kit Wong 154 217 Wizdom Powell-Hammond 211 Woelfl Andreas 104 Wojciech Kulesza 79, 182 Wolfgang Friedlmeier 170 Wolfgang Georg Weber 127 Wolfgang P. Beiglboeck 123 Wolfgang Schnotz 51, 168 Wolfgang Scholl 52, 207 Wolfgang Stark 118 X Xiaobo Pu 88 Xiaochong Xiaochong Zoyun Zhang 108 Y Yacoub Khallad 201 Yanan Niu 130 Yana Varvaricheva 91 Yang Jiang 131 Yanhua Zhao 97 Leaf Cream Free 181 Jasmine Bayrakçı 155 Jasmine Sandıkçı 214 Yasemin Şenyurt 109 Yasin Koç 169, 216 Yasuhiro Hattori 193 Yasuji Kojijma 59 210 Yasunoriham Oka Yasuyuki Kawaura 76 Yavar Vahdati 200 Yeliz Kınap 93, 216 Yen-Yu Lin 83, 85, 95 Yeosun Yoon 119, 169 Yeşim Korkut 23, 37, 45, 170, 178 Yesim Uzumcuoglu 137 Yeşim Ban 185 Yih-Lan Liu 216, 237 Yi -Hsi Hu 81 Yi-Hsing Hsieh 90 Yi-Huei Huang 49 Yi-Jen Su 135 Yi-Jun Yan 47 Yi-Mei Lee 151, 208 Ying-Chu Hsu 51, 194 Ying-Jui Ho 43, 131 Ying-Jung Yvonne Yeh 84 Ying-Ling Kuo 47 Ying-Mei Tsai 147 Yin-Yao Cheng 39, 47, 156 Yohei Okibayashi 118, 129, 152 Yoichiro Hayashi 87, 91 Yoichiro Nonaka 129 Yoko Sugimoto 69 Yolanda Lopez del Hoyo 188 Clover Toker 5269 Yoo Jin Jang Yoon Hee Heo 210 Yoshie Yasuda 80 Yoshihiro Shima 91, 211 Yoshiko Ikawa 91 Yoshiko Katou 196 Yoshimasa Hashigaya 217 Yoshio Ono 193 Yousri Marzouki 78 Ype H. Poortinga 171 Yuan Jiang 66 Yuan-Ling Li 201 47 Yudi77 Name Wang 15 , 210 Yuh-Huey Jou 95 Yuh-Yuh Li 72, 98 Yu-Jen Wang 208 Yuji Itoh 65, 219 Yuji Kanemasa 75, 76 Yuji Sakano 194 Yu-Ju Chou 132 Yukako Ishii 76 Yuka Nakamura 55 Yukiko Iso 75 Yuko Takahama 211 Yuko Wakita 159 Yuko Yamana 96 Yuko Yasuda 97 Yulia Malova 200 Yulia Medynska 73 Yulia Solovieva 214 Yulia Yusupova 77 Yu-Lien Huang 135 Yuliya Ilinyh 158 Yu-Mei Su FINAL PROGRAM INDEX

289Yu-Ming Lai 132 Yung Chang Lu 80, 87, 196 Yung-Hsin Huang 134, 204 Yun-Ming Chang 75 Yuno Yokota 86 Yunyun Zhang 216, 230 Yuri Sunaya 143 Yu-Ping Chen 152 Yuri Shelepin 119, 133 Yuriy Mikadze 137 Yuriy Polishchuk 84 Yuru Hou 211 Yury Kovalev 96 Yusuf Bayar 191, 216 Yusuke Karouji 161 Yutaka Haramaki 197 Yutaka Yoshida 81 Yu-Ting Chen 132 Yu-Tzu Chiang 60 Yu-Yueh Chang 146 Yvona Mazehoova 146, 191, 206 Zeynel Baran 60 Zeynep Aycan 23 , 26, 50, 226 Zeynep Çatay Çalışkan 216 Zeynep Gürhan Live 80, 119, 147, 169 Zeynep Mackali 140 Zeynep Tuzun 178, 186 Zeynep Yesilyurt 59 Zhaleh Refahi 151, 152, 159 Zhanna Kara 208 Zohreh Daneshvarpour 140 Zohre Hasemi 142 Zohre Vanak 158 Zopito Marini 54 Zornitsa Kalibatseva 55 Zülal Oğuz 155, 182 Zümrüt Gedik 143 Emerald Lightning 126 Zuzana Sykorova 95 Zvjezdana Prizmic Larsen 150 Z Zabih Allah Abbaspour 89 Zabi Hollah Abbaspour 89 Zabih Rousta 230 Zacharoula 136 Zahra Riabar 136 Zahra Ritaza 136 Zacharoula 136 Zahra Ahraa 48, , 140 Zahra Fahimi Rad 92, 157 Zahra Ghamkharfard 48 Zahra Mojahedi 42, 207 Zahra Poormovahed 89, 181 Zahra Raad 148 Zahra Solgi 159, 197 Zahra Yousef 92 Zainah A Zamani 226 Zaira Deyanira Ruiz Paniagua 155 Zakie Oladi 189 Zara. Semerci 136 Zehra Çakır 178 Zehra Uçanok 94, 191, 192 Zeinab Darami 84, 233, 237 Zeinab Moshirabadi 207 Zelanti Pierre 237 Zelda Knight 111 Zeljka Kamenov 43 Zellal Nacira 137 Zeltia Martínez 155 Zennure Gündoğdu Sanli 95 Gozoab 142 Zeno 150 Zeynab Yadolahi Joybari 219 INDEX 289






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